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Preview: Clock shareware freeware adware software downloads

Clock shareware freeware adware software downloads

Clock software download - Clock freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 19:25:12 GMT

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(image) PCTimer is a tiny program count a time you spend on PC... Compatible with all MS Windows platform. Tag:windows platform ms windows ms w

Relay Timer R2X
(image) Relay Timer R2X is programmable timer software for 2-channel relay controller boards. Each relay can be turned on/off manually and can also be programmed separately with multiple schedules. Relays can switch to auto mode from manual mode after specified time. The status of relays can be displayed simultaneously. The status of relays also can be shown on status bar when the program is minimized. Recurrence options make schedule setting more flexible. All settings can be saved for later loading. All existed COM ports can be detected automatically. It is robust, real-time and easy to use. Features Supports 2-channel relays boards Supports multiple schedule setting for each relay. Supports powerful schedule setting with recurrence options. Turn on/off each relay manually and automatically. Turn on/off or invert all relays directly. Display the current status of relays simultaneously. Automatically switch to auto mode from manual mode after specified time. Status of relays can be saved for later loading. Time setting can be saved for later loading. Easy to use with friendly GUI. 30-day free trial full function. Tag:countdown timer internet cafe timer internet timer shutdown timer shut down timer dhcp relay agent internet relay chat mer software timer application auto shutdown timer itunes sleep timer

Atomic Time Synchronizer
(image) Atomic Time Synchronizer is a useful and handy utility to keep your PC clock accurate. It periodically checks and synchronizes your computer clock with NIST atomic time servers, or synchronizes time between computers. It can also act as a time server. Why Atomic Time Synchronizer? First and foremost, Microsoft Windows (98/XP/2003/Vista) keeps losing or gaining time. You need a more accurate PC clock. For reliability purposes, Atomic Time Synchronizer uses multiple redundant time servers to ensure that your PC clock is accurate even when some of the time servers are offline. Atomic Time Synchronizer works with all Windows versions from Windows 98 to the latest Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, and can run as a Windows/NT service. Key Features of Atomic Time Synchronizer: -Synchronizes time with NIST atomic time servers -Synchronizes time between computers -Can act as a time server -Can run as a Windows service -Supports SNTP (the Simple Network time protocol) -Supports the TIME protocol -Can be invoked at the command line, and called in batch files -Can synchronize time with any server running SNTP or TIME protocol -Periodically checks and synchronizes time -Displays time in either local time or UTC/GMT -Can monitor Windows time change event, and adjust automatically -Easy to use and configure. Tag:windows 98 windows vista atomic bomberman quick time pro quick time pc clock atomic bomberman game time calculator atomic mass calculator project completion time activity time time and material real-time game

(image) Celebrating over 25 years of creating payroll software, TimeClockWindow follows a long line of easy to use payroll tools starting with ZPAY, ZPAY 3, then PayWindow and now our new software time clock, TimeClockWindow. The best news is that our software time clock is network ready and can be installed on all of your workstations and used by all of your employees in the same office. No extra costs for workstations or for the number of employees in the company, no limits! Here are some of the features you will find in TimeClockWindow: * Software Time Clock, no expensive hardware to buy * Simple to use time card interface * Manages unlimited number of employees at no extra charge * Network ready for unlimited workstations with no extra charge * Can also run on single computer in small office * Interfaces with PayWindow Payroll and imports employees and exports time to PayWindow * Built-in message center with ability to broadcast to all from administrator * Built-in security to prohibit time tampering on computer by employees * Best security - can get time from Internet making it impossible for time tampering on computer by employees * Password protected to keep employees from shutting down. * Prints paper reports for those non-PayWindow users (not sure why you'd not use PayWindow) * Database Merge tool allows you to merge databases from different building not on the Company Network. * Export features: direct to PayWindow and to CSV file format * Imports employee information, company information and list of departments from PayWindow * Password protected at administrator level and for each employee * Keep track of who is in and who is out at a glance * Simple to set up and to administer * PC based system, no expensive time clocks required * Reports can be selected by individuals, range of individuals and date ranges. Tag:no limit time clock windows nt csv file word pro time clock software clock software timeclockwindow 1.0.33 lock software merge data employee info d list windows n n time

