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HGTV Dream Home Giveaway 2013 is located on Island in South Carolina

Mon, 31 Dec 2012 06:26:36 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - The house built for the 2013 HGTV Dream Home Giveaway is located on the East Coast in the vacation-getaway of Kiaway Island, South Carolina. The furnished new-construction home, a new GMC Acadia Denali, and $500,000 in cash are included in the 2013 grand prize sweepstakes.

The HGTV 2013 Dream Home is about color, texture, and patterns. The exterior of the home’s siding is a green shingle with dark wood doors. An elevated front porch offers a beautiful view of the sunset and a nice place to relax. Beautiful warm wood finishes are seen throughout the home.

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac halt Foreclosed Property Evictions until after Holidays

Tue, 04 Dec 2012 06:23:17 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced that they would halt evictions during the holidays.

The Federal National Mortgage Association (OTC:FNMA) will halt evictions from foreclosed single family and 2-4 unit properties between December 19, 2012 and January 2, 2013. Similarly, the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp (OTC:FMCC) announced a nationwide halt to evictions between December 17, 2012 and January 2, 2013 for single-family homes and 2-4 unit properties.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac said that during this temporary pause, the families living in these properties will not be evicted. However, the legal and administrative proceedings will continue and the eviction process may continue during this period, but the actual evictions will be postponed.

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Survey finds Homebuyers not shopping for best mortgage rates and terms

Thu, 29 Nov 2012 05:26:07 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - A study conducted by the Federal National Mortgage Association (OTC:FNMA) found that many homebuyers in the United States do not shop around enough to save money on their mortgage. The November 2012 National Housing Survey Topic Analysis Report found that consumers could save money and get a more financially stable mortgage if they shopped more carefully.

Fannie Mae Chief Economist Doug Duncan said buyers often do not completely understand the details and the costs involved. Some homebuyers may even be surprised to find that their budgets were unrealistic when they couldn’t afford the payments later on.

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800,000 California Residents getting billed $150 for Fire Protection Fee

Wed, 17 Oct 2012 06:18:10 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - Around 800,000 residents in California will be receiving or have recently received a bill for $150, and some say that the money will do nothing for them except help the state government balance their budget. The tax was called the Fire Protection “Fee,” which has been questioned for fairness because the fee does not give the homeowner any new additional benefit.

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and George Runner, State Senator (Ret.), and member of the California State Board of Equalization, have both said this “fee” is not fair and targets residents living in areas that might use the state run fire service.

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Obama Administration’s September 2012 Housing Scorecard shows stronger Housing Market

Fri, 12 Oct 2012 04:53:58 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - The September 2012 edition of the Obama Administration's Housing Scorecard featured an improving housing market with rising home equity values. The August home sales volume was the highest in over two years, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the US Department of Treasury said in their monthly report.

The government's report still voiced concern for the fragile recovery in the housing market. However, home equity values have increased $860 billion since the end of 2011. Since the third quarter of 2008, the higher home values pushed 1.3 million families above water when their home's worth became more than their mortgage. During the second quarter of 2012, homeowner equity increased $406 billion, or 5.9 percent.

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August Housing Scorecard - Home Prices continue to Improve

Mon, 17 Sep 2012 03:30:09 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) along with the US Department of the Treasury released the August 2012 report of the Obama Administration's Housing Scorecard. The latest report finds that home prices are improving, but caution remains for a frail market as it recovers slowly.

Because of the increased housing prices, around 1.3 million homeowners are now above water on their mortgages. HUD Acting Assistant Secretary Erika Poethig said that the median sales prices are the highest since the first months that the Obama Administration has been in office. The August 2012 housing prices are being forecast to be on an increasing trend and the prices are above the January 2009 forecast. The homeowners who were under water have dropped by 11 percent since the end of last year. Part of the reduction could be attributed to over half-a-million refinances that were completed so far this year through the government’s Home Affordable Refinance Program.

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Obama Administration's July 2012 Housing Scorecard - Homeowners helped with Home Loan Modifications

Sat, 11 Aug 2012 05:05:35 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), along with the US Department of the Treasury, released the July 2012 edition of the Obama Administration’s Housing Scorecard. The July Housing Scorecard found hints of recovery with foreclosure rates declining in June. The existing home inventories on the market were at low levels again.

The turnaround time to sell the existing houses for sale was reported to be at 6.6 months and new homes on the market was at 4.9 months. The report explained that market experts suggest that a six-month supply of homes is a sign of a balanced market.

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San Bernardino County Property Values Increasing

Thu, 26 Jul 2012 08:02:28 +0000


(Best Syndication News) San Bernardino County property values are increasing, according to the county assessor’s office. The Assessor-Recorder Clerk, Dennis Draeger, signed the annual property assessment roll on Friday.

Draeger says the sum of property values hit $162,678,642,449 in 2012. That is up 0.8 percent from 2011. This is good news for homeowners who have seen their values plummet over the last few years – at least until they get their new property tax bill.

County revenue will be increasing, mostly because of the increase in the Proposition 13 inflationary factor, according to Draeger.

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Median Home Price in Southern California reaches $300K - San Bernardino County values increased the most

Wed, 18 Jul 2012 05:48:55 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - Housing prices have increased, and so have the number of homes sold in Southern California compared to the year-over-year (YOY) survey by DataQuick. The median home price increased in June 2012 to $300,000, which is up 5.3 percent from the June 2011 average price of $285,000.

Comparing May 2012 to June 2012 there was a 1.7 percent increase in the median home price, which was only $295,000 the month before.

There was also an increase of 7.5 percent in the number of homes sold. In June 2011 there were 20,532 homes sold, and in June 2012 there were 22,075 homes sold.

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US Household Net Worth declined $36K on average

Mon, 18 Jun 2012 19:34:09 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - According to the US Census Bureau, households in the US had a median decline in net worth of around 35 percent between 2005 and 2010. The net worth on average was $102,844 in 2005, and in 2010, it dropped down to $66,740. The main reason for the decline in net worth is from the reduced home values.

The US Census Bureau said that if you remove the home equity aspect, median household net worth actually increased by 8 percent between 2009 and 2010. The increase from the two years was $13,859 to $15,000, which is an additional $1,141 in net worth.

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Obama Housing Scorecard May 2012 – Housing Recovery Mixed

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