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Published: 2017-08-21T17:27:22-05:00


Google Could Lose it's Trademark

Mon, 21 Aug 2017 17:27:22 -05002017-08-21T17:27:22-05:00

Is Google a generic term like Kleenex, Dumpster and Realtor- unworthy of protection with a trademark symbol? The case is pending.Dr. Wikipedia tells us: A trademark is said to become genericized when it begins as a distinctive product identifier but changes in meaning to become generic. This typically happens when the products or services with which the trademark is associated have acquired substantial market dominance or mind share, such that the primary meaning of the genericized trademark becomes the product or service itself rather than an indication of source for the product or service. A trademark thus popularized has its legal protection at risk in some countries such as the United States and United Kingdom, as its intellectual property rights in the trademark may be lost and competitors enabled to use the genericized trademark to describe their similar products, unless the owner of an affected trademark works sufficiently to correct and prevent such broad use.[1][2][3] The bottom line is in order to prevent genericization, a company needs to police its mark and embark on a PR campaign to persuade the public to use an alternate term.Inline skating instead of Rollerblading, copy machine not Xerox, etc.Losing a trademark means you lose the protection over your brand. In the former example, Rollerblade would have been significantly hurt if other companies could also sell rollerblades (lower case intentionally used.) in such an example, inferior and lower-cost products could leverage the Rollerblade brand to add credibility - eventually destroying the name.In the Google example cost may not be an issue but quality could be. Anyone could register or google.TLD-of-the-month. The point being, there could be thousands or millions of Google-like alternatives if the search company was to lose the case.Moreover, Google has done nothing to protect its brand in the traditional sense of trademark protection from what we've seen. This will be a very interesting case to watch and it isn't an unexpected result of your company name becoming a verb. Tags: google, kleenex, trademark, xerox Related tags: product service, genericized trademark, trademark, google, protection, products Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Google Birthday Reminders: Is Google+ Pushing Too Hard? - May 13, 2013 Google+ Growth, Dropbox Killer: Google IS the Tech News - Feb 09, 2012 Google: Can it be Everything to Everyone? - Jan 27, 2012 The Worst News Day so far for Google and Apple - Jan 20, 2012 Google Holiday Promo For Your New Gadgets - Dec 27, 2011 Will Companies Be Forced into Google+? - Dec 24, 2011 Time for Carol Bartz to Leave Yahoo!? - Jul 19, 2011 Google+ Targets Facebook not Twitter - Jul 15, 2011 SEO Webinar: Last Minute Butterflies - Jul 12, 2011 Want Google+? Check Your Gmail - Jul 11, 2011 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Google Could Lose it's Trademark Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - [...]

Tesla Model X Beats Lamborghini Aventador

Mon, 21 Aug 2017 16:37:32 -05002017-08-21T16:37:32-05:00

Lambo Engineers Should be Hiding Under RocksHaving your supercar beaten by an SUV is beyond embarrassing. Heads should be rolling all over the supercar word.Tesla also just established the world-record for the fastest quarter-mile for an SUV, 11.418 seconds while beating a Lamborghini by 0.05 seconds. The Lambo ended up passing the Model X P100D immediately after.There are a few shocking things to note. How much higher do you think the coefficient of drag is for the Silicon Valley SUV. Would you believe it is almost the same??? The actual number is 0.24 versus 0.23. I know, shocking. Beyond shocking. As a result, I was going to suggest Elon Musk use his expertise to design rocket ships. Oh yeah. Obviously having an electric motor is a tremendous torque advantage for Tesla but its also lugging a lot of batteries and seats. Of course, the Italian/German sounds a lot better - well, at least it makes a sound. As we wrote recently in Tesla Model X vs. Porsche 911 - if you are a competitor to Tesla and at this point it seems every auto company is, you are in trouble.The video below certainly reinforces the thought. src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0"> Tags: Related tags: tesla model, tesla, shocking, model Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Tesla Model X Beats Lamborghini Aventador Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

