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Public Forums • OMG - Jumper cables


OMG - Jumper cables. So many of us run to the auto parts store to buy a $10 set of "jumper cables," a set of gloves, maybe some flares and throw them into the trunk hoping never to use any of that stuff. Thanks to today's power hungry automotive computers you'll probably find yourself with a dead battery a lot more often. Even worse, today's cars need a much higher voltage to crank and those crappy jumper cables you've got most likely won't do anything for you.Back in the old days, your ignition switch was wired from the battery to a relay. Turning the key to "start" would draw about half an amp of current to the relay under the hood. That would click on to connect the massive battery cable to the starter motor bolted to the engine, which could draw between 50 and 100 amps.Today - yea wow, how things have changed. Sure, you still have a starter relay but there is no longer a direct connection between the ignition switch and the relay. Most new cars simply have a button marked "start." The computer has many layers of anti-theft protection before it agrees to start your car. Once it "ok's" your request to start, the computer begins to pressure the fuel system, check its sensors, and energize systems. If everything is working and ready, it finally signals the starter motor to begin cranking the engine. This insures that the least amount of time is spent spinning the starter motor. In the old days, it would take much longer to crank before the engine roared to life.Of course, it didn't matter how much voltage you had on your battery... provided it was enough to spin the motor. Most of the running of the engine was mechanical while the electrical bits could be powered by the alternator which was starting to spin. Today, if you have a battery sitting at 11 volts or lower you are wasting your time. Computers and sensors need voltage - which a dead battery does not provide. As I found out, the single battery solution to operating a motor vehicle is an obsolete design. You may find yourself "jump starting" your car from another car.This is where those $10 jumper cables rusting in your trunk will let you down. Almost certainly they are aluminum wire, or "CCA" Copper Clad Aluminum. It has higher resistance to current than copper, but they're cheap. A good pair of jumper cables made from real copper could cost upwards of $75 to $125. Forget the marketing hype. Even a "heavy duty" set of cables, which are 4 gauge thick can drop 1.5 volts @ 100 amps. If you're starting with 12 volts, that puts you well below the voltage needed for starting a car.Forget "Medium Duty," "Heavy Duty," and "Super Heavy Duty" and don't pay attention to what it looks like. Manufacturers don't tell you the real details - line resistance, voltage drop, and wire material. My $10 jumpers say "500 amps" on them. Again, a useless bit of trivia as they're telling you the current rating of the jaws, not the cable.For an 18 foot cable you'll need 2 gauge copper and for a 12 foot cable you'll need 4 gauge copper. Just take those aluminum cables and toss them. Consider a customized cable and expect to pay close to $100 for a proper set of jumper cables. Making them myself from 2 gauge I discovered that the replacement jaws are also difficult to find. Most are constructed for smaller cables, such as 8 and 6 gauge cable. Those which can accept 2, 1, or 0 have massive springs in the handles to clamp on steel, not lead battery posts - so the jaws will destroy the battery posts. Finding a decent set of jaws with a strong, but not massive spring for 2 gauge was quite a problem.also, squeezing the claws can be a challenge unless you're a body builder. If you're female, be sure you can actually open the jaws else... what's the point?The quest for a proper set of jumper cables continues although the dual-battery design is absolutely the best design upgrade for a modern truck or car.Statistics: Posted by photomaster — Tue Feb 13, 2018 [...]

Public Forums • Re: For the love of Chrysler! Factory Radios Suck


All of my vehicles from this moment on will have two batteries! This is great! I installed the Genesis JK dual battery kit with the remote monitor button and, as others have reported, this is the best investment you can make for your Jeep. Here's all the cool features:

First of all, I have two batteries. When the power hungry computer drains my battery due to its 300+ milliamp constant draw while parked, the isolator will protect the auxiliary battery by removing it from the Jeep, electrically. Now the computer is free to beat up on the main battery. When I crank it in the morning, only the main battery is used. It receives a surface charge, comes up to voltage, then the isolator kicks the auxiliary battery back in to keep it charged as well.

But, wait. There's more! The cool-looking aircraft style button has text and backlight which displays the voltage of the aux battery or of the main battery. I can toggle thru both batteries as well as the isolator "boost" status - on or off. With this single button and built-in voltmeter I can diagnose battery, alternator, and parasitical current draw in seconds just by glancing at it when I get into the Jeep.

