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Preview: JPEG Tools shareware freeware adware software downloads

JPEG Tools shareware freeware adware software downloads

JPEG Tools software download - JPEG Tools freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:47:08 GMT

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(image) Blubox, the award winning image compression utility for Windows, is a powerful and easy-to-use software application that lets you quickly compress and decompress your digital photos so they can be emailed, uploaded and stored much more easily. Blubox uses state of the art image compression algorithms to encode and store your photos in an efficient Blubox archive file - similar to zipping but with image compression support for over 60 image file formats, including JPEG, BMP, TIFF and PNG. Blubox detects the type of file being imported and automatically applies the optimum compression technique. Your photos can be compressed by as much as 95% without altering the pixel count or sacrificing picture quality. Email upload and download times can be drastically reduced - you can email an entire album in the time it would usually take to send just a couple of pictures! Up to 10 times more, full resolution pictures, can be stored on your hard drive and memory card. Blubox comes with a built in image viewer, so there is no need to extract to view thumbnails or full screen images. Stored images can be decoded at any time and returned to their original format, at the touch of a button, for use in other programs. Blubox protects your files using 256-bit, industry strength encryption, making it virtually impossible for anyone to access your private data without your express permission. Simply drag and drop your photos into Blubox and, in seconds, your data will be secure and protected. The free Blubox viewer means that you can share your Blubox archives with friends and family allowing them to view, print and extract your pictures. The Blubox viewer is available to download from the Internet, just look out for the Blubox Eye symbol. Tag:Photo tools image compression image archiving digital image utility storage reduction photo email

(image) DWG to TIFF is a batch converter that allows you to convert DWG and DXF files to JPEG (JPG), TIF (TIFF), BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA, PCX, WMF and EMF without the need of AutoCAD. Key Features: 1. Stand-alone utility - AutoCAD NOT required. 2. Convert DWG and DXF to Image in batches. 3. Supports every version of DWG/DXF files (Supports R2.5/2.6, R9, R10, R12, R13, R14, R2000/2002, R2004/2005, ... formats) 4. Very easy to use. 5. Multiple options for use. Tag:dwg to jpg dwg to tif dwg to tiff dwg to bmp dxf to jpeg dxf to bmp jpeg to mbm

JPEG Wizard
(image) Webmasters and Digital Photo Enthusiasts create smaller, faster downloading images without compromising quality! The JPEG Wizard is the ultimate JPEG image editing and compression tool. JPEG images created with The JPEG Wizard can obtain 20% - 70% more compression with good visual quality than JPEG images created with most image editing packages, including Photoshop. Features -System Requirements - Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP -Recompress Images Without Recompression Loss - The JPEG Wizard is the only JPEG editing software that does not recompress JPEG files. All other imaging programs decompress and recompress, introducing generational loss for each compression. -Powerful Batch Engine - The advanced batch features in The JPEG Wizard can save you hours spent regionally compressing, overall compressing, combining images, cropping, appending, creating thumbnails, color adjusting, rotating, watermarking, adding image comments and adding text to a series of images. Apply multiple processes in a single run! -Regional Compression - Save details on particular parts of an image while sacrificing the background or areas of less importance. Compress different regions at different settings. -Advanced Red Eye Removal - Perform a lossless crop around the eyes, then adjust for glare, darkness, and red face. This truly amazing technology does not affect the quality of the rest of the image. It doesn't just darken the inside of the eye; it actually removes the red. -Auto Color Leveling - Automatically sets highlights and shadows. -Lossless Contrast/Brightness/Color/Tint Adjustment - Quickly modify the color parameters within the JPEG coefficients of a JPEG file without additional compression damage to the image. -Add Banners, Text and Watermarks to Images - The incredible batch interface allows you to process hundreds of photos in minutes jpeg to mbm. It can also be used for copyright protection and promotion. Tag:photo image picture download Web web site web sites website websites Internet downloader color imaging colour digital scan scanned scanning file jpg

JPEG Viewer
JPEG Viewer allows you to easily catalogue your images, where ever they may be on your computer. Create an Image File List (.IFL) document for easy access to all your favourite images. Full drag and drop integration with Windows 95 / 98. Auto file search capabilities.Full screen preview to create great desktop wallpaper. Full functionality shareware product. Tag:edit editor image images image editor image editors web page web pages windows operating system create modify capture capture image capture images GIF JPEG EXIF JPEG2000 JP2 J2K

JPEG Imager
(image) JPEG Imager is an interactive image compressor primarily designed for 'Quality versus File Size' optimization. The main goal is to help you compress your pictures better, making them smaller and faster to download, but with as little harm to the picture quality as possible. The program provides you with a fast real-time preview and side-by-side comparison of an image before and after compression. You can fiddle with various compression controls and observe the effect of your changes almost instantly. It is also possible to simply specify a desired file size and let the program decide a proper value of the quality parameter automatically. A decent-looking interface gives you control over some aspects of jpeg compression that other programs usually don't. With all these features JPEG Imager may prove to be really useful if you need to optimize your images or digital photos for publishing on the Web or before e-mailing them to your friends and family. Effective JPEG compression is certainly essential but not the only purpose of the program. In addition, JPEG Imager includes a set of basic image manipulation and enhancing operations such as Resize, Crop, Rotation, Gamma and Color correction, Levels adjustment, Text Overlay tool and so on. There is also a cleaning tool for noise removal and, of course, the TWAIN support for image acquisition from scanners and digital cameras. Thus working with JPEG Imager you can acquire, enhance and optimize your images without having to resort to other programs. Besides, JPEG Imager has a simple built-in batch processor and thumbnail generator. You can freely use the trial version for 30 days without limitation of functionality.jpeg to word converting software Tag:compress optimize jpeg jpg gif png view edit convert picture image process enhance correct gamma brightness color tone adjustment balance

(image) JPEGCruncher can optimize your photos with one click by up to 90% for faster download times and better use of valuable server space. From the developers of the award-winning HVS plugins, which many reviewers have called the best in the industry for GIF and JPEG compression. JPEGCruncher is a standalone desktop version of Spinwave.s popular free photo cruncher service at website. JPEGCruncher provides batch processing, cropping, resizing, color correction and other features useful for auction users or website authors. This demo version is save-disabled. Tag:

JPEG ReSizer
(image) This program was written to give your JPEG images a new dimensions and save the results into the Destination folder. The Source folder may contain any subfolders, so you will get the mirror folder tree with the program results in the Destination. You can easy create thumbnails of your images and reduce the file sizes by JPEG Compression value. You can run the resize process in background and prepare a lot of images at once during your main work. Tag:jpeg editor jpeg tools jpeg viewer jpeg resizer jpg editor jpg tools jpg viewer resize jpeg jpeg compressor jpeg compression compress jpeg jpeg optimizer jpeg optimize image tools image editor picture editor picture tools photo tools

Interactive JPEG Optimizer
(image) Interactive JPEG Optimizer is the premier solution for compressing JPEG images singly or in batches. The latest version is faster than ever, sports a brand new, more logical interface and even supports scanning! It allows you to visually see the effect of compression (something some expensive graphics packages expect you to do blind), with tools for cropping, resizing, controlling contrast/brightness and color balance - all while keeping an eye on file size and loading time for an average modem. Use Hotkeys to show and hide tool windows, view original and optimized images side by side - Interactive JPEG Optimizer never changes your original image; it always works with a copy so if you make a mistake you can start over from scratch! Tired of how long it takes to email photos to family and friends? Zipping the image helps, but graphics files, unlike plain text files can be enormous! This is strictly related to the image size and the compression algorithm used to originally store the file. Over the years, a variety of compression algorithms have been developed to reduce the size of the stored image without adversely affecting the image quality. Some of our competitors claim to take advantage of advanced compression techniques, such as variable compression, yet when we took a 63K Before image from one of our competitor's websites, we were able to achieve similar quality to their After image in under 4K - the best they could manage was almost 10K! Comprehensive online help walks you through the image optimization process step by step, clearly explaining every aspect of the image optimization process. If you need additional help Handy Productions offers free pre-sale and post-sale technical support to every user of Interactive JPEG Optimizer! This is the Must Have graphics utility for anyone who uses a digital camera, scanner, has a website or just has a lot of images on their hard drive - why not add it to your graphics toolbox today? Tag:

JpegGuard JPEG Image Protection
(image) JpegGuard: This program is for JPEG users who want to protect their images and avoid potential embarrassment. This program will encrypt all of your .JPG and .JPEG files on your computer. This prevents others from viewing your encrypted JPEG images. This program will scan your entire hard drive (or selected folders) and then allow you to encrypt the .JPG and .JPEG file extensions. The files are then assigned an extension of .XXX. There are 7 basic screens (forms) to this system: (1) Image - displays regular or encrypted JPEG files. (2) Image Properties - displays the width, height, size and filename. (3) Image Options - allows you to alter the image attributes. (4) Password - allows you to encrypt and decrypt files using a password. (5) Search Files - allows you to search for JPEG or XXX or both filetypes. (6) List JPEG - displays a list of all of the JPEG files found from your last file search. (7) List XXX - displays a list of all of the encrypted JPEG files found from your last file search. You must use the same password to view the .XXX (encrypted JPEG) files that you assigned to them when they were encrypted. Protect your children from porn and yourself from embarrassment. If you have porn on your hard drive then you need this product. Tag:

Ultimate Webshots Converter
(image) Ultimate Webshots Converter (also known under the short name "UWC"), is a Webshots pictures converter. It is able to show and save into JPEG files the pictures contained in the following files : -WBC and .WBP - Webshots Colections -WBZ - Downloaded Webshots pictures -WB1 and .WBD - Webshots pictures It can do batch conversion, rename strange webshots filenames into the title of the picture, allows you to browse through webshots pictures and collections, and extract whole or individual pictures. Tag:

Ultra JPEG Tagger
(image) This application allows to view and edit jpeg comments, a standard jpeg file feature, storing extensive description text within images themselves. Images then can be found using the integrated search feature. The application offers a set of productivity tools, like real-time image preview, spell-check, and automation variables. Tag:jpeg comments comment edit write read search

The Jpegcrop Windows Application was initially developed to provide a convenient interactive user interface for the new jpegtran -crop feature. It has now developed to a nearly complete user interface replacement for jpegtran, and furthermore for demonstration of the enhanced djpeg -scale feature. The most wanted feature currently for Jpegcrop is a "constrained aspect ratio" crop mode. If you need such a function to crop your photo images to the common 10x15 (3:2) photo frame, have a look at Stefan Scherer's Jpegcrop with FotoFrame feature. This is a preliminary Jpegcrop extension until an 'official' version will be available someday. Thanks to Stefan Scherer for this contribution! See also the lossless rotation apps page for more solutions (jpegtran Frontends "FotoView" from Martin Pola and "JPEGCrops" from Toke Eskildsen). Tag:image tool jpeg tool image format JPEG JPG user interface image solution photo editor digital photo photography photo image photo frame digital photo editor photo tool digital photo tool jpegcrop jpeg application jpeg image jpeg format BMP

IT JPEG-Tester
(image) The program is able to find invalid jpegs, to remove unnecessary information out of the files and to find duplicate jpeg-files.The program IT JPEG-Tester is a tool to find invalid jpeg-files. The found files are listed in a box so that you can check if you really want to delete theese files. The program is also able to remove unnecessary data like comments, data inserted from graphic programs or servers from the jpeg-files. A duplicate finder for jpeg-files is integrated. With the shareware version it is only possible to test 50 files at once. Tag:invalid jpegs duplicate jpeg files jpeg files

JPEG File Explorer
(image) An image viewer, manager and converter with an Explorer-like user interface. Directory contents are displayed as thumbnails, whereby background processing ensures a good performance. Supported image formats: JPEG, GIF, BMP/DIB, ICO, TIFF, and AVI. File manager functions are using the Windows shell, Explorer-typical features like e.g. drag-and-drop, file copy via the clipboard, auto-refresh directory supported. Multiple sizeable popup view windows can be opened, slide show function included. Convert function converts one or multiple images to the desired target format (JPEG, GIF or BMP). Tag:image viewer image viewer jpeg tools jpeg tool graphcs tools design tools image manager manage image image converter convert image image format image formats jpeg jpg gif bmp dib ico tiff avi

Picture Doctor
(image) Your digital photos are damaged?Recover your images with our image recovery software! Picture Doctor will helps you to restore corrupted and truncated images! Try Picture Doctor for free to recover your digital images! Jpg jpeg files recovery.Psd Adobe Photoshop?files recovery.Image recovery service at home! Picture Doctor is a new data recovery tool for damaged graphic files. It supports JPEG and PSD file formats. Picture Doctor restores the corrupted graphic files and saves them in BMP format. Key features: -Free to try -Supports JPEG and PSD file formats -Recovers images with original dimensions and palette -Recovers layers data for PSD images -Easy to use -Batch files processing -Install/Uninstall support Tag:photo recovery recover photo image recory recover image image recovery software digital photo recovery photo enhancement recover digital image data recovery graphic recovery JPEG PSD BMP PSD image image processing photo processing photo tool

Oriens JPEG Basic
(image) A productivity and automation platform to convert your raw photos into optimized JPEG documents, web albums, screensaver, greeting images in batch mode. Integrates a full-featured EXIF/IPTC editor, a photo editor and various enhancement presets - frame, shadow, mask, watermark and text to give another dimension to your photos. Replicate and batch process group of raw photos with editing and correctional tasks performed on a candidate photo and have web-ready documents in a single click, thereby increasing turnaround time and productivity. Image metadata such as EXIF and IPTC can be edited, or created entirely new. EXIF and IPTC metadata can be exported to a .XIFF file and .FFO file and the same can be imported to any image. In batch mode, use the option to import saved EXIF/IPTC metadata to all the resulting images. Use diverse renaming techniques to output files using information from metadata (EXIF/IPTC) or from the physical properties of the resulting/source image, or simply from the properties of the source file. Supports twain devices such as scanners, digital cameras, webcams etc. with which single or multiple images can be acquired and directed to disk or to the image basket for processing and generating documents. Use the capture utility to capture a whole screen or a custom re-adjustable region of the screen. With ease of use and less learning curve, complex tasks are superseded by user-friendlier tools which take care of all the sophisticated processing of your raw photos without needing to a professional. A must have tool for every casual and hardcore photographers, graphic designers, webmaster alike. Tag:JPEG Photo editing Photo Enhancement Red Eye Frame Batch Processing converter JPEG2000

Fast Image Resizer
(image) -Dual and Quadcore compatible -Resize images to any size quickly and in high quality -Resize Algorithm quality and JPEG quality configurable -Create resized files in new folder, or in the same folder as the source -Use EXIF information to rotate your pictures to the correct orientation -Copy EXIF info from source image -Easy resizing by using windows explorer Send To menu -Automatic cropping option -Can read JPG, BMP, GIF and HD Photo (.wdp, .hdp) files -Writes JPG files -Compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista Tag:

(image) BetterJPEG is a JPEG editor specifically designed to avoid recompression loss when editing and resaving JPEG photos. BetterJPEG takes advantage of the fact that JPEG images consist of a number of small independent blocks and does not recompress blocks that don't have to be changed, retaining original quality and sampling settings. The list of lossless operations supported by BetterJPEG covers the essentials of digital photo processing, which, in combination with intuitive GUI and state-of-the-art image processing algorithms, makes it an indispensable tool for digital camera owners. BetterJPEG makes it easy to quickly process multiple images. Main features: - Lossless transformations - rotation, flip - Lossless crop (free, fixed aspect, fixed size, predefined and user-defined aspects and sizes) - Highly customizable lossless date/EXIF info/text insertion. Flexible templates allow to imprint data directly from metadata contained in images: comment, date, time, exposure, f-number, ISO, focal length, device make and model, file name, copyright sign and add your own description to images.You can select the desired language, font face, size, color, background, opacity, placement, date/time format, etc. - Advanced lossless red eye removal BetterJPEG does not simply desaturate the pupil or do a color replacement, instead it utilizes a sophisticated technique allowing to remove the red tint without affecting other color channels, giving the eyes a natural look. It also performs antialiasing to avoid jagging on the pupil's edge. Sensitivity and darkening can be adjusted for better look. Pixels outside the edited area don't get recompressed. - Copy/Paste to external editor and back allows for local retouching or watermark/banner insertion without full recompression. - Batch and fast one-by-one image processing - Multi-level Undo/Redo - Metadata preservation - Compression optimization Tag:jpeg jpg lossless lossy red eye removal reduction crop transforms rotate date stamp imprint watermark exif recompress DCT blocks artifacts

ReaJPEG - Image converter to JPEG
(image) ReaJPEG is our popular image converter, allowing you to convert images from most commonly used graphic formats to JPEG. You can convert you images to JPEG either one by one or all at once as a batch job. Built-in image editor provides several popular image manipulation functions, including resize, crop, rotate, mirror, brightness, contrast, border, watermark, red eye correction and a dozen of various artistic effects. Batch job automation features include Windows Explorer right-click menu integration and command-line usage capabilities. Main features: Single and batch mode for image conversion and editing Converts images from 35 graphic formats including BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF, FAX, TGA, PPM, PSD, etc... Built-in image editor with red eye correction tool Optional integration into shell Command line interface Tag:image converter image conversion photo converter photo conversion convert image image update convert document batch conversion PDF documents image editor edit image photo editor edit photo image manipulation image resizer resize image rotate image red eye

(image) Do you have a large family photo archive? So, it's program for you! ImageSign help you to sign any photo by text or date. You may choose any font style, color and size. It's easy to use: select folder, enter text and click "Sign"!The inscription will help to save memory about the photo place or date.Use ImageSign and keep your photo archive in perfect condition! Tag:photo organizer photo organizing organize digital photos photo book image sign sign image sign photo sign photos photo sign sign albums photo software digital photo album