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Preview: Kids shareware freeware adware software downloads

Kids shareware freeware adware software downloads

Kids software download - Kids freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Fri, 31 Dec 2010 00:43:19 GMT

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(image) RedHanded.Net is an easy to use Instant Message Monitoring & Parental Control Software solution that records and monitors all AOL (not AIM Pro or AIM6.5 or greater), Yahoo and MSN Instant Messages. Many predators use instant messaging to lure their victims, and RedHanded.Net helps protect children when they go online. RedHanded.Net can be hidden from other users, all recordings are stored in encrypted log files and customizable alert feature notifies you when targeted keywords appear in chats. IM Manager lets you schedule Instant Message usage and the entire application can be password protected to prevent tampering. Once installed, this incredibly powerful software runs automatically in the background. RedHanded.Net is an invisible easy-to-use instant message recorder and monitor. RedHanded.Net enters all AOL, Yahoo and MSN instant messages in encrypted log files. The log files may be secretly sent to any other networked computer, so once RedHanded.Net is installed no further visits to that computer are required. PC Sentinel's Red-Handed! may be used to: Monitor and record instant message use while you are away Instant message recorder lets you find out what you actually wrote Special Features: Always recording, but not visible in Applications tab of Task Manager. May be removed from Windows Start Menu and Add-Remove Programs screen. Invisible unless you choose to alert user RedHanded.Net is running View log files with any browser on PC Sentinel's WEB ACCESS! Customizable Alert feature All log files are encrypted RedHanded.Net may be password protected at user option Easy to deploy, once installed RedHanded.Net starts recording automatically RedHanded.Net is Windows 2000 / XP compatible windows 2000 .net framework net framework 3.1 parental control project task manager windows 2 start menu net framework v1.1 capture for .net macrobject net shield net reporting incredibly powerful view log files

Amblyopia ABC
(image) Amblyopia ABC is a treatment of 3-12 year-old children with lazy eye software,It is Tenglnet companies and the amblyopia Institute of Cruz University jointing R & D, The general needs of the treatment of amblyopia in the age of 12 before treatment, the younger the better therapeutic effect, after more than 12-year-old will be difficult to cure, but young children Due to active nature, is often difficult to carry out the same treatment as adults, so the software will be the course of treatment on the children's games like these, through the children's favorite computer games to let the children play in the course of treatment, particularly suitable for the treatment of amblyopia in children. treatment 2-3 times per day, 10-15 minutes each time, After a period of time, you can get better treatment. Tag:abc torrent abc game lost abc abc games computer game computer games age of s game games to abc dvd copy abc kid genius

(image) Most young people or kids often lack the ability to effectively self-control, therefore, may often indulge in surfing and online games, wasted a lot of time, affecting the body, academic, social and life. If you are the parent of kids, if your kids are often dedicated in Internet surfing and online games, you would be a big headache, and now, you can utilize NetBan that it helps you to automatically manage access time on network, let the kids to enhance ability of some self-control. Of course, NetBan only is as one of your assistant tools for teaching your children, you also need to further communicate with your kids and guidance can be more effective. Not just young people or kids, some of adults also may also lack of effective self-control, NetBan will help you increase your self-control, increase your working productivity. Tag:Partenal Kids Monitor Network Ban

Grandmommys Finger Painter
A full featured children's drawing, photo and image editor. The user friendly interface is designed to allow even children too young to read to be able to quickly create, save, edit and convert images, drawings and photos in common formats. Crop, select, copy and paste are all designed to be left mouse button only. MS agent Peedy is the help, talking children through all phases of their work. So easy even parents can use it! Safety features include single page scaling and print capability, and images or photos can only be opened from the childs own folder. Photos or images can be imported, but they are automatically copied to the childs folder. Only these copies may be edited. It is impossible for images outside of the MyDrawings folder to be manipulated, thus child-proofing your precious photos. Such features make this an excellent childs image editor. Tag:copy and paste trigger finger image editor corel painter 8 finger ddr corel painter 9 corel painter 7 painter cs editor coral painter finger security finger tapping painter 1.00 left mouse button agent p finger scan finger paint painter 3d pm painter