Ellen Pao and California Senate Point to a Huge Valley Harassment Problem

Mon, 21 Aug 2017 15:00:12 -05002017-08-21T15:00:12-05:00

Ellen Pao has a new book coming out "Reset." you might recall she was a poster child for Silicon Valley sexual harassment a few years ago in her lawsuit   against Kleiner Perkins which she ended up losing.But back to her book. A fascinating excerpt follows: Once we were airborne, the CEO, who’d brought along a few bottles of wine, started bragging about meeting Jenna Jameson, talking about her career as the world’s greatest porn star and how he had taken a photo with her at the Playboy Mansion. He asked if I knew who she was and then proceeded to describe her pay-per-view series (Jenna’s American Sex Star), on which women competed for porn-movie contracts by performing sex acts before a live audience. “Nope,” I said. “Not a show I’m familiar with.” Then the CEO switched topics. To sex workers. He asked Ted what kind of “girls” he liked. Ted said that he preferred white girls — Eastern European, to be specific. The situation has gotten so bad that CNN Tech has a complete story on sexual harassment - not in the workplace mind you but specifically in tech.The harassment problem in tech could stain our entire industry if we don't take action. Here is a good indication that the issue may become serious if we don't self-police. Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson is planning to introduce a bill early next week to deter investors from taking advantage of entrepreneurs. Jackson's legislation seeks to add to a California law, the Unruh Civil Rights Act, which prohibits businesses from discriminating based on factors such as sex, race, religion and disabilities. While the law explicitly states certain occupations, like doctor-patient relationships, or landlord-tenant, this amendment would specifically update to include the investor-entrepreneur relationship, too.  No one wants additional regulation in their industry because regulation quite often has unintended consequences which harm the very people which are said to be helped. For example, if laws become stiffer against sexual harassment against women, Investors just won't take pitches from females to ensure there is no potential for a lawsuit. Obviously this would also be a lose-lose situation for the tech industry who would have to spend a tremendous amount of additional money on litigation as women see their employment numbers actually decrease.Last year, TMC launched awards to honor companies in the tech space in the following ways: Tech Culture (2016 winners) Tech Diversity We are currently going through the Tech Culture Awards and evaluating the winners for 2017. In addition we have begun the process of evaluating the Tech Diversity applications. There is some good news which we hope paves the way for the following statement to be accurate.The best way to solve this problem is through competition.In our applications, we ask many questions about diversity in the workplace and the results have been quite refreshing. Companies are seriously working on diversity activities - whether its mentoring in inner-cities or mandating a certain percentage of new applicants for jobs are minorities. Other companies have great rules about their culture which really foster an ideal environment for all workers.Many of them also admit they are way behind where they would like to be.We hope tech companies are changing their cultures and those of you who really want to stand out in a competitive hiring market, be sure to apply for the 2018 Tech Diversity Award - which we've opened early due to numerous requests. Tags: discrimination, ellen pao, kleiner perkins, regulation, sexual harassment, silicon valley, tech diversity, workplace excellence Related tags: sexual harassment, harassment problem, harassment, diversity, companies, women Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries EEOC Finds Silicon Valley filled with Racist, Sexist Criminals - May 27, 2016 President Tim Cook? - Jun 15, 2017 [...]

Intermedia Anti-Phishing Tools for Small Business

Mon, 21 Aug 2017 14:13:17 -05002017-08-21T14:13:17-05:00

Large companies generally have IT teams to deal with phishing attacks but really, there is no perfect defense from a determined phisher who wants to get you to click on a link. Once you click, they could install a backdoor which gives them access to your passwords or perhaps they could start installing ransomware.All a company can do is be as protected as possible. One way to achieve this is with strong anti-phishing tools - similar to the ones rolled out by Intermedia last week.The company says they have unveiled Enterprise-grade anti-phishing protection, designed for SMBs - otherwise knows and small and medium businesses. The new Intermedia Email Protection features include: Similar domain check: Spear-phishing campaign authors will typically register an email domain that looks 'similar' to a company's email domain (e.g., with two i's instead of Intermedia's domain check feature uses a similarity algorithm to confirm that the sending domain is in fact is someone from within the organization. User impersonation check: Spear-phishing attacks target specific employees within an organization, by impersonating someone they know – most typically the CEO or other high-profile individuals. Since many email clients prominently show the sender's display name (instead of their actual email address), attackers will commonly change the display name in an attempt to trick the recipient. Intermedia's impersonation check featue helps identify and eliminate this threat. Suspicious content check: This feature performs an email content inspection to pinpoint vocabulary and language that might indicate a spear-phishing attack. The message can then be blocked or a subject tag (such as "[POSSIBLE PHISHING ATTEMPT]") can be added, alerting the recipient to take greater caution when reading and acting upon the message. Tag messages from external senders: This is a straightforward way for users to know if a message originated from outside of the organization. The word "[EXTERNAL]" can be added to all messages sent from someone outside of your company, so emails that appear to be from a colleague but contain this subject tag should be treated as suspicious. This feature is most effective when coupled with security training for your employees on how to react to these kinds of messages. Reply-to check: A phishing email will often contain an innocuous message like, "Hi John, are you there?" to elicit a spontaneous reply. This feature checks the "reply to" address of a message to alert readers if they are sending a response to a different address from where the email originated. Domain impersonation check: To help stop attackers from spoofing a company's email domain, this feature determines if the sending domain of an external message is an exact match to a company email domain. These messages should simply be dropped unless they originated from specific, predefined sources. Often a user is not paying attention and they click on something they shouldn't as a result. Attackers are getting smart and they hope to catch workers not paying attention. Perhaps late at night or before their morning latte.One of the big challenges users need to be on the lookout for is font-spoofing, something we have warned about before. It's where new Cyrillic and other characters now allowed in domain names are used to almost perfectly mimic a domain you are familiar with.Let's say an attacker wants to target your CEO. They can do some searching online and via social media to find their interests and perhaps the names of their family members. The attacker then tries to guess what their email addresses could be. Let's say for example. Assuming they have access to a domain similar to, they make such an email address and send you something from this account, hoping you will click. Another option is to see who the CEO tweets with and impersonate one of these users in email.These [...]

Maybe Net Neutrality Needs to Apply to Silicon Valley

Mon, 21 Aug 2017 13:04:37 -05002017-08-21T13:04:37-05:00

In the debate for net neutrality, its been left versus right for about a decade. Silicon Valley, and Democrats are for net neutrality while conservatives are for free markets with minimal government regulation.The biggest argument advocates of net neutrality use is they fear for a world where unregulated ISPs are able to throttle and block content they don't agree with or that which is competitive.Last month, Google, Facebook and Spotify among many others worked together to participate in a June 12 Internet-Wide Day of Action in support of net neutrality.Organized by Fight for the Future, freepress, and Demand Progress, the event precedes a July 17 deadline for public comment on the FCC's proposed changes to net neutrality rules, originally designed to prevent huge internet service providers from creating internet 'fast lanes' that deliver content from some owners at higher speeds (and potentially higher costs) than that of others. In his new role as head of the FCC, former commissioner and Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai has quickly mobilized efforts to roll back the Obama-era protections, among other things, arguing that the regulations will inhibit investment and innovation in the field.Interestingly net neutrality proponants are generally associated with the antifa movement - the communist group which says it represents anti-fascism.So there we have it - the left wants net neutrality rules so the government can ensure corporations can't keep sites they don't agree with, off the internet. In this way they want to stop fascism.In fact they hold to these ideals so dearly that one month later when a hate group they disagree with, The Daily Stormer was cast into the limelight, they blocked it.No joke, Silicon Valley corporations are literally doing exactly what they claim to be against.Daily Stormer is currently available on the dark web after Namecheap announced on Sunday that it will not host the site. The hate site was registered with the company on Friday after being kicked off of GoDaddy, Google Domains, and a Russian registrar earlier last week before being shut down by each.We feel we need to put a disclaimer here because pointing out hypocrisy often makes one a target and apparently not mentioning we don't agree with hate groups and not doing so in a timely manner could cause the media to go into hysteria - forgetting to even cover the all-important stories related to Russian hacking. So here we go - We do not agree with or endorse any hate group including the KKK, white supremacists or any others.What should be quite apparent at this point is Silicon Valley is far more powerful than your local ISP. Being banned by Google, Facebook and Twitter to name a few means you may as well not exist.Maybe we need to apply some net neutrality rules to Silicon Valley as they have demonstrated their willingness to block sites they do not agree with. Who knows what site will be next - maybe this one. Tags: antifa, facebook, google, isp, net neutrality, twitter Related tags: silicon valley, neutrality rules, google facebook, daily stormer, neutrality, valley Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Google: Can it be Everything to Everyone? - Jan 27, 2012 Will Companies Be Forced into Google+? - Dec 24, 2011 Google+ Targets Facebook not Twitter - Jul 15, 2011 RockMelt Ties Social Networking to Browsing - Nov 07, 2010 Twitter and Yahoo to Merge? - Jun 03, 2016 Has the SEC killed the Press Release? - Apr 04, 2013 Why Facebook Needs a Phone - May 29, 2012 Rewards Network, the Social Restaurant Hub - Feb 07, 2012 The Worst News Day so far for Google and Apple - Jan 20, 2012 11 Things Yahoo Must Do Now That Yang Has Stepped Down - Jan 18, 2012 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Maybe Net Neutrality Needs to Appl[...]

How Technology can Eliminate White Supremacy

Thu, 17 Aug 2017 10:35:15 -05002017-08-17T10:35:15-05:00

As our country is mired in race debates, it's interesting to see how technology has inadvertently begun to actually reduce the number of white supremacists.When researching how many white supremacists there are in the US, you find that there aren't any accurate surveys on the matter. Apparently, inbreeding makes it difficult for these people to read survey forms.The closest number we could find is 5,000-8,000 people in the US who are part of the KKK or about .003% of the population if we use the high end of the range.What gets really interesting is that thanks to quick and simple DNA testing white supremacists can now determine just how white they are.The results have been shocking as 2/3 of them have found they aren't pure white.Irony of ironies - the odds are 2:1 that the average cross-burning moron actually isn't what they think.This of course has led many people in these groups to question the tests. It must be some conspiracy that just 2/3 of of the people tested in their "group" are impure while 1/3 are. Obviously, many of these people need to loosen their sheets to reduce the brain damage associated with oxygen deprivation.Bottom line - technology now exists to take a population of perhaps 6,000 KKK members and knock the number down to to a mere 2,000 or the amount of people who went to our high school.So far, 153 people in these groups have posted their results. But what researchers haven't been able to determine is how many people didn't post their results out of shame? Meaning the 1/3 figure could be high.Let's hope the rest of this group continues their testing and the statistics hold.Technology once again, saves the day. Tags: dna testing, racism, technology, white supremecy Related tags: white supremacists, people groups, people, white, technology, number Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries President Tim Cook? - Jun 15, 2017 Excited to Judge #AARPInnovationAwards for Caregiver Solutions - Mar 13, 2017 Forward This Post to Employees To Protect From Hackers - Feb 22, 2017 PRVibes: IoT Evolution, The Enterprise IoT Event - Feb 20, 2017 Congrats to Broadvoice on Worker Benefit Expansion - Jan 30, 2017 Most Successful Woman in Tech Earns $41 Million! - Jan 16, 2017 TMC is More of a Lead Gen Company than You Thought - Jan 12, 2017 How TaskRabbit's CEO Can Help Diversify Tech - Dec 19, 2016 2017 Predictions From Rich Tehrani - Dec 09, 2016 $4B Wireless Repair Market Event Comes to ITEXPO - Dec 01, 2016 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: How Technology can Eliminate White Supremacy Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

