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Published: 2017-06-28T20:43:00+00:00


Stop Talking About Health Care, Start Talking About People (Blog)


If we want Americans to be healthy, we must change the conversation.

Saving Lives Through Partnership (Blog)


How a structured but adaptable collaboration model is mobilizing organizations to achieve a common goal.

Time to Reboot Grantmaking


Social sector organizations need a “healthy diet” of funding to achieve maximum impact, a concept neatly captured by the Grantmaking Pyramid now used by the Ford Foundation.

Can We Sustain It? (Blog)


How to transform the fervor of political resistance into a new era of civic engagement.

Optimizing on the Edges (Blog)


Combining tools such as design thinking, behavioral science, and evaluation can shape programs to improve patient experiences and change health behaviors.

What Exactly Do We Mean by Systems? (Blog)


Everyone is talking about systems. Or at least, that's how it seems in my wonkish corner of the philanthropic world. You can't attend a conference or even have a meeting without hearing about systems, whether it's people trying to disrupt them, map them, learn from them, or catalyze them.

The Next Wave in Fundraising Collaboration (Blog)


Three considerations for nonprofits looking to work together to raise funds.

Data: The Next Frontier for Impact Investing (Blog)


A call for investors to share their data to expand the field’s understanding of the breadth and depth of activity.

More Girls in STEM Means Improving STEM Teacher Training (Blog)


Providing teachers with gender sensitivity training is a first step toward addressing gender inequality in STEM. But it’s not the last.

The Mathematical Corporation: Where Machine Intelligence and Human Ingenuity Achieve the Impossible


How companies in industries such as pharmaceuticals are starting to learn that by giving more data away, they actually get more back.

Unleashing Large-Scale Change (Blog)


Eight ways to grow an unstoppable movement.

Cultivating Legitimacy in Philanthropy (Blog)


It’s worth remembering that communities have the power to take away philanthropy’s social license to operate.

Pushing the Boundaries of Impact Investing (Blog)


Recent experimentation in global health research and development reveals how nonprofit organizations can explore and potentially attract impact investment.

Using Collaboration to Harness Big Data for Social Good (Blog)


Not every nonprofit has a data science team. To truly harness big data for social good, we need collaborations between individuals, across organizations, and across sectors.

Inclusive Prosperity in an Age of Local Action (Blog)


Communities cannot and should not wait for external forces to bridge local opportunity divides.

Down the Rabbit Hole? Impact Investing and Large Foundations (Blog)


Impact investing makes sense in theory, but there are good reasons, particularly for large foundations, to pause before putting a lot of resources into it.

The Unfinished Social Entrepreneur


In accepting responsibility for social entrepreneurship, you and I accept the inescapable tension between two very legitimate impulses: the impulse to respect a community, and the impulse to change it.

The Pitfalls of Praise (Blog)


Many managers assume praise will support a positive working environment, and help employees open up to criticism or feel good about themselves. But in fact, praise perpetuates a scarcity myth—usually without us realizing it.

Creating a Better Economy with Data Science (Blog)


We need to channel capital in all its forms in a direction where it can have a lasting impact and generate competitive financial returns. Data science can help light the way.

Creative vs. Transactional Collaboration (Blog)


Lessons from experiments in nonprofit innovation at 92Y.

Public-Planet Partnerships: Time to Ratify Our Free Trade Agreement with Nature (Blog)


We protect nature. We learn from nature. But we are not collaborating with nature to solve the greatest challenges a human generation has ever faced.

How to Develop Worthwhile Internships (Blog)


Four guidelines for making internships valuable to both your organization and the next generation of social change leaders.

Keeping Children in School During Natural Crises (Blog)


In the context of a changing climate, how can we ensure that schoolchildren who live in rural areas are consistently able to attend school?

Unleashing Social Sector Creativity with Design (Blog)


Making effective use of the creative power of design requires engaging entire organizations—from leadership to the front lines.

Telling Your Data Story Well (Blog)


An important part of telling your organization’s data story well is picking the right storytelling technique for your audience.

Winning the Internet (Blog)


How nonprofits can use the same tactics that helped Trump win the US presidency for outsized social impact.

Governing a Collaborative Organization (Blog)


Collaborative organizations require collaborative leadership, but are boards getting in their own way?

Changing the False Narrative That Conflates Gun Violence and Mental Illness (Blog)


Why America needs a proactive, focused, comprehensive, and sustained strategy that decouples the issues of gun violence and mental health, and reframes the national dialogue about both.

Six Strategies for Nonprofit Leadership Transition (Blog)


How to successfully hand off your organization to the next generation.

When Building a Field Requires Building a New Organization (Blog)


Starting a new organization to fill a gap in a field is a bold and difficult step, but four strategies can help ensure success.

Want a Better, Safer World? Build a Finance Facility for Education (Blog)


History proves that big financing ideas can triumph over seemingly insurmountable global challenges.

Building Real Collaboration into Your Organization (Blog)


How focusing on the three organizational pillars of culture, people, and leadership can help fuel meaningful collaboration.

When and How to Shut Down a Partnership (Blog)


In a global development sector tight on resources, partnerships should shut down after accomplishing (or failing to achieve) their missions.

Ten Trends in Girls’ Education (Blog)


To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals related to inclusive education and gender equality, we need to examine how girls’ education has changed since 2015.

Problem Solved: A Powerful System for Making Complex Decisions With Confidence and Conviction


How leaders can work with, and work through, ambiguity to make thoughtful decisions in an uncertain and volatile world.

Protecting Our Civil Liberties (Blog)


The ACLU spent the last decade strengthening its state affiliates, just in time to battle the Trump Administration’s reactionary policies.

A Note on the Risks of Risk


Risk speaks to our core human emotions of fear, hope, skepticism, and confidence.

Embracing Philanthropy’s Risky Business


How to start developing the policies and practices you need to manage risk.

Case Study: Managing Risk to Scale Impact


How nonprofits and their funders can turn unexpected roadblocks into opportunities.

Change Is Worth the Risk


Funders need to view risk as a means for continuous learning.