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Preview: Maze Games shareware freeware adware software downloads

Maze Games shareware freeware adware software downloads

Maze Games software download - Maze Games freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 00:20:50 GMT

Last Build Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 00:20:50 GMT

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MumboJumbo Jeopardy!
(image) Test your knowledge in the single-player online version of America's Favorite Quiz Show. Just like the television show, select a category and a money value to reveal the hidden answer. Come up with the correct question and you win the money; otherwise, your bank will take a hit. *Play anywhere, anytime *Over 3,000 new clues *Play the DOUBLE JEOPARDY! round *Save your high scores Tag:

Hotspots 1.3
(image) Play Hotspots, a word game that will help you learn countless words, impressing your friends and word game opponents alike. Use Artificial Intelligence for game analysis to reveal the best possible moves, sharpening your board and tile vision as you understand your weaknesses. Transfer that word power to a variety of popular word games both online and offline such as Scrabble and Literati. Hotspots is a word game that allows the user real control over the game options. Play against a computer opponent with a vast vocabulary. The computer analyses the board efficiently using sophisticated algorithms to find the most competitive move. The level of difficulty can be set to thrash you mercilessly or to make the computer behave like a dunce. Save and re-play games, analysing each move to see where you went wrong. Create a game report, showing the words on the board, the top ten moves and the move that was played at each stage of the game. Decide on the placement of premium and penalty squares on the board, allowing Scrabble or Yahoo Literati to be played. Set the value of letters and dictate the frequency with which they are allowed to appear in the game. Enjoy a user interface free of irritating animations and sounds, respecting the abstract nature of the game and the need to concentrate on the board. Features: - Analyse each game played against the Hotspots AI by clicking Review or creating game reports within Hotspots - Note missed words and opportunities for high scoring plays using the analysis functions - Spend a few minutes a day studying the important word lists - learn all 2 letter words at least! - Apply strategic concepts such as blocking and learn when to make attacking or defensive moves Tag:

Pixelthis Sheepish
(image) Features: •Over 100 levels •Unlockable secret areas •Medals awarded to reflect your performance •Innovative and finely crafted puzzles •Endearing music and effects Tag:

Hard Rock Boxes
(image) The oldest game featured on this page, this game was never completed,and it's a good thing, considering everything was hard coded, pictures, maps etc, and it wasnt that great of a game anyways. It resembles pacman, except the game has varying "missions". There also is a crude implemented story. To play Boxes, 2 moves you down, 4 moves you left,6 move you right and 8 moves up. In the first level you must collect all the diamonds and in the second you must collect the far diamond. Also you can move your charecter with the keypad. Each arrow moves your charecter in that direction. Features: One player pac man action A story 2 levels Bugs fixes Tag:

Fleecyware BamBoozle
(image) 10 levels of semi-fast paced action. Clear each level within 6 min 40 seconds to progress. To clear each level you need to damage each circular spinner! Do you have what it takes to get to level 10 and put your name amongst the greats in the top 10? Can you even get to level 10? There will be more levels added at a later date, just run the auto update from your program menu to check. Tag:

Wonderland 1.17
(image) Wonderland is a new action-puzzle game. You'll Guide our heroes through eighty-five levels as they discover hidden secrets, engage quirky adversaries, and solve puzzles. The varied level design will test both your puzzle solving abilities and your arcade reflexes with a variety of trials: You'll build bridges, dodge fireballs, disable laser barriers, find hidden treasures, push boxes and more to collect the coins on each level and open the exit. You'll guide Stinky and Loof across slippery ice, over collapsing floor tiles and through teleporters as they avoid bouncing snakes, electrifying Z-Bots and walking bombs that explode when trapped. The Features of Wonderland Game: * Wonderland is an absolutely delightful adventure game with real 3D visuals and compelling and hilarious game play. * Colorful 3D graphics, comical sound effects and a wide array of cleverly designed puzzles to solve. * Fully interactive environments and the very beautiful interface, Wonderland is sure to be one of the most amusing agmes. * An original soundtrack by Purple Motion. * It is real 3D visuals, you can click to enlarge the screen shots, or just download the game have a try, you will love it. * Lifetime license on Wonderland game, with a one-time purchase and no more limitations on Wonderland functions. Tag:

xflib Shift
(image) It is a bit hard to take in hands on the first go, but once you pick it up you just can't stop playing... The rules are really basic : click on the left, right, upper, or lower part of the screen (or press the direction pad) to have all the blocks who can move in that direction... If you form groups of 3 or more blocks, they'll disappear, etc... To get huge scores, trying doing combos, not leaving a single round before exploding another group, etc... Easier said than done ! Tag:

Maze Wanderer
(image) Maze Wanderer will offer hours of fun for your kids as they make their way through the mazes in 2D or 3D views. Features include: Practice and play modes Custom picture or tile backgrounds Music & sound effects Different sized and funny shaped mazes always drawn at random Fun play with surprises (no monsters or such) Ability to save or print mazes. Tag:kids maze fun family labyrinth

Martin Fierz 4 in a row
(image) 4 in a row for windows is the ultimate Four in a row (also known as Connect Four) challenge for you. It offers multiple levels of play, an extremely strong computer opponent, load and save game functions, and a tutorial. When playing against 4 in a row, you will probably lose most of the time. I know this is frustrating from my own experience; to give weaker players (such as myself!) a chance, there is a beginner level, and (new in version 4.0!), the option to dumb down the evaluation function. Tag:

(image) Amaze is 3D game about adventures of a little ball in a labyrinth full of dangers. By tilting the gameboard with mouse or arrow-keys you got to help the ball escape from the maze. Tag:Amaze 3D games labyrinth games board games ball games free games it forge free down online games.

Super Sid
(image) Control cleaning robot Sid on his adventures in colourful isometric 3D worlds in this twist on the muncher genre. Built using the popular 'Marble Worlds' game engine the challenge is to help Sid clean up all the levels, but rogue security robots are chasing him. Collecting extra power boosters allows Sid to battle them, but these items are few and far between. great colourful isometric 3D graphics easy to control, no falling off platforms! 16 stages of multi-level action multi save game feature particle effects uses modified 'Marble Worlds' engine. Tag:

Magnetic Fields
(image) My entry for the Ludum Dare 24h programming contest. The topic: "indirect control". Oh no! All your pocket money fell down the sewer! What not? Just flip out your favourite magnet, tie it on a yarn and try to retrieve all your coins. The coins are attracted by the magnet. Wouldn't it be easy to have common sewers like everybody else... Can you retrieve all your money? One rule of the contest is to give away the sourcecode. It's inside the .zip with the binaries. Tag:

Painter:The Lost Game
(image) Painter: The lost GamePainter is a remake of a C64 game which was probably featured in the german Computronic magazine. Alas it hasn't been found by the C64 community until now. That's why i wrote this remake; to see, if the game is actually nice to play or if i'm just getting old! Tag:

Fireman Sam
(image) 3h competition 3 over at 3 hours to build a game after a topic is revealed. Fireman Sam is my entry, but only received rank 5 of 8. Mostly due to a nasty bug which is resolved in this version. Rescue all trapped people before time runs out! You have to be able to touch the trapped ones with your upper body. If fire is in your way extinguish it. This forces you to stand still for a while. And right then you could be hit by a falling TV. Tag:

(image) This game has been published as a type-in for the C64 in a magazine. The game field is filling up with water and it's up to you to save as much dry area as possible! Build walls to keep the water outside. Once you keep a certain percentage dry you advance to the next level. An additional element: If there are trees you need to keep those dry too. The water doesn't want to stop. Can you stop it? Aquantor comes with 20 prebuilt levels. With the editor you can build new tricky traps with just a few mouseclicks. Tag:

Rootin' Tootin'
(image) A remake written for the Retro Remakes Competition 2004. Imagine a musical themed pacman which lets you fight back! Clear all the notes without getting caught by the enemies! 16 single player stages, 10 multi player stages and an editor for even more! Tag:

Joe Gunn:Dungeon Overture
(image) Joe Gunn just escaped from the collapsing pyramid when he falls into an hidden underground room! Did Anubis set up a final trap? Can Joe escape again? Find out in this top down action adventure. Find items, evade traps, defeat the bosses and escape alive! Control via cursor keys. Space to confirm text dialogs. Control and up to examine something, Control and down to use an> Additional Features: *The interlude after the original story (C64) *More than 50 rooms with puzzles and enemies *3 bosses to fight Tag:

(image) You need to guide hero through the maze and find final door. You will have some troubles with this because of dangerous and very frighting enemies. The doors will cause you troubles too. To pass through them you need to find proper button. So you will have a lot of adventures playing the game. Have fun! Tag:maze labyrinth dangerous arcade adventure fun puzzle

(image) This game is not Vista compatible. ARROWS - Move. ENTER - New game, quit game, leave game over screen, pause game. ESC - Quit game. Eat all fish to pass to the next level. Eating the fin pearls enables you to eat fishermen for a short while. 5000 points give an extra life. Tag:Pac-Shark collect item control shark Pac Shark collect arcade game fishermen extra.

Angry Pixelbots
(image) This is a remake of game Berzerk from Amiga 2600. You are in a role of hero who have to kill as much robots as he can. The game have no end, just high score. Can be played in one or two player mode Tag: