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OAK, Energized Enthusiasm and Unity

Fri, 18 Jul 2008 13:50:00 +0000

I take a look at the massive amount of material and hard work that I have done with the OAK material and this webpage. How did I have the energy? Crowley asked the same question about his own work in his essay "Energized Enthusiasm'. Hanns Heinz Ewers discussed a similar subject in his "Edgar Allan Poe".Where does all this energy come from? Fortunately we have abundant clues. Paval Tsatsouline describes how Russian Kettlebells and other techniques for generating physical energy can develop super human strength and endurance. The bottom line is that massive amounts of physically generated energy over long periods of time are required. The good news is that the amount of energy needed is finite and the results are permanent. The accumulation of energy is progressive and dependent on quantity, not quality or technique.For Crowley and his OTO it was the generation of sexual energy through "sex magick". For him this meant generation of sexual energy through auto-erotic, heterosexual and homosexual activities with a focus on heterosexual activities as described through his "scarlet women".For Mantak Chia it means the cultivation of sexual energy without sperm loss for males.For Paval Tsatsouline it means hard physical workouts through Russian Kettlebells and other activities of extreme nature.For Hanns Heinz Ewers it meant the "Divine Intoxication of Love" and the not so divine intoxication of drug and alcohol use in his "Art through Intoxication" technique.Right here we have three tried and true examples of energy generation that have worked in the past and continue to work in the present. We can see all of these factors present in the artistic and creative community around the world.There needs to be massive amounts of energy generated and it needs to be channeled into creative projects, spirit children, if you will. This is not a normal process. Art goes against nature and the circulation of this energy into the innner worlds meets powerful resistance.Let's stop a moment and regroup. Modern science says that matter and energy are interchangeable. Newton says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This generation of energy is met with an equal and opposite energy.This is both paradox and paradox resolution because these energies will oppose each other violently up to a point where the paradox is resolved and they snap together in perfect unity like the yin/yang symbols. Then they work together in harmony like the opposites light/electricity,North and South magnetic poles.We need to generate energy against all resistance until our paradox is resolved and our energy snaps into place in unity with its opposite.All physical matter is subservient to the physical laws of nature. Atoms and molecules follow the laws of light,electricity and magnetism. This is the foundational energy cycle that must be integrated. We must live our lives in a way that is in agreement with the laws of nature.On a higher octave we find organic energy and the circle of life. There is a seperate unique life energy that flows independently through all living organic matter. Willhelm Reich called it Orgone energy. As living organic organisms we need to act in harmony with the great circle of life that exists on earth. All living things serve a vital collective and co-dependent purpose. The circle of life must not be destroyed or endangered. This is the law of life.On a still higher octave we find human energy or social energy. This is the human world we have created for ourselves with its laws and customs. These laws and customs allow the human race to survive. The collective force of humanity is a powerful force much more powerful than any individual. However, an individual that is in harmony with the law of nature and the law of life is more powerful than the human laws that are against nature and against life.At such times it is the work of the Magus to bring the human collective back into harmony with the law of nature and the law of life. That is why great Masters appear from time to time with new messages for the advancement of[...]

A Few Changes

Sat, 12 Jul 2008 11:47:00 +0000

I've removed the open topic blog because no one has ever used it. I've replaced it with the Hanns Heinz Ewers blog.
In other news I'm crystalizing a lot of information in my brain and trying to decide the best way of presenting it. I'm still thinking the archives page is the best bet. I like how things are shaping up there. If you haven't checked it out try it!

Dragon Door has changed providers and I haven't upated into their system yet. Hopefully you will see some new things from them as well. I simply can't say enough about Dragon Door and Pavel Tsatsouline except they are for real! Russian Kettlebells are the ideal complement my own material. If you want to generate energy they certainly know some of the best ways of doing it.

You will see more focus around Poe and Ewers simply because I am working with that material. I never realized how metaphysical Poe was and I would like to explore more of his material with that goal in mind. There is an underlying reality and common experience behind all of this and I'm determined to find it.

Metaphysically I think Anarchist World covers the major important areas of self-empowerment better than anywhere else in the world. The only major missing element is the third degree material of working with the collective and with group energy.

If you want physical success in this world in terms of wealth and fame you need to have a product or service that others want. That is the bottom line and it is really that simple. In this area other people grant power to those they see fit. Finding that product or service is the tricky part. Then you need to find a way to connect with those that are interested. That is what this website is about!

Catching Up

Sun, 06 Jul 2008 14:56:00 +0000

I haven't been on much lately because things have been so busy. The translation work is going well but slow. I've completed translations for these works by Hanns Heinz Ewers:
Edgar Allan Poe, and two short stories, The Lost Monkey and How Eleven Chinese Devoured Their Bride. I'm currently working on the third,My Funeral.

What I would like to do is finish the third story and send all four to the Hanns Heinz Ewers estate for approval. Dr. Wilifried Kugel owns the rights to the original works of Hanns Heinz Ewers and I'm hoping that I can get some type of approval to make my translations available.

I am reading these stories for the first time as I translate them and continue to be surprised. Both at the content and at the insights into human nature. More than once I've wondered what I am getting myself into.

The Anarchist World Archive pages are moving along as well. I hope to get all the old material organized and in place in the new location by next summer when I will be phazing this website out. This was an experimental site with its rotating materials.

I have had mixed success but not enough success to keep it going. No information is going to be lost, at least no important information. It will just find a more traditional stationary home.

My work on Edgar Allan Poe was really eye opening and filled in some missing pieces of my own paradigm. Many artists of the past and even today still believe very strongly in the art through intoxication principle.

I have a more comprehensive understanding of what is going on that is also much more simple. Essentially you stress the body until you have an out of body experience! If you spin around fast you will get dizzy enough to feel the astral body losen and disconnect. Drugs do much the same thing by stressing the body with toxins and releasing huge amounts of energy into the astral. Unfortunately they damage the physical body in the process. We might add such extreme techniques as fasting and flagelation and other tortures.

Working with sexual energy gives off similar energy but does not damage the body and replenishes itself. The problem with sexual energy is to avoid getting pregnant. Suddenly many of the strange sexual practices of different traditions begin to make sense.

Not counting bestiality there are three ways of working with sexual energy. They are heterosexual, homosexual and auto-erotic. Of all the ways of working with sexual energy in a serious manner only the auto-erotic avoids the risks of sexually transmitted disease and relationship complications. This is probably why the Catholic Church insisted that its priests remain celebate. Auto-erotic practice involves Incubus and Succubus type experiences. This would also account for the visitation of angels and demons.

The production of art requires lots of energy and it must get it from somewhere. This is an interesting topic discussed in Edgar Allan Poe.

People of Culture

Fri, 06 Jun 2008 13:01:00 +0000

As I'm finishing my rough draft translation of Hanns Heinz Ewers biography Egar Allan Poe many thoughts spring into my mind. First, I'm realizing that I've moved into a world of fine literature that I never really knew existed. Where is all the fine art being created today? Where are the people of culture?

Is it true that the average reader has only a fourth grade reading level and no interest in fine literature? I was appalled at a local community art festival where a rough board on a stake with "Don't shit on the grass" brought more money than finely crafted pencil sketches. Is the demand for "straw" that much stronger than the demand for true art?

I'm reminded of Jesus when he said, "Don't cast pearls before swine". This project has really made me stop and think about the audience I am trying to reach with my own writing projects.

Hanns Heinz Ewers said there is a Nation of Culture that is beyond national, racial or ethnic boundaries. I'm shifting the focus of my own writing to reach "people of culture", members of this higher nation. It is the only goal worthy of my efforts.