Reading Buddy
(image) Parents and teachers in the homeschool often feel that they have just two options when helping their students learn to read English. Homeschool educators can take a traditional approach to teaching children to learn to read. There, difficulties often stymie and frustrate the students, making reading a chore rather than a pleasure. They can take a different, multidimensional approach, based on solid research in education and psychology. In this approach to teaching children to learn to read, interactivity and accessibility foster enthusiasm to learn. Reading Buddy 2.0 was designed around the second approach. It is a comprehensive reading computer program that was constructed specifically for use in the homeschool environment. By involving the students' vision, hearing, and motor skills, this reading software continually engages and challenges while making learning a pleasurable, fun experience. For beginning students, Reading Buddy 2.0 makes learning how to read both easy and exciting. And for homeschool educators and parents, Reading Buddy 2.0 provides extensive guidance throughout. For example, well before a child begins any lesson or practice session, she or he should take the built-in Comprehensive Reading Readiness Assessment. This tool provides the homeschool teacher with a highly detailed analysis of the child’s level of preparation for learning to read. It also suggests which of the built-in remedial materials would be useful in bringing the student’s readiness to read up to an optimal level. By carefully documenting the students' responses throughout the its levels and tasks, Reading Buddy 2.0 provides teachers with a cumulative record of their students' performance. It also produces analyses that pinpoint the areas where more work is needed. Reading Buddy 2.0 never requires that a student perform a specific task or a certain unit before moving forward. Tag:e buddy bonzi buddy speed reading bonzi buddy monkey buddy list desktop buddy proof reading palm reading Reading Books mind reading exposed sight reading studio glucose reading bible reading plan card reading cribbage buddy yahoo reading plus

Little Mathematics
(image) Applications for high-speed learning of mathematics. For one week, your child will learn basic math. In a fun way, learn about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Aplication is on English, Italian and Serbian language Tag:Matemathic Kids learn matemathic

My Photo Dictionary Home Edition
(image) My Photo Dictionary is a Web/Windows Application used to Help kids Creating thier own Photo Dictionary with day to day leanred Vocablory. This software is easy and fast to be use. It is completely free. Tag:oxford english dictionary photo editor 3d home architect english malayalam dictionary encarta dictionary microsoft photo editor photo booth xp home edition abbreviations dictionary dictionary file

MHX Preschool Jumpstart
(image) MHX Preschool Jumpstart is a educational program to help parents give their children a head start in the learning process before school begins. When children a young, their cognitive abilities develop the most rapidly, so it is best to nurture their develop as much as possible. This program include small games and lessons that can be done individually or with parents and others to learn fundamental learning basics such as letters, numbers, how to spell, how to count, learn the difference of shapes and colors, and even a few mini games. Version 1.3 includes more interactive elements,lesson additions, and good job certificates. Tag:small games preschool floor plan small game mini games jumpstart typing preschool jumpstart jumpstart preschool preschool games jumpstart free download preschool children preschool kids s pro shapes and colors

MHX 100 Chart
(image) 100 Chart - this is a simple stand alone program that does not need to be installed. This 100s chart helps children learn how to skip count by intervals of 3, 4,and 25. (The full version allows skip counting by 2s, 10s, and also includes a number line to reinforce these skip counting concepts. The 100s chart skip count numbers light up a different color according to what number is being skip counted by. The vibrant colors help to illustrate the repeating patterns that appear when one skip counts and is a great tool for student, parent, and teacher. Tag:flow chart gantt chart maker gantt chart billboard top 100 lolitas top 100 zybt20 100 dongle lolita top 100 comparison chart template form 100

Random Names
(image) You mixed up what name to choose for your babies!? well let your computer do that for you!!! yes, now by using Random Names within a second you'd be able to choose hundreds of sweaty and beauty names for your daughter/sons. It will choose random names after some special mathematical calculations. It contains over 2900 names for sons and over 4900 for your daughters. Tag:random number muslim baby names random number generator beauty salon names baby girl names animated names random chat boutique names random characters random drawing random music generator

Animals Puzzle
(image) It can be hard to find great computer games for young children out there on the Internet. Many are too complicated or inappropriate in another way while others are simply too expensive. However, if you look hard enough, there are also plenty of great products out there. One such application that helps children to get acquainted with using a computer is Animals Puzzle; a colorful game from The game is designed specifically for children aged ten or under. It is a colorful puzzle game full of bright and pleasant pictures and easy controls. The game can be played in full screen as well which prevents the child from pressing other buttons by mistake. Animals Puzzle is a great opportunity for young children to use their leisure time on the computer constructively and, unlike many other games supposedly aimed at children, this one is particularly simple to play with a very user-friendly interface and transferring puzzle parts is simply a matter of a few clicks. The software is also available for both Mac and PC. Tag:kids games puzzle game game for children game for kids

CMB - Children Movie Browser
(image) CMB has a full blown database of childrens movies which you can filter using starting alphabets, release year and even with a keyword. Tag:movie maker download telugu movie smart movie player safari browser safari web browser wap browser mobile browser mobile internet browser stereo movie player x-men movie

100blocks for Windows
(image) This software can be learned only by mouse operation. It is 100 Blocks calculation software. In a notebook PC, especially, a troublesome ten key input is unnecessary and it can learn easily only by clicking [the input panel (0-20)] on a screen. There is a device of the screen for children, a music, the sound effect when inputting, etc. It is said that "100 Mass calculation" is solving the same problem repeatedly rather and contracting the lapsed time rather than solving the problem which is different each time, and calculation capability raises it more. By repeating the problem same each time by the [Number lock function], it can tackle like study with the print performed in school etc. Tag:windows 7 windows xp windows xp professional windows xp download sound effect calculation software ten key book pc for children

