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CastlePaste Pro v2.30.1p Released

Sat, 27 Feb 2010 06:32:56 +0000

CastlePaste Pro v2.30.1p has been released and is available immediately from the Downloads page on the Castle web site. This version contains a number of new features and a small bug fix New Features * The first item on the Paste menu is now a "Add New Item ..." option which takes you straight to the Paste Items page of the Configuration dialog * Added a /nosplash command line option to allow CastlePaste to start without a splash screen * Startup time has been reduced Bug Fixes * Pasting from the clipboard into the configuration dialog for plaint text paste items now replaces the current selection rather than all text in the paste item. Important Information Previous versions of the v2.x major version performed an automatic upgrade of paste items from v1.5x. Due to the fact that the v2.x major version has now existed for a long period of time, this automatic upgrade feature has been removed. Upgrade Information This version is available free to existing registered users of CastlePaste Pro v2.x

CastlePaste Pro v2.01.1 Released

Sun, 06 Apr 2008 00:28:27 +0000

CastlePaste Pro v2.01.1 has been released and is available immediately from the Downloads page on the Castle web site. This version is a new major version of CastlePaste Pro, and provides a number of significant enhancements as well as fixes to some known issues. * Improved : The backend logic of CastlePaste Pro has been rewritten to use database technology for storing settings and paste items. * Improved : Database is automatically backed up and keeps 7 days history. * Improved : All restrictions have been removed from the trial version with the exception of the expiry after 30 days trial. * CastlePaste Pro has now been tested under Windows Vista Ultimate. No known issues exist. * Fixed : Intermittent problem where paste items would not paste into some windows. * Fixed : Problem where pasting of plain text into applications such as MSWord would not match current formatting. * Fixed : Erroneous temporary files left behind in temp folders are now removed automatically. This version is available to existing registered users of CastlePaste Pro v1.5x for a special upgrade price of $9.95.

NewzAlert Composer v1.70.8 Released

Sat, 08 Apr 2006 11:26:29 +0000

NewzAlert Composer v1.70.8 has been released and is available immediately from the Downloads page on the Castle web site. This version fixes an intermittent bug whereby a new topic added to a feed would not appear at the top of the list as the newest topic.

NewzAlert Composer v1.70.7 Released

Tue, 14 Feb 2006 13:03:37 +0000

NewzAlert Composer v1.70.7 has been released and is available immediately from the Downloads page on the Castle web site. This version fixes a small bug with restricting the number of topics published with FTP.

NewzAlert Composer v1.70.6 Released

Mon, 23 May 2005 12:40:17 +0000

NewzAlert Composer v1.70.6 has been released and is available immediately from the Downloads page on the Castle web site. This version fixes a small issue with

NewzAlert Composer v1.70.5 Released

Wed, 12 Jan 2005 08:44:51 +0000

NewzAlert Composer v1.70.5 has been released and is available immediately from the Downloads page on the Castle web site. This version fixes a small issue with importing external feeds.

SkinCrafter 1.4.15 Released

Tue, 28 Dec 2004 14:46:31 +0000

SkinCrafter ActiveX Library that lets developers create applications that users can easily skin. With support for Windows Forms (.NET), MS Visual C , MS Visual Basic, Delphi, and all Win32 languages that support COM objects, SkinCrafter increases the value of applications by giving them a modern look and feel, and making them more attractive to end users.

NewzAlert Composer v1.70.2 Released

Tue, 07 Dec 2004 03:44:07 +0000

NewzAlert Composer v1.70.2 has been released and is available immediately from the Downloads page on the Castle web site. This version adds the ability to import existing feeds. It also adds support for enclosures (images, audio, video, media objects).

Earn 40% commission on NewzAlert Composer

Fri, 30 Jul 2004 02:58:05 +0000

Castle Software is offering 40% commission on referrals of customers who buy their NewzAlert Composer software. NewzAlert Composer is a comprehensive RSS editor and publisher - it was used to create this RSS topic. As you know RSS is a maturing standard which is currently taking off in a BIG way. NewzAlert Composer is one of only a very few pieces of quality software around for creating and publishing RSS feeds ... and NewzAlert Composer is the best around.
NewzAlert Composer normally retails for US $49.95, but it is currently available for an introductory price of only US $29.95. You can earn 40% of $29.95 for every customer your refer who purchases a license for NewzAlert Composer. Tracking of referrals is done by using the eSellerate in-application purchasing technology. You can sign up for a free eSellerate account at eSellerate. Alternatively, you can use RegNow to handle the affiliate referrals. Sign up for free at RegNow
Castle Software are more than happy to help you get started - please contact them if you have any questions.

Earn money with the affiliate program

Mon, 26 Jul 2004 15:54:06 +0000

Earn cash promoting the Internet's most popular diagramming software! It's so easy! Just place a link to us on your professional, high-traffic website, recommending SmartDraw to your visitors. You'll earn cold, hard cash when your visitors purchase a copy of SmartDraw!
You can earn up to $80 of every sales referral!

Get your anti-spam software listed on

Wed, 23 Jun 2004 04:12:29 +0000 is an anti-spam site where you can find software to help you fight against SPAM. Spam is not going away ... it is getting worse. The latest figures put spam at around two thirds of all email traffic.
Get your anti-spam software listed on You must use RegNow as your exclusive payment processor and accept us as an affiliate. Contact at

NewzAlert Composer v1.45.1 Released

Wed, 09 Jun 2004 06:02:25 +0000

NewzAlert Composer v1.45.1 has been released and is available immediately from the Downloads page on the Castle web site.
NewzAlert Composer is a comprehensive tool for creating and publishing RSS feeds, and it's all you need to get up and running with one or more RSS feeds of your own. It brings together the editing and publishing of all your RSS feeds into one convenient place on your desktop. With RSS feeds of your own, you can quickly and easily :* Notify your customers about product updates* Announce company news* Run promotions and specials* Publish your thoughts and ideas in an ever expanding realm of RSS feeds.
NewzAlert Composer gets you up and running with your own RSS feeds within minutes. Promote your feeds at and make it easy for people to find your feeds and therefore your web site and your products and services.
This version adds more functionality to make creating topics even easier than it already is.
Duplicate Topic allows you make an exact copy of an existing topic within a feed. This feature was used to duplicate the previous topic and update the title and text of this.
Copy Topic To allows you make an exact copy of an existing topic to another feed.

Feature Pick - Desktop Category

Wed, 09 Jun 2004 02:25:12 +0000

The Feature Pick slot in the Desktop category is currently available. If your software is listed in the Desktop category then you can take advantage of this special offer ...

The first author to email us about this offer will get 50% off the normal advertising cost of the Feature Pick slot in the Desktop category for 3 months. The cost would normally be $150 ($50 per month for 3 months). Contact us now and you will pay only $75 for 3 months. Email

New Category - "RSS Tools"

Thu, 03 Jun 2004 16:29:42 +0000

We have added a new subcategory called "RSS Tools", which lives beneath the "Internet and Network" category. This subcategory is especially for RSS related tools, including editors, aggregators and so forth.

If you already have an RSS related tool listed on, please feel free to send us an email to let us know and we will look at moving it across to the new RSS subcategory. Forums

Thu, 03 Jun 2004 16:08:35 +0000

The forums are now live. The main reason for creating these forums is to bring authors and their (potential) customers together in one place. We have hundreds of thousands of people visiting every month and they are potentially looking for your software. While we make it relatively easy for people to find software using our category hierarchy and search, there are times when people want to hear other people's opinions on software. The forums are a place where this can happen.

Sign up as a free member and add comments about your software in the forums. Visitors can see your comments and may ask questions, The more this happens, the more interest there will be in your software.

There are also private authors forums ... once again they are free, but you need to request that you be allowed access after you have signed up as a forum member. The private author forums also have places especially for you to chat with other authors about just about anything, barter licenses for your software ... an more.

Advertising discounts - today only

Thu, 03 Jun 2004 15:12:51 +0000

This is the first of our promotional offers to be announced on this new RSS feed. There will be many announcements on this feed, so keep your eyes here ...

OK, let's get things rolling. Today only !! and that means until 3 June 23:59 GMT ... 50% off any available advertising slot. Note, if the slot you desire is not available, we will endeavour to find an equivalent slot somewhere else. However, this offer does not apply to wait listing.

Contact us at to request your advertising. Remember ... 50% off the published price ...

aFreeGoDev to be replaced

Thu, 03 Jun 2004 14:14:42 +0000

The aFreeGoDev mailing list is for authors who have their software listed on We send out emails to this list, announcing specials and site update information.

Due to the increasing unreliability of email, we are discontinuing this mailing list. All future discounts, promotions and site information which would previously have been sent to the aFreeGoDev mailing list, will now be announced here in the Developer News RSS feed.

Please add this RSS feed ( to your RSS aggregator. Developer RSS Feed is live

Sat, 29 May 2004 19:25:44 +0000

The aFreeGoNews newsletter is now syndicated through the new RSS feed available at Add this link to your RSS aggregator to get the latest