Frankly I'm also sick and tired of putting out creative expressions in the hopes of a kind word or pat on the back from people that are not capable of understanding in the first place. Does this make me an elitist? Perhaps it does. Perhaps it needs to be.

bright blessings

A Personal Update

Thu, 29 May 2008 23:21:00 +0000

I can't believe May is almost over and June is right around the corner! I'm still crazy busy but my work hours are being cut back. Things are in a bit of a slump right now! That's good news and bad news. It means I will have quite a bit more writing time to get some projects off the ground. That's good news. The bad news is that this website is not an income producer and I've got to spend some time with things that might make a bit of income. Just a simple fact of life.

So of all things, I'm in the process of translating some German texts from my favorite author, Hanns Heinz Ewers. Much of his stuff is now in the public domain and freely available to work with, at least here in the United States where anything published before 1923 is considered public domain.

The translation work is going real slow because I haven't used any German since 1980! It is getting easier the more I do. I will put a small exerpt in the open topic area so you can see what I'm getting into and why I love doing it.

For the most part Hans Heinz Ewers wrote horror stories so you will eventually see some links to transated stories on the site. They will be ebook downloads at a minimal cost with a few real books as I can get them out. We are talking years of work! I will try putting closure on most of the projects I've currently got going but time is limited.

Can You Survive the New Age?

Sat, 10 May 2008 01:08:00 +0000

The casual visitor to this site might not realize just how important the self-empowerment information contained in Anarchist World really is. It is all too easy to push things off as crackpot opinion and continue a life of mediocrity.Our physical world and events are driven by the non-physical world that supports it. It is a pressurized system that is driven by global, collective and individual pressures. If you are not using your physical body to generate energy and pressurize your own non-physical body you will be at the mercy of outside non-physical pressures. There are physical, sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual pressures that effect our lives.OAK-A Modern Mystery School and the Order of Anarchistic Knights are serious movements toward human excellence using the best of traditional and modern technology and techniques. I challenge anyone anywhere to find better self-empowerment information!In the New Age the average person will simply no longer be competitive and it will take high effort just to maintain the status quo.Physical Energy- The base line effort will require at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise everyday to maintain minimum health. Modern medicine is already advocating this and insurance companies are joining in through the promotion of employment related fitness programs. The benefits of aerobic exercise can not be denied or debated. If you are not doing this much physical exercise each day you are already losing.Sadly these efforts are not enough to produce the energy spikes needed for soul development and magickal empowerment. It is the creation of energy spikes that is most important. The goal is not to generate energy but to channel the energy of the earth. This requires a connection to the earth’s energy grid. Traditionally this has been done through some variant of the martial arts. A Russian Kettlebell workout is just as effective as is the use of almost any Dragon Door Product. The bottom line is that if you don’t generate enough physical energy to have vivid dreams you haven’t done enough. Vivid dreams in which you are empowered are the sign of success in the astral realms.Sexual Energy- The base line is that healthy sexuality is an important factor in physical, mental and emotional health. Birth control including vasectomies for men as well as sexual and reproductive education are becoming the standard in today’s world. Sex for pleasure is vital in developing a charismatic and magnetic body. If you do not have healthy beliefs and attitudes about human sexuality you are already losing.Sadly these efforts are not enough to produce the energy spikes needed for soul development and magickal empowerment. The goal for the generation of this energy is the permanent development of astral bodies. These include non-physical bodies created from sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. Tantric Sexual techniques including those that prevent sperm loss in males are needed on a daily basis to make significant progress in reasonable amounts of time. Once more vivid dreams that are empowering are the sign of success in the astral realms.Emotional Energy- The base line is that we are all emotionally damaged and in need of some psychological therapy and emotional release. Trapped and repressed emotions make some people walking time-bombs waiting to go off. If you haven’t worked on your emotional wounds you are already losing.Sadly these efforts are not enough to clear energy pathways to allow further magickal and soul development. There can be no pockets of trapped and repressed emotional energy in the fully functioning soul. Dual energy channels need to be opened and maintained within the physical and etheric body. The Duality essays in Magister Templi begin this process and the OAK Energy Ball meditation completes this process by working with spiritual energies and harmlessly releasing the most dangerous repressed and trapped emotional energies. In my[...]

