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Preview: Intelligence shareware freeware adware software downloads

Intelligence shareware freeware adware software downloads

Intelligence software download - Intelligence freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Sun, 9 Aug 2009 18:41:44 GMT

Last Build Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2009 18:41:44 GMT

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Merriam Webster's Spell-Jam for Mac
(image) Whether you're trying to improve your word prowess or preparing to be the next Spelling Bee Champion, Merriam Webster's Spell-Jam has three unique game modes, with something for everyone! Practice mode allows you to learn by repetition, until you get all the words correct. In Competition mode, play against family and friends to see who will take home the Spelling Bee trophy. Game Show mode lets you see if you have what it takes to get to the top! Spelling has never been this much fun! Tag:

The Price Is Right for Mac
(image) Come on down to play The Price Is Right! Feel the thrill of playing in Contestant's Row and through 16 of the most popular pricing game challenges, including Plinko, Cliff Hangers, Punch-A-Bunch and more! Try your luck as you spin the Big Wheel for the chance to win fabulous virtual prizes and a huge pay-off in the final Showcase! You can play alone, or invite up to four friends to compete in Party Mode! Are you ready? Because, you are the next contestant on The Price Is Right! Tag:

Tropix 2 - The Quest for the Golden Banana
(image) Take a vacation of fun with Tropix 2 - The Quest for the Golden Banana. Play Tropix favorites like Coco Bowl, Cascade, and Puffer Popper, or try your hand at Ice Cream Parlor, Stone Stacker, Fish Swap and more. Earn sand dollars to decorate unique islands along the way and unlock an original storyline featuring everyone's favorite monkey. Tag:

checkers 1.00 alpha
(image) knowledge-based russian checkers programm free ware alpha-version copyright (C) by Korniiloff E, 98-99-2004, system requirements: Win95/NT/98/2000, P200, 16 Mb. RAM. download: site: Tag:

Bukster Games Tic-Tac-Toe
(image) The classic pen and paper game. Play against the computer or against another person. Choose from three difficulty levels, whether to play as X or O and who goes first. Uses a fuzzy logic system to select best computer move. Hard to beat on level 3 Tag:

sourcecode Sokoban for Windows
(image) Sokoban is a classic strategy game. It's easy to learn and once you start you can't stop playing it. The levels range from easy to extremely difficult. The game was invented in Japan in 1980. The game is Copyright 1982 Thinking Rabbit. More about Sokoban here. Sokoban means warehouse keeper in Japanese. The object of the game is to push boxes (or balls) into their correct position in a crowded warehouse with a minimal number of pushes and moves. The boxes can only be pushed, never pulled, and only one can be pushed at a time. It sounds easy, but the levels range from very easy to extremely difficult, some takes hours and even days to figure out. The simplicity and elegance of the rules have made Sokoban one of the most popular logic games. Tag:Game Strategy Puzzle

e-FunSoft Mastermind
(image) e-FunSoft Mastermind is a mind/logic game and a test of intelligence. The object of this game is to break the hidden code - which is generated by the computer randomly. Through process of elimination and logic, you must find the hidden item sequence in a given attempts or lose. This game has nice graphics and smooth animation. There are 6 different graphic styles available: Spheres, Gems, Blocks, Numbers, Alphabets and Nature theme. The game background is configurable. You can play with 4 standard levels: Beginner, Normal, Master and Extreme, but you can create custom levels of your desire, set board size and maximum colors used. High scores board and statistics for each level are available. This game supports Midi Player with Play List. Game Features: 6 different graphic sets (Spheres, Gems, Blocks, Numbers, Alphabets and Nature) Configurable game background 4 standard levels and custom level High scores board and win-lose statistics Midi player with playlist Give up anytime Tag:

Downhill Hubble
(image) Famed astronomer Edwin Hubble must snowboard down a steep mountain, dodging trees and collecting telescopes, scattered after his top-secret observatory was attacked by aliens. He can also collect random powerups, including firebreath, shield, temporary invincibility, and tree frenzy (more trees!) You move left and right with the arrow keys. Snow is slippery, so the best way to control the board is by tapping the direction you want to go. If you find yourself out of control, alternate left and right, moving to one side, then let go in the direction you have more room in, and you should slide to a straight heading. Tag:

Subtraction Action
(image) In Subtraction Action you need to use the numbers at your disposal to equal the required number. Do it quick, though, cus there's a timer! Tag:Subtraction Action download games free games flash games get games arcade games Fun Free Flash Games Play Download online games free online games

(image) American Checkers can be played over LAN, intranet using TCP/IP. This software can be used for playing checkers as server, client or single board. Once the connection is established, mouse can be used to move the checkers board pieces. Same action will be reflected to the client/server side also. Features like new, Open, save, save history, undo, redo, move first, move last, sending an instant message, system tray icon, change the board color, changing the piece side, hiding and promoting a piece options are also provided. Tag:

Insect Incinerator
(image) Who doesn’t like to kill bugs?I know I do.Stupid exoskeletons,stupid antennae.They thing they’re so smart.Well,breathe death,Mr.Bug! Tag:

IQ Lights Off Free Edition
(image) IQ Lights Off Free Edition - You have probably played this little fun game on the internet, on the Apple iPhone or even on a mobile phone with Java support. Now you can play your favorite game for free on your Symbian mobile phone. The game consists of a 5 x 5 cell board game. A cell (light) can be turned on/off by selecting it. When doing this, the near cells (up, down, left, right) change their state (the cell that is turned on becomes turned off and vice versa).The goal of the game is to switch all the Lights Off. Every level has an initial board configuration and the difficulty grows gradually. Enjoy playing, now it's free! Tag:light symbian game board iPhone play mobile phone off

Intelligent Cubes II
(image) This is a set of cubes or squares arranged in columns and rows. Your task is to turn them until they have the same color in the same face. The difficulty is that you can't turn the cubes or the squares individually, but you have to turn a complete row or a complete column. Game Features 13 levels of Difficulty (Only three in unregistered version). You can record and veiw the details of your best scores. (Registered version only). Timer and Moves Recorder to count your score.(Registered version only). You can watch the details of your score while playing (Registered version only). Tag:Intelligent Cubes Puzzles Logic Mind Intelligence

(image) A german language quizgame with more than 330 questions and a lot of graphical hints. When finished a game a full analyzed information of your answeres will be shown. There are different gamemodes like Wettkampf, Zeitdruck and Training. Highscores and selected options will be saved for start next time. You can choose a own background music in various formats eg. mp3. The graphic effects should always be turned off, course that's was only implemented to learn more about programming in Dark Basic even I never tought that I would publish this game. Dark Quiz is my very first game I ever had coded on a Windows based PC, not the best in this genre but it's for free :) Tag:

Trivial Pursuit:90's Edition
(image) Test your 90's trivia knowledge with the all new Trivial Pursuit - Bring On The 90's Edition, the fast-paced trivia game based on the successful board game. Six categories and thousands of questions equals hours of fun! Take on the computer or go head-to-head with a friend or the entire family! Fill your token with wedges, and race to the hub for the deciding question. Cool art, music and commentary from the game's host. Let's Tag:

Pat Sajak's Trivia Gems
(image) Join one of America's classic gameshow hosts for an all new trivia challenge! Answer questions from a wide variety of categories and climb to the top of the pyramid, play a quick round, or gather up some friends for some head-to-head competition. Featuring Pat's Gem of a Question and Brain Buster rounds, a high-stakes championship, and everyone's favorite gameshow host! For fast trivia fun, put your money on this game! Tag:

Beebo Deluxe
(image) Beebo is traveling the world to help his friends build their hives. This fast-paced match-3 game will have you matching honey and solving puzzles in a crazy quest for maximum “Bee-ficiency”! Earn points to purchase items for your hives with items from “Bee-Buy.” Travel to new locations and meet new characters as you work your way though 64 Challenging Levels? More than 64 Challenging Levels with 8 Locales Collect colored honey then decide where in the hive to drop it for maximum bee-ficiency! Crazy power-ups and funny friends help you every step of the game! Follow the Beebo Story or Play “Endless Mode” to quickly jump into a game 8 puzzle mini-games and 8 unlockable bonus games Fun hive locations including The Rain Forest, The Grand Canyon, Mexico, and many more Tag:

Wizard Wars 2: Pepper Frog
(image) The sequel to the original Wizard Wars game. Shortly after becoming Archmage Taun's apprentice, our hero Waller is turned into a frog by Taun's evil sister, Warta the Witch. In this weapon-filled Frogger-style game, Waller must search across several planes of existence to find the legendary Groovy Pepper that will restore him to human form. However, Warta's determined to have Waller on her plate for dinner and won't make things so easy. Tag:

Slap the Nerd
(image) If you can't join 'em - beat 'em, literally! Go on a nerdy slap-fest in this hilariously, fast hitting game created by 2DPlay. Slap the nerds as you see them pop-up to answer questions. Take down the nerds, uber-nerds and the dodgy book nerds before they steal your precious grades in class. What ever you do… don’t slap the cool kids or they’ll get ya! Slap the nerds silly Tag:

(image) gbrainy is a brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained. It provides the following types of games: Logic puzzles. Games designed to challenge your reasoning and thinking skills. Mental calculation. Games based on arithmetical operations designed to prove your mental calculation skills. Memory trainers. Games designed to challenge your short term memory. gbrainy provides enough flexibility in terms of number of games, difficulty levels and parametrization to make it enjoyable for kids, adults or senior citizens. It is designed for GNOME and runs on top of Linux and different Unix flavours. There is also a port for Microsoft Windows. Tag: