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Preview: Mobile shareware freeware adware software downloads

Mobile shareware freeware adware software downloads

Mobile software download - Mobile freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Sun, 9 Aug 2009 18:18:56 GMT

Last Build Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2009 18:18:56 GMT

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Super Elemental for SmartPhone
(image) There are four key elements which can be grouped -- Ice, Fire, Water and Earth -- in this fast-paced arcade game that's guaranteed to make you go Ele-mental. Highly addictive gameplay Bonus levels to boost score Highscore table High color backdrops Great sound effects and music Particle effects 3 difficulty levels Combos with rewarding speech and bonus points Clock countdown at end of levels Continues on gameplay to save starting at the beginning again More Info A highly addictive game of skill which requires a quick head and good hand to eye coordination. The object of the game is to survive the advancing elements in order to complete each level, which gets progressively more difficult as time goes on. In order to survive you must attempt to create groups of similar elements. When you group enough elements, they will become unstable and break their bond with surrounding elements and fall out of line. The bigger the group the more points you get. When the remaining elements in the playfield regroup you have the chance to get combos and even higher scores if more groups form. There are four key elements which can be grouped, Ice, Fire, Water and Earth, but there is a unique twist that really makes you think on your feet. Some elements have super strength and are highly reactive. These super elements can be used to convert one element to another. Used carefully you can take advantage of this in order to make larger groups, but be careful as mixing the wrong elements creates stone. Stone is non-reactive and can only be removed by combining with more stone. To make matters worse some elements are so unstable they periodically change from one element to another as they break down. This makes things very unpredictable as the state of your game changes from one moment to the next. Please Note: This version is for high resolution 240x320 pixel smartphones only. A low resolution version is listed below. Tag:

Snake Deluxe for Smartphone
(image) . Game Objective: Snake Deluxe is based on the 'Classic Snake game' that we all know. The game objective is almost the same. You try to eat fruits by controlling the snake's route. Below the game's screen you will see all the meters. (Score, Time etc.) There you will see how many fruits are left for eating. Also keep an eye on the time that remains until you eat the next fruit. . How to play: You can turn the snake pushing on the arrow keys. There are some obstacles in every level so be careful not to crash on them. . Gaming modes: There are three modes of play. Easy, Hard and Adventure. With the Adventure mode you can complete the levels, unlock the map and complete the story. With Easy and Hard you can choose one of the unlocked levels to play. . Extras: Heart: You get one more life Meat: Much points & much snake size Soda: Reduces the snake size Clock: Gives plenty of time until the next fruit. Present: Gives letters until you complete the word 'Bonus'*. Tag:

Super Sid for SmartPhone
(image) Control cleaning robot Sid on his adventures in colourful isometric 3D worlds in this twist on the muncher genre. Built using the popular 'Marble Worlds' game engine the challenge is to help Sid clean up all the levels, but rogue security robots are chasing him. Collecting extra power boosters allows Sid to battle them, but these items are few and far between. Please Note: This version is for high resolution 240x320 pixel smartphones only. great colourful isometric 3D graphics easy to control, no falling off platforms! 16 stages of multi-level action multi save game feature particle effects uses modified 'Marble Worlds' engine Tag:

Pinball Evolution for SmartPhone
(image) Pinball Evolution is the next generation of Pinball simulators from 4Pockets, specifically tuned for the latest range of WM5 and WM6 devices. Evolution offers bigger, smoother, faster, and more realistic game play due to our all new vector gaming engine. The game offsers 3 large vertically scrolling tables which are packed with features. features: New vector based game engine for more precise ball movement. Multi-layered play areas for more complex table design. Unlinimited table size, allowing huge table design. Large scrolling playfields make for fast and uncluttered game play. Includes 3 great tables, featuring multi-channel sound effects and in-game speech. Particle and lighting effects. Transparent pipes and platforms for linking play areas. Multiple flippers and multi-ball support. Zoom round loops, hurtle through warps, smash targets, bounce off bumpers. Activate triggers, lock the ball in catchers, fly through spinners, open and close gates. Bonus multiplyer and score multiplier systems with on-table display lights Bumber Attack and Point Buster modes. Multi directional touch screen tilt. Fully definable key layouts with left and right handed screen modes. Hi-Scores for each table to record your epic games. PPC and Hi-Res Smartphone versions available. Please Note: 4Pinball expansion tables are not compatible with this software. This software is compatible with devices supporting QVGA screen resolutions (240x320 and 320x240) Tag:

Snake Deluxe for Symbian S60
(image) Snake Deluxe 2 is simply the best 'classic snake' game on Pocket PC! It is based on the classic game we all loved enchased with astonishing graphics and gameplay. The game objective is almost the same. You try to eat fruits by controlling the snake’s route. There are 32 different Rounds to complete, 4 different words and 4 different Bosses to kill. FEATURES * Uses all the screen resolution for gameplay. * Amazing cartoon graphics * 32 Different levels. * 4 Different worlds. * 4 Different Bosses. * Map to explore. * Adventure mode with a story to finish! * Open gameplay. You choose where to play. * Export Hi-Scores to internet * Speed control Tag:

Smart Educational Games for Symbian S60
(image) Smart Educational games is a pack of games that helps you learn world Geography (States, Counties, Capital Cities), improves your memory, your mental awareness and your calculating speed. Specially designed for both Grown-ups and Kids The program is suitable for both Grown-ups and kids. A simple button changes the difficulty on all the games at once. Improve your Geography There is a pack of map games for USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Center and South America where you must find either States / Countries or the Capital Cities on the map. The faster you do it the better your score will be. Help is available so that you can surly learn all the worlds geography. . Improve your Memory A memory game helps you fit your brains memory and by time improve it. . Improve your Mental Awareness A puzzle game with many different images helps you use your brain by just playing a very addictive game. . Improve your Calculating Speed These may look like simple 'shoot the ufo' games but they are very sophisticated educational games which help you calculate faster and faster. You can try addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. -------------------------------------- INSTALLATION PROCEDURE: -------------------------------------- For Symbian S60 users: Just install the SIS file and run it. -------------------------------------- FEATURES: * Runs horizontal and vertical. * Crystal clear graphics with thousands of colours. * Full screen graphics! * Difficulty control. * 5 way navigator support * Export Hi-Scores to internet . Tag:azuras

Master Kick for Windows Mobile
(image) Master Kick arises in glory of the best arcade version of table soccer seen till now! It's not just a game with stunning graphics of various playfields and players, weather visual effects, or live cheering. Master kick gives you the full atmosphere of soccer match combined with foosball skill. Highly sophisticated AI plus numerous formations selection, playing in a league or quick match will not fail any soccer fan expectations. Great dynamic music and sound powered by MODULA Audio Engine and fullscreen support enlarge the overall game experience. One thing is for certain, Master Kick tried once, will become your favorite addiction! Tag:

Stand Alone Casino
(image) Casino brings five games of chance and skill to your Palm. It includes blackjack, craps, slot machines, roulette, and video poker. Casino keeps track of your money between games, gives you complete rules for each game, and helps you keep track of the odds. Version 2.0 features integration with Nevada Craps for Palm OS; smoother animation; increased customization options; full support for HiRes, HiRes Plus, and OS 5.0; and Card Engine support. Tag:casino palm blackjack craps slot machines online games free games palm OS

Flying Bubbles for Symbian S60
(image) FlyingBubbles is a puzzle game for Symbian smartphones that is simply addicting. * Match similar bubbles together in order to burst them from the board. * The more bubbles you burst at once, the more points you receive. Tag:game puzzle aha bubbles fun

(image) Rings&Colors is a new Twist on famous Rubik's Cube game! 12 balls of different colors are located on three intersecting circles. A player can rotate any circle with balls clockwise or counterclockwise. The objective is to make a desired figure out of colored balls. The display will show the disposition of balls to be achieved. Choose a puzzle type ranging from a puzzle with balls of 2 colors (beginner's level) to a puzzle with balls with numbers from 1 to 12 (expert) and play the game. At any time of a game you can return to the initial disposition of balls. During a game you can Undo changes for last 100 moves. Try your hand in Rings&Colors and beat your best score! Tag:Tetris download Tetris puzzle freeware Rubik's Cube

Asteroid Zone
(image) Asteroid Zone is a Java 2 Micro Edition (j2me) version of the classic arcade game: your spaceship has ventured into a particularly unfriendly area of space where it must strive for survival by blasting asteroids which threaten to squash it. The ship has a powerful gun, a propulsion system (be careful with inertia !), and can teleport Tag:

(image) Russian Roulette style game with realistic gameplay and erotic gallery. Win money from opponent (automatic or player 2 sitting next to you) by risking your life. And after - spend your money in Gallery for girl's hot pictures and again go for risky game, may be last time. Gamplay includes realistic sounds of this risky game: revolver loading, cylinder spinning, shooting accompanied with animation. See Russian Roulette process with your own eyes and scare yourself! Tag:russian roulette simulator mobile erotic

(image) This nice logic game takes place at the board 12x12 with vivid balls. The purpose of the game is to clear the field. The combination of 5 or more balls of the same color disappears. Every failure (no combination was built) brings three new balls at the field. If you manage to delete a color it won't appear any more. To move the ball you should click at it and then click the place where it should be. The ball cannot move to the pointed place only if there are other balls blocking its way and there are no empty squares to pass through. There are four game modes: Arcade Lines (similar to Classic Lines), Timed Lines (practice your quick reaction), Classic Balls (very interesting and original interpretation of the old game) and Timed Balls. The game includes three skill levels, so you can play forever improving your mastery. The advantages of the registered version: * nag-screen won't disturb you any more; * 4 game modes; * 3 skill levels Give a present to yourself! Download and try this nice game, two weeks are free Tag:Lines arcade Pocket PC download Windows CE logic puzzle addictive timer points relax free download shareware trial

(image) The j2me version of popular "Lines" game. Tag:

TetriBox (CE)
(image) This is a new interpretation of the famous Tetris™ game for the lovers of classic arcade games. It involves 18 different games, with various blocks, grids and strategies. It's a perfect game for your color PocketPC device. Some of the games are the all-time classics, some are completely new and untasted. Get a whole score of games, a dollar apiece! More than that, you get three skill levels for each game - fun for you and your kids. Tag:arcade game PocketPC CE columns pentix blocks logic colors strategy levels board new cool online free internet web contest awards

4Connect for SmartPhone
(image) Prepare to challenge your mind with our new brain teaser, our interpretation of the age old classic. The first player to get four checkers lined up in a row in any direction, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal wins the game. Players take it in turns to drop counters until a player wins the game or the grid is full, in which case the game is a tie. Play against a friend locally or over a Bluetooth / WiFi network, or if your short of friends try pitting your wits against a computer player. Games can be played at your own pace or against the clock for added excitement. If the standard 7x6 play area is too restrictive you can choose from a selection of larger sizes. Key Features: Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 Play against a friend or a computer player. 3 levels of difficulty. Play over a WiFi network. Play over Bluetooth network or serial port. Selectable play area sizes. Play against the clock. Configurable key setup. Portrait and landscape modes. Tag:

Marble Worlds for SmartPhone
(image) Guide your Marble through the isometric 3D scenery of Marble Worlds collecting gems as you go. Using features such as bounce pads, air blowers and jet holes to acheive your goal, Marble Worlds is a highly addictive and playable challenge. Please Note: This version is for high resolution 240x320 pixel smartphones only. A low resolution version is listed below. Fantastic graphics sets including "Castle", "Egypt", "Metal Blocks" and "Computerized" 10 great levels consisting of up to 9 scrolling play areas each Many great scenery features including... Air Blowers to float on Rebounders to bounce off extra fast Trampolines to bounce extra high Energy draining water Slippery Ice Switches and changing scenery Bombs and exploding blocks Bridges to cross gaps and chasms See through fences and glass panels Jet holes to propel your marble sky high Portals to warp from one place to another. Tag:

Gem Slider for Windows CE
(image) Gem Slider for PocketPC (WinCE) is a new puzzle game on a board featuring lots of combinations. It is not as simple as it may seem, and quite addictive. There are four different modes of play, and several skill levels. The goal is simple - remove all the gems from the board, sliding them srom the edges. Online contest for the best players. Different skill levels are available. This game is real fun to play and will help you spend a few hours daily. It is compatible with COLOR devices, WinCE 3.0 or above; PocketPC. The goal is simple - remove all the gems from the board. In order to do this you have to slide gems from sides of the board. Tap on any gem located somewhere along the border of the board and a new gem will appear close to it, this new gem will begin to slide towards the opposite side of the board. It will slide until it hits the board's border or another gem that has a neighbour gem along the line of movement of the sliding gem. If that gem doesn't have such neighbor the sliding gem will push it until it will hit the border of the board or some gem. If sliding gem joins group of three or more gems of the same type - all these gems disappear. Looks simple, but... Try it yourself and you'll have a lot of fun! Tag:

Sudoku for SmartPhone
(image) A classic Sudoku game that features a true Sudoku Generator which generates puzzles to match your skill level. We have also added a comprehensive hint system which helps you learn some of the more difficult moves. So whether a novice or expert player, get Suduko to suit you. Please Note: This version is for high resolution 240x320 pixel smartphones only. 5 Levels of Difficulty Comprehensive Hint System Brute Force & Logic Solvers Editable Candidate Lists X-Wings variations & Swordfish etc. Coloring & Forcing Chains Clock Start, Stop and Reset Load and Save Your Progress Snapshot and Restore facility Import and Export SDK text files Square Screen Aware. Tag:

IQ Sex Worm Full
(image) IQ Sex Worm Game - A new and exciting game for the mobile phone, based on the old Snake game idea. The goal is to catch the food that appears on the screen without hitting the walls or the body of the snake. The food is represented by pairs of red lips. If you eat enough food, pictures with sexy girls are revealed. Good luck! Note: This is a full, sponsored version of the game and will redirect you to our sponsor website for free unlocking. Tag:sex worm game iq mobile snake full free unlock