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Published: 2017-09-23T21:35:39-05:00


AT&T Connected Health Foundry Celebrates Success

Sat, 23 Sep 2017 21:35:39 -05002017-09-23T21:35:39-05:00

Earlier today we discussed how some years back IMS provided a platform for carriers to roll out applications. The industry discussed the concept for a number of years – magazines, associations and events sprung up to support carrier efforts but the market never happened the way anyone thought it would. This was in-part because Apple rolled out an App Store and then Google followed and developers didn’t need to work with carriers. It was much faster to integrate with the hardware in the hands of the consumer. AT&T however didn’t give up on the concept. You may recall they held a developer contest at our IoT Evolution Expo back in 2015 and gave away $15,000 to the winners. In more recent news, they just celebrated the one-year anniversary of their Connected Health Foundry, an incubator and accelerator for startups tying IoT and healthcare together. The company is also nurturing apps in other areas such as IIoT. The carrier sees 400-500 startups a year according to Igal Elbaz (pictured far right), VP Ecosystem and Innovation who discussed the details of the Foundry with me during an in-person interview.The first product to come out of the Foundry is Aira smart glasses which allow the visually impaired to be connected to a call center agent who sees what they see and can subsequently guide the person to avoid traffic. In what has to be a first, the glasses were used by someone to run the Boston Marathon. Erich Manser from Littleton, Massachusetts used the Aira glasses but also had a guide – to ensure maximal safety. It’s really a feel-good story the company refers to as “IoT for Good.” We were fortunate enough to host Sujeeth Kanuganti from Aira at our Real Time Web Solutions 2016 in NYC and we interviewed him at that time. src="" width="450" height="270" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"> Speaking of sports or at least increased energy, The AT&T Foundry was also home to a solution being implemented by Red Bull – they will make one-million of their refridgerators "smart," meaning they will help the company track inventory, location and maintenance details. “Our end-to-end solutions support the near real-time monitoring and analyzing of the global beverage market,” said Thaddeus Arroyo, Chief Executive Officer, Business Solutions & International, AT&T Inc. “This is another great example of collaboration and innovation to create real value for our customers. It streamlines the processes, creates visibility and improves operations, helping drive significant cost savings and return on investment.” Igal also went into Indigo from AT&T – the next generation network operating system. It consists of 5G Evolution, SDN, open source ECOMP for orchestrating the SDN and a secure data platform that allows end-to-end security for such things as connected health applications and data storage. Another important area of growth for the carrier he explained is offloading computing to edge compute from connected devices. In other words, inexpensive, dumb cameras can be spread liberally throughout an area – even on drones and real-time edge computation thanks to the speed of 5G can take place to determine suspicious behavior in crowds. It can be further be used for facial recognition on a massive scale to compare against most-wanted or terrorist lists. The company has six foundries and we expect to hear more interesting new from them as time progresses. Tags: 4g, 5g, aira, at&t, att, connected health, foundry, iiot, indigo, iot, iot evolution, m2m, red bull, sdn, webrtc Related tags: connected health, health foundry, foundry, connected, company, health Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries ViziApps: A Great Tool for the Citizen Developer Revolution - Oct 24, 2016 AT&T Drives IoT Growth via Channel Partners - Mar 23, 2016 ITEXPO Keynoters Announced - Nov 05, 2009 Why IoT Companies Will Soon be Chasing Lumav[...]

Streann OTT Hopes to be the Evolution of TV

Sat, 23 Sep 2017 17:20:36 -05002017-09-23T17:20:36-05:00

"The revolution and evolution of the golden age of entertainment is happening right now," according to Giovanni Punzo the CEO of Streann Media. The company touts itself as the multiscreen next-generation monetization platform for delivering linear TV, VoD and proprietary  interactive services to end-users anytime and anywhere. The idea behind the platform is fairly simple - allow customers to provide Netflix-like services with localized content. The solution has a built-in ad platform, app editor builder and allows the full distribution and monetization of content. In addition, the company has a provisional patent on a new way to show video ads - they can be seen in split screen. This is a replacement of the pre-roll which many people including us have grown tired of.The Miami based company is doing very well in the Latin America market and its HQ in Miami likely doesn't hurt.   They have enterprise customers using the platform in USA, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Caribbean, Europe and even Africa, with end-users streaming in 141 countries. The company is growing quickly - targeting tv broadcasters, radio stations, influencers as well as mobile operators. The platform is quite dynamic with API for integration, allowing for experimentation and new business models. It also allows content to be blocked based on region, live-to-video on demand content creation on the fly 100% in the cloud and has seen at least one customer add +300,000 subscribers in less than a year. Another big driver of growth will be the Soccer World Cup in 2018. Eric Giler (pictured center below) just joined the company's board of advisors. He is a technology visionary. Prior to advising Streann, Eric was the CEO of Brooktrout Technology (sold to EAS Group), Groove Mobile (sold to LiveWire Mobile), CEO of WiTricity,  CEO of Speedy Packets. "I am extremely excited to see the traction that Streann has achieved with their disruptive technologies and growing customer base.  The entertainment industry and digital advertising industry is going through major changes and Streann has the tools to become a major player in the market, it's going to be fun," commented Eric Giler. Giovanni (Gio) headed up sales teams and video market development at Brooktrout and Dialogic which gives you a sense of the connection between the two.    When he was contracted by Israeli start-up LiveU he changed the game in live broadcasting for all the major Broadcasters that now stream live content from anywhere with LiveU instead than use Satellite links.   Getting back to Streann, the company is well-positioned as the amount of user-generated content is growing as is the opportunity to bundle it and sell it live and on-demand. In addition, cord-cutting is seeing massive growth meaning consumers are open to new forms of TV-like content from any producer. Finally, the networks are getting faster and the screens and cameras are getting better.  The new iPhone 8 family for example has the best smartphone camera ever tested and Augmented Reality SDKs. Expect the Android competitors to one-up Apple in the near future. As Streann owns the end users mobile experience they will have a play with Augmented Reality and already provided Virtual Reality live streaming solutions to their customers. The video opportunity is finally coming to fruition. Many thought IMS would bring apps to the masses and app stores stole the show and left carrier-based apps in the dust. It seems the same thing is happening to video. Tags: app store, brooktrout, dialogic, eric giler, excel, giovanni puzzo, ims, media, multiscreen, nick jensen, ott, streann, tv, tvoip, video, vod Related tags: augmented reality, streann, content, company, platform, video Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Dialogic: The Disruptor Combats Disruption - Aug 30, 2012 Dialogic: Video is the New Voice - Oct 21, 2008 Ortiva Wireless Enables Mobile Streamin[...]

FixStream: Enterprise-Grade Operational Intelligence Across Hybrid Cloud

Sat, 23 Sep 2017 16:21:07 -05002017-09-23T16:21:07-05:00

Mapping applications and infrastructure across clouds to allow rapid problem resolutionEnterprises continue to add applications, infrastructure and devices and quite often, the siloed nature of of business means various divisions don't talk to each other in a manner which allows the organization to optimize problem resolution. Even when the divisions do cooperate, the technology doesn't speak the same language. If digital transformation is the goal of business in this decade and beyond, can it be achieved if an organization doesn't have the ability to manage all of its technology efficiently?FixStream is an operational intelligence and visualization platform which solves these problems for your company.In an interview with Enzo Signore, the company's CMO, he discussed how the company sees itself as a big data analytics company and a correlation platform for hybrid IT. The reason why hybrid IT comes into play has to do with the fact that such an environment is more complex than either cloud or on-premise IT. There are more variables to track and manage.He went on to point out that organizations are filled with disjointed domains like applications, storage, databases, ticketing, etc. These siloed solutions do not speak with each other.This presents a major issue for organizations when there are systems which don't function as needed. For example when an outage occurs or invoices stop being sent out. Currently, data from these various systems need to be correlated by hand.FixStream brings in its machine learning platform  to provide a map-like view of of an organization's technology - allowing IT managers to get to the root of the problem in three clicks according to Enzo. The platform is designed to provide unique levels of visibility, efficiency, and control. The following are a few highlights: Discovery – Autodiscovery is agentless but can leverage operational data from third-party tools through its APIs. It captures inventory dynamically, including device metadata for network, storage, bare-metal, and virtual computing (VM, hypervisor) resources, as well as process specifics including process ID, name, port mapping, and interface details. It also creates a topology via interface details including identity, configuration, access, status, and performance. Application Dependency Mapping – Can track interdependencies across applications and services, such as web servers, middleware, application servers, and databases, with network, storage, and server infrastructures. These application maps can in turn be easily mapped to more global business process views. Analytics: Operational Intelligence – Offers an efficient approach to big data with a wide range of analytic options, including a correlation framework, a rules engine, real-time streaming analytics, batch analytics, and machine learning. These can deliver extremely fast root-cause analysis with just a few clicks, as well as trending and real-time predictive insights for performance, security, change, and capacity management requirements. Dashboards – Can support both executive and IT Operations stakeholders, as well as development, security, and IT service management teams. As characterized in the following interview, these dashboards provide compelling overviews with facile drill-downs to support a wide variety of stakeholders and decision-making. The dashboard widgets are externally personalized and contextual.  The company boasts some impressive customers so far such a very large US carrier we cannot yet mention, BT, Orange and Airbus. One customer are not yet allowed to reference will save around $500,000 via toolset consolidation as it replaces SolarWinds, ManageEngine Application Manager, Microsoft System Center Service Manager, and CA’s Nimsoft, among other tools.In addition, FixStream is working with Nutanix, the Enterprise Cloud company. The joint solution does the following: Auto-discovers the compute and storage components of the Nutanix cluster Auto-discovers[...]

Why iPhone X Sales Will be Epic

Fri, 22 Sep 2017 16:55:13 -05002017-09-22T16:55:13-05:00

The iPhone X is priced at $1,000 which is the first time a mainstream phone has an entry-level price with four-digits in it.This led to weeks of media pundits explaining to us that $1,000 is a major milestone in pricing and that phone users will be divided into haves and have nots. Other articles explained what a big deal this extra digit is and how it changes everything and other alarmist headlines and story angles which seemed to try to tie into a theme of income inequality.It's not surprising actually as every story now seems to be divided along political lines.Here is what no other outlet besides us explained to you.People who can afford an $800 phone can generally afford a $1,000 phone. This is especially true as via financing, the price difference will be about $3-$4 per month to upgrade from an iPhone 8 Plus to an iPhone X.We explained this quite clearly a few days ago and now, as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have been released, the lines outside Apple stores aren't what people were expecting. Reporters who for some reason did not read our post and were subsequently uninformed, said customers were "missing." src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">Of course our readers were better informed than most.People are gravitating toward the iPhone X not only because it is the best phone Apple makes but because it has a screen larger than the iPhone 8 Plus in the form factor of the iPhone 8. All this for the price of a latte each month.No matter which model of the 8 you would want to purchase, the iPhone X can be easily justified. This is why the sales of the iPhone X will be epic. Tags: apple, apple store, ios, iphone 8, iphone 8 plus, iphone x, shopping, wireless Related tags: iphone, phone, people, explained, price Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Shocker! People Who Buy an $800 Phone can Afford $1,000 - Sep 18, 2017 Mobidia Tackles Bill Shock at MWC2013 - Feb 27, 2013 Apple needs an iPhablet - Jan 23, 2013 See Blackberry 10 in Action on the Z10 - Jan 16, 2013 Important Tech News of the Day Dec 14, 2012 - Dec 14, 2012 In Windows 8, Microsoft Has a Winner - Dec 05, 2012 Microsoft Surface Needs a Patch Already. Is it Doomed? - Nov 09, 2012 Google's New, Free WiFi - Not For iPhones or iPads - Sep 11, 2012 New Microsoft Logo Responds to Apple - Aug 23, 2012 Goodbye Android, we hardly Knew You - Apr 02, 2012 TrackBacks | Comments | Ta[...]

Why Google will Buy Bose

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 18:31:17 -05002017-09-21T18:31:17-05:00

To compete effectively with Apple, Google needs to evolve how it does business. The most important area Google needs to worry about is the Android experience versus the one Apple provides. Apple does its very best to update the operating systems on even its most obsolete phones - ones going back years like the iPhone 5s. Android devices on the other hand seem to be designed to last a year or two - after that, depending on your phone, you're out of luck.Basically, Apple worries about the experience, Google Android is more about a device.Apple starts with the store and goes down to the processor level - they own it all.Conversely, Android phones have numerous similar applications from the Android hardware maker and Google. Why two email apps? Why two browsers? This is just the way it is. Its a poor experience, all around.But times they are-a-changing, again.Google tried to become a hardware player when it purchased Motorola and the experiment didn't work out causing the company to sell the hardware business to Lenovo at a big loss.  For its second try, the search company is spending 1.1 billion dollars to acquire 2,000 HTC staffers - not the whole company. Its technically a cooperation agreement. After all, why buy the cow...?After partnering with HTC for years to build its devices, Google finally made the move to tie the knot - at least partially.If however, the ultimate goal is to compete more effectively with Apple, Google needs stores, a premium brand name and an audio division to take on Beats and Apple's core experience drivers.Hmm, what company has all these things? What company was keeping its consumer electronics prices at retail unlike most of its competitors? What company has been a master of marketing over the years? As a bonus question, what company even dabbled in automotive engineering?If you guessed Bose, you either are a great guesser or you read headlines before the articles. Google will need to purchase Bose at some point and we predict it will happen in the next 24 months. They will need the whole company - or most of it to get the stores.Why is this even more likely to happen? Today, Bose announced a headset with Google Assistant built-in. They could have used Alexa - in fact, that makes more sense as its a more ubiquitous platform. This move shows the interest Google has in such a partnership which if successful, will lead to a potential "liquidity transaction."What do you think? Tags: acquisition, android, apple, bose, google, m&a, merger Related tags: google needs, apple google, whole company, compete effectively, effectively apple, google Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Mobile Banking and Payments the Next Frontier - Nov 03, 2010 Alcatel-Lucent Outlines Next Generation Communications - Sep 01, 2010 Roku: The Apple of TV? - May 21, 2008 Twitter and Yahoo to Merge? - Jun 03, 2016 The Only Way Google can be Successful in Consumer Electronics - Feb 10, 2012 Google+ Growth, Dropbox Killer: Google IS the Tech News - Feb 09, 2012 With Rypple Acquisition Salesforce on Track to be Cloud-Based Oracle - Dec 16, 2011 Why Microsoft isn't Acquiring - Sep 28, 2010 Lycos Sold for $36M to Ybrant - Aug 16, 2010 Google and Microsoft Telecom Failures: Lessons Learned - May 18, 2010 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Why Google will Buy Bose Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

Coinbase Finally adds Support Line

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 13:00:43 -05002017-09-21T13:00:43-05:00

In August we reported the many problems Coinbase has had in providing customer service to customers. The company has been impossible to reach by not only customers but reporters like us.In response, the company did not reach out to us to respond to the many problems customers have been reporting. Instead, they added a customer support line: 888-908-7930.Callers at this point can expect long wait times based on reports. Perhaps 15 minutes or so. While waiting, we suggest you turn the volume down because the elevator music with embedded electric guitar is quite dreadful.It's enough to make one want to go back to fiat currency.This however is a minor annoyance. The system doesn't give you an approximate hold time or tell you what number you are in the queue. We consider this problem to be a bigger issue.If there is one bit of good news its that the system will call you back if you like - a nice touch.Did we test the number? Yes. We waited on hold for nine minutes before we hung up. We hope to see you soon at THE Blockchain Event, where we’ll get to experience growth of Blockchain, Bitcoin and FinTech together. Tags: bitcoin, coinbase Related tags: customers Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Coinbase: Killing the Goose that Lays the Golden Cryptocurrency - Aug 31, 2017 650 IBM Blockchain Workers Look to Save us Billions - Mar 05, 2017 Yes, Bitcoins are Gold 2.0 - Mar 02, 2017 2017 to be the Year of Blockchain, Bitcoin and Fintech - Jan 03, 2017 The Opportunities of the Dark Web - May 13, 2016 PayPal CEO: More Change in the Next 5 years than Last 30 - Jan 20, 2016 Libertarians and Fiscal Conservatives Want Currency 2.0 - Mar 26, 2014 Bitcoin and Beyond: The Dawn of Currency 2.0 - Mar 06, 2014 Silk Road: Why Bitcoin Value has Dropped 20% Today - Oct 02, 2013 15 Reasons Why Bitcoins are Better than Gold - Aug 09, 2013 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Coinbase Finally adds Support Line Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

Here are the Two Wearable Tech Killer Apps

Wed, 20 Sep 2017 12:41:59 -05002017-09-20T12:41:59-05:00

We were very happy to be chosen as a top ten wearable tech expert by Nex Band who asked us for the killer apps in this exciting field. If you want know my predictions and some of the others, feel free to read the whole post.OK, if you read this far - maybe below the fold (the part of the screen you have to scroll to read - term comes from the days of the newspaper), depending on the resolution of your screen, you deserve to see my predictions without clicking. Still, please check out the original post for all the predictions. There will be two killer apps for mobile in the foreseeable future. One is glasses-based and will be augmented-reality related. Using such glasses, sales clerks will know the prospective customers as they walk into the store. Surgeons will be able to to better operate by navigating around major blood vessels. Industrial mechanics will be able to better service complex machinery. The other will be watch/band related and health oriented. Better sensors will allow you to know your blood sugar level and other important medical information continuously. This could lead to less heart attacks and other major health issues. Tags: alexa, iot, nest, siri, smart band, smart glasses, wearable tech, wearable technology Related tags: better, predictions, killer Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries How Wearable Tech Made Corning's Day Made of Glass Obsolete - Dec 24, 2013 MIPI Alliance Works on New Specs for Audio and Sensors - Feb 27, 2014 AT&T Connected Health Foundry Celebrates Success - Sep 23, 2017 FixStream: Enterprise-Grade Operational Intelligence Across Hybrid Cloud - Sep 23, 2017 C by GE Sol: Would You Buy a $200 GE Lamp? - Sep 18, 2017 MultiTech Continues IoT Leadership in LPWA and Security - Sep 12, 2017 Why IoT Companies Will Soon be Chasing Lumavate - Sep 05, 2017 Lack of Cybersecurity Training Just Cost 8 Million Dollars - Aug 31, 2017 TMC Partners with MWC and CTIA on Enterprise IoT Event - Jul 28, 2017 StaffAlerter Provides Value in Emergency Notification and IoT - Jul 08, 2017 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Here are the Two Wearable Tech Killer Apps Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

Shocker! People Who Buy an $800 Phone can Afford $1,000

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 17:47:20 -05002017-09-18T17:47:20-05:00

We have been reaching tech blogs and articles from some of the most respected writers in all of tech-dom and apparently they know something that we do not. People who can afford a phone which costs $800 and often $900 after it has been loaded with memory cannot afford $1,000. Articles discussing tech haves and have nots and the new status symbol of the iPhone X have us baffled.Finally, there is some sanity in the tech blogosphere - the realization that the iPhone X is hurting sales of the iPhone X.Apparently tech bloggers who have never priced anything themselves have no clue how the real world works.The perceived difference between a $1,000 and $900 phone is negligible. Couple that with some degree of exclusivity as the X is the first bezel-free iOS device and the justification for dropping a few extra C-notes is easily made.Finally, and this is what really annoys us about the bloggers - the vast majority of people have the ability to finance their phone over years. Don't they know this? They should.Looking at the T-Mobile site - we extrapolate it costs around $10/month for an $800 phone and perhaps $13 or $14 per month for a $1,000 phone over a period of two years.This is not a story of haves and have nots - that describes the situation between people who can afford an $800 Apple and a $60 Android no-name device (pictured below).Now, that's really something worth writing about. Tags: amazon, android, apple, cost, iphone x, value, wireless Related tags: people afford, phone, people, afford, iphone Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries The Only Way Google can be Successful in Consumer Electronics - Feb 10, 2012 Mobile Banking and Payments the Next Frontier - Nov 03, 2010 Why iPhone X Sales Will be Epic - Sep 22, 2017 Why Apple's Dropping its Pants With New iPad Price - Mar 21, 2017 Blackberry to Pay You $550 for your iPhone - Nov 25, 2014 Amazon Fire Phone Should be a Laptop - Oct 24, 2014 Americans Don't Know They Want Wearable Tech Yet - Jul 08, 2013 Mobidia Tackles Bill Shock at MWC2013 - Feb 27, 2013 Apple needs an iPhablet - Jan 23, 2013 How Mobile Will Destroy Retail Margins - Dec 21, 2012 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Shocker! People Who Buy an $800 Phone can Afford $1,000 Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

C by GE Sol: Would You Buy a $200 GE Lamp?

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 11:48:04 -05002017-09-18T11:48:04-05:00

Some time back we were fortunate enough to attend a breakfast meeting with Jack Welch in Stamford Connecticut. At the time, the Palm 7 was all the rage to give you an idea of how far back we're going in time.Jack said two things which stood out in our minds. A Palm 7 uses as much energy as a refrigerator when you take into account the servers it accesses Chinese light bulb competition is brutal On this second point, GE has turned to Apple's playbook of vertical integration to get around the problem of commoditization of their market. Instead of fighting the no-name brands head-on, the company has gone upmarket and sells a $200 C by GE Sol Lamp which includes the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0">Yes, you can assemble something similar by buying an Echo Dot from Amazon and some Philips Hue lights but this misses the point of the elegant simplicity of the Sol which is a piece of art in and of itself.This new lamp C by GE Sol is part of the GE Lighting portfolio and was designed by Richard Clarkson. It not only works with voice commands but also via an iOS and Android app.Here are some other features of this lamp: Five Different White Lights: From crisp energizing light to help you stay alert in the office to soft, relaxing light to help you unwind in the family room, Sol has five white tunable light options for your control. Simply tell Alexa to make the light warmer or cooler to adjust the color temperature based on your mood and your need, all without changing a light bulb. Use one of the many prompts such as, "Alexa, make my Sol light cooler," or "Alexa turn my Sol light to warm white." Sleep-Enabled Light: Included in Sol's light options are two white lights designed to help reinforce the body's natural rhythm and melatonin production to prepare for sleep and awake more efficiently. A warm light is used to help increase melatonin before bed, while a cool, vibrant light helps produce energy in the morning. Adjust as you go, or schedule times within the C by GE app based on your sleep habits for extra convenience. Visual Timer: Now there is a visual cue to go along with setting a timer. In Sol, the inner ring lights up blue once you set a timer and gradually scales back as time counts down, giving you a quick reference point to how much time remains. Just say, "Alexa, set a timer for five minutes," or the time of your choosing, to set the timer. Visual Clock: In addition to asking Sol what time it is, you can also see the time visually by enabling the clock function. Within the inner ring, you'll see an LED illuminate blue where the hour hand would go in a traditional clock and illuminate red where the minute hand would be placed. C by GE Bulb Control: Want to bring connected lighting to other places in the home? GE's C Life and C Sleep bulbs throughout the home can also be controlled by Sol – no additional hardware required. Is the next step a slew of smart appliances from General Electric? Probably not as they sold off their appliance division but that is the natural direction for the company to proceed in if this product is a success. src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0">Would you buy a $200 lamp made from GE? Let us know in the comments. Tags: alexa, amazon, ge, smart lighting, sol Related tags: light options, white lights, light, timer, alexa, lights Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Vantrix CMO Gives Thoughts on Wireless Data Caps - Jun 22, 2010 How Carriers Can Cope with TV Over IP - Nov 17, 2009 Alexa Record: 1,151 - Jan 05, 2006 Spanish TMCnet - Nov 29, 2005 Here are the Two Wearable Tech Killer Apps - Sep 20, 2017 Shocker! People Who Buy an $800 Phone can[...]

Apple iPhone X Face ID May not be Secure Enough for Many Users

Sat, 16 Sep 2017 15:56:20 -05002017-09-16T15:56:20-05:00

While Face ID is theoretically 20 times more secure than Touch ID at 1:1,000,000 chance of a false match as opposed to 1:50,000, there are some legal and societal reasons why we still believe it is less secure in certain situations.Touch ID requires the owner to physically place their finger on a device. Face ID does not.This may not seem like a huge deal but it has tremendous implications both legal and societal.We pointed these issues out recently where we said the phone could be used without the permission of the owner in certain situations: Law enforcement holds phone up to person’s face to unlock it. Person sleeping or partially passed out – another person holds phone up to their face. If a person is arrested or crossing a border or otherwise comes into contact with law enforcement, the authorities have the ability to take the phone from the owner. With Touch ID, assuming force is not used, the owner of the device would have to physically decide to place their finger on the phone to unlock it.Face ID however makes this potentially easier for law enforcement. Now, all they have to do is place the phone up to the user's face.We reached out to Apple about this matter and they replied with the following statement: Our teams have been developing the technologies behind Face ID for several years, and our users’ privacy has been a priority since the very beginning. Face ID provides intuitive and secure authentication enabled by the TrueDepth camera system and the A11 Bionic chip, which uses advanced technologies to accurately map and match the geometry of a user's face. Face ID data never leaves the device, is encrypted and protected by the Secure Enclave.  We’ve tested Face ID on people from many countries, cultures, races and ethnicities, using over one billion images to train our neural networks and defend against spoofing.  We’re confident that our customers will love using the feature and find it an easy and natural way to unlock their iPhone X. We will offer more details on Face ID as we near the product’s availability. This statement reinforces how impressed we are with the technology. We think the technical achievement of Face ID is beyond amazing - especially considering this is still a thin and light phone which fits in your pocket.Apple's representative also referred us to comments from Apple SVP Craig Federighi. The most pertinent ones are related to the idea of attention. The user must be looking at the phone for it to unlock with a simple swipe up. Apple has also pointed out this happens instantaneously.Apple also referred us to this video: the Face ID section starts at 1:23:55 (83:55) in the keynote and ends at 1:30:55. Getting back to our question about law enforcement - it seems safe to say at this point, if you can gain access to a person's phone and hold it up to their face and get their eyes to make contact with it, you can unlock it. It's unclear if there is any law against doing so in the US, let alone the rest of the world where they may have less protection and potentially no presumption of innocence.The second part of our question above has to do with a person being asleep or passed out. Could you wake someone subtly enough for their eyes to open and unlock the device without them being fully aware or conscious? What if they are zoned out? Can someone get them to make eye contact with the iPhone X sensor without them realizing what has happened?Then there is the scenario in a home where a family member picks up a person's device and wants access to it. Currently, a finger needs to be willingly given. With Face ID, the family member can just hold the phone up to the owner's face. The owner would have to physically take the phone back if they didn't want the other person to access it.[...]

Apple's Face ID may not be Secure

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After answering critics for years that the size of the iPhone was large enough in comparison to the ever-larger Android devices, the company finally capitulated and now makes phones it once implied we would never see. In 2013 they actually said larger devices don't fit in the hand. After the taller iPhone 5 was launched, that all changed. The iPhone 6 Plus became even taller and wider.Apple made an important design decision with its iPhone X line. Instead of making its phone very large like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at 6.3 inches, it settled on 5.8 inches and instead added tech to recognize your face while taking away the fingerprint sensor.The company states that there is a one-in-a-million chance another person could unlock your phone. Let's put this aside for a second as facial biometrics has inherent security issues - none of which are the the fault of Apple.What is worth noting however is Face ID can potentially be used to unlock an iPhone X without the permission of the owner.We reached out to Apple for comment.Specifically in the following situations: Law enforcement holds phone up to person’s face to unlock it. Person sleeping or partially passed out – another person holds phone up to their face. We didn't immediately hear back and will update this post if we do.One wonders if the company was better off leaving Touch ID and spending its resources on making an even larger phone. After all, if anything, Apple's phone sizes seem to consistently trail Samsung. Would it really be that bad to meet them head-on?Update: Apple did respond to our outreach. Please see the following post for details. Tags: apple, biometrics, consumer electronics, face id, iphone, iphone x, samsung, screen Related tags: holds phone, another person, apple, phone, iphone, person Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Apple iPhone X Face ID May not be Secure Enough for Many Users - Sep 16, 2017 Can Discounted Hardware Compete with Apple? - Jul 10, 2012 Skype Shows us Closed Can Win - Dec 03, 2010 Windows Phone 7 is Really Version 3.0? - Feb 15, 2010 Blackberry Tour Takes GigaBeating - Sep 21, 2009 Ng Connect's Broadband Industry Convergence Opportunity - Feb 16, 2009 How the iPhone Has Changed the Mobile Game - Aug 22, 2008 Europe Opens the iPhone Market - Nov 21, 2007 Inhance Trade from Inhance Technology Keeps Mobile Customers Coming Back - Sep 24, 2015 Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Top 20 Must Know Thoughts - Oct 06, 2014 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Apple's Face ID may not be Secure Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

MultiTech Continues IoT Leadership in LPWA and Security

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One of the longest-running companies in the connectivity business, MultiTech has stepped up their IoT leadership. Specifically, in the world of LPWA. At MWC Americas the company demoed NB-IoT with T-Mobile. Company spokesperson Sarah Brown told me in an in-person interview that this is the first demo of its kind in the US. She went on to tell us about the company’s new Cat M1 and NB-IoT cellular modems and devices -the 3GPP low-power wide area (LPWA) standard. These modems allow IoT devices to work on licensed spectrum as opposed to those which run on the unlicensed ISM spectrum. Sara said, “The idea that licensed and unlicensed LPWA are winner takes all or competing is wrong. They are complementary.” She continued, “Together they provide the exact right connectivity for the exact right price for your application. LoRa, CAT M and NB-IoT solutions are needed by different people and applications.” An example, she stated of an IoT application which would be better suited to licensed bands might be medical alerting which requires real-time availability while running a farm could likely run on unlicensed spectrum as you can afford to miss some packets. Sara also explained the company has brought some of its latest technology designed for a European carrier stateside. The MultiTech Conduit Access Point for Indoor, High-Density LoRaWAN. The Conduit AP supports eight uplink and one downlink LoRa channel capable of supporting thousands of LoRaWAN end points, including the MultiTech MultiConnect mDot and xDot LoRaWAN certified modules, connected to remote sensors or appliances. Brown explained that the device looks like an WiFi access point and isn’t industrial-grade. She stated emphatically, ““Its available today, call us and order some.” I asked what sort of organization would benefit from this solution and she stated convention centers who need to monitor lots of devices, companies with multiple manufacturing capabilities or campuses in general. Finally, the company is getting serious about helping to solve the security issue in IoT – speaking of which millions of bluetooth devices (primarily Android) were reported to be vulnerable to attacks today. She mentioned that typically at IoT Conferences like the one here at MWC Americas put on in conjunction with IoT Evolution which takes place later this week, that a security panel features a bunch of vendors who can only secure their own segment. MultiTech has partnered with Device Authority and Asavie to help broaden the reach of IoT security. Asavie helps produce a VPN for the IoT devices while Device Authority (our most recent video interview) provides key generation for Identity Access and Management or IAM. src="" width="450" height="270" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"> In other exciting news – the company, a leader in the analog modem market since the 1980s is pushing its customers or at least assisting them as they move from POTs to something else. As more copper disintegrates and becomes unusable, customers with high-value products need another way to connect them to data centers or the cloud. Their new converter product will allow devices like copiers to think they are making a POTS connection but in reality, they will be connecting to a cellular network or over Ethernet. In all, the company certainly has its engineering mojo back – one of the few organizations that had been able to take a leadership position not only in the eighties and nineties but in 2017… More or less, still connecting machines to machines. And they seem to be just getting started. We can expect five more announcements by October. Tags: bluetooth, cat[...]

Apple Chooses Qi for iPhone 8 and iPhone X Charging

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Whatever wireless charging tech Apple decided to use would spark a trillion-dollar upgrade cycle in cars, gym equipment such as treadmills, office furniture, night-tables (especially in hotels), coffee-shop furniture and basically all flat surfaces.Just to stay competitive, Dunkin' Donuts will upgrade all its tables to keep pace with Starbucks and there may not be a restaurant that can afford to ignore the trend.We are talking world-wide here - over a trillion dollars will easily be spent. Some of the upgrades would have happened anyway but do not underestimate the power of Apple to force companies to piggy-back on their success.Apple could have gone with its own standard and taken a piece of this new trillion-dollar space through licensing but instead they decided to use Qi, the standard we first talked about in 2013 when we were a bit thinner. src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0">Because Apple went the open route, and decided not to make money from their newfound wireless charging dominance, the industry as a whole will flourish.There will be no Apple-tax and subsequently all vendors have a new standard to focus on. Expect Microsoft laptops to benefit as well because they soon will have to embrace Qi. Ditto for Chromebooks and all Android devices. We saw Qi powering an electric kettle four years ago so it will likely be able to handle the charging of much of our electronics - not servers but at least much of what we put in our laptop bags.Expect dirt-cheap Chinese Qi-power mats. One surmises the quality of these will vary but it will allow people at all income levels to enjoy the new wireless-charging party.It's worth pointing out that the Apple's reality distortion field is in full-effect as Qi chargable phones were around in January 2013. We can expect 80% of iPhone buyers to have no clue about this and tens of millions of Android users are looking at iPhone users - as usual and calling them followers and years behind. Tags: applewireless charging, iphone, iphone 8, iphone x, qi Related tags: wireless charging, trillion dollar, apple, charging, iphone, expect Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Why iPhone X Sales Will be Epic - Sep 22, 2017 Apple iPhone X Face ID May not be Secure Enough for Many Users - Sep 16, 2017 Apple's Face ID may not be Secure - Sep 14, 2017 Skype Shows us Closed Can Win - Dec 03, 2010 iPhone WiFi Goes Global Thanks to iPass - Dec 15, 2008 Europe Opens the iPhone Market - Nov 21, 2007 Shocker! People Who Buy an $800 Phone can Afford $1,000 - Sep 18, 2017 Why Apple's Dropping its Pants With New iPad Price - Mar 21, 2017 Surprising 2017 Tech Searches - Feb 13, 2017 Inhance Trade from Inhance Technology Keeps Mobile Customers Coming Back - Sep 24, 2015 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Apple Chooses Qi for iPhone 8 and iPhone X Charging Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

Paul Ryan: Smartphones Are Cleaning FEMA Out

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According to Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, people are using smartphones to apply for FEMA assistance at unprecedented levels and as a result it is nearly out of funds.This wasn't possible in past disasters because people needed PCs, electricity and homes which weren't flooded or destroyed to connect to the internet.Hurricane Harvey and it's immense amount of flooding has destroyed a large number of homes (above) while Hurricane Irma has already hit land in the US territory of Puerto Rico and will hit the US mainland soon. Even worse, hurricane Jose isn't far behind Irma.Smartphones have made the pace of everything happen more quickly and asking for assistance from FEMA is no different and while this is great for those in need, it will put inordinate strain on government budgets to ensure the emergency fund stays solvent. Tags: fema, harvey, hurricane, irma, paul ryan Related tags: smartphones, hurricane Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries Verizon Wireless Back to 97.2% after Sandy - Nov 02, 2012 Nor'easters Remind us why the PSTN is Useful - Mar 15, 2010 Reminiscing About Tech's Past - Jul 07, 2009 TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with | Communications and Technology Blog - Home | Permalink: Paul Ryan: Smartphones Are Cleaning FEMA Out Copyright Communications and Technology Blog - Sponsored by Apex Technology Services, a leading IT Services company[...]

Why IoT Companies Will Soon be Chasing Lumavate

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Few people have heard of Lumavate but at the conclusion of this post you'll be convinced that they likely point to the future of at least one segment of the IoT market.Before we get into the company, lets delve into the company's latest news. Don Brown has led a $2 million dollar seed investment.The reason this matters has to do with integration.Dr. Don Brown is someone who gets a fraction of the press he deserves. If he lived in Silicon Valley, the tech media would worship him 24x7. Because his last company was located in Indiana, he flew somewhat under the radar of the general media while revolutionizing the way trillions of dollars were spent in the call center market.I first met Don when he launched Interactive Intelligence around 1995. His company had a simple message, stop buying your technology in silos - IVR, ACD, voicemail, etc.For the next ten-plus years, Interactive Intelligence had massive crowds at its trade-show booths as it explained why its approach was superior. Over time, the competition either caught up with much of their technology or at least their messaging was similar enough that it made it tougher for the company to stand out.At this point, the company started to focus on targeted marketing and its sales skyrocketed as a result.Today, all call center solutions have been shaped by this man - toiling quietly in Indianapolis.So integration was important to Don, right? yes. In fact, it was so important it allowed him to sell his company for 1.4 billion dollars to Genesys.Now Dr. Brown is in the IoT space and once again he is focusing on integration but this time. The company's CEO Paul McGrath sets up what the company does nicely so let's take his words and share them: Lumavate provides a unique, controlled channel that allows manufacturers to maximize additional revenue throughout a product's lifecycle and also reduce operating and support costs along the way. Our customers are using this channel in a variety of ways, from aiding in their sales efforts to capturing aftermarket revenue opportunities. There is also tremendous potential to become an innovative leader in the emerging market of customer experience within the sphere of the Internet of Things. The way the company accomplishes this is as follows. They have three clouds. The Experience Cloud allows customers to securely connect with the company to receive personalized experiences. The Designer Cloud allows drag-and-drop building of cloud based apps which can be activated by text, QR code, NFC or short URL. The Integration Cloud allows the simple connection of customers with CRM systems social media platforms. Through the use of these clouds, customer support improves, the ability to up-sell and cross-sell improves and the cost to service customers decreases. Its the holy grail of IoT integration with customer sales and support.We think this is the future and we further would not be surprised to see others start to copy Lumavate in the near future. Tags: crm, customer service, don brown, geneys, iiot, interactive intelligence, iot, lumavate, m2m Related tags: cloud allows, interactive intelligence, company, integration, lumavate, allows Follow me: Facebook Profile Google+ Profile Twitter Profile Related Entries AT&T Connected Health Foundry Celebrates Success - Sep 23, 2017 Top 8 IoT Trends for 2017 - Jul 07, 2017 FixStream: Enterprise-Grade Operational Intelligence Across Hybrid Cloud - Sep 23, 2017 MultiTech Continues IoT Leadership in LPWA and Security - Sep 12, 2017 Lack of Cybersecurity Training Just Cost 8 Million Dollars - Aug 31, 2017 TMC Partners with MWC and CTIA on Enterprise IoT Event - Jul 28, 2017 See a Top 10 Te[...]