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Published: 2016-09-28T10:35:02-08:00


Re: 44" low-volume photo inkjet printer?
From: Scott Martin
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I agree that Epson's aren't great for low volume usage. Canon's new heads and ink should be better suited for low volume use. Time will tell. Checkout my notes on the Pro-4000 at

Scott Martin
(from phone)

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Re: 44" low-volume photo inkjet printer?
From: Ben Goren
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Thanks; I can appreciate that. But the flip side is that then I'm either dependent on the profiles supplied by the lab or I'm spending insane amounts on building my own profiles for their printers -- plus I'm limited by their paper selection, and so on. [...]

Re: 44" low-volume photo inkjet printer?
From: email@hidden
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I second what Marin Orpen says. Infrequent use with a 99 can be more expensive than getting it printed by a professional fine-art lab.



44" low-volume photo inkjet printer?
From: Ben Goren
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So, my Canon iPF8100 is on its last legs. It's served me not-miserably for several years...when it's worked, it's printed wonderfully, but I've also had to replace the logic board and I've gone through way more print heads than is reasonable.

I don't do a lot of volume, and it's not unheard of for me to not need to use it for a couple months or so. I've been religious about printing at least a 36" x 11" test page with lots color usage at least once a week...but that doesn't seem to have spared me all that much in the way of headaches. Maybe being in Arizona doesn't help? It's air conditioned and kept at no more than about 80°F / 27°C, but we basically have zero humidity.

Can anybody recommend a replacement that might have a better chance for survival?

The print quality of the iPF8100 is, again, just fine for my needs -- though, of course, I'd always welcome a wider gamut. Better paper handling (including straight-through) wouldn't suck, but, again, I can manage with no worse than the iPF8100. Operations cost is high on the list...something friendly (or at least not excessively hostile) to third-party ink would be nice, including printheads that don't die unreasonably soon. Any other features would be mostly irrelevant; the iPF8100 is fast enough, has enough job accounting, and so on. I pretty much just need 44", photo quality, and not likely to die or otherwise eat me alive in maintenance and repairs.

It looks like Canon and Epson remain the only big players. I wouldn't rule out other manufacturers, but I'd need some compelling reason to consider an alternative.



Re: Photoshop History Logging broken
From: Andrew Rodney
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Works just fine on this end, on a Mac (not that this has anything to do with color management).

Andrew Rodney


Re: Epson SC-P20000 (Dan Bergstrom)
From: Mike Strickler
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Dan, I've not looked at your epl, but I would wonder whether you're not simply observing the inherent limitation of density and choma on this type of material with those inks. That likely dictated the prelimitation of those channels. A "pink" magenta sounds about right for a matte paper, as do a strong yellow (relatvely unaffected by the surface) and a pretty good black (below 20 L*) with matte black ink. A good indication is given by looking at the gamut plot of an RGB profile I saw for that printer on matte proofing paper--fits your description, and those limits were not imposed by your contone driver.

If you give us the actual solid lab values you've obtained I'm sure any number of us could tell you if they are normal and expected for such materials with this ink set.



Epson SC-P20000
From: Dan Bergstrom
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EFI has no HT driver for this printer. Disappointing.
And cyan and magenta channels for all matte black media types have been severely limited.
So I'm left with a linearization of an astronomically high yellow b*, very low black L* and a baby blue cyan with pink magenta. [...]