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AAS Reviews

Reviews from All About Symbian

Published: 2013-01-28T00:22:01+01:00




There are times when what you want in a game is a bundle of massive plot lines, ongoing game play, full screen videos, voice actors and the complexity of the Space Shuttle. But, conversely, there are also times where you just want to start something, get straight to the game, play for a few minutes and then switch back to real life. Biniax gives you the latter. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Nokia Smartphone Hacks


There’s very little competition in the book market (for those not needing the massive doorstop-sized developer books from Symbian Press). We’ve looked previously at "101 Cool Smartphone Techniques" and now comes a very similar book from O’Reilly: Nokia Smartphone Hacks. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Nokia Music Pack


Coinciding with the release of the 'Nokia 6630 Music Edition', Nokia announced (and shipped) the 'Nokia Music Pack', a kit of accessories designed to turn all those other millions of 6630s into Music Editions too. But what's in it and is it worth buying? Continue reading the full review at AAS...

System Rush


Continue reading the full review at AAS...

PMGA Minigolf


There's a big potential problem with PMGA Minigolf but I'm not going to tell you about it right away. See if you can guess as you read along. From Synergenix, rightly famed for their super-slick Symbian OS games, comes this Java-based minigolf simulation, presented in 'glorious' isometric 3D. Continue reading the full review at AAS...



[Since writing the review below, version 2 has been released, allowing you to zoom into the specific region you're interested in.] Continue reading the full review at AAS...



If you've had any dabblings in the Palm and Pocket PC world over the last four or five years, you'll have heard the name HanDBase fairly regularly, as it's the market leading database on traditional PDAs. You'll also have heard of the product if you subscribe to Palmtop User, as the editor has been doing a tutorial series for it since about 1956... And now HanDBase is available for Symbian smartphones, too, a good move on DDH Software's part and a great opportunity for all Series 60 owners to ramp up (again) the number of things we call our phones to do.  Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Mobile Phone Programming - Symbian Series 60/UIQ DVD


Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Rally PRO Contest


Why oh why does the use of the word 'Rally' in a mobile game title usually indicate that it's not going to be very good? I've seen several examples over the years (V-Rally on Psion was by far the worst) and this is just as disappointing. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Golf PRO Contest


The beauty and serenity of a golf course is always a humbling thing for someone who can appreciate nature (even when it is crafted) and the game of golf, much like those stunning courses can be a peaceful and relaxing thing. Whether you're playing an import copy of Wicked 18 on the Mega Drive, the latest PSP Hot Shots Golf game or a simple S60 game, when golf is done right it can be a wonderful thing. I'm happy to report that the Synergenix-published Golf PRO Contest is one of those wonderful things. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Joe's Treasure Quest


Yes, this is another fairly high-scoring game, but don't get worried that I'm overrating these titles - I'm simply trying to bring you notice of the best games before the summer is completely gone. Rest assured that some of the turkeys will get named and shamed in due course! Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Balloon Headed Boy


There’s a lot to be said for the cutesy cartoon platform genre. Most of the time the words "cheap rip-off from somewhere else" are those words, but sometimes (just sometimes, mind you) you can use "a really nice game". Luckily for Morpheme, I can say the latter about their Java Midlet "Balloon Headed Boy." Continue reading the full review at AAS...



Yes, yes, I know hardened gamers will be saying it's just another Breakout/Arkanoid clone, but Meteor deserves to be given a second look however jaded you feel the genre has become. Why? Because it's almost perfect. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Roundup of Nokia 6630 cases


When is a case not a case? When it's part of the device itself. It's a conclusion I found myself edging towards after reviewing a number of the most popular cases for the Nokia 6630. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Bowling Master


Are you the sort of person who likes sport in order to compete with yourself? In other words, to continually hone your own skills, upping your scores bit by bit? Or do you prefer playing against other human (or computer) players, going for real world competetive realism? If the latter, then Bowling Master isn't for you. Continue reading the full review at AAS...