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Preview: Server Tools shareware freeware adware software downloads

Server Tools shareware freeware adware software downloads

Server Tools software download - Server Tools freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 19:21:21 GMT

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Super Socks5Cap
(image) Super Socks5Cap like 'sockscap' , is a program that allows network applications that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through a HTTPS or SOCKS4/SOCKS5 proxy server and Super Network Tunnel Client/Server proxy ( Super Network Tunnel Proxy is a full function type proxy, can support pure http proxy ( not support https) and support NTLM identification, and can connect any destination port bypass firewall ) . With Super Socks5Cap you can work with any Internet client (browsers, ftp, P2P, ICQ, IRC, eMule, telnet, ssh, video/audio, games...) through a network that is separated from the Internet by a firewall (only one open port is required). Super Socks5Cap will provide you with added privacy in all your Internet activities. An example is sending and receiving email through a proxy server or by chaining multiple proxy servers together. Super Socks5Cap supports all mail clients while allowing you to remain anonymous. Super Socks5Cap allows you to: Like 'sockscap', can tunnel tcp / udp connection , but it support vista and windows7. Work with super network tunnel , can easy bypass pure http proxy, and connect to any destination port. Use five types of proxy servers: SOCKS v4, SOCKS v5, HTTPS, Super Network Tunnel Client Proxy, Super Network Tunnel Server Proxy. "Tunnel" the entire system (force all network connections in the system work through a proxy server). Resolve DNS names through a proxy server (fake mode) and also support real remote DNS resolve (some game need run this mode). Support tunnel use N-Protect GameGuard protect 's game and use AhnLab HackShield protect ' s game. Support flash drive portable version not need install, can be run from removable media such as USB stick, floppy, etc... and not need admin rights in vista Support fake client local IP address same as server IP address to play some game. Tag:socks5 socks4 http sockscap cap socks proxy ntlm server gameguard nprotect ahnlab ie8 win7

(image) RusHub is a handy, simple server application specially designed to be used for Direct Connect peer to peer network. Tag:peer to peer direct connect server software peer network server soft

Syslog Watcher
(image) Syslog Watcher is a syslog solution by SnmpSoft Company. With our syslog server you can: collect syslog messages from: firewalls / switches / routers / modems network hosts and servers (Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.) syslog forwarders (e.g., from Windows EventLog) any syslog enabled devices and software Syslog Watcher - Powerful Syslog Server * recognize some vendor-specific formats * store syslog from entire network in one place * view collected syslog anytime * analyze syslog for troubleshooting * export syslog to CSV or XML * be notified of every new syslog message * extract additional info from message contents * generate syslog reports This section lists the new and enhanced features available with the release of Syslog Watcher 2.5. Filter Toolbar We have improved the filtering toolbar. You can not only specify the time interval for messages displayed in the list, but also check the displayed severities with a couple of clicks. Moreover, improved filtering of the text content makes finding messages extremely easy. You simply type the text that you are looking for, and the messages are filtered in real time. Syslog Reports This version supports the generation of statistical reports on collected syslog messages. Simply specify the time interval to receive a detailed syslog report. This will help you to monitor your network effectively. The reports are generated in HTML format, and information is presented in tables and diagrams. Date and Time Formats Syslog Watcher now has the capability to specify custom date and time formats. XML and CSV Support This version supports the export of syslog messages to XML format. Therefore, you can load exported messages into a large number of applications or convert them to any format. In addition, this version has improved exporting to CSV format. Export to Text Automatic export messages to text file was also improved. Tag:syslog server syslog cisco syslog free web watcher syslog ng time watcher date and time csv format xml format solaris syslog server entire network weather watcher 5.6.45 lan internet watcher tapi line watcher

Best SMTP Server
(image) Best SMTP Server is a high-performance SMTP/POP3 server program. It can be used as a local POP3/SMTP server for your corporation or as a desktop application on your laptop. It will accept mail on behalf of your users and store it, until your users will retrieve it using POP3. Our main purpose in developing this server was to deliver the easiest possible configuration, while allowing you to be able to tweak any advanced features you want. Best SMTP Server offers the following features: -Local and Internet delivery of email messages for your users. -Easy and intuitive configuration without lots of complicated configuration files. Everything is configured through the standalone GUI interface. -Works well as corporate server and as a personal SMTP relay that you can take with you on the road. No need to reconfigure. -Delivers email directly or using a gateway in cases where direct delivery is not possible. -High-performance multithreaded engine for mail sending and mail receiving. -Anti-spam and anti-DDoS attack prevention mechanism built into the server. -Encryption of messages in the message queue and in local user's directories for added protection of privacy. Tag:smtp server pop server internet service mail server email servers email security email server smtp server software smtp server tool download smtp server email client tools email software email server tools smtp server download

(image) ProjectForum is a tool that makes it easy for a team of people to collaborate. Whether your team members are across the room or across the globe, ProjectForum lets you share ideas, documents, schedules and status. Share and discuss your work online, privately and securely. ProjectForum is workgroup wiki server software that is entirely self-contained and hassle-free to install and use. No messing around with databases, CGI scripts, web servers, config files and the like. In fact, no dependencies on any other software. Designed for use by groups working closely together, ProjectForum is full featured and secure. Advanced features like attachments, multiple wikis, project areas, templates, branding, rich RSS support, and more are all standard. And a wide range of password authentication support, locking, tracking and version control features, plus SSL, let you create as secure and private a work area as you need. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · in 'list all versions', don't show 'Delete' column when not logged in as an administrator · using 'page:' links without a displayname could generate page errors · fix problem where 'page:' links did not get included when calculating references to a page · when cookies are set via a HTTPS connection, the 'secure' flag is now set so that they will not be transmitted back on a non-secure connection; this can help avoid various "man-in-the-middle" security attacks · fix bug where page names with newlines, created with older version of software, would prevent pages table from rendering · fix bug where users with 'create groups and users' permission sometimes couldn't create groups · in Enterprise, when users have sitewide 'create groups' or 'create groups and users' permissions, they are automatically added as admins to any group they create Tag:Server Tools share ideas share documents share schedules share status work online wiki server software server software CGI scripts web servers config files rich RSS support project areas tracking features control features

Deep Log Analyzer Free Edition
(image) Deep Log Analyzer is advanced and affordable web analytics solution for small and medium size websites. You can analyze web site visitors' behavior and get complete website usage statistics in several easy steps! With our website statistics and web analytics software you'll know exactly where your customers came from, how they moved through your site and where they left it. This comprehensive knowledge will help you to attract more visitors to your site and convert these visitors to satisfied customers. With Deep Log Analyzer you can view reports on accessed site's resources, visitors' activity and navigation, sites that refer web traffic to you, search queries, search engine spiders, user browsers and operating systems, web server errors and much more. Our web analytics and website statistics software makes it easy to view how statistics changes over time and compare reports for different time periods. You can examine deeper your website statistics data with the unique hierarchical reports which Deep Log Analyzer offers. In addition our web analytics software is highly configurable. With Deep Log Analyzer you can create your own custom reports or tailor standard reports to meet your specific needs. You can even use data from company's sales or CRM database to create marketing reports for the informed business decisions. Also Deep Log Analyzer stores website statistics data in the standard MS Access database for easy access from other applications. Key features: * Advanced website statistics and web analytics reports presentation with interactive navigation and hierarchical view. Drill into your data on the fly. * Analyze log files from all popular web servers, download log files via FTP, process archived logs without extracting them. * Select date range for your website statistics and view aggregated reports instantly. Compare reports for different intervals for the professional web analytics. Tag:log analyzer web analytics data mining website statistics web site stats web server logs roi internet marketing SEO search engine optimizaiton web traffic site visitors

(image) Token2Shell supports local printing jobs and has the capability to capture communication data to a file.Token2Shell also includes Internet Explorer style address bar and fully customizable toolbars for managing and 1-click accessing remote sites and frequently used commands. For easy remote site management, Token2Shell provides an address book where each entry can have different settings regarding color, font, and communication options.Besides single-byte character sets, Token2Shell can also properly handle two-byte character sets such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Token2Shell is a versatile terminal emulator. It supports a wide variety of communication protocols such as telnet, rlogin, serial port and modem.Token2Shell supports ZModem, XModem and raw data file transfer, and can be used with many proxy / firewall servers. It supports general TIS type, SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5, and SOCKS 5 with username/password authentication. Tag:data compression terminal emulation standalone application public key key exchange common features authentication code ssh connection x11 forwarding m file

BitNami MediaWiki Stack
(image) MediaWiki is a wiki package originally written for Wikipedia. It is now used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wikis. MediaWiki was designed to be run on a large server farm for a website that gets millions of hits per day. Here are some key features of the BitNami Stacks Native Installers: Easy to Install: BitNami Stacks are built with one goal in mind: to make it as easy as possible to install open source software. Our installers completely automate the process of installing and configuring all of the software included in each Stack, so you can have everything up and running in just a few clicks. Independent: BitNami Stacks are completely self-contained, and therefore do not interfere with any software already installed on your system. Integrated: By the time you click the 'finish' button on the installer, the whole stack will be integrated, configured and ready to go. Relocatable: BitNami Stacks can be installed in any directory. This allows you to have multiple instances of the same stack, without them interfering with each other. Tag:BitNami MediaWiki Wiki MySQL Apache PHP Easy Multiplatform Integrated Independent.

SharePoint List Collection
(image) SharePoint List Collection consolidates list items into a single grid view web part. All kinds of SharePoint lists from different sites can be selected in a SharePoint list collection web part. To create a list collection web part, you can select a site, a list and a list view, and select list columns from which you intend to collect information. Then, select or input new column names for original columns so that these columns will be consolidated. Repeat above steps until all lists have been collected. Finally all the collected items will be displayed in the SharePoint list collection web part. If you want to filter, sort or group all collected information in a list collection, you can create public view or personal view for the list collection. The view, also called List Collection View which is different from list view, is created to re-organize information of the list collection. You can create some list collection view to determine which list or list view will be filtered, which list columns will be displayed, and which column will be sorted and grouped. Creating and manipulating items in SharePoint list collection web part is the same as operating in SharePoint list view web part. You can display, edit and delete item, manage permissions, start workflow, view the version of item, manage alert, open document, check out/in etc. in SharePoint list collection web part. Tag:SharePoint List Collection list collection sharepoint Moss2007 SharePoint add-on wss3.0

(image) LitePXP puts your PHP website on a self-contained CD/DVD, USB flash drive or other portable media for distribution to your clients. Your entire website including its database is packaged and ready for play on any Windows PC. No installation or setup is needed since everything required including web and database servers is ready to go on your media. Main Features • Includes Apache, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and PHP5 with many extensions installed. • Runs directly from CD-ROM, USB Stick or Hard Disk without installation. • Apache uses port 81 if the default port 80 is in use. • The default username is "root" and password is empty in MySQL. • MySQL uses port 3307 if the default port 3306 is in use. • Allows you to rebrand it with your product name, icon and splash image. Tag:

IMAP Proxy
(image) It proxies IMAP transactions between an IMAP client and an IMAP server. The general idea is that the client should never know that it's not talking to the real IMAP server. The only thing that makes this a slightly unique Imap Proxy server is that it caches server connections. Why was imapproxy written in the first place? imapproxy was written to compensate for webmail clients that are unable to maintain persistent connections to an IMAP server. Most webmail clients need to log in to an IMAP server for nearly every single transaction. This behaviour can cause tragic performance problems on the IMAP server. imapproxy tries to deal with this problem by leaving server connections open for a short time after a webmail client logs out. When the webmail client connects again, imapproxy will determine if there's a cached connection available and reuse it if possible. How does imapproxy keep track of which server connection is for which user? Upon the first successful login to the real IMAP server (through the proxy), imapproxy fills in a little record that contains the username, an md5 digital signature of the password and the server socket descriptor that's being used. After you log out and then log back in again, imapproxy just has to find a record that matches your username and password. These records are stored in a hash table (with the username being the hash key) in memory, so the lookups are pretty fast. Tag:proxy anti proxy proxy server bypass proxy digital signature sonic proxy imap username and password imap server ajax webmail imap udp proxy unblock websites proxy persistent connections nt and

IQ Reverse Proxy
(image) IQ Reverse Proxy (IQRP) is a secure web reverse proxy. Features: - Memory cache implemented for 2Gbps performance with single (core) 32-bit Pentium/Athlon/Duo Core 2 - 256-bit SSL/TLS accelerator with support for OpenSSL hardware cards and self-signed certificate creation - Load balancing in URL-aware fashion: point each domain/path to different/same target LAN server/port - Anti hot-linking feature enables webmasters to control other sites linking to their multimedia content--prevents leeching of bandwidth - URL Rewrite with regular expressions provides a descent way to simplify links for search engines and other sites - Bandwidth limiting per URL rule per IP/port - GZip compression accelerator with configurable compression rates for each object extension - Failover protection with both ICMP and HTTP server validation - Cookies created make session persistence possible among client-to-target-server matching - Filter/pass firewall: Filter with respect to IP, reverse DNS and even client IP country - Client connections pooled with dynamic load determination algorithm - High performance on-the-fly HTML link transformer - and dynamic DNS auto updater client built-in - User-friendly HTTP/XML controller interface for remote admin access - HTTP/1.1 basic and digest authorization with users definable per URL rule as well as Windows NTLM - Supports W3C Extended Log Format with selectable fields and NFServer v2 screen and file logging--configurations setable in URL granularity - Global load-balancing with HTTP (configurable 301/302) redirection, which works in conjunction with routed web servers in load-balanced fashion - Advanced load-balancer which let's you define slave servers with "1" capacity value that gets traffic only when all other assigned servers fail per each URL Rule - Ultra-high performance achieved with code optimization (5,200 requests/sec with keep-alive and cache, 2,000 w/o keep-alive Tag:ftp server http server web server NETFile server iqwf server file server document server internet server IQ Reverse Proxy

(image) Serv-U is a powerful, easy-to-use, award-winning File Server from Serv-U supports the FTP, HTTP, and SFTP (via SSH2) protocols to ensure maximum compatibility with the widest range of transfer client software. With support for industry-standard SSL encryption, Serv-U protects your data while it's in transit. A powerful Web-based interface allows administrators to remotely access and configure the File Server from any Internet connection in the world using their Web browser. Serv-U also includes a built-in transfer client allowing users to upload and download files from their Web browser. Combined with advanced photo sharing capabilities, Serv-U is an excellent solution for sharing images with friends, family, and colleagues. Designed as a true Enterprise level file transfer solution using today’s powerful computing platforms, Serv-U performs effortlessly in even the most demanding environment. Serv-U can integrate with your company’s Active Directory, providing levels of security based on Organizational Units. Serv-U runs natively on Windows 64-bit operating systems, installation is automatic for either 64-bit or 32-bit platforms. Serv-U supports both IPv4 and IPv6 for all network environments. By licensing FTP Voyager JV with Serv-U, a full-featured transfer client becomes available to all users with no extra installation required. Because FTP Voyager JV is written using Java technology, it's a cross-platform solution for enterprises with a diverse client base. FTP Voyager JV provides a cost-effective server & client solution eliminating the complexities of the FTP protocol, providing a full-featured client to end-users to save money, and eliminating the difficulties of supporting an endless number of file-transfer clients. Serv-U can be accessed and administered in 13 different languages simply by choosing an appropriate language upon login. There's never been a more complete, secure File Server solution than Serv-U. Tag:ftp server ftp internet utilities network utilities Intranet Intranet Software Corporate Portal enterprise Corporate portal Intranet Software Solution graphical use interface administrator feature easy to use

Odin Secure FTP Expert
(image) Odin Secure FTP Expert is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol), FTPS, SFTP, SSH, Terminal client. It allows you to transfer files between your local computer and a server on the Internet, backs up SFTP (SSH), SSL, TLS, IDN, browser integration, site to site transfers, FTP transfer resume, drag and drop support, file viewing & editing, firewall support, custom commands, FTP URL parsing, command line transfers, filters, and much, much more! It is a very powerful FTP Transfer Tool.Odin Secure FTP Transfer is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP server with lots of useful features and an intuitive graphical user interface.Odin Secure FTP Transfer gives you a fast, easy, reliable way to update and maintain your website via FTP. It also provides a secure method (via SSL, TLS, or SFTP) to upload / download files to and from FTP servers. Check out the list of features and you'll find almost every feature you need, all in a free ftp program.Features about version 2.01. Easy to use2.Supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol(SFTP).3.Supports resume and transfer of large files.4.Tabbed user interface .5.Powerful Site Manager and transfer queue.6.Configurable transfer speed limits.7.Filename filters.8. Remote file editing.9.HTTP/1.1, SOCKS5 and FTP-Proxy support. Features about version 5.4.2 1. Easy to use . 2. Supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). 3. Supports resume and transfer of large files >4GB. 4. Tabbed user interface . 5. Powerful Site Manager and transfer queue. 6. Configurable transfer speed limits. 7. Filename filters. 8. Remote file editing. 9. HTTP/1.1, SOCKS5 and FTP-Proxy support. Tag:ftp client ftp transfer ftp server

Active Directory Reports
(image) Active Directory Reporting Tools Active Directory Reporting enable Active Directory Reporting for computers Active Directory Reporting for OU Active Directory Security Reporting Active Directory Reporting for Groups Active Directory Reporting for NTFS Active Directory Reporting for Passwords Active Directory Reporting for user logon Active Directory GPO ReportingT Active Directory User Reporting Active Directory Reporting for account lockout policy Active Directory Reporting for LastLogon Active Directory Reporting enables IT organizations to extract vital data from Active Directory. Active Directory Reporting provides the best solution to meet Active Directory Reporting requirements. Active Directory Reporting has reports list with over 150 out of the box reports Active Directory Reporting Tools information efficiently from the Active Directory while hiding the complexities of the native Active Directory Reporting tools. Active Directory Reporting can generate reports to help organizations gather information for regulatory audit suchas SOX/PCI/HIPAA. Features: Actions-Helps to do actions like delete, move, disable, enable and reset based on the reports in bulk. Restore - Helps to restore the deleted users/computers in bulk. Scheduler - Users can schedule report and get it in their mail box. Domain Controller Settings - Users can specify the list of domain controllers not to be used. Also user can specify which domain controller to be used by default. Search-Helps to locate a specific Active Directory Object quickly and accurately. Print Reports-Helps to print reports. Export Reports - Reports can be exported to PDF, CSV and Excel Add/Remove Columns-Helps to customize the report columns. PowerShell Scripting-Reports Generation can be automated using powershell script. Scope - The report generation can be limited to OU in a domain, facilitating an OU based administration. Custom reports - Users can generate the reports based on user-defined custom LDAP query. Tag:Active Directory Reports Active Directory Maintenance Active Directory Cleanup

MyConnection Server NetworkCenter
(image) MyConnection Server NetworkCenter performs HTTP download and upload speeds tests between your end-users and your web server. Speed test results are displayed to the end-user in the browser, along with a clickable link to easily email the results to a support technician. MyConnection Server is frequently deployed as part of another application service and does not require a dedicated server. A built-in Web server engine is included, no third party software such as IIS or Apache is required. However, the MyConnection Server applet can be easily deployed under a third party web server such as Apache or IIS. Tag:sql server 2005 windows server 2003 emule server list sql server speed test upload speed web server dedicated server upload speeds frontpage server extensions avira antivir server

(image) Hoodong Wiki is the FIRST and the most comprehensive Chinese wiki software. It integrates web 2.0 elements like tag, digg, AJAX and etc. Outperforms mediawiki in many aspects. This software also supports the following language version:English,Chinese,ChineseSimplified,Chines Tag:hdwiki wiki

Log Analyzer: Trends
(image) Log Analyzer: Trends is a desktop-based web log analyzer software for webmasters, SEO specialists, and PR managers. Freeware and Commercial editions are available. Log Analyzer: Trends helps you track your website statistics on a daily basis. It allows you to analyze changes in the major website parameters both graphically and numerically. A fast analyzing engine lets you use Log Analyzer: Trends as often as it necessary in order to update the information about your website. Log Analyzer: Trends offers over 20 standard reports, which include 'Hits', 'Unique Visitors', 'Visited Pages', 'Referring Sites', 'Search Phrases', 'Paths Through' reports and reports using other major parameters. It can overlay different parameters onto one advanced chart and report (Report Builder feature). 1. Summary Report - detailed IIS/Apache web site statistics on one screen 2. Monitoring the changes of all analyzed site parameters with accuracy of one day, week, month 3. Tracking the route of any visitor by its IP address or the address of the resource the visitor came from. 4. Adding new IIS or Apache log files to the project without having to recalculate the previous data. 5. The flexible report configuration system allows you to control changes in the selected characteristic for any period of time and with certain accuracy in both graphical and numerical forms. Tag:log analyzer software web statistics apache log analysis log analyze standalone

Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition
(image) The Proxy Log Explorer is a log analyzer software that processes raw proxy log files. Proxy Log Explorer the fastest and most powerful analysis application for monitoring the efficiency corporate Internet usage of your Proxy server. Proxy Log Explorer creates dynamic reports on-the-fly. Also, you can easily get virtually any subreport by just right-clicking the item you need and selecting the subreport you need. Needless to say, it can recognize log file formats automatically, extract compressed log files, process multiple log files and download log files from various sources: local path, Web or FTP. The flexible system of filters allows you to customize Proxy Log Explorer in the best possible way so that only data that you need is displayed in reports. Proxy Log Explorer supports more than 6 proxy log file formats. Needless to say, it can recognize log file formats automatically, extract compressed log files, process multiple log files and download log files from various sources: Web, FTP. ODBC compliant databases, etc. The program has a user-friendly interface so you can start working with it right after install. Statistical data is displayed in diagrams and tables. It is also possible to print reports. Supported log file formats Proxy Log Explorer Log Analyzer can generate web site statistics from log files in the following formats: * Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server log file format * Microsoft Web Proxy Server 2.0 log file format * Squid log file format * Netscape Proxy log file format * Proxy+ log file format * CCProxy log file format * CCProxy v2010 log file format * Other W3C Extended format. Tag:FTP log file

Sysax Multi Server
(image) Sysax Multi Server is a Secure FTP Server and SSH2 Secure Shell Server combined into a single product. It simultaneously supports remote access and file transfer using FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Telnet, and Secure Shell. It also supports web based file transfer using HTTP and HTTPS. Sysax Multi Server can be administered using the control panel from the local computer or remotely through a browser based web adiministration interface. Users can be authenticated using local windows system accounts, active directory, or Sysax Server specific accounts. Sysax Multi Server enables the execution of server scripts based on the triggers generated by user actions. For example, a script can be executed whenever a user has successfully logged in or has downloaded a file. The script can be used to send email notifications, perform additional file transfers and local file processing, or even run other programs. Many advanced features such as download and upload resuming and file integrity verification using CRC, MD5, and SHA are also supported. Sysax Multi Server has passed the rigorous testing program for running on Windows Vista and has officially been certified for Windows Vista by Microsoft. A complete list of features is available on the product website at Sysax Multi Server is the only windows software solution you will ever need to support all internet file transfer protocols. Tag:secure shell server ssh server secure file transfer sftp ssh ftps telnet