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Preview: Reference shareware freeware adware software downloads

Reference shareware freeware adware software downloads

Reference software download - Reference freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:50:18 GMT

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Where Is It?
(image) Suitable for beginners and advanced users WhereIsIt was designed to be a very adjustable program with lots of options for power users, as well as quick and easy to use with predefined default settings and wizards for all those who don't want to get their hands dirty. Well thought-out user interface with multi-language support WhereIsIt's user interface is one of its most praised qualities. Easy to use, familiar Explorer-like user interface with clear overview of available functions, adjustable toolbar, columns to choose between, and extensive use of object menus (right mouse click) to let you quickly access command you need. Want to see item's description or assigned thumbnail image? Just leave mouse pointer on it for a moment, it will popup as a tool-tip. Manageable catalog files WhereIsIt doesn't use large and complex databases, all information is stored in a single catalog (.ctf) file, easily transferable to another computer, a friend, a public forum... as well as easy to backup. Share your data the easy way. Catalogs don't need to be installed in any way, they can just simply be opened in the program as document files, even on someone else's computer, while still retaining full functionality. Internal catalog file structure is optimized for very efficient access and small total size, allowing fast searches and small memory footprint, even with very large catalogs. For example, 30.000 files and folders (that's about five heavily populated CD-ROMs) will result in a catalog file approximately 1 MB in size - details may vary, depending on data structure and selected scanning options Tag:Information management database data mining data analysis data recovery data lifeguard tools data collection data communication data connection data collection methods data interface data knowledge engineering data organization

Birthday Book Plus
(image) The Plus refers to the additional information your can optionally add to a Birthday record in the form of address, phone, e-mail contact details and notes. The 'Plus' also refers to the 'Reminders' database. A completely separate database where you can record anything at all, for example anniversaries, appointments, bills, car maintenance or whatever. Reports are a strong feature of the program as we do not always want to turn on a computer just to lookup somebody's Birthday. There are 10 variations of Birthday reports alone to choose from. These reports allow you to print renewable or multiple copies of Birthday and contacts information at anytime. There are also phone, e-mail, data integrity and 4 different Reminder reports. Reports Reports are a strong feature of the program as we do not always want to turn on a computer just to lookup somebody's Birthday. There are 10 variations of Birthday reports alone to choose from. These reports allow you to print renewable or multiple copies Birthday\Address information at anytime. There is also 4 different Reminders reports plus a Phone and E-Mail listings. Tag:Birthday card birthday wishes birthday cake birthday greeting words birthday party birthday book plus birthday cards birthday song anniversary birthday e-birthday cards birthday calendar upcoming birthday birthday tracker birthday astrologyn

Daily Bible and Prayer
(image) Daily Bible and Prayer features Bible reading plans, daily devotional, and prayer tracker. The Bible reading plan will get you through the Bible in a year with two different methods, and allows you to create custom reading plans for any amount of Scripture and time. Daily Bible and Prayer will track your progress and help you catch up if you fall behind. You can read the KJV Bible text in the program or simply use it as a planning guide to read from your printed Bible. Also included is the Faith's Checkbook daily devotional by C.H. Spurgeon, with an edifying and uplifting message for each day of the year. Finally, the prayer tracker will help you keep your prayer list organized and move answered prayers into a separate list when the time comes. Combining all three tasks into one program makes this program perfect for helping you with your quiet-times. free prayer time for mobile is for you.Get devotional bhajans now. Tag:bible devotional prayer

BibleTogo for Palm
(image) BibleToGo for Palm supports a fast display and intuitive search engine lookup. Enriched with easy to use features, you can access your favourite verses in a matter of seconds. Try BibleToGo for Palm for up to 10 days. Or, purchase a single license for $8.Get palm vx free ware now! Tag:Palm Palm OS Software Applications Handheld Bible Religion Religious Studies New Testament Old Testament Sacrament Holy Book Catholic Catholicism Holy Orders Church

Gospel Parallels
(image) Gospel Parallels is a side by side New Testament Bible tool. All 4 gospels appear on your screen side by side for easy reading, scrolling, word search and studying. Includes a notepad, chronological index & instant parallel passage matching. A very helpful tool for the serious Bible student. Tag:file gospel midi

SW for the Chicago Manual of Style
(image) Chicago Manual of Style citations and cover page formatting adheres to the 15th Edition of the Chicago Manual of Style and the Sixth Edition of Kate Turabian? Style Manual. Cover pages even remember information like your name, school and courses to make writing more productive.catia manual ScholarWord is the only academic tool of its kind to work on Windows, Mac Classic, Mac OS X, and even Linux! On these operating systems, ScholarWord "works with" Microsoft Word and other leading word processors and even comes with an integrated word processor. Tag:cms kate turabian style bibliography works cited turabian style citation history turabian guide bibliography software dissertation writing apa help writing aid chicago citation cms style

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary
(image) The free American Tract Society Bible Dictionary for Windows Mobile?smartphones is a dictionary of the Holy Bible for general use in the study of the scriptures. Based on the mobile industry standard BEIKS Dictionary Reader, this product is specially optimized for one-hand operation, minimal memory requirements and optimal access speed. It can be installed on either main memory or on an extension media card and once installed does NOT require or utilize network connection. The American Tract Society Bible Dictionary lexicon contains 2,288 unique Bible word and phrase definitions.