The Return of the Dragon Kings

Sat, 03 May 2008 23:29:00 +0000

I have mentioned that the human race is in the process of taking an evolutionary leap forward and I want to clarify what I mean. The new race of humanity will have abilities that are not currently considered normal.

We currently have the knowledge and technology for unimaginable changes in what it means to be human. The Better Baby Institute has proven for several years the importance of high stimulation and learning of children under six. At this age they are like sponges and learn most of the things that they will learn in life including language and motor skills. It is criminal to leave children in environments that lack interest or stimulation.

Modern Psychology now knows the dangers of abuse and how education can prevent much of the damage that has been done in the past by untreated victims of abuse situations. We know what is needed and it is only a matter of time until the general population is educated as well. We also understand the importance of birth control.

Dragon Door and Pavel Tsatsouline with his Russian Kettlebells have uncovered the secrets of superhuman health and conditioning. Pavel Tsatsouline is a former Soviet Special Forces Trainer and knows what he is talking about. Russian Kettlebell workouts generate massive physical energy bursts in short amounts of time. Daily workouts pack the physical body with vital energy. This energy is packed into the bone marrow and facia as well as the muscles of the physical body and create a powerful non-physical etheric body that is almost unstoppable.

Tantric sex methods that flood the body with sexual energies and circulate it up the spine pack the physical body with this type of energy as well. This energy builds astral bodies that enhance endurance and psychic abilities.

Examples can be made for emotional and mental enhancement as well. This is a new world and a new type of person is being created that is stronger and more resourceful than what we consider as ordinary.

I am going to use the strange metaphor of the reptile as an illustration. In my area snapping turtles are sometimes caught and butchered to eat. This is an extremely difficult task because the snapping turtle simply will not die. The vital life energy it holds continues to animate its physical body for over 24 hours after its head has been chopped off. Its limbs will move and try to get away from anything that pokes it. Many other reptiles are the same way.

A martial arts master could be called a Dragon. His or her physical body is so packed with this vital energy that he or she is almost reptile like in the ability to stay alive and do almost impossible feats of endurance.

Imagine if you will a human that has packed so much of this vital energy into their physical bodies that they become like the snapping turtle. Imagine the endurance and the vitality. Imagine how competitive they would be against a normal person. Over the long term there would be no contest. The normal person would not have a chance in open competition.

This is what a person with a fully developed soul might be like. This is what the new human race might be like. When I talk about an effort based world I'm talking about a world where effort is used to pack this vital energy into the physical body for physical,emotional, mental and spiritual health. We know have the technology to do this. Low effort lifestyles are obsolete and those not willing to put out effort are going to suffer. This is the new era of the Dragon Kings and Queens.

Materialism, Magick and Earth's Energy Grid

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 01:07:00 +0000

It's time to talk about earth's energy grid and what it means to each of us. I've talked about the importance of tapping into the lowest earth energy and the highest spiritual energy or the photon energy. There is a powerful alternating current that flows between these two extremes and they form the earth's energy grid.

All things physical and astral must submit to the energy grid that surrounds the earth or they will be destroyed. Materialism simply means to be linked in harmony with the earth's energy grid. When you are vibrating at the correct frequencies the earth supports your efforts at physical manifestation.

Astral creations must also submit to these base frequencies or be destroyed. There is a base frequency for each element found in nature. We need to vibrate in harmony with these base frequencies or the earth will turn every stone against us.

This is a chemical and physical phase locking of energies in a supportive way. This happens on higher octaves as well. Organic or cellular energy needs to harmonize with the earth's energy grid or the living system will suffer. This is speaking in broad terms of the entire ecosystem of the earth including all plant and animal life.

At an even higher level all man made things and concepts must also vibrate in harmony with the base levels of the earth's energy grid. This means functionality is an important part of our social creations. We have rules and regulations in order to get things done.

