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Preview: Delphi shareware freeware adware software downloads

Delphi shareware freeware adware software downloads

Delphi software download - Delphi freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:45:54 GMT

Last Build Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:45:54 GMT

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A set of components for Delphi/C++Builder necessary for checking for the releases of the new versions and updating the application through the Internet. HTTP, FTP and MS Network protocols are supported, update can be resumed if the connection was lost, works with any kind of server - server scri`pts are not necessary, update scri`pt has INI file format. Using the update wizard component with multilingual support you could add the support for updates through Internet to your programs by writing just a few lines of code. Tag:

PlotLab VCL
(image) Delphi/C++ Builder VCL components library for very easy and fast Data Visualization. The library includes: Scope - scientific chart component for plotting multi-channel data. Waterfall - data plotting component, especially suitable for FFT results. The components allow zooming, navigation, direct printing, clipboard copy, save to file and more. All of the components are optimized for very fast data plotting, and support multithreading. MultiWaterfall - multi channel waterfall component. Especially suitable for video color histogram results. Free for non-commercial use. Tag:Chart Scope Plot Waterfall Plotting matlab 6.0

Pascal Look
Pascal Look is an easy to use source code browser designed for the object pascal programming . It can help you understand your pascal unit file by scanning , searching and listing the declarations and other important informations . The Main Features : (1) Designed in a Simple, Intuitive and Graphical interface . (2) Browse your pascal unit file library by clicks . (3) Context Menu Association with *.PAS file type . (4) Reviewing, Searching, Rearranging the declarations list conveniently . (5) Export a TXT or HTML report . (6) Help you manage your own Pascal file library. pascal pascal s pascal 7 7.0 pascal pascal think pascal picotte history pascal convert pascal game pascal code pascal gnu pascal pascal poprostu

Window Shutdown
(image) Windows Shutdown (TWindowsShutdown component) allows to shutdown your Windows XP in any mode with the following methods: Sleep, Hibernate, LogOff, PowerOff, Reboot, ShutDown. The Force mode allows you to shutdown the Windows XP immediately independing from unsaved information in the currently run applications. The TurnOffDialog method allows to call the standard "Sleep / Turn off / Reboot" dialog. Tag:window shut down shutdown sleep hibernate logoff paweroff reboot component delphi c c++ builder source code

TeeChart Pro 6 VCL
(image) TeeChart Pro provides complete, quick and easy to use charting and plotting .NET, ActiveX, COM and Borland VCL / CLX classes for Business, Real-Time, Financial and Scientific applications. 100% Source code included ! ( .NET, VCL and CLX versions ). Deliver high performance charting solutions. teeChart Pro allows you to create general purpose and specialized chart and graphing applications for all areas including business, engineering, financial, statistical, scientific, medical, real-time, and the web. Features a chart gallery with several chart types including 2D or 3D line, bar, horizontal bar, area, point, pie, arrow, bubble, Gantt, surface, volume, polar, and many more. Use the Chart Editor to customize your charts. Tag:Delphi Delphi component draw dot matrix Delphi.s form bit ASCII ASCII character alphanumeric Greek chars alpha beta delta lambda pi omega pound yen software

NativeExcel suite
(image) NativeExcel is the native Delphi package which allows to create MS Excel files from your applications. This package does not require installed Microsoft Office. It writes data directly in an excel file. You can use NativeExcel suite as the replacement of standard OLE-based Excel components. NativeExcel is developed to be compatible with Delphi's Excel components. It also contains TDataset2Excel component for export dataset to excel file. -using this package you will receive the following benefits; -high performance (30000-40000 values per second); -independence from Microsoft Office version; -low system requirements for your application; -complete documentation; -available source code for registered users. NativeExcel suite v2.x is a high-performance solution for Delphi Developers that allows writing of new Excel spreadsheets and reading of existing ones. ADVANTAGES: - High performance; - Convenient object model; - Support for all Excel formatting options; - Microsoft Office is not required; - Pure Delphi source code; - Complete documentation with numerous examples; FEATURES: - Open an existing excel file; - Access any cell values (number, string, date, boolean, formula); - Calculation engine to perform computation on the cells; - Cell attributes (alignment, comments, orientation, borders, background attributes, and so on); - Font attributes (font name, font size, color, decoration, and so on); - Images support (bmp, jpg, png, emf, wmf); - Merged cells; - Unicode characters support; - Copy/Move/Delete/Insert range of cells; - Group rows and columns; - Hyperlinks support; - Worksheet attributes (name, protection); - Printing attributes (page size, orientation, margins, footer, header, page breaks, and so on); - Exporting workbooks and worksheets to HTML, RTF, CSV, TSV files; - TDataset2Excel component. Populates a spreadsheet from TDataset descendants; - TDBGrid2Excel component. Populates a spreadsheet from TDBGrid descendants; Tag:excel microsoft excel excel file microsoft office delphi delphi component delphi components delphi application delphi developer delphi development delphi program delphi programming database development database software database application

