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x11-users Mailing List

x11-users Mailing List

Published: 2016-12-09T05:35:02-08:00


Window issue with 2.7.11
From: Hellum, Timothy
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Hi,    I was running xQuartz v2.7.9 and saw a dialog that an update was available to v2.7.11.  After updating I cannot open any x11 windows to start any sessions. The app launches fine, but I can’t do anything.     I have tried gathering windows, bringing all to front, deleting preferences, going back to v2.7.9 (which installed but yielded the same problem), going forward again to v2.7.11…  The CMD-N option (or choosing that option from the menubar) does nothing. Other windows in the app, like Preferences, open fine.     Has anyone else experienced this baffling response in v2.7.11?     Me: MBP running OS10.11.6 with 16GBs, plenty of disk space (over 200GBs free)        Any advice or assistance kindly appreciated.     /timothy                


XQuartz startup problem
From: Martyn Johnson
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I have installed XQuartz 2.7.11 on a Macbook Pro running El Capitan 10.11.6

 The first time I ran it, it immediately crashed with an error report
saying that it cannot open the log file:

Cannot open log file "//Library/Logs/X11/org.macosforge.xquartz. [...]

Re: XQuartz updating, (possibly) downgrading and $DISPLAY
From: René J.V. Bertin
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OK, great. Still, downgrading via the installer isn't necessarily the same as rolling back ;)


That certainly sounds familiar; I probably did both.


Thanks. That'll certainly help.


XQuartz updating, (possibly) downgrading and $DISPLAY
From: René J.V. Bertin
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I've been running 2.7.7 (or .8) for quite a while (on OS X 10.9.5) without any real reason to update, but now that the gap is getting a bit big I'm thinking it might be time, also to see if that makes the xfwm4 glitch I just described go away.

2 questions:
- can I backup /opt/X11 and XQuartz. [...]

Xfwm4 stacking glitch
From: René J. V. Bertin
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Any Xfwm4 users on the list?

I've just installed the latest version (4.12.3), and it still shows a glitch
which I'm beginning to think must be due to some issue in XQuartz.

Dialogs ('transient for' windows(?)) are stacked behind the window they're a
transient for. [...]

Re: XQuartz g key not working
From: Pascal Bourguignon
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Remove your ~/.Xmodmap file.     It looks like the keycodes in Xquartz are entirely different from what is usually used, so an xmodmap file in your home that is perfectly nice for unix systems will give these wrong mapping in Xquartz.      
  --  __Pascal J. [...]

XQuartz g key not working
From: Ge Cong
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Hi, I have XQuartz 2.7.11 on my MacBook Pro. Every time I type the “g” key, it gave me “4”. If I type the “G” key, it gave me “/“. Other keys seem work fine. I have this problem only in XQuartz. I do not have this problem in other applications on my Mac. [...]

Re: X11-users Digest, Vol 13, Issue 121
From: Steven Queen
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I have had the 'jumping windows' issue with XQuartz 2.7.8.  For me it
started with upgrading to El Capitan.

 I've also had lots of other X/Motif issues (key grabs not releasing,
OpenGL windows getting held in buffers even when not drawn, etc.) but I [...]

Re: XQuartz 2.7.11 on Mac OS X 10.11.6 (Trond Kandal)
From: René J.V. Bertin
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In a sense yes they did: use another window manager. For me that's an evident choice anyway, as it means I can configure the same window management shortcuts on every X11 "desktop" I use, but I did evaluate WM choices until I found one that can be themed to blend in nicely. [...]

Re: XQuartz 2.7.11 on Mac OS X 10.11.6
From: Michael Parson
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Yeah, I noticed that the jumping wasn't random, they always jumped to
the same place, but it didn't quite seem like a doubling of both coords,
as my Y coord for all terms was set to 0.

Again, this is brand new behavior for me.  I'd seen it being discussed [...]