Dictionary features:

  • Based on the mobile industry standard BEIKS dictionary program BDicty Dictionary covering all major mobile platforms (Palm OS? Windows Mobile?/ Pocket PC? Linux / Sharp Zaurus?
  • American Tract Society Bible Dictionary with 2,288 unique Bible words and phrases
  • Expandable with other BEIKS dictionaries and phrasebooks for Windows Smartphone?li> Optimized for Widows smartphones one-hand operation
  • Quick input for Windows Smartphone via virtual keyboard panel
  • Dictionary browsing with fast word positioning
  • Installable in the main handset memory or on a media card
  • Excellent data compression
  • Free software updates*
  • Download availability online
  • Built-in help documentation
*BEIKS guarantees free updates for problem fixes and minor application enhancements; BEIKS explicitly reserves the right for releasing commercial updates upon introducing significant application changes and no more than once per calendar year. Tag:bible dictionary bible for smartphone bible smartphone smartphone bible free bible free bible dictionary american trakt society bible jeopardy game

(image) Java based InputMethodEngine (ime) using the kmap-files from Yudit and the kmp files from Simredo. Currently support over 120 different languages/alphabets. Tag:

74-137 - Developing Microsoft Office Sol
(image) With our 74-137 Exam Resources, you can be rest assured that you will be fully prepared to take on your 74-137 Exam. Our Exams are written and formatted by Top senior IT Professionals working in today's prospering companies and data centers. All of our practice exams including the 74-137 exam will prepare you for success. 74-137 is a challenging exam, with our 74-137 study guide, you can feel safe with our question and answers that will help you in obtaining your successful completion of your 74-137 exam. Tag:

Idea Rover
(image) Idea Rover 2.91 absorbs and crystallizes your ideas and sources into outline-structured notes, releasing your brain from monotonous switching and searching work. Drag-and-drop your files and sources and get a starting place, calmness, and time for writing your research paper, dissertation, etc. The program allows you to retrieve relevant and outline-structured information: extracting citations, assertions, ideas, concepts for your research paper, term paper, essay, project, Master thesis, PhD thesis. Idea Rover prepares outline-structured notes and saves your time by eliminating tedious cut-and-paste work. Idea Rover automates structuring information stored in HTM, HTML, PDF, and TXT files. This application is good for: automation of citation extraction, converging and competing assertions, relating ideas and concepts. Tag:writing research paper essay project PhD thesis

(image) Free, fast, and seriously useful Bible software. Designed with 1 Peter 1:13 in mind, ActionBible fills a need for those who want a simple, user-friendly Bible software that will help them to "prepare their minds for action. Store notes for a specific verse, highlight verses, and have formatted copy (for the clipboard) and formatted printing. Quickly create study notes, link them to scriptures, search the bible text, backup and restore, and more. ActionBible contains many options that allow you to customize the window. Change the text color, background color, font size, and reference color. In translations where the words of Christ are available typically in red, change the color to something more suited to your viewing. There are three different Scripture layouts to choose from. When copying text to the clipboard, choose from four different formats, each of which has their own options. Search the Bible using exact phrase, all words listed, or any word listed. Search results provides a way to compare the Scriptures in other translations, copy all results to the clipboard, and even copy all results to the clipboard using another translation! Easily compare Scriptures from one translation to another. Create notes on the fly by simply right-clicking on a verse. Text can be formatted for adding your own emphasis and highlights. Backup your notes and highlight information for transferring to another system or for safe-keeping. Quickly and easily restores data. Also provides an option to automatically backup when exiting the program. Tag:bible Bible software bible search free bible bible resources pastoral resources pastor preacher reverend bible catalogue bible search tools bible search tool bible online bible reading free bible software bible viewer bible story bible stories

(image) Zekr is an open platform for research on the Holy Quran. It is a Quran based project, planned to be a universal, open source, cross-platform application to perform most of the usual refers to Quran. The main idea is to build an as generic as possible platform to be capable of having different add-ins for its tasks. Tag:Quran Research on Quran Search the Quran

