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Published: Sun, 24 Sep 2017 15:41:17 -0400


International Maritime Organisation Ballast Water Management Convention to Enter into Force on 8th September 2017


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2016/09/09 London, United Kingdom - Frost & Sullivan’s Fredrick Royan, Environment & Water Vice President, discusses the vast growth opportunities and key challenges that will result from the milestone Convention -

Michael Granger Appointed as Member of the Foundation for a World in Transition's Steering Committee


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2014/03/13 Great Falls, VA United States - The Foundation for a World in Transition has appointed Michael Y. Granger as a member of its Steering Committee with particular responsibility over its Africa Co-Development Initiative -

Globsec 2012 Will Discuss Global Security Issues and Future of the EU


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2012/02/20 Bratislava, Slovakia - Capital of Slovakia will become the centre of important political and expert debates before the NATO Chicago Summit. The gates of this year’s Global Security Forum GLOBSEC 2012 will open in April -

Afghanistan Foundation Hails Panetta Visit


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2011/12/20 Washington, DC United States - The Afghanistan Foundation has expressed optimism regarding the recent visit to Afghanistan by U.S. Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, but continues to raise concerns about the ongoing closure of border checkpoints to NATO forces by Pakistan

Shrimp Industry Thanks Elected Officials for Support for Continued Duties on Dumped Shrimp Imports


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2011/02/01 Richmond, VA United States - The Southern Shrimp Alliance thanks elected officials for supporting the continuation of antidumping duties on shrimp imports from Brazil, China, India, Thailand and Vietnam during a "Sunset Review" hearing before the International Trade Commission

Strategic Communications Conference Set for January 20-21 in Miami


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2010/12/15 New York, NY United States - Business and government oriented Stratcom Conference that covers social media and new media strategies and policies for corporations, government, military and intelligence. The event also discusses the Wikileaks Cablegate issue and Afghan War Diary

Business Delegation from Gujarat, India, Visiting San Diego September 15 Seeking Business Opportunities


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2010/09/07 San Diego, CA United States - A delegation of business leaders from India will be in the region Sept. 15, promoting investment opportunities in their home state of Gujarat, known as an entrepreneurial mecca and business portal Publishes the Results of its Expert Survey on EU Policy Toward Pakistan


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2009/06/18 Berlin, Brandenburg Germany - has published the results of its expert survey on EU policy toward Pakistan. Participants include the Council of the European Union, the Brookings Institution and the Islamabad Policy Research Institute

CBP Removes Enhanced Bonding Requirements on Shrimp Imports


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2009/04/02 Tarpon Springs, FL United States - Effective April 1, 2009, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has terminated for future entries the enhanced bonding requirement on all shrimp imports in response to an unfavorable decision from the WTO

Debatepedia Launches Bosnia Debate Series for A Country in Turmoil


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2009/01/12 Seattle, WA United States - Amid rising tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Debatepedia - a project of the International Debate Education Association (IDEA) – has launched a series of three comprehensive debate articles at the heart of the future of the Balkan republic

Debatepedia Completes Definitive Pro/con Guide on the U.S Joining the International Criminal Court


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2008/12/18 Seattle, WA United States - Debatepedia's community completed on November 17th the most comprehensive pro/con guide available on whether the United States and other non-member states should join the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Law to Strengthen Mine Ban Enters into Force in Jordan


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2008/04/07 Harrisionburg, VA United States - The Kingdom of Jordan issued a royal decree on April 1, 2008, making the possession of anti-personnel landmines or explosive remnants of war illegal. This action strengthens the country's commitment to the AP Mine Ban Treaty (Ottawa Treaty)

The Southern Shrimp Alliance Denounces Unwarranted Removal of Ecuadorian Shrimp Duties


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2007/08/28 Tarpon Springs, FL United States - SSA responds to the unnecessary termination of anti-dumping duties on unfairly traded shrimp from Ecuador, the second largest supplier of shrimp imports to the United States, as of August 15, 2007

Australia Opens its Doors to Britain’s Key Workers


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2007/08/16 London, United Kingdom - The Australian Government has announced another round of sweeping changes to its immigration policies which will make it easier for young, English speaking British skilled workers to emigrate to Australia

Australian Resident’s Rush to Become Citizens Before the Going Gets Tough


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2007/06/24 Sydney, New South Wales Australia - The Australian Government’s plans to make it tougher to become an Australian Citizen have prompted a surge in applications from people trying to beat its introduction in September