The earth's energy grid has just gone through a major transition and quantum leap to a higher level of vibrational frequency called the New Age. This has just happened this year and the base frequencies of the energy grid have altered. Nothing is solidly connected anymore and seeking to get back in sync.

The earth is struggling to activate new energy pathways and encounters the resistance of man made obstacles and man made thinking. Life forms are struggling to get back in harmony with the new frequencies. Our economy is a good example of a man made concept that is afloat and no longer tied to physical realities.

Everything that exists is energy and the earth's energy grid is Boss! When it touches you, you will comply or be destroyed. It will raise you up to a new level that is in harmony or drag you down to a lower level that is in harmony. It will not allow you to remain out of sync with it.

Working with Physical Energy

Sun, 20 Apr 2008 21:38:00 +0000

I've spent my adult life in extensive study of many philosophies and disciplines. Things are finally condensing out of the murk and I'm left with a world view that is profoundly different from anything I've ever run across in all of my studies.

The human race is about to make a quantum leap forward and I'm proud to be an active part of this profound change.

In the coming months I am going to explore these new concepts in detail but I will give a brief summary of my findings in this post.

The bottom line is that personal effort and the generation of extreme energy spikes on a daily basis over long periods of time are what develops the soul and personal power including the ability to manifest things physically in the physical world.

For example one half hour workout with Russian Kettlebells will generate a spike of physical energy because of the intensity of the full body workout. That spike of physical energy will enter the astral and attempt to create an energy body but will not be enough because of the elastic nature of the astral worlds. The energy will tend to dissipate instead of breaking through into new areas. What is needed is two separate workouts. The combined energy spike will break through the resistance and propel the development of an energy body that is in harmony with the earth's energy grid.

Two such workouts are guaranteed to produce vivid empowering dream activity during the night as the energy finds a new resolution. One will not produce such dramatic results.

I'm using a Kettlebell workout as an example but other forms of martial arts have complex and involved techniques that are not really important or needed. It is the generation of energy that is needed, not the technique.

This will produce an energy body created out of physical energy and develop the connection to the earth's energy grid.True connection to the earth's energy grid creates competence in physical living skills. The athlete does this and prospers. The martial artist does this and prospers. The development of this energy body creates an objective and materialistic view of the world. It allows us to think and act realistically.

Self Empowerment With a Sledgehammer

Wed, 09 Apr 2008 21:00:00 +0000

There are so many distortions and misconceptions about our world it makes me frustrated and angry. I would like to speak very bluntly and plainly about some of the things I have discovered through personal experience and research. I am speaking from the heart.

Our universe consists of vibrations. This is an old metaphysical maxim that holds true. Our world and each of us is a collection of molecules, electrons and magnetic fields. Energy and mass are interchangeable. At the base level human beings are essentially bio-computers much more advanced than any computer built today but fundamentally operating in a similar manner.

The average person is not even self-programming but simply follows a pre-programmed loop of actions, reactions and thought patterns. Awareness travels through thought associations just like a computer moves through a program. It can get stuck in the same manner a computer can get stuck. This is why we need a belief system that will allow our awareness to move where we wish to go. Our personal computer program is often not flexible enough for our needs and will not allow us to find solutions to specific life situations.

To add insult to injury the book, Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce introduces and proves the existence of mind-split. There are many projected doubles and each is autonomous with its own individual awareness. They are only integrated back together when they re-enter the body upon awakening. We each have observer selves and a dream may have multiple aspects of our projected awareness interacting with each other. While our task might be to integrate them as much as possible the truth is that a projected mental body perceives mental energies in a mental universe and a projected emotional body perceives emotional energies in an emotional universe. They never will be able to really integrate and understand each other. They operate in different environments.

Perhaps even more profound is the understanding that awareness is not continuous. We “blank out” and “wake up” constantly in the same way a computer can be shut down and when started up goes right back to what it was doing when it shut down. Anyone that doubts this can try the simple experiment of watching a spinning drill as it slows down and stops. At it slows down a point is reached where the drill seems to be moving backwards like the stagecoach wheels on old TV westerns. At the point the drill seems to move backwards the rotating speed has matched the visual signal being sent to our optic nerves.

Awareness seems continuous because we unconsciously fill in the missing spots. We can not conceive of not being aware. In like manner the differences between males and females are so profound that only recently are these differences being seriously studied. The opposite sex simply can’t be that different but it is.

Science talks about matter and anti-matter and what happens when they are brought together. There is an explosion of pure light and pure energy. What science doesn’t talk about is that life evolved out of this matter and anti-matter and became male and female. Somehow in some way when male and female are brought together it is the same thing but on a higher octave and life is created. In the Macrocosm matter and anti-matter join to create light and energy. In the Microcosm male and female join together to create the birth of a new life.

What Happens When You Become a God or Goddess?

Thu, 03 Apr 2008 21:36:00 +0000

Words get in the way. Certain words mean certain things to different people. There is a need to define just exactly what it is that I am talking about here.

I believe that all valid religions and mystery schools of the past taught the development of the soul and its powers. I believe occultists teach the same thing under different names and I also believe that modern psychology comes close when it uses the Jungian term of “Individuation”.

The ancient Taoists called it the “immortal physical body”. Modern occultists call it the “Etheric Double”. We get glimpses of this ability when we have lucid dreams. These dreams are so vivid that they include sound, smell, weight, the ability to read and of course normal waking conscious.

There are seven astral bodies that can be developed. These include the “body of light” which is a round ball of energy that is not human shaped. Next is the “Spiritual body” which is human shaped but is like a balloon without any real features.

Below these we find astral bodies created out of Abstract Mental energies, Concrete Mental energies, Upper Emotional energies, Lower Emotional energies, Etheric energies and physical energies. Each chakra or energy center in the body has its own astral body that can be projected. Each lower astral body contains its own sensory abilities and its own form of consciousness. Each astral body perceives a different aspect of our physical present moment environment.

When you lose yourself in a book you are travelling in a projected mental body. Your awareness has gone to an imagined place that is very real even if it is imagined. When you sense that someone is angry or happy you are tapping into their projected emotions and becoming aware of them. Your own emotions project outward in the same way and sensitive people can tell how you are feeling.

To become a God or Goddess is to permanently activate all of these nonphysical bodies and integrate them together into one solid awareness. This is the Jungian process of “individuation” as I understand it. The ability to do this involves walking both the mystical and magickal paths of soul development as well as the integration of our male and female aspects and our Holy Guardian Angel as well as our Shadow self.

You can see this is a pretty tall order but individuals have been doing this throughout recorded history. All of the Gods and Goddesses in all the Pantheons of recorded history were once mortals that achieved this state of “Individuation”.

In my next post I will talk about the powers and abilities this type of God or Goddess might hold while in a mortal physical body. The main point of this post is that the nonphysical bodies and awareness live after their physical bodies die. That is why they have been called Gods and Goddesses. This is also what Jesus meant by entering into the kingdom of heaven. He meant becoming this kind of God or Goddess through the development of the “immortal physical body”. He taught his followers to become like him and to have the same abilities he had.

Today’s world has become so materialistic that such a concept is unthinkable. That is why this very concept is so important and must be shared. Salvation in today’s world means to be healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally, sexually and physically. This can only be done the same way it has always been done, through the development of the soul and its powers.

The Order of Anarchist Knights

Thu, 20 Mar 2008 21:24:00 +0000

With the spring equinox comes new resolution and conviction about the purpose Anarchist World is to play in my life. Just what is it that I hope to accomplish? Do I have any long term goals?

I've struggled with another core belief that everyone must find their own individual path. This is a basic that I've lived with for years.

The bottom line is this. I know that the events of the day are forcast in the astral at least the night before they actually happen since I've been having this type of precognitive dream for several years. I have an absolute conviction that nothing of significance will occur in my life unless I dream of it beforehand.

This is a profound statement to make because it implies events will happen in the astral before they happen in the physical. It also implies that the ability to alter things in the astral may alter the way they manifest on the physical plane. This is a core belief in magickal practice. I prefer to consider it a scientific phenomenon that I have studied my entire life.

Today's materialistic world has no consideration or acceptance of non-physical reality. The point is that if a person has not developed their own non-physical abilities they will not be competitive in this new world. They will be at the mercy of predetermined forces.

Using the General Field theory of late Dewy Larson there are 118 possible elements that can be found in nature. I believe these 118 elements carry both physical and non-physical aspects. Briefly stated It is possible for human consciousness to use all 118 elements as sensory input. It is the awareness of the non-physical aspects of these 118 elements that have been termed ESP. Some of these are spiritual energy, mental energy,emotional energy,sexual energy and physical energy. Each type of energy has distinct characteristics and is associated with one specific element.

The implication of this veiwpoint is that people with ESP live in the same world as everyone else but are more sensitive and aware of sensory inputs that ordinary people are not aware of. Simply put their lives are deeper and richer because they experience more sensory data from more elements.

The development of the soul and its powers is something that simply must be taught to anyone wishing personal empowerment in this new age. By the same token and even more importantly the importance of personal competency must be taught. Soul growth is a gradual process of personal effort. There are no shortcuts.

The first half of my life has been invested in following the spiritual path to its conclusion and the second half up to this point in time has been devoted to following the magickal path to its conclusion. I am now beginning a third phase of my life that is just as important. I've been granted personal experience with both paths and the need to integrate them. This is the information that I am willing to share on these pages. This is the teachings of the Order of Anarchist Knights.

The need of "inner authority" is greater now than it ever has been. The world needs strong competent individuals that have the strength of will and conviction to follow the still small voice of their conscience.

Getting Back on Line

Sun, 09 Mar 2008 22:32:00 +0000

Anarchist World is back and more powerful and informative than ever before. In addition to the circulating material there will be lots of new material that I know people will find interesting. This winter Anarchist World has averaged 40 unique visitors every day. That does not include robots or search engines, that is actual people. One of the things I want to do is get some counters going on the site so people can really see how popular Anarchist World is!

Perhaps the most exciting news is the new material that will eventually be made into an autobiographical book called Astral Sex, Lucid Dreaming, Soulmates & ESP. This will include lots of personal experience and insight into uncommon subjects.

Secondly, I’ve got the OAK Tarot Trump series going and it has artwork! This has been a long time in the works and I’m glad to be able to offer it.

Third is the second issue of Lakes Area Pagan, a local magazine. The spring issue will be in the book store in a few weeks. This is an important mile stone for me personally and a coming out as a Wiccan/Pagan in the local community.

It will be May before I am completely set up in new living quarters with internet access. In the meantime the automated features will be working and I will be adding new material on weekends as well. For all practical purposes Anarchist World is now on line and should experience no interruptions. I just will not be able to hone and polish things with the limited access I currently have.

Getting Back on Line

Fri, 29 Feb 2008 00:28:00 +0000

Well spring is just about here and I,m in the process of getting back on line. Things won't be exactly normal for awhile yet but I'm working on it. This weekend I should have some new material and I will be setting the book material to update every two days.

This is an exciting and symbolic time. It has been a very hard winter. I will put a bit more info out this weekend when I have more time.

bright blessings

Taking a Sabatical

Mon, 01 Oct 2007 01:17:00 +0000

Things never turn out the way you plan them and this move of mine is no exception. Tonight is the last night I will have internet service and I've elected not to get any until next spring. It has been taking way to much of my time and I really need to be working on completion of my writing projects. I've got to cut costs and this is how the ax falls.

I need to finish Alligator Alley-Survivalism, Magick, Mystery and Madness, Illuminati Protocols Commentary and Anarchist Journeyman. I haven't even started Anarchist Journeyman yet. I want to have them all done by next spring and that is a lot of work.

