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Published: 2016-12-09T15:19:11-05:00


2017 Predictions From Rich Tehrani

Fri, 09 Dec 2016 15:19:11 -05002016-12-09T15:19:11-05:00

Without further ado, here are my predictions for the new year!!! What do you think?    We will see major financial problems begin to take shape at hardware companies without a solid cloud strategy. Trump’s new offshore tax rules will bring a flood of cash to tech companies – much of this will be shared via dividends and buybacks but it will also find its way into M&A as well as new product development. Smart factories with low cost energy will make the US a major force in manufacturing but this prediction will need to take 10 years to play out and thanks to IoT and robotics, the factory of tomorrow will need 1/10th the workers of today. Chinese cell phone provider Huawei or Xiaomi will become a serious thorn in the side of Samsung – producing low cost phones for hundreds less than the Korean maker and selling them in large numbers outside China. Samsung will lose a lot of U.S. market share as a result. Google, buoyed by the success of its Pixel phone will invest a lot more into hardware which we might not see 'till 2018 but we’ll hear the rumors in the summer/fall of 2017. Foxconn will become even bigger as companies use them instead of directly moving manufacturing jobs overseas. They will provide a Trump-friendly way of getting around offshoring manufacturing. Energy prices in the US will plummet and green energy will go through a major trough of despair. This will present problems for Tesla. Towards the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, the 4K monitor will become a far more common fixture on desks. Goodbye net neutrality – we hardly knew you. Instead of forcing carriers to carry outside traffic at high priority for free, a Trump FCC will be more concerned about how many jobs will be created by the carriers who will promise jobs in return for gutting net neutrality. The AT&T/Time Warner acquisition will go through as the Trump administration gets Ma Bell to promise to keep jobs in the US and/or add more. US tech companies (among others) will be in the crosshairs of countries looking at the tariffs the U.S. imposes on it's imports. The dollar will continue to strengthen and interest rates will continue to rise. Apple will buy the Ring video doorbell and my old pal Jamie Siminoff will launch yet another successful startup 12-18 months later. HD voice interop will get real… Finally allowing you to make HD calls from one wireless carrier to just about any other. GSMA RCS or Rich Communications Service will finally become a real thing in the US, allowing carriers to offer services like Facebook Messenger but these communications service providers will have a tough time competing with Silicon Valley. NFV or Network Functions Virtualization will become more popular in the U.S. – success stories will spread and even more carriers will adopt it. Carriers will also realize they are going from hardware lock-in to software lock-in and now pay higher maintenance costs – perhaps as high as 25%. All carriers will be forced to purchase media companies in order to compete with AT&T/Verizon. Apple will make real progress with new iPads in the hopes of the new devices getting the tablet market to grow again Apple’s third-gen smart watch is the one you’ve been waiting for – it will likely be a must have for serious wearable tech enthusiasts. Microsoft will continue to out-cool Apple with more products like Surface Studio. They will release an amazing Surface Phone but it will be really tough for them to gain traction against Android and Apple. Someone acquires Twitter as it continues to replace the news media for unbiased communications between the President and the public. Obamacare is replaced by a unique algorithm matching patients to doctors like TripAdvisor matches travelers to hotels. Self-driving everything becomes a major cause of unemployment. The retail sector spends billions to match Amazon’s worker-free store of the future. becomes a major force competing with Amazon after Walmart makes major investments in the company which i[...]

The Most Important Marketing Automation Webinar of the Year

Thu, 08 Dec 2016 18:04:01 -05002016-12-08T18:04:01-05:00

Many people know TMC as a company reporting on news. Many tech and communications companies leverage TMCnet and our various properties for marketing purposes, exhibiting at our conferences, lead generation, etc. Yet marketers would often come to us and ask, how can I improve my return on investment from these leads? In other words, they now have lists of people at companies interested in their product category… How can they convert more of them into sales? About six years ago we responded with a CMO Dinner at ITEXPO in Austin, Texas to help companies tackle this problem… We invited Marketo as a keynote speaker – before they were as well-known as they are today. Last year at ITEXPO in Florida we teamed up with Jeff Dworkin to wow our CMO dinner audience with all they needed to know about lead management and follow-up through automation. It was a great dinner… We had a ton of positive comments. Many people asked us if we could kick it up a notch and help their companies with marketing automation. We thought about the idea and it made sense – so we launched Marketing Automation Partners as an outsourced marketing automation service. Half our job is to help companies who understand how important marketing automation can be for their company and the other half is evangelizing the benefits of MA. Case in point, tomorrow, Friday, December 9th, 2016 we have a webinar titled Don’t Let Them Tell You Marketing Automation is Easy – perhaps the best webinar on the topic you can find. As part of the webinar we’ll help you understand how marketing impacts revenue. We’ll go beyond measuring marketing spend via “vanity” metrics (I call them selfie-metrics) like clicks and likes. This is real-world marketing consultation from an experienced team which you’ll get for free. Just sign up and be on the webinar at 2:00 pm EST tomorrow. Hope to see you there… I’ll be moderating. Tags: dworkin, marketing automation, marketo, webinar Related tags: marketing automation, important marketing, marketing, automation, companies, webinar Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries 45+ Webinar Best Practice Tips - Jun 25, 2015 Barry O'Sullivan joins Altocloud to Boost Marketing & Call Center Integration - Mar 12, 2014 Heading onto an Asset Tracking Webinar - Nov 17, 2011 Tehrani Speaking on Lead Generation Webinar Tomorrow - Oct 16, 2011 Webinar: Smarter SEO Techniques - Jun 16, 2011 Content Marketing Webinar Tomorrow - May 24, 2011 Building Communities Online: Boost Sales, Search and Social Initiatives - Feb 22, 2011 Cisco Webinar on Cloud Computing, Data center Efficiency and Virtualization - Sep 17, 2010 Cloud Computing Boosts Data Center Market - Jun 29, 2010 Communications in the Cloud Webinar - Jun 21, 2010 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: The Most Important Marketing Automation Webinar of the Year Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

Foxconn Plays the Trump Presidency Brilliantly

Thu, 08 Dec 2016 12:01:54 -05002016-12-08T12:01:54-05:00

Let’s start off with what will likely be taken poorly by U.S. workers… According to at least one company, you get paid more to be less loyal and show up to work less often than your Mexican counterparts. Specifically, Gregory Hayes, the CEO of Carrier’s parent company United Technologies told Jim Cramer of CNBC: So what’s good about Mexico? We have a very talented workforce in Mexico. Wages are obviously significantly lower. About 80% lower, on average. But absenteeism runs about 1%. Turnover runs about 2%. Very, very dedicated workforce. That turnover rate means almost no retraining and compares to the U.S. rate in manufacturing of between 9% for voluntary and 15% for total turnover. Put another way, the U.S. is a poor choice for manufacturing for a laundry list of reasons which include taxes, regulation and the workers themselves. However the U.S. elected Donald Trump on a platform of bringing jobs to the U.S. – especially in the rust belt and he has been making good on this promise like no other president has made good on a promise. And that’s before he’s even gotten into office. Specifically, Carrier will keep 1,100 jobs in the U.S. and US Steel could bring 10,000 jobs back. The logical benefactor of a Trump presidency is Foxconn because U.S. companies will be able to shutter jobs in the U.S. by outsourcing work to this super-successful contract-manufacturer. It's a less obvious way of moving your manufacturing to a lower cost area. Of course Trump would eventually target Foxconn in retaliation – call them out, etc. He would make their life a living hell for being the reason U.S. jobs are disappearing. This is why it was very smart of the company to be part of the recent Softbank investment in the U.S. – a staggering $50+ billion will be put into the American economy. Another 50,000 plus jobs will be created as a result! By making this news and announcement now, Foxconn insulates itself against negative tweets and comments from our new commander-in-chief in the future. Photo courtesy of CNNThe results will likely be a win for U.S. workers because some new jobs will come back to the U.S. and at the same time Foxconn gets to continue outsourcing globally to lower cost areas. The biggest winner will be the shareholders at companies who continue to close U.S. factories and use Foxconn instead to make their products less expensively. Tags: contract manufacturing, foxconn, outsourcing, softbank, tariff, trump Related tags: trump presidency, foxconn, trump, lower, manufacturing, company Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Profit: The Real Reason Whitman is Backing Clinton - Aug 03, 2016 Will the Clinton Vs. Trump Outsourcing War hurt your Business? - Jul 27, 2016 2017 Predictions From Rich Tehrani - Dec 09, 2016 President Obama, After $400 Million, Where are Those Criminal Iranian Hackers ? - Aug 05, 2016 Trump's Twitter Lead is the Real Force That's Awakened - Jan 04, 2016 Sanders and Republicans Team to War with Obama on Jobs in 2016? - Dec 31, 2015 Trump is Right, We're a Bunch of Suckers - Aug 12, 2015 Microsoft, SNL, Sprint and Softbank News for Monday October 15, 2012 - Oct 15, 2012 Is Anyone Really Surprised Unpaid Student Workers Make iPhones? - Sep 11, 2012 Does the New York Times Have it in for Apple? - Apr 30, 2012 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Foxconn Plays the Trump Presidency Brilliantly Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

$4B Wireless Repair Market Event Comes to ITEXPO

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 17:44:51 -05002016-12-01T17:44:51-05:00

Almost 8,000 wireless repair businesses employ over 20,000 people and the market is growing. Yes, it’s a $4 billion dollar market! Apple’s next-gen phones are rumored to be all glass once again which means the market likely isn’t going away any time soon. Where however do the people in this industry gather to learn more about how to market themselves and how to drive more traffic to their stores? The answer of course is Wireless Repair Roundup (register) and where will this event be??? Collocated with ITEXPO of course. Check out the details about this new collocation on February 8th, 2017 and come to ITEXPO, February 8-10 in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  for the complete event and more – such as MSP Expo, All About the API, Asterisk World, etc. Tags: communications, expo, florida, itexpo, technology, wireless Related tags: wireless repair, market, event, itexpo, repair, wireless Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Google and ITEXPO News September 1, 2010 - Sep 02, 2010 Book ITEXPO Now to Save Hundreds - Aug 04, 2010 Brief Results of My Silicon Valley Trip - Jul 24, 2009 IBM Mobility Keynote at ITEXPO - Oct 16, 2012 ShoreTel CEO Keynote at ITEXPO 2012 - Oct 15, 2012 First ITEXPO West 2012 Videos Posted - Oct 03, 2012 ITEXPO West 2011 Austin Highlights - Aug 23, 2011 ITEXPO East 2011 Jan 31 Show Daily - Jan 31, 2011 Getting to Know ITEXPO Participants - Jan 24, 2011 ITEXPO Hashtag is #ITEXPO, Receptions and More - Jan 23, 2011 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: $4B Wireless Repair Market Event Comes to ITEXPO Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

Ransomware Fog Rolls over SanFran Muni, SFMTA

Mon, 28 Nov 2016 17:56:39 -05002016-11-28T17:56:39-05:00

We’ve known ransomware costs for a small- to medium-sized business can be $99,000, per Kapersky Labs. This includes lost business data, productivity and perhaps trade secrets or proprietary information, as well as increased spending on IT security. A new Vanson Bourne survey, sponsored by SentinelOne of 500 cybersecurity decision makers reveals that recovery from a ransomware infection takes 33 employee hours. Suffering this potential consequence were the 48% of organizations that reported being subjected to at least one ransomware attack during the last 12 months. Ouch… More than one a year? The latest high-profile victim which was made public (often a company will do its best to hide such a breach) is San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. The hacker – using a Russian email address demanded $73,000 and due to infections on the machines processing payments, riders were able to ride trains without paying. Obviously this was a very expensive attack – it is unknown how much revenue was lost as a result. To learn more, we reached out to Paul Rose of the SFMTA who was not immediately available for comment. For more, the SFMTA has a blog post from Kristen Holland which has minor details of interest. In addition, reports of hackers threatening to release data have recently surfaced – perhaps 30 GB of personal tracking data. Bottom line – make sure you have a disaster recovery strategy as getting hit by ransomware is a matter of when, not if and you need to know how to respond quickly when your computers become unusable. Tags:, cybersecurity, hacker, ransomware, virus Related tags: ransomware, sfmta Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Inside Dark Web Live Blog 2016 - May 11, 2016 9 Shocking Facts about the Nasdaq Breach by Russia - Jul 17, 2014 Will Future Hackers Be Short-Sellers? - Jun 22, 2011 iTunes and User Accounts Hacked - Jul 06, 2010 Skype Problem with your Payment Scam - Jun 16, 2010 Protecting IMS/UMA and IP Communications - Oct 03, 2006 The Real Hacker Damage - Jan 09, 2006 US Cybersecurity - Dec 12, 2005 ICE - Nov 11, 2005 Yahoo! Cybersecurity Breach Helps Lower Value by $1 Billion - Oct 07, 2016 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Ransomware Fog Rolls over SanFran Muni, SFMTA Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

Go!Foton Hopes to Advance Data Center and Carrier Fiber Transformation

Wed, 23 Nov 2016 17:49:00 -05002016-11-23T17:49:00-05:00

Continuous advancements in technology and hyperbolic cloud growth is straining all networks at carrier central offices and data centers alike. Virtually all aspects of the data center have evolved - from Ethernet speeds to software defined networks and even SD-WAN. In corporate networks we've seen the rise of virtualization become table stakes for companies of more than about 25 people. Carriers have been moving towards NFV to gain similar benefits in their central offices.Yet there hasn't been the same evolution in fiber management and connectivity and its the reason we interviewed Farshid Mohammadi of Go!Foton to learn more about his company's efforts in this area.Tell us about your company, Go!Foton Go!Foton was established in 2009 as a result of a management buyout of NSG Group’s Telecom Devices Business worldwide. We have been focused on providing innovative solutions around passive and active optical components and lately we are providing next generation fiber management systems. Go!Foton is a co-creation and ecosystem orchestration driven company.  Our vision is to change the Fiber Management Systems into an open best-of-breed solutions much like what we have seen with Open Source software and the Open Compute project What is the problem your company is trying to solve? For the past 20+ years we have seen significant improvement and innovations in the area of Equipment and Fiber Cable.  However, fiber management and connectivity within COs & DCs have not seen much innovation and have not kept up with advances in the Equipment & Fiber Cables domains.  This has resulted in significant operational cost that service providers could avoid.    Do you believe there is a transformation happening in data centers? We are in the midst of a pivot in our industry.  Given the adoption of Cloud for both IT and Telecom applications, we will continue to see an expedited path toward faster and denser deployments at COs & DCs.   To meet these new challenges, we believe that the Fiber Management & Connectivity vendor community would need to change its current thinking and redesign its products to meet the following requirements below:   How will your company help it along? At Go!Foton we have a patented fixture fan-out solution that allows field technicians to install fiber terminations  without impacting the adjacent  fibers/connectors in a 24 LC connector tray configuration.  Other vendors’ solutions either provide fully stacked or offset LC connector configuration which is cumbersome and error prone or as such have prevented the industry from truly capitalizing on the high fiber density that LC connectors can achieve.  Recall LC connectors are half the size of SC connectors, provide better performance  than SC connectors, and are more secure and safer since they provide a latch-on mechanism rather than SC’s Push/Pull mechanism. Tell me more about your PEACOC High Density Platform PEACOC is  a High Density Fiber Management  Platform that: Supports 144 simplex (72 duplex) LC ports in 1RU; MPO fanouts (8F/12F/24F) Provides easy & efficient craft access to both front and back plane connectors Installs in standard 19” and 23”  existing frames Offers scalable pay-as-you grow fiber interconnect capacity in 1 RU increments Supports traditional as well as next generation applications by accommodating Integrated optical modules & Splicing with a removable flexible tray design Why should carriers and companies choose to use it? We are an innovative co-creation driven company that looks to partner with carries toward co-developing a solution that provides carriers’ desired technical and commercial outcomes.  Some of our salient design parameters for our solutions are: At least 40% TCO for savings for carriers Open system architecture allowing competitive sourcing Modular chas[...]

After the Election: Getting Mac and PC to Start Talking

Tue, 08 Nov 2016 10:50:33 -05002016-11-08T10:50:33-05:00

I have a minor quibble with my communications systems. throughout the day - based on the numerous initiatives I am involved with, I need to monitor 6 email accounts, WhatsApp, iMessage/SMS, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Skype, LinkedIn and Twitter. This is just off the top of my head by the way and its maddening.I also monitor a web chat account from time to time to ensure coverage. Sometimes i also message via Slack and BaseCamp among others.In short, I feel most of my life these days is switching between Windows and iOS and various messaging apps.Can't we all just get along?As many of us head to the polls and cast our votes, we hope that: There will be just one winner tonight. Whoever wins will reach out to the other side and get a dialogue going. But tech it seems can be as bad as politics. Why don't iMessages show up on PC screens yet? Sure, I know the answer but isn't it about time Apple worries less about locking people into it's ecosystems and more about customers? Ditto for all the others mentioned above.We need less friction in our communications - and our government.Let's hope 2017 is a positive year from both perspectives. Tags: appl, chat, imessage, ios, mac, mms, pc, sms, windows Related tags: Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Optimum Live TV App now on PC - Apr 26, 2012 OpenMarket Adds Texting for Landlines and Toll-Free Numbers for Enterprises - May 06, 2015 ZipWhip: What if Every Phone Number Could Text? - Nov 12, 2013 A Billion WebRTC Endpoints Force Voice and Data Players to Adapt or Die - Jun 05, 2013 That Sound You Heard Was The Hard Drive Market Crumbling - Apr 12, 2013 With Tablets and Smartphones Eating the PC, What Can Microsoft Do? - Apr 11, 2013 IDC: PC Sales Decline Substantially - Apr 10, 2013 In Windows 8, Microsoft Has a Winner - Dec 05, 2012 For Microsoft Surface, Is it Mission Impossible? - Oct 16, 2012 New Microsoft Logo Responds to Apple - Aug 23, 2012 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: After the Election: Getting Mac and PC to Start Talking Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

Licensing Live 2016 Live Blog

Wed, 02 Nov 2016 12:29:51 -05002016-11-02T12:29:51-05:00

11/2/16 9:38 AM PST We are about to start.For more info on the topic check out  What is Software Monetization? Ariella Shoham Sr Director Marketing SM, Gemalto Software Monetization Unit.This event has been going on for seven years.10:25Shlomo Weiss Senior Vice President, Software Monetization, Gemalto takes the stage. Session topic"Embracing Change: The Shift from Making Products to Selling ValueWhen he was younger he started collecting baseball cards and eventually it became a business. At one point they tried a different angle - they blindfolded a kid and let him pick from a group of cards for 50 cents. They then realized if there were higher value cards, they could charge more. Eventually the principal shut them down but they learned about value and charging.This concept applies to software today. What is core value in your offering? How has it evolved? How do you capture that value? Value is dynamic - it changes based on factors like market demand and trends - baseball cards for example have a different value today than in the past.Discussion shifted to Now Economy.Examples are Amazon, Netflix, Uber, SolarCity, etc. Bringing value closer to consumer.Uber for example has set an expectation of immediacy and pricing is dynamic - they can test new things. They can also scale rapidly because of the automation in their business.These companies are all data driven - its the new oil or new currency. It requires near instant provisioning. Also - they live in a connected ecosystem.The Now Economy is not just for consumers - its reshaping industries - transforming how business is being done. "The new economy for business and how it gets monetized."Examples:4th Manufacturing Revolution: He suggested we listen to the following: Olivier Scalabre: The next manufacturing revolution is here. He summarized the talk about how automation is changing manufacturing - eventually products will be made in a custom fashion at the same cost as mass production.He described how UPS has 3-D printers and is testing bringing goods closer to customers or the point of demand.Connected healthcare - over $400B will be spent on IoT. Forbes had an articled called the Uberification of Healthcare. There will be better healthcare where people didn't have access int he past.Smart farming: Economist had an article on Almonds - 80% of them are produced in California. Each requires a gallon of water. Detailed a farmer who used tech to determine how to save money by allowing irrigation to connect with sensor inputs. A dramatic drop in water usage was the result. Many of the new economy examples were brought into this solution.Software is everywhere - is the enabler. We have to think how do we monetize it. Over the next days we will hear about customer experience. Businesses will expect same features. Business models need to be flexible - they keep changing. You need to have strategy and infrastructure in place.Need to have operational automation and data driven intelligence. Finally, need security and protection to ensure you keep customer trust.These will be the themes of the event this week.Final quote from Jeff Bezos:"You should wake up every morning drenched in sweat not because you are afraid of competitors but customers because they are the ones who have the money."11:00 AMAmy Konary Research Vice President, Software Licensing and Mobile Enterprise Applications, IDCMark Seery Sr. Director, Strategy and Corporate Development, Juniper NetworksTopic: Delivering Software Driven ValueThis was more of an interview style talk. I'll share important thoughts as they happen.Productivity is a bigger driver of cloud adoption than cost savings. In the next 24 months we will see a big shift to outsourced private or public cloud.IDC data shows the Now Economy has changed customer expectations of timeliness. "The democratizati[...]

The Challenge for Samsung In Years Ahead

Mon, 31 Oct 2016 17:54:06 -05002016-10-31T17:54:06-05:00

Samsung has impressed many with its products over the years. Their innovation in processors, memory and screen technology is the envy of many in the tech world. The latest Galaxy Note 7 battery issue however is an example of a minor tech issue turned into a full-blown crisis. Sadly, a phone which was hailed as virtually perfect went from top of the world to bottom in a matter of weeks. Today's battery technology is dangerous - it just is. Expose these things to air and they can explode. Examples include hoverboards, Teslas and in the past decades, various laptops. Interestingly in most cases above there was limited damage. Battery issues in laptops are fairly frequent. Tesla had one or two problems but was able to show these were unique situations, where the battery was punctured. In the past year or so we did see an entire product category wiped out to some degree because of poor battery casing design and/or manufacturing defects - hoverboards. So Samsung shouldn’t have been surprised that they had what we might call a catastrophe with the Note 7. The problems they are facing are NOT unprecedented. They should have seen the hoverboard situation and realized the same thing could happen to them. How bad is the challenge for the company? Well, when you take a flight, your airline warns you to leave your device at home. The problem is outlined very well in an article by Rob Enderle who explains the financial types took over the company and basically destroyed it from within. In an age where cell phones are basically attached to us 24x7 – leaving it at home is the same thing as not buying one and Samsung of course is trying to get all of these devices back as soon as they can. Their goal of sending new and improved units and reducing the charge amount to reduce the likelihood of fire just didn’t work out. Now, every time people travel they will be reminded to leave their Samsung at home. The damage to the entire brand will be severe for years to come. It’s a very bad time to be Samsung and the situation reminds us how one product can cast a shadow over an organization and hurt its global brand. More importantly, Rob thinks the management problems at Samsung are happening at other companies as well. If he’s right, we’ll see more stories like this in the near future. Tags: battery, enderle, explosion, galaxy, note, safety, samsung, smartphone, wireless Related tags: samsung, battery, years, problems Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries New Huawei Ascend Mate 2 is a Big Deal - Jan 21, 2014 Varaha Extends FMC to NEC UNIVERGE - Apr 11, 2010 On Screen Size, Apple is From Mars, Samsung from Venus - Apr 24, 2013 Apple Email Swings Back at Galaxy S4 - Mar 16, 2013 Is Apple Too Sexy for MWC? - Feb 15, 2013 Apple needs an iPhablet - Jan 23, 2013 How Apple Can Slow Samsung Down - Dec 18, 2012 Microsoft, SNL, Sprint and Softbank News for Monday October 15, 2012 - Oct 15, 2012 iPhone 5 Screen Not Wider, Brighter Instead - Sep 25, 2012 Blackberry Tour Takes GigaBeating - Sep 21, 2009 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: The Challenge for Samsung In Years Ahead Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

Why AT&T Should be Encouraged to Purchase Time Warner

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 10:40:08 -05002016-10-27T10:40:08-05:00

At first glance, allowing AT&T, a large, powerful telephone company to purchase the invaluable media assets of Time Warner makes one wonder if the resulting organization will be too rich and powerful. The answer is, if executed properly - hopefully better than AOL's attempt, it will be a whopper of an organization which has a limitless list of valued assets such as CNN, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, HBO and TNT. Keep in mind, AT&T has multiple modes of distribution from wireless to wired and satellite. So really, even at second glance, it would seem we are putting together an organization with so much market power, competitive companies will be slaughtered.Regulators will likely force AT&T to divest some assets or agree to some stipulations which keep the market from being excessively harmed - but let's discuss what the new AT&T could do in a worst-case unconditional buyout scenario.You can already stream unlimited DirectTV on the AT&T Wireless network at no additional cost, giving the carrier an advantage over other wireless carriers. This market however is in a price war so consumers are looking to spend less. Adding value with deals on Time Warner assets is certainly an effective way to get even more consumers to choose your service over the others.Verizon of course has content like Huffington Post and soon Yahoo! - but no one will likely consider any of it an added value like say HBO.AT&T will have a slight competitive advantage in the primary wireless space it competes in if the merger is allowed.The real competition in the future however comes from Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google.Google was providing fiber for a while but arcane state regulations made it very difficult for the company to turn this into a real business. They hedged with balloon-powered internet. Facebook is experimenting with drone-powered internet. White space or unused spectrum internet will eventually be a real thing as well. Micro-satellites could become a market mover as well.For all practical purposes, Apple has a device and service monopoly, Amazon has an ecommerce monopoly and very strong content and cloud arms, Google has a search advertising monopoly, Facebook has a social advertising monopoly. All of these companies are gunning for AT&T and they are all flush with cash and experimenting with ways to take them out. They've even invested in undersea cable.An effective counterbalance would be to allow AT&T to have prized content - if for no other reason to thwart the advances of the tech companies encroaching on their turf.The losers in this deal will be less well-financed competitors like T-Mobile and Sprint - although T-Mobile CEO John Legere thinks the deal will take AT&T's eye off the wireless ball. This should give regulators some hope that the deal won't be terribly anti-competitive.To summarize - if you had to weigh the positives and negatives of the deal for consumers its likely 60/40 positive. I do have some lingering concerns about AT&T being too powerful but in the last ten years, we've seen the smaller wireless carriers and Silicon Valley in general able to do very well with a strong AT&T in the market. If they get stronger, the competition will likely still be able to thrive.  Tags: amazon, antitrust, at&t, att, competions, facebook, fcc, ftc, google, sprint, verizon, wireless Related tags: wireless carriers, powered internet, advertising monopoly, wireless, market, monopoly Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Google and Dish Were in Talks to Launch Wireless Biz - Nov 15, 2012 Will AT&T, T-Mobile Merger Slow Wireless Innovation? - Jul 25, 2011 Sprint Tries Desperately to Block AT&T, T-Mobile USA Merger - Jun 28, 2011 Is Apple the Biggest Facebook Threat? - Jan 13, 2011 The Coming Mobile WiMAX Revoluti[...]

ViziApps: A Great Tool for the Citizen Developer Revolution

Mon, 24 Oct 2016 10:37:04 -05002016-10-24T10:37:04-05:00

Recently I had to prototype an iOS app for a project I am working on and did a lot of research to find an appropriate platform. I used ViziApps, Inc. and in a few hours I had a working prototype app up and running. I was pretty impressed with the speed and quality of the platform. As well as how professional it looked. I decided to learn more and reached out for an interview with George Adams, Co-Founder and CEO. How did the idea to launch ViziApps come about? GA: Having lived through application development in earlier waves of computing (mini’s, workstations, PCs, web, …), we knew that business users would be hammering on IT to move their laptop-based business process applications to their smart phones and tablets. The problem would be that requiring coding for every app would take way too long and cost too much. Further, the lack of enough people with mobile coding skills would create demand for a much faster way to create and update mobile apps. We had developed technology for automatic code generation from visual models, so we saw a way to provide an elegant way to meet that need. If we could amplify that with the ability to leverage with no coding all the new features phones and tablets provide (camera, GPS, push,  …) and the easy use of legacy and cloud data sources, we saw major benefits we could provide businesses. How has it progressed over time? From the beginning ViziApps was built on the idea of no-code app development. Over time we've made it a much more robust tool for enterprise tools through advancements in two major directions: Support for easy connection to enterprise data such as that stored in Salesforce, Quickbase, Google Sheets and SQL databases available via web service The ability to use virtually all of the capabilities of a smartphone including camera, GPS, Bar code and QR code scanning, audio recording, signature capture, texting, email, contacts and calendar. And, very importantly, you can use your ViziApps apps offline and sync your data later when you get back online. No other code-free app development platform can do that. Who do you see as the target market? While ViziApps can be used by citizen developers in any size company, we target two primary markets: Mid-market and enterprise companies looking for a way to quickly and inexpensively create many sophisticated apps to support their business functions Agencies and app developers who need a tool to prototype an app that could not be fully developed with ViziApps Are there apps which have been created on your platform which surprised you in their complexity? Absolutely! One of the world’s largest property management companies created a 20-page iPad app the enables sales and operations employees to manage different floorplans for a site, work orders from a QuickBase database, building permits from public cloud databases, GPS-enabled Google Streetview, and more. Another is an iPhone/Android app that a major retailer created in Chinese and English versions for their 6,000 retail partner in Asia to mage the loyalty programs and inventory – all from a cloud-accessed SQL database with world-class security. How much money can a company save using ViziApps over custom code? Companies can easily save weeks, and tens of thousands of dollars, by using ViziApps instead of custom code. For even more complex apps a company could potentially save a few hundred thousand dollars. We routinely have customers telling us they created their app with ViziApps for $5K to $9K in 2 to 4 weeks, after rejecting $40K to $90K and 3 to 4 month development time quotes for the same apps via coding. Are there any drawbacks to not writing custom code? We don't think that there are any drawbacks to using ViziApps instead of custom code. The only question is f[...]

ORBCOMM Looks to Become Complete IoT Solutions Service Provider

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One of the topics discussed often among communications service providers is whether they want to be relegated to dumb pipes or they want to add services and increase the value of their offerings. The latter idea generally wins out and the concept also applies to satellite providers like ORBCOMM. I recently sat down to talk about the company with Sue Rutherford, VP of Marketing and we discussed how the organization has evolved by adding transportation management expertise through acquisitions. The goal of the company is to become a solutions service provider, covering all parts of the IoT ecosystem. Their devices, satellite network and partnerships with seven tier one carriers around the globe allows them provide end-to-end solutions. More specifically, they have devices for tracking, monitoring and controlling devices as well as a subscriber management platform which simplifies provisioning, connectivity, setting thresholds and alerts, and more through either a web-based interface or an API. They also provide numerous cloud-base applications which help in tracking and managing assets. These include seven current solutions such as CargoWatch, Reefertrak (think refrigeration, not Colorado) and FleetEdge. ORBCOMM’s IoT Toolkit components are available together or separately to enterprises, OEMs, solution providers and VARs to create M2M and IoT solutions with the assurance that all of the building blocks are interoperable and come with a single point of contact for support. Think of it this way… The IoT pipe just got a whole lot smarter. Tags: cargo, iot, m2m, orbcomm, satellite Related tags: solutions service, service provider, solutions, orbcomm, providers, service Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Orbcomm Grows its M2M and IoT Leadership Position - Sep 14, 2015 ViziApps: A Great Tool for the Citizen Developer Revolution - Oct 24, 2016 IoT MVNO PodSystem Pledges More Partnerships and Not to Compete with Customers - Sep 26, 2016 MultiTech Intros New 4G-LTE Cat 1 and LoRa Solutions - Sep 26, 2016 AT&T Drives IoT Growth via Channel Partners - Mar 23, 2016 IoT Time is Back! Amazon, Lemonbeat, Korea and More - Dec 01, 2015 2016 is the Year of IoT - Nov 20, 2015 BuckleMate Reduces Teen Injuries Through Smart Monitoring - Sep 24, 2015 Versay Solutions Moves to Support the Omnichannel World - Aug 31, 2015 VoicePIN Voice Biometrics Brings New Tech to Phone and Apps - Aug 31, 2015 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: ORBCOMM Looks to Become Complete IoT Solutions Service Provider Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

Your Phone Just Ate Your Car Key

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Are you ready for your new digital future? It’s a great question to ask as the role your mobile phone plays in your life continues to grow. Not only is your iPhone or Android great for texting and Pokémon catching, you can soon use it to open your car door. In a recent conversation with Pelle Svensson, Product Marketing Short Range and Sven Etzold, Sr. Director Business Marketing at u-blox, I got a chance to discuss what this module maker is looking forward to seeing happen as bluetooth low energy 4.2 or BLE rolls out. It’s worth pointing out this spec allows some of the following benefits over 4.1… IoT Capabilities: Low-power IP (IPv6/6LoWPAN) Bluetooth Smart Internet Gateways (GATT) Security: LE Privacy 1.2 LE Secure Connections Speed: 250% Faster 10x More Capacity Expect to see BLE show up in the following areas: Automotive is a natural – expect your phone to eat your car keys. Your car will now know when you are approaching and can sound its horn or flash lights to alert you of its precise location. Then again, you can use your phone to guide you right to it. Transportation/logistics is another area as is fleet management – any market where items of value need tracking. A battery which can last 10 years certainly doesn’t hurt in any of these markets. Mobile health is is a booming space and patients recover better at home according to research… Now patients can be in the comfort of their residence as their bluetooth medical sensors communicate with a hub and transmit their vital and other signs to their medical practitioners. Retail is a great application as well and the new security spec in BLE 4.2 allows it to become the method of choice for payments. Assuming Apple and Google are OK with it of course. Smart buildings such as offices, hospitals, and even homes which are said to eventually get 300-400 wireless devices each will benefit from BLE. U-blox also makes complete packages with the module, antenna and certifications for various countries. They also probably deserve the award for the most thought provoking tech discussion I’ve had in a while. For example, they brought up the idea of choosing gas stations in the age of autonomous vehicles. How will this be done? And also smart factories… How will they decide where to source their raw materials from? The BLE applications are certainly a look at the future but just as exciting is how decisions which humans used to make will be taken care of when humans aren’t involved. One last thing – much of their 4.2 solutions will be upgradeable to the BT 5.0 standard. Tags: antenna, ble, bluetooth, iot, smarthome, u-blox, ublox, wireless Related tags: phone, smart, bluetooth, great Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries OmegaDevCloud from RacoWireless to Simplify IoT and M2M Development - Oct 02, 2014 Software to fix iPhone 4 Antenna - Jul 02, 2010 Jabra Halo Smart Wireless Stereo Headphones a Great iPhone 7 Companion - Sep 09, 2016 Aricent: How to be Digitally Durable - Jun 20, 2016 Sennheiser TeamConnect: An Innovative Mobile War-Room in a Briefcase - Apr 16, 2016 Exclusive Interview with Aricent's Frank Kern at MWC 2015 - Apr 03, 2015 Ethertronics Active Steering Boosts LTE Antenna Throughput 30% - Oct 10, 2014 Altair Touts Single Mode LTE Success, Will Focus on IoT - Feb 27, 2014 Blackberry's Smart Pivot to M2M - Jan 24, 2014 Divoom Bluetune Solo Speaker Review - Feb 07, 2013 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Your Phone Just Ate Your Car Key Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsore[...]

Wireless Carriers Racing to the Bottom

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It had to happen eventually - a price war is taking its toll on telecom equipment providers because their customers won't spend money in some cases unless they can see an ROI of a billion dollars fairly quickly. This comment is attributed to Verizon from a trusted source I can't reveal.In my recent meeting with Sprint, they explained how they are racing to the bottom by giving away more for less with their Unlimited Freedom plans. Obviously, these are my words, not theirs. src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0">In addition, the Sprint ads on TV are amazing - they say their network quality is within one percent of Verizon yet a lot cheaper. When put in those terms, its very tough for Verizon to keep charging a premium for their service.T-Mobile is obviously part of the challenge as well - they've been giving away more for less and increasing their value over the years.Ericsson just put our its numbers for the quarter and an unexpected 14% drop in sales cratered the stock by 20%. This article blames Asian competitors which is obviously part of the problem but the reason carriers buy from Asia is often due to price and price is an issue when you have to charge your customers less for more.There are two ways of looking at this problem - once a price war has started, there is no turning back. Carriers will continue to be squeezed and so will the companies that sell to them. This is the logical conclusion.However if you factor in the 1 TB data caps Comcast is putting on their wired service, you realize inevitably, wireless carriers will all do the same, meaning wireless prices could potentially become more meter-based over time. The bottom line is customers will have to learn the painful lesson that you can't get something for free forever from corporations... They have to make investments and can only do so if they will be profitable. As a result, charging the customers with higher usage, more money, is the only logical way to run a company. Tags: 4g, 5g, at&t, ericsson, sprint, verizon, wireless Related tags: racing bottom, wireless carriers, carriers, customers, price, obviously Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Games: The Biggest Opportunity Carriers are Ignoring - Apr 25, 2014 Google and Dish Were in Talks to Launch Wireless Biz - Nov 15, 2012 Verizon Wireless Back to 97.2% after Sandy - Nov 02, 2012 Genband Perspective 2010 Live Blog - Sep 21, 2010 Fake Steve Jobs Suggests an AT&T Flash Mob - Dec 14, 2009 Sprint's Big Bet - M2M and More - Oct 19, 2009 We're No Shrinking Violet Says Nortel's Carrier Chief - Dec 20, 2008 Why AT&T Should be Encouraged to Purchase Time Warner - Oct 27, 2016 New T-Mobile Pay as You Go LTE Pricing Changes Everything - Dec 15, 2014 T-Mobile Finally Gets the iPhone - Dec 07, 2012 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Wireless Carriers Racing to the Bottom Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

Soylent Makes Some Sick While Trump Reconsiders

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In August I wrote about how difficult it is to compete with Silicon Valley companies because they have a media machine that covers them. Case in point was Soylent Vs. Java Pro – essentially the same product but the former came from Northern California investors so it had a built-in PR advantage. Well, it turns out the built-in advantage works great for positive news like product launches but if your new nutritional bar makes people sick – like the Soylent Bar is doing to many in the media, then you have a negative publicity problem amplified by your huge "Valley" name recognition Reports of people getting sweaty, throwing up and going to the emergency room, certainly can’t be good for your company’s future. Soylent is claiming that the problems are perhaps allergy related. This could be the case but there are thousands of nutritional supplements and perhaps over 100 nutritional bars on the market and you rarely hear of similar issues. Obviously, this isn’t a medical opinion – just an one based on my experience. Donald Trump is famous for saying there is no such thing as bad publicity – then again, this weekend, he may be reconsidering that statement. Tags: java pro, meal replacement, silicon valley, soylent Related tags: soylent, nutritional Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Silicon Valley Will Crush You! - Aug 10, 2016 EEOC Finds Silicon Valley filled with Racist, Sexist Criminals - May 27, 2016 TMC Conducting 100+ San Jose Video Interviews Next Week - Nov 06, 2015 A Candid Talk with Ford about Connected Cars and the Future - Mar 04, 2015 TMC San Jose Video Interviews 2012 - Aug 15, 2012 TMC Video News Crew out in San Jose Next Week - Jul 10, 2012 Is it Web 3.0 Time in the Valley? - Nov 09, 2011 Duh - Tech, Winning! - Apr 27, 2011 Austin, Texas Selected For ITEXPO West 2011 - Jan 27, 2011 The Most Important Elections of our Lives - Oct 24, 2010 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Soylent Makes Some Sick While Trump Reconsiders Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]