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AAS Reviews

Reviews from All About Symbian

Published: 2013-01-28T00:22:01+01:00


Personal Powerstation


It's every smartphone owner's nightmare. Your battery is on its last legs, you're on the move, on a bus, train or on foot, with no way of recharging from the mains or from a 12V car socket, and yet you need to stay in touch, making calls and perhaps sending emails. Or maybe you're the hardy type, exploring the wilder parts of the earth away from traditional electricity outlets? Either way, a way of generating your own power has got to be an interesting proposition. Continue reading the full review at AAS...



After switching from a 9210 to a 9500 about two months ago, I found that one of my favorite applications for the 9210 (AppMan) only works partially on the 9500. When looking for a replacement I stumbled on PowerDesk which promised to provide exactly the functionality I was looking for (and more). So I decided to give it a test drive and thought it would be nice to take you along for the ride as well. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Brando Communicator 9500 Aluminium Case


Now here's something different, with looks straight out of The Empire's copybook - these are the cases used to house the 9500s used by Imperial Stormtroopers. You could also use this case to knock in nails. And would probably get it confiscated on airlines as an offensive weapon... Continue reading the full review at AAS...



Anybody using a PDA in the mid-90s (and that means to the majority of Europeans the Psion Series 3 and then Series 5) will recall that Data was just about the most used application. Typical database uses included contacts (of course), CDs and books owned, things out on loan, general purpose research notes, and so on. Fast forward to the new Millennium and you'd have thought that PDAs/smartphones would be even more capable. Alas, not one single new mobile device has included a built-in database of any kind since 1997. Quite, quite staggering. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Super GoBoy


Some apps are made to solve problems you know you have, others solve problems you didn't know you had. SuperGoBoy does the second, my Gameboy had lived so long in a drawer collecting dust that it no longer occurred to me to use it, also that in use a guy in his mid 20s looks a bit daft with a Gameboy in hand. Alas WildPalm have jumped to that challenge with SuperGoBoy, play all your Gameboy and Gameboy Colour games on your 9x00 phone and look like a productive business professional while catching Pokemon, or leading Mario to the rescue of Princess Toadstool. Continue reading the full review at AAS...



Last week saw my exclusive review of TomTom MOBILE 5 running in its Series 60 guise. I was very impressed on all fronts, go read the review if you haven't already. Cut to today and I've got a release candidate of the Series 80 version in my (virtually sweaty) palm. That's right, this is TomTom MOBILE, but running on the wide-screened Nokia 9500 and Nokia 9300. But before you yawn and accuse me of repeating myself, there are quite a few differences to talk about. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

The World Factbook


Do you know how many people live on Glorioso Island or what type of government Vanuato has? If not, and having this and other information on all countries of the world available all the time is something that appeals to you, you should really consider getting the World Factbook on your Communicator. Continue reading the full review at AAS...



The appearance of RMRData might be seen as something of an irrelevance. After all, surely there are already several applications for keeping your secrets secret? (Code Vault, Data Guard, PowerSafe, DataSafe) But these previous applications either assume that you're going to type in all your information from scratch, or that you can somehow standardise it in form and import it from CSV text file. Neither of which is much use to the hundreds (if not thousands) of users who built up their Symbian OS secrets file in Handy Safe for the Nokia 9210, a system which became deservedly popular because it allowed editing on either desktop or Communicator, with changes being neatly synced. But then Epocware abandoned it as a product and their newer Code Vault is incompatible, not even importing the old databases. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

yFTP (9300 & 9500)


The Internet is not the World Wide Web. There’s more to the connected computers of this world than web pages, and you’d be a fool and a communist to think otherwise. You all probably use email (although if you stick to Gmail and Hotmail you might be forgiven in thinking that email is all about using a web browser). If a computer can access the Internet, then there’s a whole range of protocols, programs and potential fun and games that can be had. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

YFTP (9210)


Yellow Software's YFTP by TANKERx Continue reading the full review at AAS...

RMR Bank


Let's get one thing straight about RMRBank. Don't be fooled by its current cross-platform stature - this finance application was running on the Psion Series 3a back in 1994, making it no less than 11 years old. The core code hasn't changed too much over the intervening years, thanks to the wonders of OPL, but it has been significantly tweaked and expanded, always adding functionality to keep it abreast of current developments in the world of computer money management. A good example is the way that the latest v1.8 (beta) even supports the new OFX format for Financial exchanges on the Web, that Quicken are going to introduce in their 2005 suite (i.e. it's not even out yet).RMRBank's remit is to help you manage every single aspect of your finances, from humble bank account tracking to budget planning, from managing motoring costs to tracking stocks and shares, from totting up business expenses to keeping a complete home inventory. Of course, if you actually use every single module to its fullest, you'd spend most of your life tracking your assets and very little actually enjoying them. But this isn't RMRBank's fault, and it can boast modules for everything you'd ever like to record that has anything to do with money. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development for Symbian OS


Don't be too put off by the long winded title of this book release by one of AllAboutSymbian's principals, the subtitle says it better: "An Introduction to OPL Application Design and Programming". Ewan himself refers to the book as simply, "The OPL Book", which says it best of all. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Nokia 9500 Leather Case


Once you’ve signed your life away with a 12-month contract to get your Nokia 9500 Communicator, or even if you’ve gone out and paid full price for a SIM-free model, what do you do with your smartphone after a few days of treating it like tissue paper? It gets thrown around your office, dropped into a rucksack while you go to the gym, and generally takes a huge amount of punishment. And when the first big scratch appears, that’s when you start thinking about getting a case for the phone. After all it’s easier to replace a case than a phone. Continue reading the full review at AAS...



Blogging. It’s the biggest buzzword of 2004 on the Internet, and these specialist web sites seem to be generating more media inches and commentary from traditional journalists than anything else online. The key to blogging isn’t the fact that these are just fancy web sites that allow people to interact through comments (and their own blogs), but because the tools available have made posting to your own web site (sorry, blog) easier than ever before. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Advanced English Dictionary


It's tempting to start by going all negative and saying that what the Nokia 9500 and 9300 really needed was a proper spell checker that integrates with Documents (Word). But, seemingly for licensing and cost-cutting purposes, that seems to be off the table. Continue reading the full review at AAS...