The Long Tail of Cybersecurity

Wed, 09 Aug 2017 10:03:00 -05002017-08-09T10:03:00-05:00

The long-tail, a term coined to describe the ability for organizations to sell vast amounts of products in small quantities accurately describes how a music store like iTunes can generate massive quantities of profit selling virtually limitless inventory.The online world made this possible. Try as they might, Barnes & Noble could not match the inventory of Amazon in all its stores. Online wins because inventory is near-infinite.In the cybersecurity world there is is a similar phenomenon taking place. The same bell curve applies but in this case, we can assign it to the value of a target. We are seeing an aggregation of value which by definition increases the focus by cyber-criminals.Banks were some of the first targets of hacks and to this day remain so but to a hacker, there is also value in data and access. Gaining access to IoT devices allows hackers to turn them into DDoS appliances and data discovery tools. Gaining access to cloud vendors potentially allows access to all the customers on the cloud.  Security and networking vendors too are in the heart of the bell curve in terms of the amount of focus hackers will put into attacking them. Gaining access to a vertical software/cloud vendor such as Salesforce could expose the customer records of global businesses. Perhaps the most valuable item of all worth stealing was the OPM database. China hacked it which allowed the government to gain access to incriminating information which could be used for blackmail on over 22.1 million people who at one-time or another were involved with the U.S. government. Although rarely discussed, this breach constitutes perhaps the biggest threat to the security of the United States.In this case there was a mismatch between the value of the data and the protection it was under.The point is, this attack shows that there will be an increasing amount of focus on targets of great value. The challenge is, the level of security which can be applied to such targets has limits. A determined attacker will always get through... This is why anomaly detection is crucial in all networks worth protecting.Another case in point is the recent hack of a FireEye researcher in Israel. A FireEye spokesman confirmed data had been stolen from one its employees, but said there was so far no evidence that the companies' systems were affected. This statement is not as reassuring as we would have liked. FireEye is at the top of the list of high-value targets and hackers will use whatever vectors they can to get to their data.This gets us to the long-tail as it applies to cybersecurity. All things being equal, high-value targets will grow in value based on the network effect. The more customers a router vendor has, the exponentially more value there is to an attacker as these routers are spread throughout networks and give access to even more connected systems - PCs, servers, sensors, websites, etc.If we follow this out to its natural conclusion - endpoints could become relatively safe compared to the cloud and other vendors companies rely on to keep them safe. The ones enumerated above.The reason is quite simple... As the value of these central treasure-troves grows at an astronomical rate, the ability to secure these resources cannot. You eventually run out of security options to apply to the network.The move to everything-as-a-service has not slowed down one iota but if anything can deter its rapid ascent it will be the acknowledgement that all systems are fallible and eventually the highest-value ones will be breached. At this point, the long tail of cybersecurity will be evident and there may be a move back to securing data as locally as possible. Tags: cybersecurity, fireeye, hacker, it, long-tail, opm Related tags: gaining access, value targets, cloud vendors, amount focus, value, access Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries [...]

Tesla Model X vs. Porsche 911

Mon, 31 Jul 2017 11:18:28 -05002017-07-31T11:18:28-05:00

I recently had a chance to test drive a friend's Tesla Model X and he could not have been more enthusiastic about this car. In fact, another friend forced me to test drive his Model S over a year ago. I say forced because, I was surprised just how much people who have Teslas want to evangelize the car to others. I'm not so sure I'd be so generous with my new car that I would offer to share the drive with others shortly after purchase.That is what Tesla does to its fans - it makes them raving fans, not unlike what Apple has been doing since the 1980's.We went for a drive around rural New Jersey and my friend kept asking me to floor it to feel the power... Again, who does this with their new car? Actually, it's the same thing my friend with a Model S did.I am a car guy so perhaps that is part of the reason people want to share their car with me. But oddly, my friends with BMWs and Ferraris aren't as generous with the keys.What sets the Tesla apart is it is an iPad on wheels. I didn't invent the phrase but it is such an accurate description. My Model X friend told me about the recent OTA update which enables perpendicular parking. I couldn't seem to get it to work but he was thrilled that he could have the car now handle with parallel and perpendicular spaces.Here is the bottom line though, Silicon Valley is doing to auto makers what Apple did to Nokia and RIM - or mobile phones.The only real compliant people have with electrics is the range and lack of convenient ways to charge the vehicle. I brought this up to my friend and he told me, once you drive it, you won't care about such matters.Well I did drive it and I do care less about such issues - you just have to plan a bit more on long trips I surmised.What struck me most about the experience was when my friend wanted to show me the Christmas show. An OTA update last year basically turns your vehicle into a robotic ballerina of sorts. src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0">While our families stood in amazement at this technological marvel flapping its wings and opening and closing the front doors, I couldn't help but feel bad for the Porsche 911 parked in the corner. I thought, will anyone care about Germany or Detroit, now that Silicon Valley has one-upped them? The more I thought about it, the more I realized the complaint about electric range and lack of chargers is similar to the complaints about the iPhone's lack of physical keyboard. It turns out the browser and eventually apps were more important to us than the keyboard and Apple saw something many others missed.Tesla too has realized something Detroit and Germany never pondered... Cars can be fun beyond the driving part. In fact, in autonomous mode, some of the fun leaves the car so "gimmicks" like the Christmas show allow a car maker to put fun back into the experience of owning a car.Moreover, how does BMW update their slogan, "Ultimate Driving Machine" when the car drives itself? How can you keep fans passionate about you products when the core product evolves to be something different?These will be very interesting questions worth pondering and the new Model 3 will add lots of pressure to the entire industry. If it continues to be a successful roll-out, there will be a lot of late nights in corporate boardrooms in Japan, Detroit and Germany. Tags: autonomous, bmw, electric, model s, model x, porsche, self-driving, tesla Related tags: detroit germany, tesla model, silicon valley, friend, model, drive Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries The Electric Car Market is About to be Shaken up - Jun 09, 2017 Does Tesla Know Proprietary is Typically Wrong? - Aug 04, 2014 Hey Luddite CEO, Your @ss is Fired - May 22, 2017 Top 8 IoT Trends for 2017 - Jul 07, 2017 Communications Transformation is Just Beginning[...]

