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National Briefing | Science and Health: Abortion Does Not Cause Mental Illness, Panel Says
A panel of the American Psychological Association reported, after two years of study, that there is no evidence that abortion causes significant mental health problems.

Los Angeles Stages a Fast Food Intervention
The yearlong moratorium on new fast food restaurants in Los Angeles raises questions about when eating stops being a personal choice and becomes a public health concern.

Recipes for Health: Mediterranean Chickpea Salad
An easy summer salad that makes the most of seasonal chickpeas.

Recipes for Health: Summer Minestrone With Fresh Basil
A hearty summer soup gets its nutritional punch from cannellini beans.

As Swimming Records Fall, Technology Muddies the Water
Some officials ask whether so many records devalue each one, and whether technology unduly aids performance.

Vital Signs: Prevention: Stomach Cancer and a Common Germ
Destroying a common bacterium in the stomach after stomach cancer may lower the rates of recurrence.

Prescriptions for Health, the Environmental Kind
Dr. Natalie Jeremijenko caters to those who want to know more about what they can do to clean up their personal environment.

Vital Signs: Childbirth: Highway Proximity Linked to Birth Weight
Mothers living near highways in wealthy neighborhoods are more likely to give birth to preterm or low-birth-weight babies.

In Some Henna Tattoos, a Harmful Dye
Some henna tattoos can cause a not-so-beautiful allergic reaction.