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Polycom launches financing for partners, customers

Fri, 7 Dec 12 15:50:51 EST

New program offers "cradle to grave" range of financing offerings for partners and customers

Saskatchewan plans wireless network for four cities

Fri, 27 Apr 07 10:13:1 EST

The Saskatchewan government has announced a plan to create what it called the country's largest wireless Internet network, which will allow the province's four largest cities' residents and visitors to access free-of-charge Wi-Fi in the downtown core and post-secondary institutions.

Here's to the IP network

Fri, 27 Apr 07 17:20:42 EST

q&a There could be any number of reasons why your enterprise is undergoing an infrastructure renewal, but chances are that Internet Protocol is behind it somewhere. We speak to Avaya Canada prez Mario Belanger about the technology that's changed everything

Landline project delay gives Bell time to plan

Fri, 27 Apr 07 10:2:23 EST

Analysts assess carrier's decision to focus on IPTV, wireless

Cisco's development chief sees consumer opportunities

Fri, 27 Apr 07 9:48:53 EST

Charles Giancarlo discusses the next phase of Moore's Law and a personal ephiphany