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Preview: Website Promotion shareware freeware adware software downloads

Website Promotion shareware freeware adware software downloads

Website Promotion software download - Website Promotion freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:52:02 GMT

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TagGen-FrontPage Edition
(image) Welcome Microsoft FrontPage Users TagGen and Microsoft FrontPage the perfect match, any Webmaster or Web Site Author can easily embed metadata into their documents without ever looking at HTML Code. Everything you need to prepare your Web site for promotion and publishing and do it directly from the FrontPage Editor! Features/Benefits High search engine rankings (position) Integrates with FrontPage Editor allowing for direct editing of your Web data from the FrontPage Editor Integrates with FrontPage 2000 (Custom Menu of Explorer) Custom metatag builder and editor (Full version only) Ability to remove metatags directly from the Wizard Spell check of keywords and description metatag Metatag Analysis check of keywords, description and other metatags based on default and other defined user settings Supports unlimited domains for a single workstation Complete help Cut and Paste Metatag Analysis Report into your favorite editor Thesaurus for keyword selection Thesaurus for description word management Display of metatags before update Enhanced Properties Settings Windows 2000 Ready Batch Update for webs and collections within Webs more information on our latest version or view the white paper on batch update with TagGen for FrontPage Tag:frontpage express download

ASP Barcode Server Component for IIS
(image) Easily add server-side barcodes to web applications. The ASP Barcode Server Component for IIS is a server side component used to add bar codes to webpages hosted on Microsoft?IIS through ASP (Active Server Pages). The IDAutomation Barcode Server for IIS adds barcode generation capability to Microsoft Windows Server 2000 and greater. The resulting barcodes are "streamed" to the browser without saving any temp images on the server. The barcode is created in an application as a dynamic IMG tag and is modified from parameters passed. After installation, the barcode server can generate barcodes over the web in any application on any operating system as a dynamic IMG tag. Tag:

Maximum Traffic
(image) Maximum Traffic is designed to help you to get more visitors to your website. You'll be benefitting from content-rich pages that can drive massive amounts of quality traffic wherever you want! It is totally customizable! Your web pages will not have any tell-tale signatures pointing out that you've been using Maximum Traffic. By taking advantage of SEO techniques that are guaranteed to work, and will work for years to come, Maximum Traffic allows you to acheive a very high quality of visitors. The SEO experts best kept secret about how to bring in top dollar in today's online marketplace, is to acheive the highest quality of visitors possible, not to bombard your website with a lot of bogus traffic. Now you can utilize techniques normally kept top-secret by the SEO elite! Now you won't be left behind for not knowing the best methods, or by not properly promoting your websites. Maximum Traffic will help you to realize you don't really need to spend a fortune to get steady sales. Tag:

Web Link Builder WTD (6 months plan)
(image) Scan the web for link partners. A must have for webmasters and seo experts. Find link partners, directories and search engines to submit your site in a snap. Drive traffic to your site from search engines. A tool writen by SEO professionals has been tested and proven to rise ranking in Google, Yahoo, msn etc. Features Version 1.0.0. - Unlimited uses for 6 months license. - Find relevant link pages. - Find link exchange forms. - Find directories-search engines. - Check where your competition links. - Export as text (.txt) format or Excel format (.xls). Benefits -Stand out from the competition,raise your search engine ranking and keyword relevancy, climb higher in results and drive precious free traffic from the search engines. -Find the perfect relevant link partners. -Locate partners that are willing to exhange links. -Save time and money from expensive SEO plans. Tag:link builder build links web campaign seo optimization increase google pagerank pr

Keyword Phrase generation software
(image) Keyword generation software to generate keyword phrases for search engine optimizationThis software is great keyword generation software that allows you to easily generate keyword phrases for your website. It is an excellent search engine optimization tool. You simply enter a number of keywords into a list, phrase 'templates', and then the software will randomly generate a number of keyword phrases. You can control the number of random iterations (how many keywords are in each phrase), as well as the selection of the words you want. Afterwards, you can insert this phrases into your title tags, meta description tags, for your entire website or particular HTML pages. Try it now for free, or get it now! Tag:generator software adwords keyword generator keyword list generator keyword loud generator ppc keyword generator online keyword generator website keyword generator