Facebook and Google May Become Regulated Utilities

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 11:58:15 -05002017-07-28T11:58:15-05:00

Google effectively has a monopoly in search and Facebook has one in social networking and together they have a virtual monopoly in online advertising. Worldwide, Google has 92% market share! Facebook has 2 billion users with no competitor in site. The two companies alone account for virtually all digital advertising growth.It is for these and other reasons that Steve Bannon wants the companies regulated like utilities. Another close Trump advisor Peter Thiel has detailed that Google is a monopoly in his excellent book, Zero to One.The idea espoused in the book is there are companies which are monopolies that constantly tell the world that they aren't and companies in commoditized businesses that try to act like they are. In other words, you can spot the monopoly by seeing who says they aren't one.Bottom line: there are a few people in the Trump camp which are focusing in on Silicon Valley monopolies. As a result, these companies have spent a record amount on lobbying in an effort to fight back.Questions worth investigating are exactly what would you regulate? In the case of Google for example, the move to parent company Alphabet was thought in-part to be related to an eventual break-up of the search business from the rest of the organization. If this was to happen by government decree, would they also be forced to separate their search business from advertising?Would Facebook have to spin off Instagram? What behavior would need to change to get regulators to be happy.Amazon isn't mentioned but Jeff Bezos and President Trump aren't exactly pen pals so what would happen to Amazon? Currently the company allows third-party sellers to use Amazon distribution but if a business looks like it is worth getting into, Amazon takes the third-party out by competing directly. Would this practice be stopped by the Feds? Would they be forced to show other sellers in their search pages? Would something have to be done with Prime as it is at least similar to tying - a potentially anti-competitive type of behavior.Would Apple be off the hook? Netflix?Government policy can make or break companies. Just today the FDA tanked the tobacco stocks by suggesting it would limit cigarette nicotine levels to reduce addiction. Will we similar market activity if there is more talk of tech regulation? It is possible. Tags: amazon, apple, bannon, facebook, google, netflix, trump Related tags: search business, third party, regulated utilities, companies, google, monopoly Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries President Zuckerberg? The Top 28 CEO Choices for U.S. President - Dec 12, 2016 Amazon is Doomed, Apple to hit a Trillion Dollars - Jun 25, 2015 How Skype and Facebook Work Together - Jul 07, 2011 How Poor Branding and Positioning Have Led to Tech and Auto Failure - Mar 27, 2011 Competing Effectively in a Facebook and Google World - Mar 09, 2011 Why Apple's Dropping its Pants With New iPad Price - Mar 21, 2017 2017 Predictions From Rich Tehrani - Dec 09, 2016 Why AT&T Should be Encouraged to Purchase Time Warner - Oct 27, 2016 Elizabeth Warren says Apple, Amazon and Google are Acting like Monopolies - Jun 30, 2016 How Tech is Disrupting China and India - Jul 14, 2015 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Facebook and Google May Become Regulated Utilities Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

TMC Partners with MWC and CTIA on Enterprise IoT Event

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 10:31:06 -05002017-07-28T10:31:06-05:00

We are approaching the 20th IoT Evolution event and TMC and Crossfire Media keep working hard to improve the event, show after show. Thanks to many people like you who have given us positive comments on our efforts, we've been able to grow each event and find new conference areas of focus which tie in with IoT.We've decided that its important to expand our reach even more and work with others to continue our goal of objectively educating the industry about the Internet of Things.As a result, TMC and Crossfire will be launching Enterprise Implementations Summit at the 2017 GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas, in Partnership with CTIA.As the name implies - the focus here will be on implementation of IoT in the Enterprise - an areas which IoT Evolution has become an acknowledged expert in.So why did we do it? The bottom line is we are passionate about spreading the word about how IoT is transforming business... This event allows us work with Mobile World Congress and CTIA to educate even more people and help the market grow even more quickly which is a win for all involved.We are looking forward to meeting with the tens of thousands of people expected at this event and welcome your input.There are various speaking opportunities available for IoT Evolution’s Enterprise Implementation Summit. Interested parties can contact Carl Ford at for more information.. Companies interested in exhibiting, sponsorship or advertising packages should contact Dave Rodriguez at or 203.852.6800 ext. 146. Tags: case study, conference, ctia, enterprise, iiot, iot, mwc Related tags: mobile world, world congress, event, enterprise, people, evolution Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Top 8 IoT Trends for 2017 - Jul 07, 2017 See a Top 10 Tech Speaker at IoT Evolution in July - Jun 22, 2017 PRVibes: IoT Evolution, The Enterprise IoT Event - Feb 20, 2017 Thank You IoT Evolution Community! - Feb 14, 2017 Telit IoT Innovation Event Attendance Portends Strong IoT Growth Ahead - Feb 07, 2017 ITEXPO and IoT Evolution Show Brochures now Available - Feb 02, 2017 Good Morning, Quick Shout Out to IoT Evolution Sponsors - Thanks! - Jan 20, 2017 How ITEXPO Has Transformed into THE Communications Event - Jan 19, 2017 ITEXPO Offers Displaced Carnival Workers Special Offer - Dec 25, 2016 RAD Rides 5G and NFV Trends at Mobile World Congress - Mar 02, 2016 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: TMC Partners with MWC and CTIA on Enterprise IoT Event Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

DieselGate: We Were Right, Something Smells Awful

Thu, 13 Jul 2017 12:05:13 -05002017-07-13T12:05:13-05:00

Remember back in 2015 when we said something doesn't smell right in the VW diesel scandal? it would be impossible for the whole auto industry to not know what was happening - including execs at these organizations.Well, fast forward a few years and many arrests later and now Mercedes may have to recall over a million vehicles because well, apparently they did see what VW did and decided it was a great idea to emulate.Had you been a reader, you would have known this was coming back in 2015 when we said: If management learned VW engineers were able to achieve the impossible… They found a way to burn diesel in a manner which literally saved billions of dollars for the company, they would naturally want to know how it was done. This was a breakthrough. It is inconceivable that all of management wouldn’t be interested in learning at least something about how the system worked. Basically this means all senior management could likely be liable if logic is a guide here. Likewise, there is no way a BMW engineer or one from Mercedes is going to believe they can’t achieve something Volkswagen engineers can. You see where I’m going here? It is impossible that questions about this new technology wouldn’t have come up in vehicle planning and board meetings. Moreover, auto makers routinely tear apart competitor’s cars… No other auto company evaluated this breakthrough technology in order to emulate it? Finally, none of the diesel engineers ever got hired away by rival companies? Something doesn’t smell right and it isn’t just the extra ton of NOx emissions the cars were giving off. Tags: daimler, diesel, dieselgate, emissions, green technology, mercedes Related tags: something doesn, smell right, something, diesel, impossible, engineers Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries We Called The Fiat Chrysler Emissions Cheating in 2015 - Jan 12, 2017 Nissan Outs Mitsubishi for Cheating. No one Outed #VW - Apr 20, 2016 The VW Diesel Scandal Smells Even Worse Than You Think - Sep 24, 2015 Fuel Cells Power Base Stations - Jul 27, 2008 Daimler Battery Breakthrough - Feb 29, 2008 TSO Logic Enables ConEdison and NY State to help Fund Your New Equipment - May 15, 2015 TSO Logic Leverages Equipment Idle Time to Save Power - Apr 01, 2014 Photoluminescent Paint Markers Could Save Taxpayers Billions - Feb 07, 2013 Liter of Light Turns Plastic Bottles into Solar Light - Jul 30, 2012 Are Switch Lighting's LED Bulbs the Future of Lighting? - Mar 08, 2012 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: DieselGate: We Were Right, Something Smells Awful Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

StaffAlerter Provides Value in Emergency Notification and IoT

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With terrorist attacks and other shooting incidents becoming commonplace, the need to quickly notify large groups of people regarding dangerous situations seems to have never been greater. While many of the solutions on the market are targeted at governments or large police departments, the emergency notification system on a budget market has been neglected. Enter StaffAlerter, the infinitely flexible solution which combines the power of IoT-like sensors with IFTTT real-world flexibility. By this we mean that the system can be easily programmed to sense an emergency button being activated in the freezer and then proceed to unlock the freezer door. This is just an example of the flexibility the system brings to the table but its primary role is to send out alerts on things like suspicious persons, active shooters, school bus route delays (essential for very cold or hot areas), industrial accidents, severe weather warnings and hazardous materials to name a few. The system can be cloud-based and works with any PBX and has especially tight integration with Ericsson-LG iPECS systems. Numerous systems can also be linked together. We recently had a chance to interview Bob Rankin as well as Paul Keith – both live and via phone about the system to get a handle on all it can do. We mentioned IoT above – well a gunshot detector can be one of the inputs which results in notifications which can be broadcast anywhere – phone, email, SMS, social, digital signage and voice notification. The system can have four hard inputs which can expand to 144 and the systems can work together to form a larger mesh of security and monitoring. Other inputs can be temperature, key fobs and RFID. A system can have up to 22 hours of runtime with battery backup, it can be programmed granularly to close a relay for the seconds and then latch or it can pulse a relay for a few seconds. It can also follow a schedule like unlocking a door during business hours. Each system has the ability to failover to 5 SSIDs and connects to a new broadband connection in under five seconds – allowing for example a MiFi to always keep the system connected. Key fobs were mentioned above – the short range variety can have 8 functions while WiFi units can have three functions. Cloud phone systems are compatible as well. An Opti-Switch can be used to take action based on the status of phone lights. An actual example could be setting up 811 as an internal emergency number which rings a phone line on a phone which is detected by Opti-Switch which in-turn takes action. The system also works natively with FXO and FXS lines. Target markets include schools, elder-care, government, retail and industrial. Pricing starts at under $2,000. Going forward, Bob tells me they are working on a keyword spotter in email which can take action based on a word or phrase. The bottom line is StaffAlerter is an inexpensive solution which ties in the benefits of emergency notification with IoT and the flexibility to expand and grow with the needs of an organization. For more check out the distributor Presence Management. Tags: iot, lg ericsson, pbx, presence management, security, staffalerter, terrorism, uc Related tags: emergency notification, action based, notification system, system, phone, emergency Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Tempered Networks Boosts Trust with Identity-Defined Networks - Jun 19, 2017 Cisco, Juniper and Business Insider show how to Transform your Business - May 25, 2017 Mitel Analyst Day 2017 Live Blog - Mar 07, 2017 The Drone Wars Have Arrived - Feb 22, 2017 How Microsoft Just Scared the IT Community to Death - Feb 14, 2017 How ITEXPO Has Transformed into THE Communications Event -[...]

Top 8 IoT Trends for 2017

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The IoT market is accelerating as growth comes from numerous directions and markets and as it does, one thing is very clear, the internet of things will have a major effect on every market. It will also usher in opportunities in these spaces to start new businesses and grow existing ones.The number one question we get asked at TMC is what are the hottest trends in IoT? Here is a solid list of what you need to know and where opportunity exists: Industrial IoT is responsible for ushering in a new industrial revolution. This is a non-trivial change in the way factories and industry operate. Massive new efficiency will be gained as a result and the global economy will change as a result. Enterprise IoT has some crossover with industrial but really applies to all businesses from retail to logistics. Again, it will be a game changer - transforming businesses - making them more efficient and competitive. IoT Security continues to be  a major issue as billions of devices will be exciting new attack vendors for hackers everywhere. There are global cybersecurity implications here as a malicious user can and already has taken devices like cameras and used them to form a botnet which launched DDoS attacks. Bottom line, if protecting computers and mobile devices is  tough job, imagine how much tougher it will be to protect a market with 10 times as many devices. Smart Cities are becoming crucial as larger parts of the population want to live in these cities. In the past few years our home state of Connecticut in fact lost GE to Boston and Aetna to Manhattan. Connecticut tax policy had a lot to do with the move but it is clear that if the costs are similar, companies who can move to big cities, will. Some of the benefits of smart cities will include smart parking, smart buildings and better traffic control. Connected Home is another huge area - how can I connect my Ring doorbell to my Nest to my smart-speaker? How can I add the latest skills? How can I get all this new technology to pay for itself in my home by lowering my electric or insurance bills?  IoT Ecosystems powered by APIs between devices and open platforms will allow companies to leverage large user-bases to sell their wares. The first-mover advantage will be very important - this is an exciting space to watch.  Connected Cars will be mesh-networked and work with smart cities to reduce traffic and accidents - not only between vehicles but between vehicles and pedestrians. Analytics and Big Data to figure out how to make use of all this data will be crucial to advancing careers and increasing competitiveness. We've written before that one great opportunity is to come up with industry averages based on IoT data to allow companies in various sectors to compete more effectively. For example if your smart-farm uses 10% more water for every pound of output than the average, there is room for improvement. Bonus: Wine tech is an opportunity. We reached out to Andy Abramson the visionary tech blogger about Amazon's foray into the wine biz - Andy is a well-known figure in the wine space as well and he told us he is doing more in the wine tech biz these days. This probably won't be a huge opportunity but who knows? After Amazon makes all our jobs obsolete, perhaps we'll all have more time to attend wine tastings.  That's all for now. Wait, we almost forgot, our company is putting on an event called IoT Evolution in a few Weeks in Las Vegas and we will be covering all of these topics in depth - except #9. But there will be drinks served so perhaps that qualifies.  We hope to see you there - July 17-20th, 2017 at Caesar's Palace. Tags: amazon, autonomous, enterprise, iiot, iot, m2m, robot, smart car, smart city Related tags: smart[...]

Google Dandelion to Popularize Geothermal?

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Geothermal energy is pure perfection for heating and cooling homes in climates which are very hot or very cold because the ground stays around 50 degrees Fahrenheit which means, if you can access this area, you can inexpensively heat or cool a home or building. It is better than solar because it isn't god-awful ugly - yes, we know Elon Musk may one day make solar pretty. It's better than wind because it is constant.The problem with the technology is in the northeast, you can get estimates of $60,000 or more to install such a system.Its ironic, there is virtually unlimited heating and cooling under our feet but we just can't get to it affordably.Enter Google-X and the Alphabet spin-off, Dandelion, they are going to start installing geothermal in New York state to start and they say they have found a way to inexpensively and quickly dig the small holes needed to reach about 1,000 feet.Some of the fastest-growing businesses have been based on arbitrage - many people in the IP communications space saw this for themselves and before that, the international call-back market. Mobile phones helped arbitrage away the need for a camera and flashlight among other devices - and we see how fast that market grew.We're just spit-balling here but if Google can get the price of an install down to $20,000 and the average homeowner can save $3,000 a year, the payback is under seven years.Is this a feasible number? Well, Massachusetts heating oil users spend about $2,000/year on heat, let's assume they spend about $1,500 on electricity for A/C they would need to save most of these amounts to make the numbers work. BTW, Americans spend around $22 billion a year on air conditioning, wow! Here is how to calculate your spend.But, for new homes, the numbers are a lot easier to wrap your head around because you will hopefully need to spend less on auxiliary heating and cooling systems. If Dandelion is not overly-optimistic, geothermal could become a big producer of heat and cooling worldwide in the not-too-distant-future. Tags: alphabet, dandelion, geothermal, google, green, green energy, x Related tags: heating cooling, spend, geothermal, cooling, because, heating Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries TSO Logic Enables ConEdison and NY State to help Fund Your New Equipment - May 15, 2015 Google Birthday Reminders: Is Google+ Pushing Too Hard? - May 13, 2013 Google+ Growth, Dropbox Killer: Google IS the Tech News - Feb 09, 2012 Google: Can it be Everything to Everyone? - Jan 27, 2012 The Worst News Day so far for Google and Apple - Jan 20, 2012 Google Holiday Promo For Your New Gadgets - Dec 27, 2011 Will Companies Be Forced into Google+? - Dec 24, 2011 Time for Carol Bartz to Leave Yahoo!? - Jul 19, 2011 Google+ Targets Facebook not Twitter - Jul 15, 2011 SEO Webinar: Last Minute Butterflies - Jul 12, 2011 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Google Dandelion to Popularize Geothermal? Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

HPE Composable Infrastructure Turns Data Centers into a Mini-Google

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Fans of search engine history likely know that Google benefited greatly due to the timing of its launch. Whereas Yahoo! launched when dotcom money flowed, allowing it to buy million-dollar SUN servers like they were going out of style (they were), Google had limited resources and made an OS which scaled across off-the-shelf, low-budget equipment, assuming high levels of failure.This approach, taken by Google still gives it a huge advantage when it acquires companies and ports their IP to its software-OS and it also allows the company to try new ideas quickly and not worry about scale or capacity issues.The idea is similar to cloud but more complex as it integrates more tightly with applications - into a holistic unit.Its sort of  a holy grail to replicate this technology and be able to sell it and that is exactly what HPE is attempting to do.HPE defines Synergy, its composable infrastructure as: Fluid pools of resources - a singular system where components are abstracted - allowing them to work across physical, virtual and container. Software intelligence to define the pools - they define the exact footprint needed for applications. Specify permanence and availability requirements for applications and it takes it from there. A Unified API across compute, network and storage allowing automation tools such as Chef or Puppet to reach into system and create and automatic network infrastructure. src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0">Our colleague Erik Linask writes:  With advanced compute, storage, network fabric, management, orchestration, security, and performance technologies leveraging HPE Synergy and Intel’s (News - Alert) Xeon processors, businesses are able to build new, agile, cloud and virtualized platforms that provide the foundation for an agile, customer-first economy. Through a partnership, ePlus, Intel, and HPE ensure their collective customers are building their digital futures on the back of vetted and proven technologies and solutions, allowing them to innovate and build faster. Chuck Hooke (HPE), Megan Gawlik (Intel), and Mark Henson (ePlus) are delivering a session on June 28, 2016 to discuss exactly how the three technology companies are working together to bring their next-gen-optimized solutions to customers. Specifically: How HPE Synergy (News - Alert) Aggregates compute, storage, network fabric, and management into a hardware foundation; How ePlus and Intel drives HPE Synergy compute modules, providing orchestration, security, and enhanced performance; How ePlus and Intel work together to design and deploy the right solutions for the customer’s unique needs; and Why the new Intel Xeon Processor (News - Alert) Scalable family is the new foundation for secure, agile, multi-cloud datacenters and represents the biggest platform advancements in this decade. If you’re looking to bring new revenue opportunities to your business, you will certainly benefit from this discussion on how to bring your infrastructure into the modern era, including leveraging cloud and virtualization.  Don’t miss this chance to hear from these three experts who are already turning that vision into reality for businesses worldwide.  Register today for the June 28 Webinar, Harness the Power of Cloud and Virtualization to hopefully become as agile as Tags: api, cloud, eplus, google, hpe, intel, orchestration, processor, security, synergy, virtualization, xeon, yahoo Related tags: eplus intel, network fabric, compute storage, cloud virtualization, orchestration security, int[...]