InVerse Scripture Memorization
(image) Memorizing Scripture verses is a laudable ambition, but a beginner can find it overwhelming. InVerse simplifies this, containing over 15,300+ verses preloaded in 2,800 of the best known Bible passages from 11 Bible translations. As your proficiency on a passage improves from Just Started to Good and then Mastered, you can categorize it for Less Frequent or Least Frequent recitation. Veterans at memorization benefit by being able to organize scores of passages between Learning, Learned, and Archive. Inverse lets you choose whether to see just the reference (e.g. John 3:16 [Topic:Grace] NIV), a hint, or the passage being memorized. Several verses before and/or after the passage to be memorized are also included. Inverse has a very simple, intuitive user interface. An extensive tutorial (100+ steps) is oriented to less experienced computer users. Early in the tutorial, each and every mouse click is described. Detailed Help is provided, including context sensitive help. Tag:

Al-Quran Explorer
(image) This software aims to help professional Muslim user such as lawyers, Muslim/Syariah judges, journalist, columnist, editors, book authors, lecturers, religious researchers and students to work with Quran easier than ever. This software contains hierarchal view of all verses in Quran, either sorted by Surah (chapters), Juzu' (parts) or Editable Maudhu' (Subject). This software also equipped with advanced search tool, advanced multiple verses Lookup and content management. Tag:

Seek the Truth
This program grabs secrets to the Meaning of Life from the internet, and displays it to you. You can get more truths by clicking on a button. Tag:

MB Free Psychic-Tarot Glossary
(image) MB Free Psychic-Tarot Glossary is a collection of all possible psychic and tarot related words. This software is an easy reference of words and definitions related to psychism, paranormal and spirituality. It also explains the meanings of different tarot cards, decks, spreads and other interesting information. MB Free Psychic-Tarot Glossary includes: ?MB Free Psychic Dictionary ?MB Free Tarot Dictionary MB Free Psychic-Tarot Glossary is Mystic Board? latest offering in making the Mystic Board the ultimate destination for everything related to the subjects of psychic and tarot. This glossary describes all the basics as well as the definitions for the concepts used in the above fields. This is a wonderful resource for amateurs as well as experts. We aim to keep upgrading the resource till it is completely updated. Tag:psychic game tarot game Tarot Glossary tarot terms astrology astrology software free astrology software tarot words psychic words words collection horoscope Tarot Dictionary Psychic Dictionary tarot cards tarot desks tarot spreads tarot information

My Recipes
(image) My Recipes is a very easy to use program for collecting, organizing and printing your favorite recipes. There are literally thousands of free recipes on the Internet at such sites as and with this program you can easily copy and paste them into the program for future use. Features include saving, editing as well as printing the recipesake along on your shopping trip and to the kitchen. Detailed easy to follow instructions makes it a snap for anyone to have their own Recipe Library. Tag:recipes cooking organize easy to use program collecting collect collector organizing printing print favorite internet food TV copy paste future use save

Qur'an Viewer
(image) Multi-Language Qur'an Software. Full Arabic/English with Qur'anic Commentary, Transliteration, Index and Glossary (500+ words!), and Full search. Supports Plug-in Qur'an Translations. Qur'an verses can be compared in any installed language! Other languages that can be downloaded and installed include: French, German, Spanish, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Tamil, Hausa, Turkish and Indonesian. 5 other English translations also available! Many other useful features are also included. Tag:

Rapid Reminder Pro
(image) Create your personal and/or business refer information including contacts, reminders, appointments ...even recipes and golf scores. In fact anything at all by installing your copy of this International 5 Star software. TRULY MUST HAVE EXCELLENT AWARD WINNING SOFTWARE FOR EVERYONE. YOU WILL COME TO RELY ON ITS MANY FEATURES - Also includes:- Rapid Sticky Note - which not only keeps your notes but links to the contacts database for rapid finding of info eg addresses, phone numbers etc. You can even print a business card from it STORES Contacts with pictures Music Library Book Library Movie Library People Profiler ? Passwords (double secured) Golf Scores Recipes Asset Inventory Notes How To Health inc Weight Records Journal (double secured) Gardening FEATURES To Do List Shopping List Photo Album with captioning Appointment scheduling with easy daily display list Envelope Printing Business Cards Christmas Card List Emergency Phone Numbers Rapid Desktop Sticky Note Calculator Bill payment scheduling Metric conversion calculator Address and Phone wallet/purse Cards Calendar with your pictures Import MS Outlook Contacts Export Data to Others Display Contacts by Category Full display printouts Flashing Reminders Your choice of display colors Links with MS scheduler REMINDS? Computer Files requiring Backup Appointments Bills Events eg Birthdays Weddings Children's activities Sports schedules Weddings On This Day Engagements Anniversaries Current Affairs ust to name a few Lots of fun using your digital pictures for the albums. Tag:rapid reminder reminder software pim recipes business cards free digital accounts sticky sticky note notes jpg update contact contacts movies books music golf kids