But, wait. There's more! If the main battery has been drained to a point below where it can start the Jeep, all I do is toggle thru the menus to select the "boost status" screen. I hold the button down for 3 seconds until a click is heard. The light switches color from red to green allowing me to jump-start my own Jeep from the driver's seat! This is fantastic. No more jumper cables, opening the hood in the dead of Winter or during a rainstorm, getting shocked, waiting for a tow truck, etc. All of this unpleasantness is replaced by a single button push and the turn of a key.

But, wait. There's more! With an auxiliary battery I'm now able to run a connector to a set of jumper cables to jump other vehicles, or run a winch or other high current draw device, and/or charge and maintain the batteries without opening the hood. This is a key point since I park in a public lot and do not want to draw attention while I top off my batteries.

No more "Russian Roulette" where I turn the key at 2am on a dark and stormy night to learn my fate - do I hear the roar of the engine, the warmth of heat thru the vents, and the peaceful glow of the dashboard OR do I spend hours in the cold and the dark and the rain for a tow truck to arrive followed by a sleepless night trying to figure out what went wrong? NO! Damn it! Now, I press a fucking button. Click. Va-room. and, curse Chrysler for a power hungry computer depleting (one of my) batteries.

I've already learned this. A) Chrysler factory batteries suck. B) Chrysler automotive computers draw waaay too much juice while they're sitting idle. I do not drive enough to charge the batteries properly - NOT from drain of them sitting idle or recovering from cranking the engine but from keeping the power-hungry computer alive. This is a major design flaw in the modern motor vehicle as of 2018.

What needs to happen is that Chrysler needs to put that damn computer to sleep to conserve battery power. They also need to address the problem of people driving at night not knowing that their lights are off. But, that's another story. Perhaps they're trying to charge their batteries.

Statistics: Posted by photomaster — Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:44 pm

Public Forums • Winter 2018 Updates


In-between a blizzard, frozen Jeep battery, frozen nuts, and the flu, I managed to get some work done. Here in the North-East I would just love to stick my head under the covers and wait for Spring. But, life just doesn't work that way.

Pushing on, we had some fun with a bubble machine and, of course, a bit of nudity. Be sure to stop by to see the latest updates at


Statistics: Posted by photomaster — Sat Jan 27, 2018 5:45 pm

Public Forums • Re: For the love of Chrysler! Factory Batteries Suck too


In all the time I've owned my 1997 Pathfinder I have never had to jump start it. But, in the 18 months I've owned my Jeep Wrangler I'm up to 3 jump starts.I had made an appointment for an inspection for my Jeep with the dealer, figuring I would throw them the first check-out as a courtesy and to try out their service department. No problem. So, when my original battery failed to crank the car the week before my inspection I thought - hey, good timing. I called the dealer to see if they had time to check out my battery? It was one week before the warranty expired. They said the first appointment they can give me as a month away.Laugh. Come-on. What am I going to do for the next month? Walk to work? Can I get a "loaner?" IF you make an appointment, which is a month away. But, I'm a member of the "Jeep Wave Program" - a promotional service which guarantees me a free loaner if I have to leave my Jeep, gives me free oil changes and tire rotations. The dealer said, "never heard of it." ok, fine. I have an appointment for an inspection on Saturday. You can look at the battery then. What? no, we don't have time to inspect the Jeep AND test your battery.That's when I hung up and returned to my trusted local mechanic who said, Come on by now. So much for my dealer's service. But, my mechanic could not find anything wrong with the battery. It was at 110% of its rating. huh. ok, can you do an inspection while I'm here? I won't be going back to the dealer... ever. sure thing. Four weeks later, the Jeep was doing all kinds of odd things. The computer was freaking out. It couldn't tell if my key was in or out of the ignition. Lights were blinking on and off. It was not starting or even attempting to start.I took some video with my phone to show the mechanic and tested the voltage of the battery. 6 volts. Ouch. No wonder why the thing was going nuts. Batteries are made of cells. Each cell is 1.5 volts. If you have a battery which is off by an exact multiple of 1.5 or 6, you probably have a defective battery. That got swapped out for a "gel" battery by another maker and worked very well.until... a blizzard hit; a nasty one. 50mph winds, 16 inches of snow, combined with 0F degree temperatures. I went to start my Jeep and I thought I heard it laugh at me. no. not starting. I'm freezing my ass off and need to get to work. I pull out my lithium battery jump starting pack. That did not work. I pull out my deep cycle marine battery which I keep on a battery "tender" for emergencies. That was sitting at 10.7 volts while my Jeep was at 11 volts. That's no help. What happened to the tender? Burnt out, no lights on it, and took the battery with it. Marvelous.So, I pulled out my 200 amp Sears Diehard battery charger and starter. If that sucker couldn't start the Jeep nothing can. To my utter amazement, nothing. What? No way this does not work. It has 200 amps of cranking power. I gave it a while longer and tried it again. Finally the icy cold Wrangler roared to life as it blew out the current meter on the charger. Ta-da! and, the last time I do this.I searched for a battery disconnect switch and failed to locate a decent one. That would remove the battery from the circuit in the event the voltage dropped too low. Perhaps the computer or other circuit was draining it overnight? The computer itself draws 300ma which is HUGE in the world of microprocessors. I'm guessing that high power computer is designed for the Internet connectivity on the Grand Cherokee. Jeep's high end model sends you a monthly email to report on its health... for a fee. The Wrangler has no such option, but seems to have the same computer.I stumbled upon a dual battery tray for Wrangler. Hey! How about a battery switch? Carry 2 batteries. It gets better. I found a whole kit - dual battery switch and monitoring system. When the voltage drops below a certain point, the batteries di[...]

Public Forums • Henri's guide to buying your first Cuckoo Clock


If you know nothing about Cuckoo clocks you are likely to be drawn to those sold at Sears or Walmart, possibly made by Kendal. This is what my first search for the classic clock turned up the first time I searched. If you have already purchased a Cuckoo clock at Walmart or if you own a Kendal... eh, just quit reading now. I'm not saying you bought a bad clock but you probably could have bought a better clock. I don't know anything about Kendal; I'm just saying I don't see them on the official list of Cuckoo manufacturers. More on that in a bit.I know damn little about Cuckoo clocks or clocks in general. My background education spans a whole month and I am German. I search my childhood memories and I remember a vintage Cuckoo clock with a wheel on the left side for a mechanical nighttime shut-off... I think? I have been fascinated with that little bird who pops his head out only once an hour for a glimpse, giving me just a brief few seconds to see what what little fellow looks like. The mystery of the locked door and the mystery of what the bird looks like haunted me all my life until one day, today I bought a Cuckoo clock for my home.When you talk Cuckoo clocks you're talking German clocks. When you're talking German Cuckoo clocks you're talking Black Forest German wooden Cuckoo clocks... or you're not talking seriously. If you confess that your clock was purchased outside the Black Forest region of Germany, you will get some odd looks as to why you would even bother? You might have done just as well going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond who has a very nice collection of less noisy battery operated clocks for less money.There is a 100-mile range along Germany's southwestern border with France where the forest is so thick and dense the locals call it The Black Forest. There you will still find clock makers who manufacture Cuckoo clocks in the traditional method. A list, partial list? of modern Black Forest clock makers include but may not be limited to:Anton SchneiderHekasHönesHubert HerrRombach & HaasTrenkleAs I continue my education, The Black Forest region was known for wooden movement clocks in the 18th Century but not necessary for the original Cuckoo. Those came later to sell to tourists, apparently. The first Cuckoo was likely to have originated in 17th Century in Augsburg, roughly 200 miles to the East of The Black Forest. No matter who invented the thing, The Black Forest Cuckoo is an indisputable German icon.One of the best things to happen to the Cuckoo clock was the establishment of the The Black Forest Association Verein die Schwarzwalduhr known as the (VDS). Clocks which bear the VDS emblem and come with a certificate of authenticity guarantee the owner of the authentic German craftsmanship. I am grateful for this. In today's society, corporations are driven to make everything cheaper where brand names no longer mean what they once did. Consumers need to navigate a minefield of junk to find something of quality to own.Let us also acknowledge the Swiss here, who make damn fine timepieces.Injection molded plastic was not around in the 17th Century but would come into existence some 200 years later. Would Cuckoo clocks have plastic parts if manufacturers had access to plastic technology? And, would electronic versions of the clock exist? I would imagine that nobody would have bothered creating a wooden clock if microprocessors were around. What a technical marvel and living testimony to the ingenuity of the day - to create a living sculpture out of materials from the forest.Cuckoo clocks come in two major varieties, the "Chalet" style which depicts home and the "Carved" style which depicts the forest. There are several traditional carved styles: Bird with leaves, the "Hunter" with a deer head and rifles, and a few with other animals such as bears, owls, and the like which are more rare. The larger clocks tend to be more intricately carved. Th[...]

Public Forums • Re: Why I'm switching to Android


wow - just wow. I am so angry with Apple right now. They actually admit being in the habit of damaging old products when new ones come out, possibly to encourage you to upgrade your hardware. Someone should go to jail for this one. I have always suspected this on my Mac Mini. Once I upgraded the operating system I lost the use of my modem, I had problems with firewire, and (worst of all) there are little twinkles of pixels which randomly appear on the screen. I have to drag a window to force the screen to update to get rid of the flicker.

This is all becoming more clear. I had removed most of the apps from my iPhone 5, designating it as my "iPod only" device. It does have limited Internet and phone service, but only as a backup for my Galaxy S8. It's good to have a backup, especially while traveling. If your phone hits the pavement it could take with it your connection to the world: air, hotel, and ground transportation now become really difficult.

I powered on my iPhone 5. It said I had a LOT of applications to update. yea, that's not happening. It also had downloaded an iOS operating system update while it was on the WiFi, against my express wishes. A pop-up window came up and said an update was available. I had two choices: NOW or later. There was no "neither" option. I will be assimilated. I will be upgraded. Resistance is futile. Fuck that. I pressed the home button. Nothing happened. There was no way to dismiss my two choices of 1) NOW or 2) later. You MUST decide.

Thankfully I'm used to dealing with our robot overlords. I turned the phone OFF. Thank gawd machines need electricity to run. When I turned the phone back on the pop-up was gone, but I knew it would return soon. In the memory usage options it is possible to delete the operating system update... with no guarantee that the machine just won't download it again; but, with the update removed from its memory the popup window does not appear. Stalemate.

I'm an "old school" computer geek, someone who is known to the rest of the net as an "oldfag". Before Apple, before Microsoft, there was... common sense which states, "Never upgrade your operating system unless the benefits outweigh the potential for breaking things. Corporations have most consumers trained to actually stand in fucking line around the block for a software update! Why use that outdated iOS 9.3 when 10.0 is out! Did you hear that? 10.0 is out! Think of all the emoticons it may bring with it, perhaps smiley faces in colors other than yellow. Best of all, it is FREE! FREE!

yea well, welcome to the "stick" end of the "stick and carrot." Every time you have been downloading your FREE FREE operating system onto your "old" phone, Apple slows down the processor. You've always suspected it. You've attributed it to bloatware or new setting tweaks. NO, you've been bamboozled (that's newfag speak for you've been ripped off my friend).

You go into an Apple store with your iPhone 6 but the iPhone 8 is blazingly fast by comparison. Did it ever make you wonder why a 1.4ghz processor takes so damn long to load icons on the screen? Now you know. Apple has been breaking your old phones to encourage you to upgrade to faster ones. Still in denial? google "apple slows down phones" and become enlightened.

wow - just wow. I think we've finally gone past the tipping point here. Apple is more evil than Microsoft.

Statistics: Posted by photomaster — Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:07 pm

Public Forums • How to Seduce Women Through Photography by Goldmund (c) 2015


An Introduction to Camera Game, How to Seduce Women Through Photography by Goldmund (c) 2015It came to my attention that a photographer, or someone pretending to be a photographer, wrote a book on how to fuck models. This book may have slipped into obscurity if were not for our pussy grabbing President, Trump who spawned Time Magazine's Person of the year 2017, "The Silence Breakers" aka #MeToo. With the roasting of Harvey Weinstein, this book could not have come out at a worse time."How to [blank] women" books are not exactly unique. They've been around for decades. I can give you some spoilers from someone who has been around hundreds of women for decades. Want to pick up women? 1) Take pride in your appearance. 2) Find where lots of women are - parties, socials, waitresses in restaurants, Starbucks, etc. 3) Make small talk with confidence and be non-threatening. 4) Take interest in them and only talk about yourself when appropriate. 5) Repeat 100 times. You will connect with someone. If you're attractive and have a lot going on you can just skip ahead to the local college campus and ask every co-ed on campus if they want to have sex before security throws you out. yea, it's that easy. You don't need a book to pick up women.But, here we are. How to seduce women through photography. To summarize, the book, rather than asking women if they want to fuck, you ask women if they want their photograph taken. Yea, that might work if you're non-threatening enough about it. Then, the book suggests you move in for the kiss while showing them the photographs. (chuckle) I wonder what I've been doing wrong all these years.I did not want to spend money on this book and support someone who advocates using photography as a tool to pick up women. But I did, for entertainment and to rip it apart. I was disappointed on a few levels. First of all, yes, Goldmund is the real deal. He understands the seduction of the darkroom and shares a love for the wet process: hanging prints on a clothesline, owning all kinds of interesting looking equipment, the "bloom" of a freshly exposed print. Only a real photographer talks like that. He's also from New York - my stomping ground. When he talks about a "park" he speaks of Washington Square Park (more than likely) where any artist would head on a warm day to take some candid's.Goldmund says that "photography can enhance your social skills." oh, without a doubt. If you photograph enough models you eventually have to talk to them. "You will "be able to talk to girls much easier after leaning the camera game." I'm quoting the book here. And, you will need some good equipment, such as a DSLR rather than a cell phone if you want to impress the ladies. qft (quoted for truth). He mentions a 40mm pancake lens - ah, yes - I adore a good pancake lens for travel, if you're not so interested in manual focusing. Owning a lightweight camera divides opinion into two camps - it's good for street photography but a light body is more prone to shake.All brands of cameras take good photos; it's just a matter of preference to the brand - eh... that's a bit of a generalization. As you grow as a photographer, you'll eventually want to "tweak" a setting and you'll find those tweaks on a professional level camera. I'm a Pentax lover because Pentax doesn't take back features to punish you for buying a cheaper model (in general). Pentax will come out with their model for the year, the K20 for example. Then, a short time later they'll tack on a "0" and introduce a low-cost model, the K200 which has less features and costs a fraction of the base model. Buying a DSLR is a long, involved process which never ends.Use smaller memory cards in case there's a malfunction. Great idea. I do that, myself. I share the pain of photographers who buy the bi[...]

Public Forums • Travel Sick - the fear of flying


Oh how I love air travel. Delta is my airline of choice - they seem to genuinely treat people like people, not cattle. For example, I have never seen a flight attendant aboard a Delta flight deny a bathroom break if the Captain had illumined the seat belt light... unlike British Airways who expect that passengers should pee in their pants rather than ignore the command from the flight deck. Delta's attitude seems to be, "You have been warned; pee at your own risk."Ah, the lay-over in Atlanta flying a Boeing 737 into Key West from NYC. It was a 757 down to Atlanta and I had chosen my flight via the Delta website directly. Booking direct gives me a few advantages, including the ability to make a quick adjustment to my flight without complication. However, unlike other websites which has me choose the first leg then the second leg, Delta's website lists every combination. I did not see the same leg listed further down the page with a longer lay-over than 45 minutes. (groan).How I sweated that connection. I used Google satellite imagery to measure the distance from the furthest gate to the next furthest gate, calculate how long it would take me to walk from one gate to another, taking into account the 15min (10min?) rule of closing the aircraft door as the crew readies the push-off from the gate. I figured I would likely make my connection with just moments to spare as they were calling my name over the public address system threatening to remove my luggage unless I showed up with my boarding pass in-hand.30 minutes before landing in Atlanta I asked the flight attendant for connection information. She looked up the passenger manifest and advised me that my gate was on the other side of the airport as I had feared. However, we landed 20 minutes early while my connecting flight was 10 minutes behind schedule, giving me a comfortable 5 minutes to chill out at the gate following a quick bathroom break. And, I still got my blast-off champagne in the first class cabin. Sweet.The return flight was not as smooth. Following Hurricane Irma's devastation of Marathon in the Florida Keys, Delta reduced 5 flights to just 2 to Key West. Ouch. What they didn't tell me was... well, they didn't tell me. I'm checking my return flight 30 days before departure and realize I've got a scant negative 21 minutes to make my connection. That is, it was likely that as I landed in Atlanta for the return flight I would pass my connecting plane taxiing for take-off with no way to hop onto it. Where is Scotty when you need him with that transporter beam?A quick phone call to Delta and they were most accommodating with a much more relaxed 2 hour lay-over. In fact, I had a full hour to slam down a hot meal on the way home. As I'm waiting for my departing flight in Key West, my cell phone starts ding'ing with credit card transactions to my Discover Card. Apparently I was booked to see a very expensive rock concert that I didn't know about. Thankfully I had a good enough signal to download an app to my phone and freeze my Discover card until I got home 12-13 hours later to fend off the hackers beating up on my credit card.I check my watch. I've got 1 hour and 51 minutes for a lay-over in Atlanta which I had intended to have a nice meal. From Sunday's experience, I know it takes 20 minutes to walk briskly from gate to gate, less 15 minutes for door closing - leaving 1 hour for dinner and 16 minutes to spare so I can board with my group.Touching down in Atlanta we're taxi'ing, and we're taxi'ing, and we're taxi'ing.... it takes us about 20min to taxi to the gate! I was tempted to call over the flight attendant to ask the pilot to drop me off at Terminal C while taxi'ing to Terminal F but figured better of it. Us passengers are all looking at each other in disbelief at the 20min taxi ride as we finally pull up to the gate. I look at [...]

Public Forums • Re: Fall 2017 Update


I have been very busy shooting my favorite model once again this month. As it is technically a few weeks before the start of Winter, I'll tack on my update to the "Fall 2017 Update" thread rather than starting a "Winter 2017" thread. Yet, there's no doubt there will be a lot of new photographs over the Winter months this year.

Please visit the new album on Surreal Cinema at

There are just so many great new images it is difficult to choose one to represent them all. So, I choose this one...

Statistics: Posted by photomaster — Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:16 am

Public Forums • Re: Fall 2017 Update


Available for viewing on is my recent trip to Key West Florida following Hurricane Irma. The "SOUTHERNMOST POINT" marker had just been painted when Irma hit, which sandblasted all the fresh paint off of it. The town repainted it... because that's what a conch does. Conch, aside from being a tasty sea critter is the nickname for a native resident of Key West. Attached is a photo of the re-re-painting.

I did the "tourist thing" - which was my homage to an amazing place, whose economy has evolved from an island of land based pirates ("wrecking") to that of fishing and tourism. I did not "blend," finding it difficult to diminish my New York persona. Fortunately, Key West accepts us who we are, no matter where we come from.

Be sure to stop by

Statistics: Posted by photomaster — Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:46 pm

Public Forums • Re: Why I'm switching to Android


Apple strikes again! Being somewhat of a computer geek, my mantra is, "It's good to have a backup." I like having more than 1 way of doing anything. Enter Daylights Savings Time. How I dread Daylight Savings Time. It serves no purpose other than to check the battery in your smoke detector. NEWSFLASH: Smoke detectors will always tell YOU when it's time to change the battery and that time will be at 2:30am. Why is that? WHY does every smoke alarm I've ever owned tell me the battery is dead at 2:30 in the morning? Not at 5pm. Not at 10am. It MUST be 2:30am every damn time.

but, I digress...

When I schedule a photo shoot on Daylight Savings Time Sunday I always prepare 2 times: one for the current time and one for the time it would have been if someone didn't adjust their clock. A 9am shoot turned into an 8am shoot when a model texts me to say she's patiently waiting in her car, wondering if I'm awake, because she's an hour early for her shoot. The reason? IOS 11 failed to adjust for Daylight Savings Time!

Worse, a quick Google search shows this problem going back at least 5 years.

I fired up my iPhone 5 and it demanded that I upgrade my operating system. It gave me two choices: NOW or 2am. What it is about that magic hour? I wanted neither. Neither was not an option. I pressed the home button to dismiss the password entry screen. Nothing happened. I had to power OFF the phone, then power it back on, then go to manage storage and manually delete the update which it downloaded despite me telling it not to. NO! Everything works. I don't want a damn update. I just want it to play music. I deleted most of the other apps and downgraded my iPhone 5 to be a fancy iPod player. I do not NEED the latest and greatest IOS system to play music because it already works.

And, considering Apple's track record it can only get worse.

Statistics: Posted by photomaster — Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:01 pm

Public Forums • Re: Fall 2017 Update


Be sure to check out the Fall 2017 updates. You can find them at

Statistics: Posted by photomaster — Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:03 am

Public Forums • Leave the damn statues alone


I propose that there is a difference between a statue of Lenin vs. one of Christopher Columbus... or Abraham Lincoln... or even Robert E. Lee. There is also a difference between erecting a statue vs. tearing an existing one down. When a society, caught under the grip of an oppressive dictator, wiggles free of that dictator the statues, paintings, and depictions of said dictator are certainly destined to be removed from public view and buried in a lost chapter of the history books.But, what of Abraham Lincoln? Some numb nut made the existence of statues into a social issue. Now we should go back and re-evaluate every statue and monument in existence? Lincoln played a pivotal role in our country's development and history paints him as a saint. He wasn't. There are accounts of slaughtering native Americans and overseeing a concentration camp - not to mention presiding over the army which fought against his own countrymen in the Civil War.Statues and monuments to historical figures are often a tribute to the great which was accomplished, not their failings. We don't erect statues of boring people. Take Christopher Columbus - an explorer, yes. He did good against great odds. Was he a good man? eh, probably not by most accounts. Should we erect a statue of him? Today? No, probably not. Should we tear one of him down? Again, no, probably not. Taking into account man's shortcomings, should we put up statues of anyone anymore?The statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus Circle is a testament to foundation of our country. We didn't erect a statue to celebrate Christopher. The statue is a memorial of what he did and not who he was as a person. Any man is remembered by his deeds. This is what defines us and lifts us above the nature of man. Often it is our evil tendencies, our ambitions, our greed which push us to explore, to create, to conquer.Statues are not erected to celebrate men; they are erected to glorify the greatness a man can achieve by overcoming his failings. Great explorers and leaders are often not the kind of people you'd want to socialize with. Look not at the man - look at his resume.Robert E. Lee. The Confederate Flag... actually, it's the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia which comes to mind. Let me say right off that I'm a New York'er, a Northen'er who does not, cannot relate or hope to be a part of the South. The Civil war was just a blurb in the history books for me. The only depiction I had of "The South" as a kid was from a television show entitled, Dukes of Hazzard. yea... well... you think that's bad, most of the country thinks that New York is accurately depicted on Saturday Night Live.When I see the the Confederate Flag it makes me smile. In an alternate reality, Key West once seceded from the U.S. In 1982. They called themselves The Conch Republic. They, too have their own flag and story to tell. Fortunately nobody died and the "battle" was over before anyone had a chance to ask, What the fuck? Then, there is our friend Che Guevara who became an idol for the rebel in all of us. I can relate to him... but, uh, you realize he was a Marxist terrorist who tried to start World War III?For me, the Confederate Flag, Dixie, and Southern Hospitality are all elements of a country within a country. I love the South and the people who live there. When I visit, despite my New York accent, I'm given a warm and friendly greeting wherever I go. The Southern accent, use of terms like, Y'all and Sweet Tea, the Mint Julep... Bartles and Jaymes and of course, Jack Daniels Whiskey. I know I'm probably getting some of my facts muddy and I'm too lazy to fact check - so, feel free to drop me an email if I'm way off base.One bit of observation, [...]

Public Forums • Re: Why I'm switching to Android


I've just about acclimated back to Android from Apple. I still have an old Android Samsung Tab 4 locked to Sprint which complains about a missing sim card every time it boots up - unless I leave it permanently in "airplane mode" with WiFi enabled. It was a cheap acquisition on Ebay. And, I used to have an Asus Transformer tablet which I wanted for a lightweight laptop. What I've learned is that both Apple and Android make fine smartphone operating systems but fall short as a "laptop." I don't know why I always fall back onto my Mac or PC for for general use. Perhaps it's because "apps" are too specific for targeting tasks.Apple looks clunky and old compared to Android, an ancient idea whose time had come and gone. They had a great run with iPhone 1 thru 3 and ended pretty much with iPhone 5. Beyond that? It just hasn't kept up with the times. For such a powerful platform, Apple totally missed their mark when they attempted to integrate the smartphone into a hands-free automobile environment. Rather than offering several options and maximum interoperability, Apple locked down the phone with their CarPlay, licensed it, and demanded that radio manufacturers install special software just to talk to their phones. uConnect said, "no." In fact, when I connected to my uConnect radio and asked, "Hey Siri?" my radio told me, "I'm not speaking to Siri" (I'm paraphrasing a bit).Android was a bit nicer. I pressed the button on my radio and asked, "What's the weather like?" Google Assistant said, "Ok, that's fine - but, when safe to do so you need to pull over and fix my permissions" (I'm paraphrasing again). Once I gave it more permissions, Google Assistant was ready to handle my requests hands-free. Gee, to do that with my iPhone was just... not possible.Apple declared a "Holy War" with Google and Android around the time of iPhone 4. Yes, they knew that the market had finally caught up to them But, rather than continuing to innovate and improve their product (beyond bigger, faster, and more colors) they resorted to licensing, patents, and crippling their customers to prevent them from leaving.iMessage - yes, it's neat. But, it's just software and protocols. Google has already caught up.iTunes - great idea to purchase my entire music collection from Apple which can only play on other Apple devices. I never fell for that trick. I have my collection in stacks of CD's which I can pull back out of boxes if I need to.iDisk, iCloud, iCalendar - simple copy/paste to other cloud devices and Apple's calendar never behaved properly. After the 2nd time it deleted ALL my appointments I switched to Google's CalDav. Contacts - easily copied to Google.Find my iPhone - neat idea. Where's my damn phone? Here, Apple was a bit easier to swallow. I had to enter my account and gain permission to locate the phone to control it via remote control - lock, wipe, play a sound on it, or locate it on a map. Did I leave it in the car? At a restaurant? At home? Wonder no more. Google... wouldn't let me do any of that, because it was Samsung's phone. ok. Android is a bit more decentralized for services. Samsung has the functions for locking and locating, but it didn't have the cool moving map which Apple has.until... I fired up Google Maps on my PC. A blue dot appeared precisely where I was sitting. HOW is it that Google can locate my PC with such precision yet can't display my phone on a map in real time like Apple does? Then I realized, it wasn't tracking my PC it was tracking my phone on the map. oh. No need to log into iCloud. Just pull up Google maps on a PC where you've got a Goo[...]

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Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy Magazine passed away September 27th, 2017. So many of us photographers were either inspired by or influenced by his vision and the launch of the magazine in December of 1953. I cannot imagine my life as a teen-age'r without him.When I was 13 years of age, I would save a bit of my money earned from my paper route for the purchase of Playboy, Penthouse, and Oui Magazine. I would darken the fuzz under my nose into a thin mustache using my sister's mascara and head to the local magazine store. I had exact change, grabbing a couple of magazines and leaving the change on the counter when the clerk's back was turned. I would hide Playboy behind a loose panel in the wall where I fashioned a small magazine rack hidden just on the other side.ah, those glossy pages and beautiful text fonts dripping with class and elegance. Advertisements for expensive watches, cars, cologne and electronic toys held my interest as I turned every page slowly in anticipation for the first nude model to appear. The model's eye caught mine as I imagined her as my girlfriend in some alternate reality where such things were possible.The photographs - so evenly lit and wonderfully presented with the lady's magnificent curves, ample breasts, and ready pussy. My mind would scream to scratch that itch... which, hey, I was probably way too young to be looking at such things but I knew what I wanted despite not knowing what life was all about. Playboy Magazine was about the male fantasy. It is what drives us, pulls us above our crappy day job into a world of fast cars and loose women where money grows on trees and everyone dresses sharply.Aside, you kids don't know how good you have it... or maybe it works against you. Where is the mystery? The thrill of buying a "Men's" magazine? You've got powerful search engines to give you massive doses of "Naked Girls". Type that into your search engine and... now you understand why printed magazines aren't doing too well these days.The smoking jacket, sippers, and pipe. ah, the arrogance and a fashion statement which was embossed onto the whole world - the world! THIS is who men are. The mansion. The grotto. The fantasy... which I could never relate to. Not even as an adult can I relate to Heff; but, he did inspire me to become a photographer.I rarely saw a camera in Heff's hands - although I've seen him editing. I guess it was not his vision to be the photographer. The 80's were an expensive time to be a wanna-be photographer. A roll of film cost $5 bucks, then another $20 for processing and prints, gave you a handful of poorly printed images taken with amateur lighting, assuming you can find a model to pose for you... and you've got pay the model. Or, you can spend $2.50 on a Playboy Magazine.It was never enough. Photographs never captured the way I felt about sex. I bought a shiny robe, slippers, and I smoked a pipe. It didn't scratch my itch. I responded to advertising and purchased Frye boots because I saw them in a magazine. That didn't do it for me either. I wanted it to. I wanted to live the life of a Playboy and was always fascinated by naked women.Aren't we all?Thank-you, Heff. Thank-you for all you have accomplished - a real social engineer and a visionary who gave us the "smoking jacket" and something to strive for. Life is not about attaining your desires. Life is about the lessons you learn along the way.Statistics: Posted by photomaster — Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:16 pm [...]