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Published: Fri, 20 Oct 2017 03:23:47 -0400


Barry Callebaut Continues to Expand in North America


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/09/26 Zurich, Switzerland - Barry Callebaut completes investments in two manufacturing facilities and introduces new warehouse -

Barry Callebaut to Acquire Ingredients Division of Gertrude Hawk Chocolates


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/09/07 Zurich, Switzerland - Expansion of the North American Specialties & Decorations business - /

Barry Callebaut Presents the Fourth Type in Chocolate ‘Ruby’ Next to Dark, Milk and White Chocolate


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/09/05 Zurich, Switzerland - 80 years after the introduction of White chocolate - Barry Callebaut Reveals the Fourth Type in Chocolate - Ruby -

Barry Callebaut Joins Bonsucro


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/08/07 Zurich, Switzerland - Barry Callebaut has joined Bonsucro, the global change platform for sugarcane - /

Barry Callebaut to Acquire D'Orsogna Dolciaria - A Leading Specialties and Decorations Player


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/07/20 Zurich, Switzerland - Expanding presence in Specialties & Decorations segment - /

Avocado Extract Market Revenue Predicted to Go Up by 2017-2025 According to Persistence Market Research


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/06/30 New York, NY United States - Avocado is being eaten all over the world due to various health benefits it can cater -

Hazelnut Market to Rise At 5.9% CAGR by 2026 Reports Persistence Market Research


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/06/29 New York, NY United States - Hazelnut promises its consumers to provide with a mouth-watering experience even though it is a dry fruit characteristically -

Corn Silk Extract Market to Register A Stout Growth by 2017-2025 Says Persistence Market Research


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/06/28 New York, NY United States - The potential use of Corn Silk extract is related to its properties and mechanism of action of its constituents such as terpenoids and flavonoids

Hemp Protein Market Forecast Over 2016-2026 Reports Persistence Market Research


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/06/27 New York, NY United States - Plant-based protein also used as skin care and hair care ingredients in the cosmetics and personal care industry -

Barry Callebaut Couples Sustainability with its Renewed Banking Credit Facility


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/06/23 Zurich, Switzerland - Increase and extension of revolving credit facility -

Barry Callebaut Strengthens its Gourmet Offerings for The Growing Community of Professional Chocolatiers in China


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/03/30 Zurich, Switzerland - China likely to become the world’s largest Gourmet market -

For True Foodies Only, Inc. Launches New Fine Dining App - Connects Foodies with Top Chefs from Around The World


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/03/14 Chicago, IL United States - for True Foodies only puts the culinary world in consumer’s pockets -

Barry Callebaut Presents New Range of Awesome Fillings At ISM


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/01/31 Cologne, Germany - On the occasion of the ISM trade fair in Cologne, Barry Callebaut will be launching a new range of fillings for confectionary and bakery creations -

JacLeRoi - The Food Advertising Agency Grows and Expands Globally by Leveraging on The Made in Italy


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/01/23 Parma, Emilia-Romagna Italy - Following a M&A operation the new Board of Directors will lead the food and beverage advertising agency to compete on international markets -

Barry Callebaut Moves to Sustainable Carton in EMEA


NewswireToday (newswire) - 2017/01/11 Zurich, Switzerland - 95% of carton FSC certified - /