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Poor results push Lexmark's wireless plans

Fri, 24 Aug 07 9:29:23 EST

Disappointing second-quarter earnings has forced Lexmark to ratchet up its focus on new wireless inkjets and the company will also look to improve product costs along with the overall affordability of its printing solutions, to help drive sales.

Finding flexibility: the pros and cons of telework

Fri, 13 Jul 07 11:23:56 EST

Canadian SMBs are joining legions of companies that are allowing their employees to work from home. Businesses that have set up flex hours discuss the productivity mindset and how technology is making it work for them

Will the iPhone improve your laptop's battery life?

Fri, 6 Jul 07 11:34:17 EST

A key selling point for the Apple phone could have implications for the rest of the device industry. IDC, Jupiter and Infotech consider the ramifications

Telus enhances international roaming with BlackBerry 8830

Thu, 28 Jun 07 16:26:40 EST

SGI launches HPC platform which supports dual high-speed

BlackBerry 8800 gives Pearl design business-style twist

Thu, 26 Apr 07 17:5:27 EST

RIM's latest handheld offers e-mail integration, but misses out on Wi-Fi capabilities