(image) AllArms Clock is a Desktop enhancement which only looks like a nice skinable clock. Actually ALLARMS Clock is a powerful system events manager with wide range of functions. This application allow Windows users to automate their day-to-day system using. Mainly AllArms Clock allows users to automate following tasks: 1. Starting/Terminating processes on system event. 2. Handling any type of HotKeys. 3. Simple Notes for handy keeping and quick access to useful data with embedded calculator. 4. Calendar with ability of counting period between dates and making notes for days. 5. Execute number of operations like windows with particular title closing, terminating named process etc. 6. Basic surveillance system with ability to filter screenshots by Windows title. 7. Atomic clock synchronization. 8.Skin can be loaded and saved from Appearance tab by just Right-clicking the Skin image, Color of any caption can be changed separately now and stored. Label font Size and Style can be easily adjusted too. Any control can be moved and stored. 9. Combination of SWF and Rgular captions can be used for creating exciting custom skins from widely available FREE flash components. 10. MP3 sounds for message alarms can be easily adjusted via Right-Click on popup message. Tag:desktop clock world clock desktop world clock digital clock windows xp clock atomic clock nice clock clock sync quick access atomic clock sync binary clock gadget poker clock 2.1.7 floating desktop clock fancy clock simple no

Crave World Clock
(image) Crave World Clock allows you to keep track of current time for major cities and time zones on a real world map. You can also add themed analog and digital clocks on your Windows desktop to keep track of current time for any city you like. You can also set the world clock with map as your desktop wallpaper. A time finder tool allows you to quickly find current time for any city or country you like. A reminder tool allows you to set reminders for appointments, meetings, phone calls etc. according to other time zones. A popup will be displayed with a reminder message at the specified time in the specified city or time zone. It also has a calendar tool which displays calendar for entire year at a glance. You can choose the year for which the calendar needs to be displayed apart from current year. Crave World Clock also has a tool which displays international dial codes for all countries in a list which you can refer for your phone calls. Tag:crave world clock desktop map time date current

(image) ADDTimer is a simple, easy to use timer app designed to help remind you when a set time is up. The application allows you to launch multiple instances with different titles and time periods that are based on settings passed to it from an XML file. Here are some key features of "ADDTimer": · Simple user interface · XML configuration files passed to timer at command line or shortcut · Launch multiple timers using multiple configurations · Speak message upon timer expiration · Configuration file editor built in. Tag:xml file multiple timer user interface mer software command line file editor timer software n time g multi xml configuration files xml c multiple configurations

(image) MakuaMon is the right choice for individuals, friends and families to manage personal time spent with computers and applications. Get a balance back in your life today. Features: -Application Usage Control -Parental Control -Self Control -Peer Control (Buddy System) Monitoring Application and Computer Usage Monitoring Monitor Multiple Users per Computer Monitor Multiple Applications per User Track Top 10 Applications Used by Each User Uniquely Simple Monitored Application Selection Tools Set Usage Limits Per Session, Per Day and Per Week Detect and Monitor Applications That Have Been renamed to Avoid Identification One-click Management from Dashboards Metrics Usage Dashboards Point Out Top Users, Most Used Apps and Apps Closest to Set Limits Live Meters for At-a-Glance View of Usage and Limits per Application Historical Usage Metrics per Application Daily Computer Usage History for Last 7 Days Notifications Fully Configurable, Friendly, Interactive Notices to End-user Configurable End-user Notice Color Theme and Display Preferences Roll-over Minutes for Unused Time Roll-over Minutes Usage Meter "Don't Remind Me Again" Feature Color Options for Full Screen Notices Daily Email Summary Reports Weekly Email Summary Reports. Tag:parental control usage meter time spent computer usage e view friends and families applications used multiple user per session color theme

Desktop Clock-7
(image) "Desktop Clock-7" is program that displays the current time on desktop window. You can resize or move the clock anywhere, hide or show it using system tray icon. The program uses color scheme of OS Windows. Settings: * Always on top: on/off; * Show logo: off/current date/custom text; * Auto run: on/off; * Show seconds: on/off. Additional features of PRO version: * Manually change colors of the clock; * Use an image (or photo) for background, set hide or transparent numbers; * Set unlimited numbers of alarms, change wave file for play an alarm. Tag:clock

Free Light Timer
(image) Remarkable small and absolutely free program. If you are engaged at the computer or the laptop in something important, interesting or grasping, you often forget about the appointed meeting, a frying pan on a plate or, for example, to take away children from a KinderGarten. Now there is a simple magnificent decision of this problem. The nice small timer will remind in time you of forthcoming event. The timer supports some variants of skins and to use it very simply. Tag:countdown timer internet cafe timer shutdown timer countdown desktop timer ares light music limewire light internet timer daemon tools light auto cad light www.n73 torch light timer application cube timer visual timer dmx light controller light rail train

Time Converter
(image) Time Converter is an free and easy-to-use application that will show you the right time anywhere on the Globe. This small software is very easy to use. This software is written by Tony Reinli. It is free. Tag:mp4 converter 3gp converter mpeg4 converter quick time pro quick time qick time player time card machine

Floating Clock which Speak
(image) Speak every when clock is ex: 20.00, 21.00 and 22.00... and when time is ex: 23.00 say "The time is elleven pm" and this is optional and can changes in Options dialog ON/OFF and you can still in timer on ex: 11.57 and when time is 11.57 say "elleven fify seven am" and a Red message with "Alarm" popup in clock... When right click on clock and choose "Add On Startup" will clock shows up and "speak the time" every time you startup windows, you can also choose "On Top" then will stay on top of all windows and you can see the time while you work with anything else your choice... Tag:world clock desktop clock digital clock desktop world clock analog clock speak english speak binary clock gadget poker clock 2.1.7 blue binary clock

(image) Timecode Timer (TCTimer) is a tool designed to perform timing of animations. It shows current timing values expressed in time, number of frames and length of the tape. Displayed values are recorded to the Timing Log every each start/stop operation. The Log also contains timestamp markers captured manually during animation. Using Start, Reset and Mark buttons is similar to a common stopwatch: - Start button: to start/stop timing - Reset: to stop and immediately restart action - Mark: to record a specific moment of animation in the Timing Log You can set desired film format and timecode using two drop-down lists. When selection is made on either of the lists, the current timing and frame count are automatically reset to zero. Timing values are shown on three displays: - Time display shows current time value in selected timecode - Frames display shows current frame count - Format display shows current tape length Tag:Start button drop-down list film form play show three d tool design n time drop-down lists time display time value

(image) SimpleDateCalc is an application which can countdown or when your due date has expired countup to current time. Some Features are: Quickly change to two different dates. Change opacity of the main window. Set font color to black or white. Change view to days or weeks and days. Tag:e view quickly change font color current tim

(image) Suppose you have a friend on holiday in some remote part of the globe and you want to know the right time to call him up: fine! Let BigBen show you at a glance the current date and time of one or more (max. 12) cities all over the world. Two hundred and eightyfive selectable cities, and users may replace the default locations with locations of their own choice. Auto Light-Saving Time supported! Tag:Date and Time Clock

Virtual Chess Clock
(image) Virtual Chess Clock is a small, easy to use application specially designed to offer you a chess clock software, allowing you to turn your computer into a chess clock. Of course, it's more convenient if it's a laptop ! Tag:chess titans chess virtual girl virtual dj crack desktop clock world clock virtual drive desktop world clock virtual piano virtual mixing console standard chess icons virtual piano standalone

ClockWatch ServerMP
(image) ClockWatch ServerMP is an Enterprise Wide NTP timeserver designed for networks made up of several different platforms. ClockWatch ServerMP is a dual functioning application that maintains time on server and also services client requests for time. The server communicates with external timeservers to maintain the correct time. Features Multi-platform capable - ClockWatch ServerMP can act as a timeserver for your network and supports all of the major time sync protocols (SNTP, NIST, TIME, DAYTIME) running on your Linux/Unix/Netware/Mac/IBM clients. Also provides time to many network and telecom devices. Traceable: The Server maintain logs showing every time change on the system. The Time Audit feature shows you the time sync status of your network at a glance. Alarms email you when clocks are off. Will log events to a remote syslog server. Secure: Since clients don't need to talk to timeservers on the Internet, Internet traffic is reduced and the integrity of corporate firewalls is maintained. Adding a GPS receiver lets you avoid the Internet entirely. The Server can run as a Windows service. This prevents regular users from changing the settings. Expandable: GPS, radio and clock card time base options are available. Dependable: We've been selling Client/Server time sync solutions worldwide since 1998 More. ClockWatch Server was also Microsoft 'Certified for Windows XP' by an independent test lab. Tag:windows xp syslog server windows se gps receiver Run As clockwatch star sync watch s NTP Time clockwatch client request test lab log event for windo

Alarm Clock Pro for Windows
(image) Waking up to headache-inducing buzzers and static-plagued radio stations can now be confined to your past. Alarm Clock Pro enables you to design your daily routine and perform various tasks automatically, such as starting your favorite iTunes playlist! With the sheer amount of functionality Alarm Clock Pro offers, it can easily integrate into nearly every aspect of your life. Speak or display favorite inspirational quotes randomly throughout the day, or even send them as text messages to your cell phone! Have important reminders, or even birthday cards, e-mailed to contacts. Record laps with the Stopwatch. Track time differences for your investment portfolio. Even use it to help cook dinner by using the timer! In addition to Alarm Clock Pro's extensive list of programmable tasks, it also offers flexibility when it comes to timing alarms. Many solutions offer the ability to set alarms based on a specific date. However, Alarm Clock Pro can also initiate alarms based on a recurring monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or even minutely schedule! Even start a countdown timer based on a specific time interval. For both Mac OS X and Windows for the price of a single license, Alarm Clock Pro is one of the only affordable universal solutions for your needs. Download the free fully functional fifteen-day trial today, and judge for yourself. Features: -Send a text message to a cell phone -Play an audio or video file -Loop, fade, and auto-stop media files -Increase media file playback speed -Alter media file playback volume -Loop media files via number or hour count -Open documents and applications -Play a web broadcast -Play an iTunes playlist -Play a random iTunes song -Stop, Pause and Resume iTunes -Open a website -Send an e-mail with optional attachments -Compose an e-mail -Connect and disconnect the modem -Send a serial command to the modem -Start or stop the screensaver -Take a screenshot -Perform any shell command -Display and/or speak text. Tag:Clock time clock windows clock system clock clock tools clock tool clock program pc clock alarm clock sound alarm alarm sound time synchronize synchronize time time synchronizerm atomic clock world time world clock data time

(image) Never lose money again! If you can't tell your boss, or your client, how much time you spent on a project then you're losing money! How do you know if your estimate are accurate? Do you have the ability to track your your projects down to the nearest minute or do you guess at the end of the day or even week? Task Timer lets you quickly and easily create an unlimited number of project/task combinations. Using our unique exact start and stop times you can show your boss or your client exactly when you started or stopped any particular task. Task Timer allows an unlimited number of simultaneous timer or alternatively only one-at-a-time. Easily modify the start time of any event and quickly add comments to a currently timed event. Reporting with Task Timer is quick and easy with our new custom reporting tools. Specify a relative date range, like 'Last Week' or 'Last Quarter' and Task Timer will generate the reports using that relative date range. This makes tracking and reporting your hours simple and easy. Add your own custom report definitions to the Reporting menu to make it even faster! Tag:Task Timer r project time limit s form easy to use task time very simple interface multiple user various format simple interface

Time Zones for PCs
(image) Time Zones for PCs is your key to personal communications. Set clocks and reminder alarms for your friends and family around the world. Know what time it is there before you phone, text, or IM your friends. Personalize your Time Zones for PCs with images, audio, and video from your friends and family. Use the built in time zone converter to work out when to call. Huge database containing the countries, cities, towns, and the time zone and daylight saving dates for EVERY time zone. Search the database of telemarketer phone numbers so you can identify and block unwanted callers. Many other useful tools, including as a scientific / technical grade metric converter. Automatic updates sent right to your PC. Friendly, easy to use interface. Tag:quick time pro quick time time calculator phone number time zone converter time zone utm zones project completion time time and material activity time real-time game real time sync