BiblePaint Coloring Book
(image) BiblePaint is a fantastic coloring book which includes over 30 beautifully hand-drawn coloring pages, by Enache Bogdan. This coloring book is an absolute delight, and each coloring page is accompanied by the related Biblical verses, making it a great introduction to the Bible. The Old Testament coloring pages include well-loved stories such as Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, and David and Goliath. In the New Testament coloring pages, we learn about the life and times of Jesus Christ and his disciples. Kids and adults alike will have hours of fun coloring in with the paint-bucket, free-hand brush, and special magic-brush. The magic brush lets you paint freehand, but magically keeps you inside the lines. Even if you do make a mistake, the "Oops" button will fix it up. The paint palette shows 20 paint colors at a time, and there are 10 palettes to choose from, but the really fun part is that you can take the colors and mix them together. Kids love sucking up paint from the palette and squirting it into the mixing trays to get just the right color. Those feeling even more creative can break out the marker-pen and eraser to add new black outlines, or remove existing ones. Change some of the existing pictures, or create something completely new on one of the three extra blank pages at the end of the coloring book. There are fun sound effects, and music by Victor Spiegel. The sound volume can be adjusted. BiblePaint "remembers" where you were up to, so if your coloring fun is interrupted (perhaps by bed-time) you can come back and pick up where you left off. When you are done, it's easy to print your masterpiece or save it to disk. You can save in different sizes, so that you can create a small one for emailing and a bigger one to use as your desktop. BiblePaint is a "must-have" for every Christian family. Special prices available for schools and church groups. BiblePaint is initially in English, but is also available in Spanish. Tag:bible biblical christian jesus god coloring book coloring colouring book colouring coloring pages educational

SmartKid - Entertaining Letters
(image) Learning the alphabet is not science. This is what your children will be taught using the educational program SmartKid - Entertaining Letters. This program, thanks to an engaging user interface, easy usage, and an audio guide throughout the entire educational process is available to all children who want to learn the letters of the alphabet. In this program you can find almost 300 basic words, each accompanied by a picture and a sound. Children will gradually learn how to recognize letters, arrange them into words, fill letters into words, and place them in alphabetical order. Apart from 7 educational exercises with adjustable difficulty, SmartKid - Entertaining Letters will also delight children with easy word games like the popular matching word game, Hangman or finding hidden words. Main program features: - Engaging user interface - Easy usage (audio guide throughout the whole educational process. A child is able to run a program on his/her own without reading skills.) - Almost 300 basic words accompanied by pictures and sounds - Exercises focused on recognition of letters, spelling and placing letters in alphabetical order with several levels of difficulty - Easy word games for entertaining education (matching word game, Hangman, wordsearch) Tag:SmartKid alphabet education letters spelling hangman wordsearch

(image) A new version of the Scratch software is now available. This is the first release since the public launch of Scratch on May 15, 2007. This version includes important new features and bug fixes, based on suggestions by Scratch community members. Other suggestions from the community are high on our 'wish list' for future releases. Scratch 1.3.1 is also packaged with a brand new set of sample projects, including some projects that were uploaded to the Scratch website by members of the Scratch community. Tag:combine graphics combine photos combine music combine sound combine graphics software combine photos software combine music software combine sound software graphics tool photos tool music tool sound tool free music software free sound software

State Flags
(image) State Flags provides a fun way to review and test one's knowledge of the state flags for the United States. The trial version is valid for 10 days. Tag:steady state country flags flags of countries state abbreviation utorrent country flags state of war empire state building world flags collection

(image) AllowBlock is a parental control software designed with internet safety in mind. Its internet content filter blocks or allows visiting selected websites in Internet Explorer. Manage exactly what websites are allowed for visiting and what are blocked. You may create two lists of websites: allowed and blocked. If a website that user is about to visit is on the allowed list the browser seemlessly displayes the contents of the webpage; if it is on a blocked list then the browser is forwarded to a blocked information page. Additional options include filtering websites by stop words in URL, blocking file downloads and allowing browsing only web addresses on the allowed list. Password protection access mode and password protected uninstall features are included. Install AllowBlock and enjoy internet safety and safe surfing. Tag:parental control parental controls child safety internet filter safe internet block website content filtering parental parenting parental software online safety web filter internet control content filter

ABC Typing game 4
(image) Put your fingers on the yellow-colored keys: A S D F for the left hand, and J K L ; for the right hand. This is the position, in which speed typing is done, and from this position we reach for all other keys. In the first lesson, we practice speed typing the letters J and F, and continue to speed type all other letters. For the most part, practicing will be with words having a meaning. But at first, to get used to speed-typing, we will practice the lessons with random text. Use the lessons only for the beginning to gradually get used to speed-typing. Please understand that the real practice is with meaningful words and that you don't learn a lot from practicing random text. To practice real words, copy a text from anywhere (sites, word processor, etc.) and paste your text inside the text box by clicking the right mouse button and selecting "paste". Tag: