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Preview: Communication shareware freeware adware software downloads

Communication shareware freeware adware software downloads

Communication software download - Communication freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 18:59:42 GMT

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Virtual GPS
(image) Virtual GPS is a GPS (Global Positioning System) simulator software. You can use it to emulate a GPS receiver unit connected to your computer. It's ideal when you need GPS input, but you have no signal or you can use it to test your GPS applications. It supports various NMEA 0183 sentences, so it can be used with any GPS mapping software. NMEA 0183 (or NMEA for short) is a combined electrical and data specification for communication between marine electronic devices such as echo sounder, sonars, Anemometer (winds speed and direction), gyrocompass, autopilot, GPS receivers and many other types of instruments. It has been defined by, and is controlled by, the US-based National Marine Electronics Association. Supported NMEA sentences: GPGLL, GPGGA, GPVTG, GPRMC, GPGSA, GPGSV, GPZDA, GPWPL, GPRTE, GPAAM. It operates in two modes: simulator mode and file mode. In simulator mode the latitude and longitude coordinates are periodically incremented with a defined step. In file mode the GPS data is loaded from a text file which contains NMEA 0183 sentences. The GPS data is transmitted periodically to a serial port (UDP ports are also supported). To get the output of the simulator, you can use a null-modem cable which interconnects two physical serial or USB ports, or you can interconnect two bluetooth or Irda ports, or you can use one of the virtual serial port software from the market, which emulates two interconnected serial ports like: Free Virtual Serial Ports Emulator by ETERLOGIC, Null-modem emulator (com0com), Virtual Serial Port Driver, Virtual Serial Port Kit and others. Another possible application of the software is to broadcast the output of the simulator through serial, USB, bluetooth or IrDA connections. Tag:gps simulator emulator nmea

(image) VoiceCom is a voice communication application for PCs running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. VoiceCom is designed for voice communication between PC VoiceCom applications (terminals) on local LAN. VoiceCom behaves like a "push to talk" intercom. Once several (at least 2) VoiceCom applications on local LAN become aware of each other, the user can push and hold a key or a button corresponding to the desired remote VoiceCom terminal and start talking. The voice is reproduced on the addressed remote VoiceCom terminal. When finished talking the user releases the key or the button. VoiceCom supports communication with up to 6 terminals on local LAN. Each VoiceCom terminal can talk to any of the other VoiceCom terminal (point to point) or to all VoiceCom terminals at once (point to multipoint, broadcast voice announcement). VoiceCom terminals autodetect each others presence on local LAN and display the remote VoiceCom terminal's names to the user for communication. The only user configurable parameter at the start is the local VoiceCom terminal's name. This is entered by the user only once on each VoiceCom terminal. Example of VoiceCom use scenario is a software house intercom system between different rooms or areas of the house (Each VoiceCom terminal could be named by the user as for example: "Bedroom", "Kitchen", "Office", "Lounge", "Garage". Features * Push to talk voice communication between up to 6 PCs on the LAN * Address and talk to an individual terminal or talk to all (broadcast) * Auto detect VoiceCom terminals on the LAN. Tag:Voice intercom voice communication software intercom push to talk voice terminal voice transmission house voice intercom house intercom intercom

(image) Ping program; useful to test your connection. Enter a web address or a valid host name, e.g. or, or a valid IP address, e.g. ( The IP addresses are converted into host names and conversely. An empty input gives local IP address. The button "Options..." opens the WinPing options: Infinite Loop (runs pings in a infinite loop and shows the average in real time), Time options (Timeout, Temporisation between every ping in milliseconds), Multiping (for several pings one after the other), Retries, Average of the response times, Hostname List, ip-to-country File... Sort and Replace utilities will allow you to edit and save host name list, countries list or any text file. The "Auto-Save" option will allow you to save thousands of lines of pinging information (in Infinite Loop Mode). A Ping Graph (with axis scale and Y-offset adjustment) allows you easily to view, in real time, Average and Pings points for every loop. You can easily save and load the Ping Curves using the Graph Options. This version adds time options and a utility (NetTraffic) to view download speed and upload speed. Tag:ip address Ping program name list host name local ip easy to use winping 1.5.3212 test your connection winping 1.5.3440 local ip address valid ip address easily save web ad

Yoono Desktop
(image) Yoono is an easy to use sidebar for your browser that allows you to connect to all your social networks and instant messaging services - in one place. Get all your friend updates, update your own status, and easily share stuff with your friends. Stay Connected - Connect to all your social networks and never miss another status update from friends or family. You're connected wherever you are on the web. - Update your status across all your social networks at the same time. - All your IM services right in your browser sidebar to easily chat while your surf the web - no more logging on to multiple services. Discover Cool Stuff - The Discovery widget recommends websites, videos, images, products and more - all related to the site you are viewing. - Yoono highlights keywords in the web page you're viewing for quick access to Discoveries. - Highlight words in the web page yourself to discover related Google search results, Wikipedia entries, videos, and more. Share with friends - Easily share links, images, and video from the page you are viewing with all your social networks at the same time. - Drag and drop links, images and video from the page you are viewing into your IM conversations. - It's a single, dead simple way to share anything from anywhere you are on the web. Tag:desktop calendar desktop clock desktop world clock alienware desktop theme desktop recorder google search drag and drop social network same time stay connect desktop lock 1 desktop zoom floating desktop clock

(image) Quick3270 is a robust, high reliable 3270/5250 terminal emulator for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. Quick3270 is fast, use low memory and includes a large number of advanced features: - Connectivity: TN3270 / TN5250 / Microsoft Host Integration Server (FMI3270) - IND$FILE file transfer - 3287/3812 Printer emulation - Macro/Script language - GUI on-the-fly option - Hotspots - OLE Automation - Standard and enhanced EHLLAPI - GDDM Graphic support - English, French, German, Spanish and Italian user interfaces. Tag:Terminal Emulator SNA WINSOCK 3270 5250 TN3270 TN5250 HLLAPI SNMP IND FILE GDDM OLE Automation source code

MSN Slide Max
(image) MSN Slide Max is a simple application designed to enable you to make fantastic slideshows as your display pictures of all version of MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger.You can search and download display pictures online. MSN Slide Max automatically resizes and edits your display pictures; you can also edit the size, position, brightness and contrast of the pictures.You can also add personal message and key words to every picture; when picture changes, your personal message and key words will change correspondingly. Besides, you can set status for every picture; when you change your messenger status, the display pictures will change, too. You can even make easy animation slideshows as your display pictures with it. Get MSN Slide Max and take it for a test drive to see just how useful it can be for you! Tag:msn messenger msn messenger hotmail msn live messenger windows messenger windows live messenger slide show photo slideshow slide shows make slideshow display pictures display picture picture slideshow slideshow software

(image) A multiuser voice application that is easily connected to your radio system. It can be used to link to a remote site (remote base) or to/from users on a pc. It can also be used to link two radio systems together, increasing the range (for example two neighbourood watch groups in the same area) or a combination of all three. Serveral advanced features make this system more robust for this purpose and include : - Works under mobile network (broadband) usage - Vox look ahead to avoid chopping - Incomming and outgoing audio high pass filters in DSP - Easy to use software with built in server - you can use the test server but it is recommended to run your own, with the test server as the backup. No extra software is needed. Tag:

Quick3270 Secure
(image) Quick3270 Secure is fast, uses low memory and includes a large number of advanced features: - Connectivity: TN3270 / TN5250 / Microsoft Host Integration Server (FMI3270), - SSL-based security, - IND$FILE file transfer (Structured Field and Buffered), - Transfer list of files, - Graphic support (GDDM,...), - 3287 Printer emulation (LU1 and LU3), - OLE Automation Server, - Macro language (with Automation support), - Standard and Enhanced EHLLAPI interface, - Graphical keyboard mapping dialog box, - GUI-on-the-fly option, - Large number of host code pages, - English, French, German, Spanish and Italian user interfaces. Tag:Terminal Emulator SNA WINSOCK 3270 5250 TN3270 TN5250 EHLLAPI HLLAPI IND FILE GDDM OLE Automation source code SSL TLS encryption OpenSSL

Kiss My Valentine
(image) Free Until Feb 14th: Easy for us to pay tribute to all those people in our lives that deserve our love. Today, the Smart phone App Kiss My Valentine™ promises to make the reward of appreciation a present that is within reach for all who desire it. Kiss My Valentine™ Features Include the Following: • Kiss My Valentine™ stores and provides tracking with reminders of our process (and progress) in showing appreciation for our loved ones, with gifts such as candy, cards, and flowers, among others. The App user gets a daily reminder that notifies them of the quantities/descriptions of physical items they need to shop for their special someone. • Digital kisses, hugs, and wishes are settable from the App, to be delivered to those in the App user's contact book. "You've received a text kiss((kiss)) & hug((hug))! Happy Valentine's Day! ...." • Send a customized digital sweetheart message, anytime, leading up to Valentine's Day. • Because Kiss My Valentine™ is a year round app, install it for this year and it will update and reset for the following year, keeping your Valentines list safely stored until 2012. • Kiss My Valentine™ is available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese. Tag:Valentines Day Valentine Android Iconosys

(image) BlogIdeas as a small and easy to use application that allows you to manage blog ideas. If you have a nice idea for a new article, open BlogIdeas and save it. When you have time, you can choose one of your saved articles to post it. Tag:post it r blog easy to use blog articles

M-Lat SMS App Desktop
(image) Send Bulk SMS in any language from your PC to worldwide, easier, quicker and cheaper. This complete text messaging application allows you to send customized, scheduled, bulk SMS in any language, from your PC to anywhere in the world, easier, quicker and cheaper than your mobile phone or any other system. M-Lat SMS Desktop with Translator is the ideal for: Mobile marketing, Updates and reminders and Time-critical alerting. The software is 100% FREE. Immediately after you register as a new user, 10 Free SMS will be automatically credited to your account for trial. No cell phone is required to send messages. There are no monthly rates or hidden charges. Here are some key features of “M-Lat SMS Free with Translator": - Multi-language application - World coverage comprising over 700 operators in over 200 countries. - Delivery of SMS to individual or multiple phone numbers at the same time. It allows you to process millions of SMS in one single packet. - SMS Translator. - SMS Customized. - SMS Scheduled. - SMS Reception. - SMS History - Contact and group management. - Customized sender. - Delivery report. - Data base import from Excel, CSV and TXT. - Data security and encryption. M-LAT: Specialist in low cost Bulk SMS Gateway and Global Coverage. Tag:sms gateway sms bulk desktop sms app sms

Group Mail Send Engine
(image) Group Mail Send Engine, designed for online businessmen, marketers, party planners, campaigners, attorneys and any other people who want to keep in touch with their friends and clients warmly, frequently and simply, is one of the most professional and qualified bulk email senders in this field at present. Once you download and install this space-saving application, you will find its unbelievable and powerful functions: Unlimited personalized emails - make your emails individual and considerate and give your campaign great results; Built-in HTML editor - ensure your emails rich and colorful; Recipient lists management - you can create, import, add and delete unlimited recipient address lists and unsubscribe accounts with hands-free solution; All popular databases available - save your moves to transform files from one format to another; Detailed sending result reports - you can get the reports every time you send mass emails, which has been sent successfully or not; Unlimited resending of the failed emails- resend the emails as many times as you want if they are failed to send to the right recipients; And more features you are going to love with this program. Clearly, Group Mail Send Engine offers you a bunch of fantastic features that will greatly help you in your marketing activities. While at the same time, Group Mail Send Engine never forgets offering the neat interface and straightforward navigation to users, considering saving your time and energy. Tag:email marketing email sender software emailing software bulk emailers bulk emailer smtp software bulk email sender mass emailer bulk emailing bulk email best

AbsoluteTelnet Telnet / SSH Client
(image) AbsoluteTelnet / SSH is a secure flexible terminal client with rock-solid emulations that is suitable for developers, administrators, or deployment across the enterprise. It includes the industry standard SSH protocols to secure terminal session data across insecure environments such as the internet. Its new tabbed interface is a favorite among AbsoluteTelnet users, and new features are being added all the time! If you need unrelenting performance and unmatched features, then AbsoluteTelnet is what you've been looking for. Tag:ssh oracle client vpn client mysql client symantec client security tftp client telnet ssh server telnet scripting tool java email client mapi email client

(image) Twitulater is an Adobe AIR microblogging client that currently supports Twitter and Koornk. Its aim is to make life easier for power users who are constantly bombarded by messages from the many people they follow, through automatically splitting the tweet stream into different categories based on content rather than whom the messages are from. There are eleven basic categories: Direct Messages, Replies, Link sharing, Questions, Happy, Sad, Chatter, ReTweets, My Tweets, All Tweets, Spam and another category is automagically created for every hashtag found. This enables users to only read what interests them at the moment without having to deal with all the noise on microblogging services. Features Here are some of the most important features of Twitulater continously retrieving messages splits messages based on content automatic hashtag recognition Growl notifications efficient conversation display displays your social graph emphasises important tweets multi language support core is completely protocol independent supports Twitter and Koornk multiple simultaneous user support reply/retweet/direct message commands expanding short URL's via longurlplease shrinking tweets via tweetshrink URL shortening support picture and file uploading integrated feedback widget Tag:he man file upload short url language support adobe air blogging client direct messages url shortening microblogging service blogging services file uploading

(image) Why: -On-line Games Some on-line games give an unfair advantage to players with slower internet connections. Level the playing field by controlling your own connection speed. -Practical Jokes Do you know someone who is constantly on the internet? Play a pratical joke on them by drastically slowing down their connection. You will finally be able draw their attention away from the computer and back on you. -Testing Are you a game or software creator? Use laggsta to test your product under network stress conditions. Know how your product will react to real-life network lag conditions. Features: -Instant degradation of avaliable bandwith with the push of a button. -Actively slow every connection on the network. Including laptops, desktops, consoles, and handhelds - regardless of wired or wireless conneciton. -User specified length (seconds) of the lagging. -Progess bar to quickly see how much lag is left. Tag:internet connection slow down connection speed practical jokes on speed net connections net connection product w practical joke wired or wireless

Tru App for Windows
(image) Wherever you are in the world, you can make low-cost internet calls and send text messages to any landline or mobile using our Desktop App. Features - Ludicrously low Call rates - Ludicrously low text message rates - FREE Tru to Tru calls - FREE IM (Tru, GoogleTalk, Skype, Facebook, MSN, AIM) - FREE Voicemail - Call Forwarding - Inbound Tru Numbers. Tag:phone calls international cheap text SMS instant messaging

MDLsolutions Dialer - Predictive Dialer
(image) MDLsolutions Dialer - Predictive Dialer is a Windows based comprehensive and dynamic SIP/VoIP dialer with a robust SQL database that can meet the needs of a call center, or act as a stand alone automated dialer processing dialing scripts. You can start off with as little as 1 channel and scale up to 500 simultaneous channels. You can also request unique processing scripts that we call "Actions", that will meet your exact dialing needs, or just combine the ones we already provide to meet your dialing needs. Dialer - Predictive Dialer, prices start from $39.00, for our entry level dialer that will work with a free VoIP phone on your laptop so your costs are kept to an absolute minimum, to our full featured version at $139.00 per simultaneous channel, that includes all the features we offer. MDLsolutions Dialer - Predictive Dialer can either be used along with an IP PBX such as 3CX, or it can be used as a stand alone automated dialer, or as a predictive dialer that can hand off/manage calls to IP phones in your call center. Connecting your dialer-predictive dialer is easy, just purchase a low cost analog/digital SIP adapter/gateway (starting as low as $60) or just connect directly to an Internet SIP voice provider for low cost calling, using our easy registration feature. Feature List: 1. Comprehensive real time channel/call status. 2. Control panel for starting and stopping calls. 3. Multiple call counters. 4. Multiple enquiries/actions per call. 5. SQL database record progress status. 6. System status. 7. Call action interface with multiple action support. 8. SQL database action view. 9. SQL database call records view. 10. Call transfer list. 11. Call configuration parameters such as call rates, max call transfer times, max call times, start stop times, configurable SQL string, multiple email notification server and failed call notification settings. 12. Scrub list / (do not call list) import. 13. Call recording. 14. And more. Tag:phone dialer dialer sql database mobile dialer softphone dialer call center voip dialer control panel call recording ip dialer internet dialer 1.0 e mini oyco voip dialer s easy database record sql s ip phones dialer 2000 tiny dialer sp dialer

Wireless Wizard
(image) The Wireless Wizard improves the use and reliability of any WiFi, WiMAX, LTE, 3G or cellular data network. It allows you to aim your wireless adapter, measure wireless performance and quickly identify and fix problems typically encountered on a wireless data network. The Wireless Wizard works with all leading wireless service providers including Clearwire, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, NTT, Comcast, Telenor, Yota, WiBro, UQ, DigitalBridge, AzulStar.and more. You can add your own networks and the Wizard will recognize them the next time you or anyone connects to that network. The Wizard is very light weight and does not modify any drivers so it can be used with any Wireless adapter. Tag:Wi-Fi wireless network

PhoneTray Dialup
(image) Don't miss another call while online! Yes, you can stay online without missing important calls when you're using dial-up internet! PhoneTray Dialup will notify you when someone is calling while you are online. You can choose to take the call or ignore the call. With PhoneTray you can put internet on hold and answer incoming calls without disconnecting from the internet. It's like Internet Call Waiting with no monthly fees, no ads and no spyware. PhoneTray Dialup allows you to receive and screen phone calls while you are online. The program uses your V.92 modem and Call Waiting service from your phone company to detect an incoming call. If you have Caller ID on Call Waiting, also called Call Waiting ID or Visual Call Waiting, PhoneTray will show the caller's name and number, so you can decide if you want to answer the call or ignore it. If your internet provider supports Modem-on-Hold, you can put internet on hold, take a call and continue browsing after you finish talking. Plus, you get full featured Caller ID software that shows and speaks callers name and number, logs all your incoming calls, blocks unwanted calls and zaps telemarketers. PhoneTray requires Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME or Windows 98, V.92 modem and Call Waiting service from your phone company. Tag:CallerID Caller ID CID Call Waiting Internet V92 V.92 Dialup Dial-up Modem-on-Hold MOH Telephony Phone Modem Voice Speech Announce Answer TAPI

Internet Cyclone
(image) Internet Cyclone is a powerful, easy-to-use, Internet Optimizer for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP designed to automatically optimize your Windows settings wich will boost your Internet connection up to 200%. Internet Cyclone is compatible with all modems and high-speed LAN, ISDN, CABLE, DSL, T1 or other connections. This Internet Connection optimizer speeds up Web browsing, file downloading, e-mailing, online gaming, chat and all other Internet related software utilities by preventing the data fragmentation during transmission. Tag:internet connection connection speed speed internet high speed speed up internet connection speed speed internet optimizer internet cyclone speed up internet internet connection speed internet high internet speed connection cyclone