(image) AutoFlowchart is a excellent source code flowcharting tool to generate flowchart from source code. Its flowchart can expand and shrink. and you can pre-define the the width , height,Horizontal spacing and vertical spacing. Move and zoom is also very easy. It can export the flowchart as a Microsoft Word file or a bitmap file. It can help programmers understand, document and visualize source code. It supports C,C++,VC++(Visual C++ .NET),Delphi(Object Pascal). Maybe it can help you! MAIN FEATURES: auto generate flowchart from sourcecode export the flowchart as Ms Word file expand and Shrink the flowchart format the source code pre-define the base size of the flowchart block zoom and move the flowchart freely export the flowchart as a bitmap Tag:flowchart makers

Team Coherence
(image) Team Coherence is a flexible and cost effective solution that helps to manage projects for all sizes of development teams. Depending on your needs, you can start reaping the benefits of this powerful tool for as little as $149. As your needs or development team grow, Team Coherence will grow with you. Add issue tracking and build management at any time, or extend functionality with the built-in API. Increase Developer Productivity ---------------------------------------- If a tool is difficult to use, or causes delays and frustration to developers, it is less likely to be used to any great effect. Direct integration with your development tools enables developers to access the full power of team development features from within a familiar environment. Team Coherence integrates directly with Visual Studio,freeware teamspeek, Visual Studio .NET, Delphi, C++ Builder and many other development tools and editors. Team Coherence also provides an extensive feature set designed to save time and money through reliable source code control. It enables development teams to automatically protect and track their most valuable source code, documentation, binaries, and all other file types as they change throughout the software life cycle. Improve Software Quality -------------------------------- Versioning features, such as labels, provide snapshots of a project for the quick retrieval of any previous version in the software life cycle. Support for promotion levels allows you to say with certainty that all files have been through the various development and testing stages by the time they are released to end users. The ability to share files across projects promotes the reuse of code and components across projects and simplify code maintenance by propagating changes across all shared whenever a file is updated. Support for both Parallel and Serial development modes, or a combination of both, allows you to decide which methodology suits you best, not th Tag:Version Control SCM SCC Tracking Configuration Management Document Management

Make quickly a game, demo with direct X in VB, DELPHI,direct x9b... Dll-DirectX is a library which allow you to use Direct X (particulary Direct Draw and Direct Sound) in the simpliest languages, but keeping the fast of Direct X. THanks to this DLL you will display quickly some graphical objects to the screen, without the scintillement effect, and then create applications like games or multimedia products. Tag:

Looks like Windows 95 taskbar. It can be placed in the main window on your MDI Application and contains buttons corresponding to MDI child windows. It allows you to manipulate with MDI child windows like Windows 95 taskbar allows you to manipulate with Tag:

Interbase Permission Configurator
Interbase Permission Configurator is an administration utility for Borland Interbase that lets you manage assignments of user rights on database objects with a hierarchical way. The software lets you divide your Database Management System into logical blocks called tasks, such as reports, directories, input-output forms, etc. Each task has own permission set needed for its proper functioning. Instead to grant access rights on DB objects to a user, you will assing tasks to the user and he will get all rights the tasks have. The result of the program is a SQL scri`pt containing 'GRANT' statements to grant access rights to a user. Tag:

InfoScope VCL
INFOSCOPE VCL v1.55 for Delphi is a set of two visual components which allows you to display any 2D data whether it the stock prices or electric signals. Fully customizable flicker-free graphics. Colors, fonts, margins, bounds and behavior are fully customizable. Multiple mouse modes: panning, scaling, scaling by single axis. Free to try and only $20 to buy. Full sources costs $79. Tag:

Adrock Date Functions Class
The TAdrockDates class provides around 140 functions that deal with dates. You can return periods between dates, in days, weeks, months, quarters, and years. There are functions that deal with boundary dates. You can add a number of units to a date, the units being days, weeks, months, and years. Extract parts from dates, and build dates with simple function calls. Format date functions such as .5th September 1998.. The Help file provides a full listing of available functions and comprehensive usage instructions. Tag:

Sonket Dev left overs, the soap!
No package, each vcl is in its own directory that has the class name. Application included to compile the examples direct from that app, so you can decide wich ones you want to install or trash. Tag:

Component that encapsulates TQuery, TUpdateQuery and TStoredProc in one component. Instead of having 4 components for one operation on table, now you can use only one. It is made for ORACLE but works with other servers too. Componet is fast and simple for use. Tag:

UCalc Fast Math Parser (Delphi edition)
(image) DLL component which allows programs to evaluate algebraic expressions defined at runtime. Supports user functions and variables. Documentation includes many Delphi examples. Also includes a demonstration Delphi program. Partial feature list Speedy parsing and evaluations Support for .NET, VB, PB, Delphi, VC++, BCB++, and more Library of standard arithmetic, trigonometric, relational (comparison), and miscellaneous routines (for both numbers and strings). See complete list of operators and functions User-defined operators and functions, with support for overloading, overshadowing, bootstrapping, or recursion; optional arguments, fixed or indefinite number of arguments; multi-statements separated by semicolons Function/operator definitions can either be self contained, or attached to routines from your host program or any conventional DLLs such as the Windows API or other User operator definitions can be infix, prefix, or postfix, and can be given a precedence level; an operator can be alphanumeric or be composed of symbols User-defined variables (and constants) can be internal, or attached to a variable in your host program, or any valid memory address A user variable can be defined as a temporary local item Selected definitions can be locked to prevent redefinition Supported data types include: Byte, Integer, Long, Dword, Single, Double, Extended, Currency, SortedList, Table, LPCSTR (null-terminated string), FixedLength string, dynamic String, user-defined types, and more Multi-threading FPU control Exception handling (for overflow, division by zero, etc.) and general error handling User-defined character patterns and syntax constructs Items (functions, variables, operators, ...) can be renamed, or undefined uCalc FMP also inherits a host of other features from the uCalc Language Builder Tag:Delphi Delphi component draw dot matrix Delphi.s form bit ASCII ASCII character alphanumeric Greek chars alpha beta delta lambda pi omega pound yen software

Piggy Back
A powerful tool designed for Delphi programmers who want to find a way to INCLUDE external programmes & files into their own source code. The programme came about when I was looking for a way to create my own self extracting installation programmes. What I wanted was a way in which I could take half a dozen different files and actually dump them as raw data into a Delphi .Pas unit file. I could then just simply create a programme that would save them back to the users hard Tag:

TStatusLine VCL (Extended TStatusBar)
(image) TStatusLine provides some special panels: spText: Same as TStatusPanel; spCapsLock: Caps lock LED; spNumLock: Num lock LED; spScrollLock: Scroll lock LED; spDateTime: Current date and time; spImage: Displays Image with text on panel; spProgress: A progress meter; spAppHint: Application hint; spOwnerDraw: Same as the old TStatusPanel.Style psOwnerDraw; spTextEllipsis: Cuts long string on panel with three dots adding; spLed: Progress indicator (LED) like in Winzip. Tag:

ASEDAC is Sybase ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) BDE replacement for Delphi. ASEDAC allows to create Delphi 4-6 applications with direct access to Sybase ASE DB without BDE and ODBC. ASEDAC allows you to simplify scheme looks like Application--BDE--ODBC--Sybase ASE to simple scheme Application--Sybase ASE without potential possibility of BDE versions or ODBC profiles conflicts on clients workstations. Interface of ASEDAC is BDE-like and TDataSet compatible, so you can migrate your clients applications from BDE/ODBC technology to the native one and save your support resources. ASEDAC is royalty free product. Tag:

abSecurity Builder
VCL package for easy adding multiuser, privileges and user rights functionality to your Delphi application. Allows you to control the user access to your application GUI components (menus, buttons, check boxes, radio groups, etc. everything connected to an Action) as well as to non visual functionalities. Just drag/drop and connect and you get a securized multiuser application.With Security Builder you can:Build the security model of your Delphi application at design time with just few mouse clicks,Add and remove users on fly (if you have Supervisor rights),Change users profile on fly,Add and remove securized items on fly,Securize your non GUI functionalities,Much more...The library consists of three component:abSecurity - control center encapsulating the application security template, implementing all Security Builder functionalities,abActionList - ActionList control providing a connection toabSecurity component and to it's control center functionalities,abAction - an TAction derivative, adding the ability to Enable/Disable and change Visible/Invisible status.Fully functional Freeware. Source price $25 Tag: