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Published: 2017-12-11T17:15:00+00:00


Health Care: The Cool Stuff Doesn’t Matter If the Basics Aren’t There (Blog)


Fund primary health care. Everywhere. Now.

Happy Accidents: The Transformative Power of “Yes, And” at Work and in Life


What improv comedy troupe's experience weathering the financial crisis can teach other organizations about resilience.

A Mismatch in Philanthropic Interest and Support (Blog)


Donors say that organizational governance and competence are critical factors in determining where their grants flow. So why aren’t they putting their money where their mouths are?

Holding Up the Sky: Achieving Women’s Empowerment Requires Working with Women and Men (Blog)


Involving men in women’s economic development projects can lead to higher impact for women and changes in gender norms.

Strengthening Donor-Nonprofit Partnerships (Blog)


Five relationship imbalances that cause tension and reduce social impact—and how to address them.

Paid in Full (Blog)


How to reorient philanthropic investments for justice-oriented collective action and impact.

Is Private Education in Africa the Solution to Failing Education Aid? (Blog)


How the private sector is helping address Africa’s unmet demand for education in the face of falling education aid.

Mending the Broken Development Link (Blog)


To build stronger relationships with development staff, nonprofit leaders must understand the work and set feasible fundraising goals.

The Power of Early-Stage Organizations to Change Entrenched Systems (Blog)


New organizations often bring new tactics to old problems, but they need funding and support to move from idea to systemic change.

The Promise of Private Sector Grants in an Impact Investing World (Blog)


Private sector development grants can help reach people in communities where many investors won’t go.

What’s Next for Financial Technology Innovation (Blog)


Governments in emerging markets need to take a holistic approach to creating business environments that truly enable financial technology (FinTech) innovation.

Speaking Out When Our Values Are in Play (Blog)


Five critical questions to guide the work of nonprofit communicators.

Social Enterprise Law: Trust, Public Benefit and Capital Markets


How the law can help social entrepreneurs and mission-committed investors build trust around their commitment to social good.

How a Nobel Prize in Economics Could Help Solve the Climate Crisis (Blog)


A growing body of research that explains how human behavior helped create the climate crisis could also point the way toward solving it.

Impact Investing Is Being Democratized—and Marginalized Communities Are Benefiting (Blog)


The first comprehensive snapshot of community investing in the United States points to increased diversity and inclusion for startup funding. Foundations and impact investors should pay attention.

The Innovative Hiring Mind-set for Scaling Social Change (Blog)


To scale their reach when qualified recruits are scarce, innovative Indian nonprofits are seeking out promising candidates from the fringe.

The Half-Truths That Have Sidetracked Girls’ Education (Blog)


We are still falling short on girls’ education globally. It’s time for a new approach.

10 SSIR Articles on Climate Change Solutions (Blog)


A collection of our articles highlighting environmental issues and climate change innovation.

A New Model of Collaborative Philanthropy (Blog)


A new effort called Co-Impact is bringing together donors from around the world to better identify, align, and support opportunities for systems-level change.

Investing in Our Future (Blog)


Philanthropists and other impact investors play a critical role in funding risky, early-stage startups developing science-based solutions to climate change.

The Investment Gap that Threatens the Planet


To prevent drastic climate change, philanthropists must invest more in nascent solutions ignored by traditional capital markets.

Design Thinking for Higher Education


Universities should redesign their core functions while also courting emerging and underserved markets.

Can Measures Change the World?


Our ability to track and report is accelerating, resulting in a proliferation of measures. It’s time to focus more effort on understanding how those measures can be used to change complex social systems.

A Tax-Funded Nonprofit to Create Happy Families


Colombia’s Comfama has brought critical economic and social services to Medellín. Can this public-private hybrid continue to bolster the country’s growing middle class?

Unconventional Wisdom


The Rockefeller Foundation’s “scan and search” approach casts a wide net to identify the issues it’s best suited to tackle.

360-Degree Development


Swades Foundation is working to break nonprofit community development efforts out of their silos in India.

Saving the Neighborhood


In the face of Berlin’s rising rents and gentrification, tenants are asserting their rights through Kotti & Co.

Caring for Working Caregivers


Employers must do more to help employees who combine their jobs with taking care of family members and friends.

Mobilize Communities for Homeless Vets


The departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development turbocharged community efforts to end homelessness among veterans and provided a model for better government.

The Art of the Development Deal


The Trump administration can use foreign aid to further American interests and improve the lives of people around the world.

Social Impact by Design


This book offers useful ideas for integrating design thinking into a work environment but could provide more specific guidelines for the design process itself.

Finding a Place for Refugees


The refugee crisis demands bold responses that treat migrants not as drains on host societies but rather as assets to them.

A Cultural View of Sanitation


Ending open defecation isn't just about building more toilets—it's also about making sure the culture is receptive to new sanitation practices.

Keeping it Real


Simon's book warns against short-sighted impact investing that brings more benefit to investors than to the communities it supposedly supports.

Innovative Infrastructure


Many cities are adapting in the face of climate change.

The Right Soil for Innovation


The idea for a New York City botanical garden needed a suitable milieu to flourish.

A Limited Right of Association


Not every group could gain corporate rights in de Tocqueville’s America.

Hacking the Hierarchy


Securing commitment from managers is crucial for organizational change.

Passion is Infectious


Showing enthusiasm is essential for securing crowdfunding dollars.

Health Insurance for Migrants


The M-FUND offers affordable health insurance to the vulnerable Burmese migrant population on Thailand's western border.