XML Parser Software
(image) PAD XML extractor can save all the extracted record easily and quickly. Freeware PAD XML data retrieval tool is a web promotion product supportive for webmasters as well as users for fetching PAD information like application screenshot URL, support email, company web site URL, download URL, company first name, company last name, company address, company name, author first name, author last name, application info URL, general email, author email, version, application icon URL, sales email, contact last name, contact first name, program name, website URL and application file URL from PAD enabled websites. Freeware tool is available for vast use and powerful resources for XML website support. XML extractor application works as interface between website and user. XML PAD extractor tool has all the features compatible with PAD guideline association of shareware professional. Free downloadable application is compatible with all Windows based operating system and provides step by step instruction for extraction of information in well equipped manner. XML PAD extractor program supports all major languages including Japanese, Russian, Korean, Greek, Dutch, Italian, French, German, English, Portuguese, Chinese and Spanish. You can store all extracted information from online pad file XML in .CSV file format. PAD extractor application is handy and powerful freeware for extracting all the information of your online PAD XML URLs list. Features: * Simple to use and easy to handle. * Software takes less space of hard disk and time to perform PAD extraction process. * Powerful and nondestructive tool for webmasters for web promotion. * XML extractor tool has user interactive GUI so it is easy to use for both experienced and beginner users. Tag:Freeware utility store data .CSV file format operating system extractor tool extracts file fetching XML information windows retrieve PAD support clever extraction software

Log Statistics Server by Blaiz Enterpris
(image) FREE - Analyse raw traffic logs (CLF plain text) with ease using a browser based Web Panel. Select one of three log input options (url, file or text) and click 'Analyse Log' button to process and display detailed statistics and information. Program Features: * Web Panel for easy browser based access * Simple single step select and view system * Single information and statistics readout page * Built-in TCP server - Web Panel * Built-in UDP server - optional remote health and status monitoring - see our Network Monitor Server * CLF log format * 3 log acquisition options: 1. Log from url / 2. Log from local file / 3. Log from text * Definable maximum acceptable log size * Security: Automatic public (internet) request to local (intranet) internal url reference detection and refusal (option 1. Log from url) * Hybrid System - visual GUI for easy and secure server operation / maintenance, combined with a browser based Web Panel for easy, platform independent user interaction * Windows independent GUI system, for stable, failure / hack free control operation * Built on custom internally managed, modular, robust code for reliability * Sizeable * Multilingual Interface * Realtime Help - hover mouse cursor over any part of program for instant realtime help * Integrated Help * Built-in help viewer with additional html / plain text external viewing options * Built-in delete program option * No installation Standard Features: * Internet style interface * User Management (customise options / settings / appearance) * Schemes * Clone program option - run multiple, parallel, independent instances * Portable program support - run with no installation, no Start button placement. All files retained on source storage device (usb stick, usb disk etc) * Intelligent behaviour * Lightweight architecture (VUN) - minimal resource usage * Quality engineered, stable and reliable * Animated program icon * Balanced program resize * Multiple user support Tag:CLF Log Statistics Server analyse analyze raw traffic logs plain text browser based Web Panel url file upload local as

(image) AddTGP is an automatic tgp submission software suite for creating and submitting thumbnail galleries. With its friendly and convenient interface you can create, replicate and submit a gallery within few minutes. Unlike any other automated submission service, AddTGP has a built-in rules check system, which prevents rules violation. Free external database editor allows maintaining your own TGP/LL collection as well as importing third party databases. Using AddTGP is absolutely effortless: you should just select the wanted site profile and appropriate target TGPs and lint lists from the list. During submission AddTGP finds the most suitable category as well as other properties automatically. AddTGP works with both thumbnail gallery post systems and links lists. Tag:tgp submit autosubmit thumbnail gallery submission reymax link-list recip reciprocal automated rules database spanking tgp mmf tgp

Website promotion webmaster tools
(image) Submit to (Google, Aol, Lycos, Alltheweb, HotBot...) It takes seconds to use, enter in your name, site title and web address and you are done. Tag:

TagGen for FrontPage
Developed to provide wizard aided meta data entry for the FrontPage Editor. This product allows the user to update individual files or the FrontPage meta data dictionary. The program provides direct update. Spell Check of Keywords and Descri`ption Tags, Identification and configuration meta data, as well as enhanced meta tag analysis to aid the web developer in having their page/site properly prepared for the Search Engine Crawlers before they get there. The Wizard provides 3 Easy Steps to Higher Search Engine Rankings! This product comes with a complete help system runs with FrontPage 98 or 2000. Help is provided on all tag values and there is special sections that provide tips on web site publishing and promotion. This product works directly with the FrontPage Editor There is no need to cut and paste or move files in any way that you are not currently doing with Microsoft FrondPage. Tag:link promote internet internet tools web author internet market internet marketer web site promote web site reciprocal link maintain generate link search engine automatically invitation message track link partner link page drive traffic

AdWords Clever Wizard
(image) AdWords?Clever Wizard is extremely easy-to-use AdWords suggestion and research software. It's always a good idea to check the keyphrases you are going to use in a Google AdWords campaign for their efficiency and popularity. For each keyphrase AdWords?Clever Wizard shows the number of searches per month, its KEI, overall ad efficiency, average bid (Google source) and also suggests a number of synonyms you can check right away. AdWords Clever Wizard main features Click a feature to read more about it. Shows searches info (Overture source) and the number of competitors for each keyword Displays an approximate bid for a keyword (Google source) Obtains synonyms and supplemental keywords from Google Calculates the KEI and Ratio parameters Shows the number of ads on Google and Overture and calculates the Ad Efficiency parameter Supports 17 countries to get data for Suggests synonyms and related keywords Supports Unicode Imports the keyword list from a text file Exports results to a CSV file Arranges keywords and synonyms into a tree to make it easier to work with Introduces a keyword filter Works through a proxy Tag:emperata overture

(image) You just have to select the finder (google for example), chose the word you want to query for and place a range and words or phrases to count. By using the AlgoCracker you can tell why some sites are ranked 0 to 10 in the Google SERPs, and why others are further down the results. Some metatags have influence, some not. Search for results and then perform an analysis by exporting the data into Excel. This software features are Keyword Density analysis: metatags, URL, domain, subdomain, directory, whole page and comparison of page sets differently ranked in Google. Analyze differently ranked pages from google tinasoft. Tag:keyword density google algorithm crack google algo ranking secrets winxp easycafe craks craggle

TGP/Message board/forum submitter
This is a set of php scripts which give you following possibilities: # provides submission spanking tgp # NEW! integrated Google support. From now you can add submition url using google support of TGP/Message board posting service. Enter any script name (e.g. addpost.cgi) into URL adding interface and let TGP/Message board posting system to add ALL SUCH scripts urls to you database with one button press! # http proxy support! You can use any (e.g. anonymous) proxy services to post data to a set of recources. # filling database with urls from text file using new line symbol as delimiter added! Now you can add hosts url in the following manners: * manualy one by one * putting a list of urls into textarea * putting a list of urls into textual file * putting a list of urls into textarea * collection og url using goolge search engine # possibility to post UNLIMITED count of data sets to UNLIMITED count of board/tgp scripts with different submition form structure! You simply register few field sets, link them to specified data set and also to a set of URLs and then post this data to selected URL! Sumbitter will send your data using fields described in field sets (linked with you data set) and then post this data to hosts linked to selected field sets. So - by pressing a button you can send you information using few field sets to a multiple hosts with any submition form structure! # full logging statistics! After sending data you can get information about sending results. # servers responces logging. After each posting of data you can get information as if you do this posting manualy. That means you get text which you see in you browser after posting data to specific TGP/Gallery/Message board # full support of GET and POST method! You can use any of http-protocol specified method to textual data posting (GET & POST) for every URL! Just specify method while adding URL to database. Tag:

Hi-Visibility for FrontPage
Submit your site to the engines and directories where it will be seen and where you will want it to be seen! Would you advertise in a magazine or paper that you do not know, or does not represent what your company believes in? Hi-Software's Hi-Visibility?is the only search engine submission tool where the search engines are ranked. We provide a ranking system from 2 to 5 stars for each engine or directory! APPROVED!This product has been tested by Microsoft and has passed testing and qualified for Office Update for Microsoft FrontPage 2000 & Tag:

Website Submitter
(image) Jvw Website submitter submits to 25 major search engines including yahoo, google, alexa, msn , hotbot, excite etc.It also has option of profile saving and reports on submission. To submit your own sites to every search engine and directory provided by Website Submitter would take you weeks of work. Now you can submit all of your sites in a matter of hours. Take your time back by automating the submission process, so you can increase your productivity in running your business and websites. Tag:

GSA Auto Website Submitter
(image) The GSA Auto Website Submitter is a program designed to submit your website to hundreds of search engines and directories. It will save you a lot of time and money since its fully automated. Promoting your web page has never been easier. You just enter some information about your web site and the program does the rest. The program is getting updated several times a month to make sure all included providers (over 3000 and growing) still work. There are a lot of web sites, search engines and directories. This program will make sure that your web site will be found by much more people. But why is it so important to have your web site listed on so many other sites? Not only that more customers will find and use your services, but also your ranking in the search engines will dramatically rise. It is very important to have as many links to your web page as possible to get a good ranking in search engines. Thats what this program is taking care of. Tag:SEO search engine submission directory submitter search engine optimization search engine submitter advertising software web site submission promotion software directory submission engine submission internet marketing placement services promotiontool

(image) RankSpy is the first software in the world designed for indirectassessment of site indexation in search engines, for revealingunindexed pages, and for creating a list of pages that contain linksto your site. RankSpy can extract from search engines the followinglink sets for any specified domain: - List of your site pages indexed by search engines. - List of pages that contain links to your site. RankSpy work with search engines from 20 countries! The lists areextracted using special commands of a search engine. For example,AltaVista retrieves the first list on the command "host", andthe second one on the command "link". Example: host:www.mailutilities.comRankSpy retrieves the valuable marketing information. No other softwarewill provide you with this type of report on indexation level of your site.This information, together with information on the sire position relativeto certain key phrases will give you comprehensive idea of your siteindexation level, will help you to assess the results of your siteregistration in search engines, to reveal registration mistakes and faults. Tag:

Domain Name Checker
(image) Domain Name Checker is a feature-packed, convenient and fast domain checking software that finds attractive domain names for your personal or business Web site and manages them. It includes an ultimate registrants` database, integrated Domain Name Generator, Popularity checker and customizable user interface. You can enter the domain list manually or generate it from keywords. This program checks multiple domains availability simultaneously and you can start/stop checking all domains as well as specific domain at any time. TLD database used by the program contains all needed TLDs and is constantly updated once a new TLD is added by ICANN or Registrar changes its server. Domain Name Checker allows you to manage all your domains from one location. You can check their availability, expiration dates, registrars and domain owners' information. Results can be saved, exported, or even sent via e-mail. The program requires HTTP and HTTPS connections. Direct internet connection or connection through a proxy server is required. Free program updates and technical support unlimited in time. Tag:site optimization search engine optimization domain name check manage domain registration domain name registration

1st Submit
(image) 1st Submit Search Engine Submission & Optimization tool that will help you on search engine promotion. Auto submits your website to over 1000 search engines, boost your Website traffic and maximize your Search Engine Rankings. 1st Submit has a Build-In Web Ranking tool to check your web position on all major search engines, HTML doorway page generator, Link Popularity check & Keyword suggestion tool to help you to generate relevant keywords for your website. If you don't have a top 10 search engine position, 1st Submit will get you one! Tag:1st Submit submit submission web ranking ranking Link Popularity analyzer doorway SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION raise ratings site placement search engine tips IMPROVE TRAFFIC web site placement meta keywords search

GGG (Great Gateway Generator)
(image) Content/Gateway Pages optimized for each keyword that describes your website can reach the top positions in Google, Altavista and other Search Engines (SE) Great Gateway Generator is: Powerful: the only generator in the market for large numbers of unique, highly optimized pages. Configurable: 44 user-controlled features instead of 5 or 6 ("only" 37 in the freeware version). Discrete: hand-made looking pages. No appearance of automatic generation whatsoever. Adaptable: a small file that changes every few days allows the software to adjust the generated pages to what the SE expect to find in their top-ranked selections. Easy to use: fill a few forms, choose your options (or leave the default configuration) and press Enter. Your pages are ready to be uploaded. Our search engine ranking approach involves creating one optimized doorway page per possible keyword (or keyword phrase). Those pages will be easily found in SE, bringing public to the website. When more than 6 or 8 keywords are relevant, a gateway generator software is convenient or necessary. Great Gateway Generator (GGG) is a novel concept in gateway or doorway page generation. Its purpose is to generate pages that do not look machine-generated. This is accomplished by a large number of customizable features and no signatures (except the freeware versions, which bear our ads or those from clients). GGG is the only gateway generator that handles multiple gateway domains, nested keywords, one exclusive page per keyword, Theme building, automatic content generation and soft cross linking. GGG generates up to 100 optimized gateway or content pages in minutes, ready to upload. The procedure take into account every known rule for top search engine ranking. Tag:se positioningse optimizing keyword density keyword phrases search engine optimizing gateway pages doorway pages page generator page optimization search engine page generation generate page website promotion site promotion website design free web tool