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Nokia Smartphone Hacks

Thu, 06 Oct 2005 14:07:00 +0100

There’s very little competition in the book market (for those not needing the massive doorstop-sized developer books from Symbian Press). We’ve looked previously at "101 Cool Smartphone Techniques" and now comes a very similar book from O’Reilly: Nokia Smartphone Hacks. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Nokia Music Pack

Wed, 05 Oct 2005 14:09:00 +0100

Coinciding with the release of the 'Nokia 6630 Music Edition', Nokia announced (and shipped) the 'Nokia Music Pack', a kit of accessories designed to turn all those other millions of 6630s into Music Editions too. But what's in it and is it worth buying? Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Personal Powerstation

Fri, 30 Sep 2005 13:54:00 +0100

It's every smartphone owner's nightmare. Your battery is on its last legs, you're on the move, on a bus, train or on foot, with no way of recharging from the mains or from a 12V car socket, and yet you need to stay in touch, making calls and perhaps sending emails. Or maybe you're the hardy type, exploring the wilder parts of the earth away from traditional electricity outlets? Either way, a way of generating your own power has got to be an interesting proposition. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Mobile Phone Programming - Symbian Series 60/UIQ DVD

Wed, 07 Sep 2005 14:32:00 +0100

Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Roundup of Nokia 6630 cases

Sat, 20 Aug 2005 17:43:00 +0100

When is a case not a case? When it's part of the device itself. It's a conclusion I found myself edging towards after reviewing a number of the most popular cases for the Nokia 6630. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Nokia 3230

Wed, 10 Aug 2005 22:22:00 +0100

Having used a Sendo X that is starting to get a little elderly and with a contract up for renewal, I thought I'd try one of Nokia's Series 60 offerings to see how it compares. With the 6680 being too expensive, the 7610 being too old and the 6630 being too damn ugly (whoa there, just get a matt black cover and it'll look cooler than cool - Ed.), I thought I'd give the 3230 a whirl. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Nokia 7710

Mon, 01 Aug 2005 12:58:00 +0100

Nokia market the 7710 as a 'Widescreen smartphone', which gives you a little hint as to what to expect, but 'Symbian PDA' is perhaps more accurate. The use of a stylus to input text has been seen before, on the Sony Ericsson P900 (and other UIQ devices), but that also had a proper phone-like one-handed mode and the overall size and form factor was very much phone like. The 7710 is, well, different. If you know a little about the general PDA world, it's like using a Palm Tungsten T3 or T5 in 'landscape' mode. The stylus is used for just about everything, from tapping on-screen buttons, to entering text gestures, to playing hunt and peck on an on-screen keyboard. The use of a stylus means, of course, that operating the 7710 is almost exclusively a two-handed affair, and this aspect is absolutely crucial in determining if the device is for you or not. Where Series 60 smartphones are designed to be predominantly used one-handed, often on the move, you have to consciously stop, stand still and concentrate to use the 7710. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Nokia Wireless Keyboard, SU-8W

Thu, 28 Jul 2005 18:38:00 +0100

Once upon a time, the Holy Grail of accessories was a wireless keyboard, once which didn't need to physically connect to a multitude of incompatible PDAs and smartphones. Then infrared keyboards appeared, still much in demand for standalone PDAs but useless with most Bluetooth-only Symbian smartphones. A year or so ago, the engineering problems associated with making Bluetooth keyboards were solved and we've since seen half a dozen products, enough for use to become somewhat blasé. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Nokia 6630

Tue, 26 Jul 2005 10:37:00 +0100

Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Brando Communicator 9500 Aluminium Case

Tue, 28 Jun 2005 23:20:00 +0100

Now here's something different, with looks straight out of The Empire's copybook - these are the cases used to house the 9500s used by Imperial Stormtroopers. You could also use this case to knock in nails. And would probably get it confiscated on airlines as an offensive weapon... Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Route 66 Mobile Britain 2005

Tue, 28 Jun 2005 22:48:00 +0100

Like most modern PDA/smartphone satellite navigation packages, Route 66 for Symbian Series 60 comes in a number of guises, to cater for the variety of platforms and user requirements (e.g. Do you need a GPS or do you already have one?). To complicate things further, there are the usual coverage options in terms of countries covered. I've been road-testing the full Mobile Britain 2005 kit on the editorial N-Gage, something which wasn't possible for TomTom MOBILE (review here), which requires a more recent version of Symbian OS. In contrast Route 66 works with all Series 60 smartphones, i.e. any vintage, which is a major plus point... Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Nokia 6680

Wed, 01 Jun 2005 11:44:00 +0100

Before launching into too much description of the smartphone itself, I should perhaps give some idea of where I'm coming from. Whereas the average smartphone user will probably pick the device up on the High Street, usually with a monthly contract, and will probably never use all of the potential of this Symbian OS device, I'm coming at the 6680 from the perspective of someone who's been using Symbian-powered devices for many years, including the keyboard-equipped uber-communicators, the Nokia 9210 and 9500. In other words, rather than thinking of the 6680 as a super-phone, I'm expecting it to replace a traditional PDA/Communicator (and camera and music player). It doesn't quite achieve this but it did manage to impress me mightily along the way.In terms of previous Series 60 experience, despite my Communicator background, I've used the Sendo X and Nokia N-Gage extensively and have played at length with the Nokia 6600 and 7610. There's always a bit of anxiety when seeing a Nokia Series 60 smartphone for the first time, but the 6680 is huge relief in that there are no designer swirls, bulges or odd layouts. It's as big as it needs to be, with a metal chassis and ridged chrome inserts. The inserts on the sides both help it look pretty and aid grip, although like any chromed objects they quickly acquire greasy fingerprints.Still, the design is a classic, with the only real weakpoint being the sliding plastic cover over the rear camera. General build quality was pretty good, with backlit keypad, a responsive navigator key and clear and bright display. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development for Symbian OS

Tue, 05 Apr 2005 20:09:00 +0100

Don't be too put off by the long winded title of this book release by one of AllAboutSymbian's principals, the subtitle says it better: "An Introduction to OPL Application Design and Programming". Ewan himself refers to the book as simply, "The OPL Book", which says it best of all. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

101 Cool Smartphone Techniques (Book)

Tue, 29 Mar 2005 16:26:00 +0100

101 Cool Smartphone Techniques, written by Dean Andrews, is aimed at Series 60 users. It aims to cover all the Series 60 phones from Nokia, Sendo, Siemens, Panasonic, and others. It seems to be targetted at the US market (cellphones are mentioned), but its content is equally applicable elsewhere. Aside from the promotional Dummies book that was available at the Symbian Expo, this is the first book aimed at users rather than developers. When you consider there are at least 15 million Series 60 devices out there, and increasing all the time, this is some what surprising. Of course this is a reflection of the fact that people are buying Series 60 devices as phones, not as digital assistants. Indeed many may be unaware of just how powerful their phone is.  Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Nokia 9500 Leather Case

Fri, 28 Jan 2005 17:34:00 +0100

Once you’ve signed your life away with a 12-month contract to get your Nokia 9500 Communicator, or even if you’ve gone out and paid full price for a SIM-free model, what do you do with your smartphone after a few days of treating it like tissue paper? It gets thrown around your office, dropped into a rucksack while you go to the gym, and generally takes a huge amount of punishment. And when the first big scratch appears, that’s when you start thinking about getting a case for the phone. After all it’s easier to replace a case than a phone. Continue reading the full review at AAS...