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Preview: HTML Editors shareware freeware adware software downloads

HTML Editors shareware freeware adware software downloads

HTML Editors software download - HTML Editors freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:46:45 GMT

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(image) UltimateEditor is an Online HTML Editor with built-in Spell Checker for ASP.NET. Content Management - Easy to develop intranet and Internet applications for editing fully formatted documents. No Coding Required - No need to know HTML or Javascript to provide your end-users with a professional grade editor. Themes - Pick one of the built-in themes, or create your own based on your style preferences. Localization - Let the control detect browser language settings automatically, or enforce a particular language. Toolbar Customization - Add custom buttons and dropdown boxes to toolbars. Server-Side API - Extensive class library to build and update the editor programmatically. Client-Side API - Event handling and editor interaction without postback to server. Built-in Spell Checker - Spell check functionality provided by UltimateSpell. Spell as you type, and auto correct errors. Clean Word Format - Clean the unnecessary markup while pasting from Microsoft Word. Tables - Edit HTML tables, rows, columns, and cells as easy as using Word. Server Explorer - Navigate through your server in order to load a template, select a file, or upload a document. PageBreak/Print - Insert page breaks to split your document into pages, and print. Images/Files - Upload images and files onto the server along with the submitted editor content. Email/Chat/Forums - Use the provided sample applications to build your own tools in no time. the download link 1 is for .NET 1.x,the 2 for .NET 2.0,the 3 for .NET 3.5 Tag:

LiquidFX Express
(image) LiquidFX Professional is one of the most powerful and feature packed Web Authoring Package in its class and totally outguns anything near its price range! LiquidFX has been developed for people who want to take web authoring to the limit. It is fully Windows 9x,XP,2000 and NT4.0+ compatible and the software layout allows you to develop Killer Web sites faster and better than ever before. LiquidFX Professional also makes it possible to customise, format and publish your databases to the internet. No serious Web Author can afford to be without LiquidFX Professional. We make it easy for you to cross upgrade from your current web authoring package. See pricing below. Take the time to look at what LiquidFX Pro has to offer and download an evaluation copy, we are sure that you will be impressed! LiquidFX has a massive feature list, here is just a small portion of the things you get: Database Publishing System for the Internet. Support for WebTV and Cold Fusion tags. The first ever "WYSIWYG" Plug-In and Wizard creator for a HTML package. Graphics optimisation tool for GIFs and JPEGs. Spell Checker. Comprehensive HTML help files. Quick access tag bars. A fully integrated Image Editor. A fully optioned GIF89 Animator. A comprehensive quick view manual. Graphics LiquidFX Professional, comes on a CD with a huge collection of web graphics to help you get your web site projects up and running. This collection includes: 200 Megs of original and royalty free graphics. 250 predesigned banners, bullets and button templates. over 140 international flags. over 450 horizontal rules. over 100 hot spot panels. over 350 seamless repeatable textures for atmospheric backgrounds. Tag:

Web+, Developer.s Edition
eb+ is a powerful and comprehensive development language for use in creating web-based client/server applications without writing complicated, low-level and time-consuming CGI programs. Web+ applications are written in Web+ Markup Language (WML), a scri`pting language based on the Basic programming language and HTML. Familiarity with Basic and HTML enables programmers to quickly learn Web+ and begin writing Web+ applications. Web+ enables rapid and easy creation of highly functional web pages that integrate with databases, file systems, e-mail, Java applets, legacy applications, executable programs (EXEs), dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) and shared objects (SOs) on many different operating systems. Web+ also communicates with any TCP/IP applications and simplifies database integration so that dynamic and interactive web pages can be designed quickly and easily. Tag:

TSW WebCoder
(image) TSW WebCoder 2007 is the intelligent solution for anyone working with websites. Whether you're a rookie or a professional, you will feel right at home with WebCoder, because of the customizable interface and all the helpful features, allowing you to write code faster than ever. With a very strong focus on HTML, CSS and PHP/MySQL, you get all the possibilities for creating a great website, but of course, WebCoder comes with support for additional popular technologies like JavaScript, XML, ASP.NET and many more. By focusing on IntelliSense and code inspectors, you will be able to write the code yourself, but with as much help as you would like. WebCoder can keep track of your projects for you, upload your work to any FTP server using the built-in client, and you can even access your MySQL servers directly from WebCoder. With direct access to the HTML and CSS validators created by W3C in WebCoder, you can create valid code easily, and the features of WebCoder can be extended with the built-in scripting support. TSW WebCoder 2007 is a full-blown webeditor, targeted at smart developers who wants to write better code, much faster! Here is a list of the top reasons why TSW WebCoder will help you deliver better results in less time: HTML, CSS and PHP IntelliSense will allow you to write code much faster! Keep track of your projects with ease, using the Advanced project management of WebCoder Verify and validate your code with Integrated W3C validation and real syntax check for PHP. Valid code will make a better website Upload and manage your websites online with the Built-in FTP client and control your databases with the Integrated MySQL database client Tag:

HTML EXpert - universal PHP and HTML editor Main abilities Internal browser, with which you can immediatly view results of actions Basic visual editor, which can help to make your work visual and more fast Text editor, which can edit text styles visually Tags panel, with which you can quickly insert tags and JavaScript and PHP functions templates Low system requirements, simply user interface Tag:

Web Easy
(image) Create a great website in one hour with drag-and-drop simplicity. WebEasy includes everything you need in one box to create your ideal website with built-in templates and e-commerce tools. WebEasy automatically generates the HTML code letting you create the website you want without any programming or technical skills required. VCOM Web Easy Professional is a complete Web Design studio. Our Activity Center guides you through page design, uploading your finished site to the Internet, and easily making changes and updates. You'll find our Interactive Tutorial a perfect combination of techniques, demos and trouble-shooting help, covering every facet of the program. "Our first pick for web site creation software and our 'TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award Winner' is Web Easy Professional by VCOM. Within hours you can create and publish a professional looking web site straight from a template, or, using the various tools and images available, build a custom web site. " - Overall rating 4 out of 4 - - July 2006 Tag:

WEB Developer
(image) A fully featured HTML editor. WEB Developer was developed for creating web pages involving complicated tables, frames and forms. With WEB Developer you can work on and preview multiple pages at once. Other features include a split screen display with the HTML source code onthe left and the HTML preview of the right. New features: AWeb Code Library AWeb Link Library AWeb FTP Client AWeb Image Viewer AWeb Image Map Maker AWeb Complete Browser AWeb Image Processor Meta Tags Creator Support for Background Sound Many More Java Scripts Improved HyperLink Dialog Improved Image Dialog Improved Find and Replace Improved Table Create Dialog Slight changes made to the EditorUnlimited Undos and Redos Tag:

Serif WebPlus
(image) Serif WebPlus is a visual Web page creator. It uses wizards and drag 'n drop feature. Serif WebPlus offers WYSIWYG editing, templates, comprehensive help, single-click upload, code editing, automated download of existing Web pages, and HTML 4.0 support. The program includes fonts, GIFs, scripts, and page backgrounds. Tag:

(image) Virtualshop3 is a simple to use, fully featured Windows package for creating online shopping websites. Build your own fully featured E-Commerce Site for a fraction of the cost charged by web designers. Sell unlimited products over the internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Run your website in almost any webspace without any need for server-side programming. Monitor your Internet Sales with integrated Sales statistics from your website. Build as many websites as you like for your clients and make money without programming skills. Link optionally with almost any merchant account system for payments. You can have your business on-line in a matter of hours with VirtualShop3, and when registered sell your products on the internet instantly via a proper secure connection. Have a look at the example site for an idea of what you could put together in a couple of hours with VirtualShop. There is no limit to the size of a VirtualShop3 website. No previous experience or knowledge of HTML is required but the interface also allows more experienced to use high levels of customisation. No server-side software is required for operation of the shopping cart system. It will work even if the user has disabled cookies. Existing website pages can be opened and edited with Virtualshop3 and simply re-saved with added shopping cart facilities. It has a truly flexible interface with extensive design capabilities allowing implementation of all style possibilities on any objects and text with helpful hints on what all the different style settings mean. Tag:

(image) EditPlus is a text editor, HTML editor and programmer's editor for Windows. While it can serve as a good replacement for Notepad, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers. Syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C/C++, Java, JavaScript and VBScript. Seamless Web browser for previewing HTML pages, and FTP commands for uploading local files to FTP server. Other features include HTML toolbar, user tools, line number, ruler, URL highlighting, auto-completion, cliptext, column selection, powerful search and replace, multiple undo/redo, spell checker, customizable keyboard shortcuts, and more. What's new: Improved Unicode support and Vista compatibility, other new features and bug fixes Tag:edit text html editor html editor text editor windows microsoft windows syntax highlighting notepad perl php css java asp javascript vbscript ftp browser

(image) Powerful Text, HEX, HTML, PHP and Programmer's Editor. Suitable for general text editing, programmer's, web designers, binary editing, email, and all your editing needs. Key Features include: Disk based editing for files even greater than 4GB! 100,000 word spell checker, with foreign language support - supports spell check as you type. Syntax Highlighting/Coloring for many languages including C/C++, HTML, VB, Java, Perl, ASP and more. Nested comments supported for syntax highlighting. Code Folding, Brace Matching, CTags Support, CSE HTML Validator Integration, Integrated Scripting support, Integrated IE Browser support to show active HTML file, Configurable tool support allowing running of compliers, linkers etc. from within UltraEdit. Configurable toolbars and menus. Project/Workspace support. Optional automatic reload of last files open. Dockable function list shows functions in the file or project. SFTP and FTP client built in with support for muliple accounts and proxy servers. SSH/Telnet client built in with support for multiple accounts. Hexadecimal/binary editing including find/replace . Configurable Key mapping, Column/Block mode editing, Insert of string, or numbers for each column, Support for UNICODE, Multi-byte and UTF-8 UNIX/MAC/DOS file support and conversions. Favorite files/folders list, Text formatting, alignment and centering. Print/print preview including Syntax Highlighting. Find/Replace in Files, Auto-correction and auto-completion , Macro recording, playback and editing. Macros include if/else statements and loops. Templates, ANSI/OEM conversions, Tab/Space conversions, Conversion to upper/lower case or capitalize, File sort, Word-wrap support, Multiple clipboard support, Auto-save and backup file support, Always-on-top option, Minimize to system tray option, ASCII file compare, Integrated HTML Tidy, Full screen mode, Bookmarks. As UltraEdit is disk based, it allows editing of files even over 4GB without using large amounts of RAM. Tag:text editor HTML editors binary editor hex editor php editor java editor asp editor programming editor UltraEdit notepad replacement syntax highlight spell checker code checker programmer editor developer editor unicode editor web author

Site Studio home
(image) Professional design It's easy to create your own design with Site Studio Home's built-in layout editor. To quickly get started you can use one of the many professionally designed concept templates. Easily Updated With Site Studio Home you can easily edit your website and keep it up to date - As easy as using any word processing tool. Site Studio Home also offers a one-click solution for publishing (FTP) the website to the Internet. If you are familiar with ordinary word processing tools, then you can easily create websites with Site Studio Home. Site Studio Home is an award-winning user-friendly software for creating professional web sites with no html skills required. You can easily update your web site and keep it up-to-date. Site Studio has built-in functions to make it functional and easy to navigate. With Site Studio you are also in control of the appearance and design of your web site. Below you will find some of Site Studio's exciting features. Concept Templates Use concept templates to get started. Concept templates can be used as a basis for your own design (or start from a blank project if you would like create your own layout from scratch). There is no limitation on how the graphical design of your web site will look like (as in many template driven applications). Import Images Site Studio offers functionality to optimize images for the web. Usually when importing images from a digital camera they are too large to be placed on a web page. Site Studio can automatically resize images, which makes it easy to import images in batches and to create image galleries. WYSIWYG Editing WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing is used when updating the web site. It's as easy as using a familiar word processing tool like Microsoft Word. When editing your web site, the changes you make will be visible right away. Automatic Menus Menus that are updated automatically when documents are added, deleted or changed. ... Tag:

NetObjects Fusion
(image) Plain and simple, NetObjects Fusion 10 is different. Most HTML editors provide you a design-preview interface, but without some web knowledge, you end up lost and frustrated. Fusion allows you to act like professional website designers and lay out your page how you want, and then it generates the code for you. Plus it has additional powerful features like Flash photo galleries, e-commerce stores, data storing forms, news components, and database wizards that help you connect to your server with ease. Fusion 10 is a great option for small businesses looking for a cost-effective website design program. Learn more about Fusion 10 and see how NetObjects Fusion has redefined web design. New In Ten + Fresh, customizable user workspace + Drag & drop dockable palettes & toolbars + Keep organized with the Tasks Tracker + Advanced Flash Photo Gallery + Flash Object Library + Add & view custom CSS2.1 with no coding + Manually entered CSS coding tools + Preview & edit SiteStyles while working + Apply CSS to Fusion components + W3C standards-based code (HTML 4.01) + BONUS – 5 free applications! Tag:

Beerwin`s PlainHtml
(image) Beerwin's PlainHtml is a powerful HTML source editor with PHP toolbuttons, many JavaScript and HTML snippets and complete HTML, PHP and CGI reference. All this is completed with an Extender which offers the possibility of extending the main program. Current version: 5.1 Features: * Quick color insertion * Quick tag insertion * Toolbutton for most of HTML tags. * Configurable toolbars * Built-in Internet Explorer Preview * Customizable Browserlist * Ability to preview from localhost (Apache support) * Built-in and external Navbar Generator * Events can be assigned * External Tools (it can launch any application assigned here) * Full special character list * Minibrowser(external, MDI) * Password generator(external) * Readme Viewer * Predesigned table layouts * Customizable editor * MDI * Image Preview * References * Code Snippets Tag:

Gutnov MagicSite
(image) Gutnov MagicSite is effective and functional solution that allows you to build and manage professional Web sites. Powerful professional HTML editor with built-in web-sites designer QuickSite and scripts constructor Magic Script Builder will provide a effective and fast creation the both simple a web-projects, and complex Internet-portals, chats and forums. The integrated utilities of increase of productivity QuickSite and Magic Script Builder will help to create easily and quickly on the basis of templates ready-to-use web-sites, guestbooks, chats and forums. Built-in system AutoUpdate will download via Internet the new updatings, new templates for sites and scripts. The modern environment of development will allow creating and quickly modifying HTML-tags, making various operations with already written code. Gutnov MagicSite supports all modern web-technologies, automatic check and highlighting of syntax HTML, PHP, XML, Visual Basic, Perl, SQL, C/C ++ a code, panel QuickBar for fast entering of tags, tables, frames, forms, Active Server Pages, ActiveX elements and Java Applets. Using Gutnov MagicSite, it is possible to keep parameters of expansion a web-projects, for the further updating and a reuse. Tag:html flash asp php java scripts website internet magic

(image) Markup is a general purpose HTML utility. It currently has two major functions, but I plan to add more in future releases. Markup has two modules: HTML and Color. The HTML module is a simple HTML character escaping utility. Since characters like <, >, and & are part of the HTML specification, they should be replaced with their escaped versions to guarantee that they show up in all browsers. The HTML module takes text and replaces all occurrences of <, >, and & with < > and & respectively. This is very useful for writing tutorials in HTML that contain html example code. The HTML module also has the option of replacing all characters, which will replace all characters with their escaped values. This could be used to obfuscate an email address so that a spambot would not pick it up. The color module allows the user to select a color from RGB sliders or via the Mac OS color picker and converts it into a hexadecimal value for use in HTML or CSS. It also contains a list of all of the acceptable named html colors. So instead of typing in #000000 for black, a user could just type in black. The color module lists all of the color names that are accepted by recent browsers. The list is searchable and offers a preview of the color. The Color module also offers a unique Auto Copy feature that automatically copies the hex value (or name) of the current color to the clipboard to save time. Features: Escape <, >, and & characters in text Escape all characters in text Generate hex color representations from RGB values Generate hex color representations from color picker values Display named HTML colors and display their hex values Display the color (and name if it exists) for an HTML hex value Automatically copy hex values or color names (if they exist) to the clipboard Tag:

SitePad Pro
(image) SitePad Pro is a general-purpose scriptable editor. Features include extensive support for Java including ANT and a visual debugger, projects, code folding (outlining), smart keys (a key pattern that invokes a script), smart indent, code completion, syntax coloring, bookmarks, spell checker, line numbers, finder tool bar with regular expression search and replace, document set toolbar, source code browser, integration with many popular source control systems. SitePad Pro comes with over 700 scripts written in JavaScript. The script API provided by SitePad Pro includes access to the application, editor, toolbar, breakpoint, bookmark, menu, info panel, list table, tree table, ZIP, FTP, POP3, and SMTP objects. The script API also provides easy access to third party or system objects (e.g., MSXML2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument). You can also access the script API from DHTML pages and dialogs that are running in SitePad Pro. SitePad Pro includes toolbars, tabbed workspace panel, output panel, and editor panel. The workspace panel includes a help, tool, open windows and project tabs. The tools panel contains all the script tools. The output panel includes a result, build, debug, and find in files tabs. The editor panel includes tabbed editors. SitePad Pro also includes a built in help system, accessed using the workspace help tab or F1, that lets users easily access existing documentation. Users can build their own help indexes or download additional help indexes from SitePad Pro comes with the JDK 1.4 help index. Languages supported by SitePad Pro include Java, JSP, HTML, PHP, Perl, C/C++, SQL, Lisp, Cobol, ASP, CGI, CSS, DTD, JavaScript, VBScript, Python, Velocity, Properties, XHTML, XML, XSD, XSL, and IDL. Additional file types with syntax coloring and other features can be easily added. Windows, Mac and Unix file formats are supported. Tag:Java IDE Java Editor Program Editor Java JSP HTML VRML PHP Perl C/C++ SQL Lisp Cobol ASP CGI CSS DTD JavaScript VBScript Python

Digi.Lite is a powerful solution of managing and creating web-sites; it is the easiest way to create, modify and update your own website without any need for technical knowledge. This product is ideal not only for professional developers. An easy-to-use WYSIWYG-based editing system will help you to master Digi.Lite in almost no time. Features: Installation and support - our customers are provided with product installation and one year of support for free. Easily re-branded as YOUR complete web management solution - No server-side coding needed. Make a huge markup and set your own prices - our innovative licensing structure means you can resell the solution in large quantities and provide a great service to your customers! WYSIWYG - A powerful and as easy-to-use as Microsoft Word WYSIWYG editor freely creates and modifies pages of your website assuring professional quality. And with such features as spell check along with similar to MS Word interface you can really feel you use the text editor you are accustomed to. Complete support for stylesheets - if your HTML code contains a