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QuantumZynes, Garlicidin, Colostrum Repair Cream, Acne

Sun, 14 Dec 2014 04:05:42 +0100

Lets go right to the phones.Are you there caller, and how old is your wife?Caller: Yes Dr. Marshall she's 52/Dr. Marshall: And how much does she weigh?Caller:150Dr. Marshall: And did she ever have this problem before?Caller: All of her life.Dr. Marshall: Ok, then it's probably truly a reaction to the food. First of all, you want to make sure it's truly a healthy food because many times when we get a food that is not cooked properly or is poor quality, it's normal to react to that  so you want to be sure that it's a good quality food. There's several things that you can do on the most common thing that we see is that these many reactions to food are very common in people that were not breast-fed, and that may be your wife and if that's true...Caller: She wasn't Dr. Marshall: ...then what we really need to focus on rather than eliminating you know a laundry list of foods we need to focus on ecology of the gut and digestion, and so these two things can be done.  One, making sure she doesn't eat cooked food without digestive enzymes like Quantum Digest. At her body weight maybe two of those and maybe adding some QuantumZymes. because this one has peptidase and serratiopeptadise so it can break down gluten and it can really do a lot of help for the lining of the intestine which is often compromised ecologically from not being breast-fed, so we can get on these things. The end of the meal. of course, the HCl Detox Kit for her I would say two Quantumzymes than for her. I would say about three HCl, little more than normal in one activator. Now when that's being done, having her consume some probiotic here you'd want her to maybe chew two and swallow two while she's doing this. And then after about six or eight weeks. you want to see if she is just as reactive than she was before. In many cases that eliminates the problem, and we don't have to go further. There's also a possibility. some of these foods. these common foods were given to her before the digestive tract was ready and the body has programmed them to be bad. If that's the case, then you may want to take her to a QRA practitioner who can do a little work on the field and the food and will hopefully eliminate any reactivity. It's a very simple but very profound approach. okayCaller:   All right, great, thank you.Dr. Marshall: You can actually alter the field and that's very, very exciting, okay?Caller: Ok thanksMONOLOGUE:Welcome to Healthline Live. we're here today to answer your nutrition and health related questions with the latest 21st-century info so you and your family can enjoy a new era of great health. To call in with your questions. you can reach us toll free eight eighty eight five eighty eight seventy five seventy six. keep the number handy. It also works on are Monday through Friday broadcast. you can look up on our website. You can also hear archived broadcasts there. so by all means, join us to and tell a friend so that they can start learning how to really care and fuel this body the way it was intended because when you walk in that supermarket in your town. it's really a mausoleum, where the dead food lies in state, and you need to learn how to tiptoe through the minefields in there so that you can enjoy and keep the best health and boy there sure is a lot of bad stuff. So this is something that can really change your life. So stay tuned and learn how to care and fuel that machine and every day that we come to you. of course, we've got  a little, teaching area that we cover and some great specials for you and your family. We're going to talk mostly about your skin today; blemishes and non- cystic acne. You know way back in the nineteen fifties, now it's been quite a while ago, the Pasteur Institute in France, along with the US were trying to use their latest discoveries to see if they couldn't eliminate the issue of acne. They quickly learned that it was driven by disordered bacterial ecology. So the US went about using tetracycline and the Pasteur Institute actually tried beneficial bacteria p[...]

Artery, Vein and circulation support

Sun, 14 Dec 2014 04:04:46 +0100

Welcome to Healthline live, your conduit for 21st century nutrition that really works. We're here to answer your nutrition and health related questions. You can reach us toll free 888-588-7576. Keep that number handy. It's not only good  (more to come!...)

Hysterectomy, Stiff Thumbs. Thinning Hair, High Blood Pressure, Intestinal Yeast

Mon, 08 Aug 2011 01:34:49 +0100

Monologue:Welcome to Healthline Live, 21st Century where we're going to show you that you cannot just have some dead multi vitamin with minerals circa 1950.If you want outrageous health, the body has to have live source nutrition. It's gotta have that DNA in there so that it's able to support the biophoton activity of the DNA of your own cell. This is critical and we don't want toxic tag-a-longs, small amounts, over time may represent devastating damage. So you want something that's excipient free, you want something that's exquisitely well grown, and meticulously cared for and protected from it's moment of conception to it's moment of consumption. And if all of that's done, then the nutrient should test 'on' to all 4 biofield polarities. That's right, living things are not like electricity in the wall with a positive and a negative, they have 4 polarities. They should all test on and no matter how much I stress tap that nutrient it's fields should still test on. And today the best food you can buy - organic, well grown, good water, the best of the best organic - all 4 biofield polarities will be on, however (maybe on,sometimes they aren't) but they stress tap off with 5 stress taps - WOW. Imagine, 100 years ago, our food made us the strongest nation on earth, you couldn't stress tap off the food. Less than 5 percent of Americans was chronically ill, no nation on earth could match us. Today, more than 53% are chronically ill. We're not getting reports anymore after 2005 because we believe in the 'ostrich solution' ; we just stick our head in the sand and don't report it anymore, however, it's the food that's doing this to you folks. So growing some of your own food, getting heirloom seeds, learning how to really take care of the soil, the way Albricht (sp?) taught at the University of Missouri I believe, many years ago back in the 1950's and we need to go back to that. But even if you had that food, it still wouldn't be enough .You can't buy a food like that today, but if you are looking for a supplement that could meet that criteria, you've found it - Quantum Nutrition Labs. And I made these things first, to recover myself from genetically engineered poisoning of bad tryptophan; and it worked. And more and more practitioners asked me about it and so I began manufacturing it, and to this day we use equipment that's rarely used in the nutrition industry so that we are able to quickly identify the nutrients that are on to all 4 bio-field polarities and can't be stress taped off. Experience some of these nutrients today as we go into our specials and we're going to be doing everything for the skin today so stay tuned for that. And in addition to the importance of exquisetly well grown nutrients, the 2nd step is finding and eliminating interference fields, that may be blocking the healthy energy flow and slowly choking the life out of the key organ or gland. And no matter how much nutrition you use, slowly, relentlessly and unstoppably, these interference fields will destroy that organ or gland. But you can find ways today to eliminate the interference field, get the healthy energy flow back, and unleash your best health for that organ or gland. Stay tuned and we'll be talking about more of that. And if you'd like to call in, with your nutrition and health related question, you can reach us toll free: 800-370-3447.Tell a friend to enjoy 21st Century nutrition as well even if they're outside your listening area, they can visit our website at, not .com, and then they can look up the broadcast and join us in their area and if you haven't heard Saturday's broadcast, you can look up the broadcast and join us.All right, let's go right to the phones: 1st Caller:female, 55 yrs old, 145lbsDr. Marshall: Well, the first thing, once you've had a complete hysterectomy, the challenge is to maintain your healthy hormone balance. And my favorite things to do that, are, 1). Propolis and honey, believe it or not. This no[...]

Fluid Balance in Ears, Pregnancy, Breast Reduction, Acid Reflux and Liver Spots on the Face

Mon, 08 Aug 2011 01:34:01 +0100

Today's Special
Bone and Joint Complex, Kidney Complex and Nano Green Tea

Today's Callers:
female calling about the healthy fluid balance for the ears in an 8yr old child

Recommendation:Ears are controlled by the kidneys so she may want to give the child Kidney Complex. Essential Fatty Acids would be good as well. Make sure the child is getting air dried sea salt or pink salt.  

Next Caller:
female, 46yrs old,  wanting to get pregnant
Stay away from toxic item: tobacco, alcohol etc., may need to be celibate for a while to prevent undue pressure on child. She can check with Le Leche League to get more pregnancy/breast feeding tips. For her blood pressure, she should start on digestive aids and use a good quality salt. While she is NOT pregnant, she can use Heart Nano Detox for the heart and ciculatory system. Caller wanted to know how her 15 year old daughter, 128lbs, could reduce breast size. Dr. Marshall says SOD, superoxide dismutase, can possibly do this.

Next Caller:
female, 60yrs old, 240lbs, acid reflux

She will need to start on the digest products. Caller also has various other problems. Dr. Marshall suggests she see a QRA practitioner so they can go through each of her problems.

Next Caller:
female, 38yrs old, 140lbs, 5'9", large brown spots on the face

These type of spots are often called liver spots but they are hyper pigmentation spots.A dermatologist should look at them to know what they really are. Often correlated with dental work - silver fillings. Nano Green Tea can help this. If there was a  blow to the head/face/neck, this might have sedated healthy flow to the pituitary which could have caused this. Quantum Adaptogen can help if that is the case and if she wakes up tired. A QRA person can tell for sure what is causing the spots.

Listen Now:
Fluid Balance in Ears, Pregnancy, Breast Reduction, Acid Reflux and Liver Spots on the Face

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Nano DHLA, the Super Antioxidant

Sun, 31 Jul 2011 05:47:37 +0100

Eye Health, Sexual Function, Balance and Cartilage Strength

Sun, 31 Jul 2011 05:12:24 +0100

Specials for the Day:Ph Trio: Gets the first morning Ph to the ideal 6.4-7.0. Contains Sango Marine Coral. Most ionized, most absorbable form of minerals, contains 2 parts calcium and 1 part magnesium. Best seller in all of Japan and great seller in U.s. and Europe. You can get the aloe powder with it to escort it into the body. You can also use aloe drink which is Dr. Marshall's favorite way to take it. To take it you use 1 oz of water and 1 oz of aloe, with 1/2 teaspoon of coral. This leaves very little of the coral powder left in the glass.Coral Calcium: Capsules contain the pro vitamin D but not the actual vitamin D like in Cod Liver Oil  Cod Liver Oil: USP grade, nothing synthetic added. 400 I.U. in capsule or liquid formThis is a great way to work on your mineralsFirst Caller:male, 47yrs old, 155lbs, eye health and sexual functionRecommendation:Calcification can form in the eye due to being in bone loss for a long time. Real health for the eye or anywhere else in the body starts with great digestion. He should start his main meals with 2 Quantum Digest. These are pancreatic enzyme support agents which also contain pepsin. All plant based. Pepsin is a catalyst with allows the body to more efficiently use Hydrochloric Acid. Hydrochloric Acid is one of the key digestive compounds that is exhausted from years of eating cooked food - we are all designed to eat raw food. If you forget to take the Digest at the start of the meal, you can take all the digestive elements at the end of the meal. After the 2 Digests, take the HCL Detox kit, 4 HCL and 2 Activator. If we can't digest our food we quickly move to mineral deficiency. Mineral deficiency forces the body to decompose its own bones to buffer the blood at night. The decomposed bone can not go back to the bone and the body is unable to excrete it. It is called microcrystalline hydroxyapatite. It is too hard of a molecular structure for the kidney to pass it. So it will be put in your foot, toe, spine, neck, or eye (etc). The first step then was to be able to digest your food. The next step, is to shift the Ph so that we are not decomposing the bone to get a buffering system for the blood. He will need to get Ph paper to check his first morning Ph and see if he can get it into the 6.4-7.0 zone. Using Ph Trio with the Aloe drink (the aloe drink will be best for the caller as he has questions on blood sugar) he willl use 1/2 teaspoon of coral and 1 ounce of water and 1 ounce of aloe drink. Every 3 days he needs to check his Ph. If the Ph gets into the right range he is finished. If it's not, he will up the coral by 1/2 teaspoon and and the aloe and water by 1 ounce. By 2 or 3 teaspoons he should finally be in the target range. He should feel more flexible and his whole body should feel better. He won't be putting 'bone type calcium' all over his body. This also directly relates to blood sugar. When we don't digest our food well, little 'bugs' that may be in the food can set up housekeeping in the kidneys, heart, circulatory tree or in the pancreas. Dr. Marshall's favorite product for promoting the best health in these areas is Heart Nano Detox. The caller should take 4 or 5 teaspoons of Heart Nano Detox in 24-32 ounces of water to be sipped after breakfast and finished by night fall. To have the best sexual function begins with good circulation. Heart Nano will help for this as well. Adrenals will also need to be targeted for this. Adrenals need salt, water and at least 5 hours straight sleep without waking up. Then he will need to take some Adrenal complex, 8 at breakfast and at no other time of the day. Then he will need Max Stress B along with DHLA. The Max Stress B should be started at 1/2 teaspoon and upped by 1/2 teaspoon every 3 days until he gets to about 2 teaspoons per day.  The B's have to be started slowly so the body (the brain and adrenals and liver) can adjust. Add 2 teaspoons of DHLA along with the Max Stres[...]

Bladder health, Arthritis aand Hair loss on Healthline

Sun, 31 Jul 2011 05:53:48 +0100

Dr. Marshall's Monologue:What is 21st century nutrition? In the 1900's we had isolated vitamins and minerals - we still make them and many poeple still take them. Most of those products are completely dead; meaning they don't come from a once living source. If it's a mineral, then that makes it very hard to absorb and use. If it is some other nutrient, it will be missing the DNA. If you use these type of products long term, it has been found, by quantum physicist Fritz Popp, that it will damage your DNA.So, 21st Century nutrition must be 1) a once live source 2) free of toxic tag-a-longs  3) it must match the healhty ideal resonance of the organ or gland it is targeting. The other half of the equation for 21st centry nutriton is that you must be able to manipulate the all controlling plasma energy field so that you can erase the energy blockages associated with scars and traumas. You can then unleash the greatest health for that organ or gland. Special for the Day:UT Formula One:This represents a quantum breakthrough. A couple of doctors who had been working with many of the colored fruits figured out a way to concentrate cranberry in a way that had never been done before. Many people know that cranberry juice can help maintain healty structure and function of the urinary tract. This new method can concentrate cranberry to 35%. In a study in Colordao using this new prepartation they found that at the 35% level they could maintain healthy bladder and urinary tract function for 100% of the subjects. That's 'Nutrition That Really Works!'First Caller:female, 43yrs old, 118lbs, heartburn and arthritis in fingersRecommendation:To provide better circulation to the hands, she could use Circumzyme, 3 per meal at her body weight. For the healthiest bladder, UT Formula One at 1 per meal can help. If this isn't enoughsupport, she can use Bladder Complex, Allicidin and Hyssop, 2 or 3 capsules each per meal. However, most people will be happy with just the UTFormula 1. Caller has had an injury to nose. she will need to be medi body packed on her hands and because she was vaccinated on the arm, she will need to do a special 'packing' on her hand. From there, she can medi body pack the nose and the top of her head at governor vessel 20 with 2 tablespoons of mud each, simultaneously, for 2 sets. To be able to use HCL and be clear of heartburn, she will need Stomach Complex as a tea, 2capsules worth before meals. At the start of meals, she will take 1 quantum digest. At the end of meal will be the HCL detox kit, 2 HCL and 1 activator.Next Caller:female, 54yrs old, 140lbs, wants healthy musculature and connective tissueRecommendation:In a small study of subjects with a similar issue, 100%  of the people were helped by the elimination of MSG. Caller says she tries to eat well with lots of raw food and no MSG. In thestudy they also found low salt to be a problem. She should be getting 1 teaspoon of air dried seasalt or  pink salt a day. Caller's digestion is not good. She should take 2 Quantum Digest at the start of each main meal, whether she's eating raw food or not. At the end of the meal, 4 HCL and 2 activator which is a bit more than would usually be called for but should do wonders for her body. If this has been going on all her life, she may need to start working with some good bacteria. She could try to find Kefir at a Russian deli. She can use whole or low fat milk, bothtest really good. This is a food for good bacteria and can be helpful in resetting the gut ecology. An even stronger solution is Quantum Probiotic Complex which is the actual bacteria itself, live source not freeze dried. She could chew 3 at breakfast and swallow 3. Many people saythey can tell the difference when they do this. This may accelerate the ability to shift the bacterial ecology and start sending good stuff to the muscles. Caller has ordered the Gall Bladder Nano De[...]

Immune Support from Quantum Nutrition

Sun, 31 Jul 2011 05:54:06 +0100

Dr. Marshall's Monologue:Experience 21st Century nutrition. Nut just multi vitamin from coal tar derivitive resins and some dead mineral from a mine somewhere but cell resonant nutrition that can most rapidly help the body to achieve the ideal cell resonance for best health. That's only half of 21st centry nutrition. The other half is that for the first time we know that we are controlled by an all powerful bio field, a quantum energy biofield. To give you an idea of how powerful that little field is that constitutes your very essence; communication in the field is twice the speed of light. For those of you that recall the prognostications of Albert Einstein, he said nothing could travel faster than the spped of light. Well Albert was wrong. Inside that quantum energy field, communication has been proven to be twice the speed of light.We can now manipulate that field. That's the 2nd and most important part of  21st century nutrition. What's so amazing is the Ancients used to use mud at wounds and sites and scars. We considered this to be very foolish. We have now learned that that IS one of the primary ways to restore the healthy energy flow. And we now know the ancients new that. They must have had quite a teacher from somewhere. We are also learning that the  muds they used are a biochemcial marvel. They are known as "maximum cat ion-exchange compounds". Translated to English - nothing on this planet can outdo those muds in removing heavy metals - or other 'cat ions' (cation). That's 21st Century Nutrition.Special for the day is for immune upregulating:Nucleotides: Called the "onset" in Europe. A fundamental building block of every cell. It takes 6 billion nucleotides to make 1 cell. When you have an immune battle, you need to be resupplied. Those that are breast fed have more nucleotide reserves. Those that are not breast fed witll talke a long time if you are short on reserves. Can help the body strengthen itselfe. A key player for rapid cellular rejuvenation, increased vitality, healthy immune response, and DNA upregulation since it is such a fundamental building block in the body. Promotes new skin cell growth and rejuvenation, nutralization of internal toxins, supports normal T-cell manufacture.Colostrum: Capsules or Powder. Contains about 25% human active immunoglobulins: IGG and IGA. The first line of defense on the intestinal lining. Reliable immune support for the entire family. Not defatted because you may compromise the intercellular transport. Low temperature air dried so there is no damage to the molecular structure. A minimum of 21% immunoglobulin. Contains the 8th and most difficult sugar for the body to get; the elusive N-acetylneuraminic acid. The richest live source of MSM. Contains lacto ferrin whch helps promote healthy oxygen transport in the blood. Contains other immunoglobulins like IGM, lacto ferrin, prolean rich poly peptides, glyco proteins, interferon, oligiosaccharides, various enzymes that are critical etc.First Caller:male, calling for his wife, 50yrs old, 200lbs, who wants to have the best connective tissue healthRecommendations:When connective tissues are stiff or tight, it is one of the crossover areas in the body in terms of control. Part of the control is under the kidney and the other part is under the liver. The liver may be getting toxic from not doing the best job of digesting the food. If the digestion is not working so good, the incompletely digested food will be dumpled in the liver. The liver has to do something with it so it may dump some of it in the connective tissues, tendons. She should take 2 Quantum Digest at the start of the meal giving plenty pancreatic support. At the end of the meal for her body weight and age, she will need 5 HCL and 2 activator. This should hopefully stop the rotting food going into the liver. Now, we should support a healthy liver so[...]

Great Bladder Function with Quantum Nutrition Products

Sun, 31 Jul 2011 05:54:27 +0100

Special for Today is for bladder/urinary tract:Bladder Complex: Most closely matches the ideal cell resonance of a healthy bladder. No product has been built with this design before.Allicidin: Often used together with the Bladder Complex. A gentle biofilm buster. promotes great health for urinary tract and bladder.Hyssop: Very targeted immune support for the bladder. All 3 of these products together usually make the ideal combo for maybe 8,  10 or 12 weeks to promote best health for urinary tract.  Multi Pollen: 1 or 2 a day for bioflavonoids to maintain the integrity of the lining of the mucus membrane so you can sleep through the night and not be bothered with urinary urgency.First Caller:female, 65yrs old, 118lbs,  bile issues in the liverRecommendation:To promote the best bile flow use Gall Bladder Nano. For her size, 2,  maximum 3 teaspoons in 16 ounces of water. Sip it after breakfast for 3 weeks, Then start 2 coffee enemas a week, at the same time, for 4 months. Also needs Reishi which in the long term promotes the healthiest liver and gall bladder. It is world renowned and heavily used in Japan and throughout China. 6  Reishi per meal for her body size for about 4 to 6 months. This should promote the best health for the whole liver including the bile veins. Caller had lock jaw as a child and lost a thumb due to a sliver in ther thumb, her right thumb. She will need to mud pack the hand about 4 times especially around where the thumb was amputated. Caller also has silver fillings, she will use the fluid HM Nano Detox. She needs to see if there are any other scars or traumas that are reflexing to the liver.For healthy thyroid. The thyroid hunts for minerals and gathers iodine from the blood. It can be a repository for a lot of 'bad' minerals. When it gets enough 'junk' then a bug can get into the thyroid. Try to promote a state of health for the whole body, but she can also detox to clear anything that could harming her. Thyroid Complex would be first. Hyssop Complex for immunity. 2 each of these per each meal. Do this for 8 to  12 weeks. If it's promoting good health she may need to make some other changes. A QRA practitioner can guide her step by step. Caller wanted to know about her eyes. She has thinning of the optic nerve. This suggests that nutriton for the nerve is poor, which in turn suggests bad digestion and in particular bad bile flow. Nerve Complex, 3 per meal, until she doesn't see any more improvement. 2 teaspoons of Lecithin per day. Lecithin is an emulsifier. take it during the highest fat meal. This will bypass the bile and get some oil into the nerves, brain and everywhere else. Caller takes fatty acids but without the bile or someting to emulsify the fats, she isn't absorbing them.Next Caller:female, 110lbs, 20 yrs old, her cousin wants to promote best urinary tract healthRecommendation:UT Formula One will promote the best health. 1 per day. Bladder Complex can be used if there has been any question of long term antibiotic use or something like that - 2 per meal. 2 Allicidin per meal and 2 Hyssop per meal. Allicidin helps break up any pockets/sugary sacs that may be there. Hyssop Complex is an immune specific support for the whole tissue.Her husband has ringing in the ears. He is 37 and is around loud noise in a construction shop. he is about 150lbs. 2 Nerve Complexes per meal for about 3 weeks may help. When we get older, our bodies may start putting calcium in the inner ear which may produce a ringing. See if his bones are creaking and if he has chapped lips. He is on the coral, which he should keep doing, and add in the Nerve Complex. Once a week when he is in the shower, put his pinkie in his ear and see if he has golden brown wax, which he should have. If he doesn't have wax, the ringing could be from low oils -not getting enough essential fatty a[...]

Coffee Enema's for Better Health

Sun, 31 Jul 2011 05:56:26 +0100

Today's Special:Immune Complex:Loaded with oleuropin, and excellant immune support agent. Works slow but steady.Cat's Claw: Promotes healthy inflammatory response in the body and a great all around support for the intestine, digestive and lymphatic system.Allicidin: The active fraction of the garlic, allicin, that has been made stable.First Caller:female, her daughter 42yrs old , about 275lbs old is having hair lossRecommendation:She needs something that promotes healthy testosterone. A type of testosterone called DTH can harden the skin on top of the head which chokes the hair follicle. She should start eating Greens Mix which contains oat grass which is known to help the body in the production of healthy testosterone. Due to injections she has had on her scalp, she should do medi body packs to stop the interference field. She can blend the Greens Mix with something good tasting like Slim Body Whey.Next Caller:female, 65yrs old, 123lbs, wants healthy lungsRecommendation:Dr. Marshall had asthma from the age 4 to 34. After 34 he started running and by age 42 he could run a marathan. The lung is a reflection of the health of the colon. To start with, she will need to be able to digest her food. She will need Quantum Digest and the HCL Detox Kit.  Because of this problem having gone on for so long, the bacterial ecology of the gut is all disordered so she should start on Probiotic Complex. Chew 3 and swallow 3. This will pump good bacteria back into the intestine. The good bacteria will 'retake' the intestine and she will stop dumping junk into her lungs. Next, she should work on the Ph. Each 1/10 of the Ph she moves, is a 10 fold increase in oxygen whch promotes healthy lungs.  Use the first urination after 5am.  Her body may be making ammonia which will show that her Ph is 7, in a good range, but after she starts on minerals it will  plunge her into the 5 range. Gradually she will work it back up tinto the correct range by using PhTrio. If it tkaes 3 teaspoons of coral to get her to the 6.4-7.0 range, that would indicate she is having another problem like a rotting tooth or something. Lung Complex and Allicidin can also help if there is any biofilm activity in the lung.  Next Caller:male, 38yrs old, 170-175lbs, red itchy skinRecommendation:Get sun exposure. Avoid hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids. Peanut butter and commercial salad dressings are some of the biggest offenders. He needs to promote healthy liver function. Wild Pollen mixed into unheated honey (40% pollen/60% honey). This preserves the pollen forever. A teaspoon a day melted in warm water until it dissolves. This promotes healthy liver function. This hsould benefit the skin.Next Caller:male, his has chapped lips, 4 yrs old about 40lbsRecommendateion:The most common reason anyone has chapped lips is because they are low in calcium, magnesium, and trace elements. Begin to give a little Ph Trio or a good dose of Greens Mix. THis will promote healthy mineral levels and healthy growth. He would mark their growth height on the door and anytime they would have a growth spurt of  1/2 or more in a 30 day period, he would check their first morning Ph. If he can keep it in the 6.4-7.0 area this will give the healthiest teeth, healthiest growth, etc.For adults, he recommends the aloe drink but it is tart for kids. He can use the aloe powder mixed into water with the coral. After he gets into the right zone he can drop back, but then when there is a growth spurt, start it again. Since kids sweat, he needs 1/2-3/4th of a teaspoon of an air dried sea salt. Taste the perspiration on the upper part of his arm near the shoulder. If it isn't salty tasting then he needs salt. Up the salt to a teaspoon when he raches 5 or 6 years old.Caller himself has pain at an appendicts scar that he had taken out fr[...]