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Friday the 13th: Today

Friday the 13th Today: A Friday the 13th blog focusing on what the cast is doing today and projects they were a part of during their career as well as locations, Friday the 13th memorabilia, Jason and the hype that still goes on today.

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32 Years of Terror(ble) Ratings


Needless to say, Friday the 13th: Part V - A New Beginning is probably one of my three favorite Friday the 13th films. And realistically, as a saga Parts 1-5 can't be topped by any other slasher franchise that spanned more than a few sequels. Even with the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, the movies shit the bed by Part IV. Then we have the franchises like Children of the Corn, (image)

Susan Jennifer Sullivan Is NOT dead!


I just wanted to pass this word on, and hopefully those rumors that she has passed on will fizzle. Here's a HUGE write up, with tons of research and proof that she is indeed alive and well. (image)

Santa Clarita Wildfire Destroys Sable Ranch


I am really sad to report this, but the recent wildfire in Santa Clarita Valley, in Los Angeles County, has been destroyed. Sable Ranch is home to many movies and TV shows, but also shooting location for many horror films such as The Devil's Rejects, Tourist Trap, Motel Hell, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. Here is the news story.(image)

Wolfie's Just fine - A New Beginning


Any A New Beginning fan will love this. Indie rock band Wolfie's Just Fine made this music video with a true homage and remake of Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning. It also looks like the scenes were shot in the same place as the movie. If you remember the post I made about the shooting locations, you can decide for yourself. I visited the locations for the deaths of Tina and (image)

Happy Friday the 13th, Ya'll


Looks like Jason is taking a break on yet another Friday the 13th. It seems like every thing that was in talks has yet to come to fruition. No movies, no TV series, nothing. I think that I may be okay with that, too. So, here's a great picture of Ted White as Jason taking a break from the movie - hanging out by a nice fire along Crystal Lake and letting the campers do as they will. (image)

A Recent Photo of Harry Crosby


From: Zimbio Here is a semi-recent photo of Harry Crosby from the first, original, and best Friday the 13th movies from 1980. He was speaking at an event to honor his father, Harry Bing Crosby called "Bing Crosby Rediscovered. (image)



I know that I neglect this blog greatly, sometimes. I do try and update when I can. But with the awful fate of the Friday the 13th franchise, and horror movies being just complete shit of late, it's really hard to be inspired to write anything. My main reason in updating today was to say goodbye to For the past ten years a lot of us horror fans tuned in and listened to (image)

WTF Warrington


Is anyone else getting this spam from Warrington? My spam folder is full of it. Looks like he's a realtor now, which I guess is fitting for a conman.  It's sort of sad that he's spamming people from his fake Bloody Social donation list. I don't want your homes, I want my Bloody Social investment back! Only been 15 years. (image)

Ernerst Goes To Camp Crystal Lake


I love all of these fan creations for the franchise that seem to never stop - even after three decades. Needless to say, the franchise is as popular as it ever was, still going strong. The only problem is that we can't seem to get a new movie! Well, here's something that may hold you over created by Candy Claw! Check out the fan-edit trailer here, too. (image)

A Band Named Death Curse...


  There's apparently a band out of Missouri called Death Curse. The album art of their self-titled release depicts an unmasked Jason Voorhees hunting a would-be victim. It's obviously heavily Friday the 13th influenced, but not the gimmick rock of Ari Lehman's First Jason. In fact, this album rips ass and is pretty heavy shit.  It's released on Razorback Records, and here's a teaser for (image)

Part VII Final Man on Talk Radio Show!


Here's a great interview with Kevin Spirtas on the radio show Soap Box.  Kevin still looks great after all these years, and as always is a very good talker! (image)

Goodbye, Wes.


  Even though Wes Craven has made some really bad movies, he still stands way up there with some of the greatest horror flicks of the 70s and 80s. He will always be one of my heros - rest in peace, Wes Craven. (image)

Kimberly Beck in Zuma Beach (1978)


Zuma Beach is a made for TV movie, starring Rosanna Arquette, P.J. Soles and Suzanne Somers. Not a bad flick at all, and you get to see Kim in a bikini! It was surprisingly entertaining, with a lot of 70s era beach antics. (image)

Jason headed to the CW?


Rumors floating around from has hinted that there may be a Friday the 13th TV series in the works on the CW. While I really don't care much for a TV series based around Jason, this one seems to be a tad more interesting as it is said to be "grounded in reality." I can get behind that! "I hear that in the series reimagines the masked Jason with a stronger feel of grounded (image)

Franchise Loses Another Actor


Irwin Keyes, known for being such a sweetheart guy passed away today at age 63. While he did not have a large role in Friday the 13th (1980), he was very well known at franchise gatherings and conventions - and known for his role in the Rob Zombie shit flick House of 1,000 Corpses. Rest in peace, Irwin. Keyes died of acromegaly, a rare pituitary gland disorder, his manager Phil Brock (image)

The Hitcher (1986): Filming Locations


This is definitely not a definitive locations guide to the 1986 film The Hitcher, nor does it cover all of the filming locations. However, when I do make it to the other locations, I will certainly update this. Here are the locations from the Death Valley, Shoshone, and Tecopa, California areas used in the film. Above is one of the first locations in the film. When Jim (image)

Rest in Peace, Betsy!


I just wanted to take a minute and send my condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Betsy Palmer - a woman who all of us Friday the 13th fans had looked up to as "mommy" for over thirty years. You will be missed, and you will always be Mrs. Voorhees to us.  (image)

Rest In Piece, Richard


Something compelled me to look up Richard Brooker today and I noticed that not long ago - April 8 - he passed away. I have to say that it was a sad day for myself, being a huge fan of the Jason Voorhees character that he pretty much invented in Part III. Brooker was pretty much forced to invent Jason himself, when director Steve Miner told Brooker that Jason had no motivation.  Here's (image)

Part III (Behind the Scenes)


From: I feel kind of lame horking photos from Crash's Facebook page, but here's another - the last one.  I just had to post this, Part III being my favorite. I do remember in the Part III commentary on the Crystal Lake to Manhattan box set, where Richard Brooker talks about walking out of the cabin during 'action' on a live set, smoking a pipe - and how (image)

Happy Friday the 13th!


Here's a photo that John Robert Dixon posted on his Facebook page, on set, during the filming of Friday the 13th: Part V, A New Beginning. Thanks to John for this one! (image)

Some Part III Behind the Scenes Photos


Some more photos from the collection of Crash. I, of course, am a huge fan of Part III and really dig the above photo of director Steve Miner standing over a seemingly defeated Jason Voorhees.  (image)



I am just sending this sad message across this blog because it hits close to Friday the 13th land. We all know that Tom Morga – Jason/Roy from Friday the 13th: Part V – doubled for Leonard as Spock in 1984's Star Trek: Part III, The Search for Spock. Morga also did stunts in several Star Trek movies after that, as well as the TV series The New Generation and Nemesis. Star Trek fans will(image)

Rare Photo of Jason II Jerry Wallace


For all those Friday the 13th marks out there. It's a behind the scenes photo of Friday the 13th: Part II's production assistant/Jason Voorhees Jerry Wallace. Wallace was used in the opening kill of Alice, the kills of Vickie and Jeff. I believe that he also killed the cop and did the running clips of that scene. This is from the collection of Crash. (image)

How 'Bout Some Valentine's Day Lar?


Since it's Valentine's Day, I figured that I would share this photo of Lar Park Lincoln. I do believe that she was one of the better looking females of the post-1985 films and has always been charming and nice to her fans. The Friday the 13th scene has really changed a lot since 2000 or so when I began to seek out autographs from the actors of the franchise. Now it seems that every person (image)

Friday the 13th: Part III Locations; Crystal Lake Cafe & Cop Chase


For your Friday the 13th pleasure, here's another location from Friday the 13th: Part III. This has been on a few blogs, but I think the entire area is really neat. Harold & Edna's store was filmed in the same vicinity as the Green Valley store where Shelly and Vera met the bikers. Even though it's a ways away, it's in the next canyon over.  Some of the police chase scene where (image)