With those out of the way I might be able to resume artwork for the tarot deck. I've got the 22 Trump cards done in first draft but need 56 more. Something needs to give and it needs to be the internet for a few months at least.

The pages might not update but the information is still there and available for those willing to dig into the archives of each individual blog. When I start the page up again next spring it will include the newly written material as well so it will be worth waiting for.

Please consider participation in the Anarchist World Community. This is an important part of Anarchist World that has not been used by anyone. If no one has begun using it by next spring I will get rid of it. Community is the most important part of self-empowerment. It's taken me a long time to learn that lesson. I'm getting more involved locally and making new friends through the Lakes Area Pagan. This is a local magazine I'm putting out twice a year.

In a way I'm trading an internet presence for a local flesh and blood presence. I'm curious to see how things will turn out. All of the web sites will remain active. I'm planning on starting everything back up with even more and better material available. This includes more books as well as a local magazine.

This is a serious choice for me and not an easy one since I have developed the site to the point I have been getting over 220 unique visitors each day! That has all happened in the one year this site has been online. There is definitely a need for this type of material. I hate to think of starting all over but it is a risk I need to take. I need to produce some more material and this material remains available in limited form. That's the best I can do right now.

I am convinced that the changes in my life are forewarnings for drastic changes in the public as well. I'm cutting back and heading for the woods in survival mode and I think that's going to happen to a lot of people this year. 2008 is a year of change and not a good time to be over extended in any area of life. Enjoy as much of it as you can.

Until next spring,

bright blessings

Re-Enlisting for the New Cycle

Wed, 26 Sep 2007 22:54:00 +0000

Dreams are strange things and people have been trying to understand the astral planes for centuries. Dreams are the doorway into the astral planes.

Last night was the full moon after the fall equinox. This is a powerful time in the astral and my dream this morning echoed that.

I was in a room full of people that were re-enlisting or enlisting for the first time into a new cycle of some kind. Whatever it was, it was recruitment for a major cycle. Someone even mentioned that I was signing up for my third mission, something almost unheard of because most people need a break after a major mission.

After this person mentioned that I was signing up for a third mission I stood up and said that I had enlisted once in the airforce, once in the navy and presumably this time was in the army.

I interpret this to mean that my first major mission was spiritual/mystical (Airforce). My second mission was astral/magickal (Navy). And the third coming up will be physical (Army).

The first half of my life was intense spiritual work that involved connecting with the energy of the new age and bringing it into the earth. This ended around 1992 when I was living in Phoenix and ironically in the Air Force.

The second half of my life has been intense involvement in the astral and magickal planes working with other light workers to help the earth transition into 4th density. That has just happened and dreams like the one this morning reflect the ending of this cycle and the beginning of a new major cycle and project.

I've already predicted a major global event for the weekend right before Halloween this year. That is the full moon one month from now. Again my dream reflects people getting ready for a new wave of activity.

I am going to be using this blog to update people on major astral events as I gain awareness of them.

Natural Beginnings and Endings

Wed, 19 Sep 2007 22:03:00 +0000

The universe rounds things off into natural endings and beginnings. This is partly because events gravitate toward each other in the astral planes much like gravity draws matter together in the physical world.

This means that there are important points in time where many things happen at once. They are all tied together in a critical nexus point that creates a window of opportunity as well as a chance to finish things.

Mid October has always been a critical nexus point for me personally. Major life events happen during this time of year for me and this year is no exception. I will be both separating from my wife and moving into a small home in the country on the 1st of October. I might not be able to have internet hook up for as much as a month. I really have no idea when I can get back online in full strength.

I thought about moving to an automated page but there seems to be a glitch when lots of people try to use the page. I think the server goes nuts because of the complex code used to generate the page. It works much better when I copy and paste the page onto this blog so that is what I will continue to do. Please be aware that I am moving and there will be some delays in updating this page.

You can still go to the blogs and read new material because the blogs will update automatically even if this page won't.

Zeitgeist-The Movie

Mon, 03 Sep 2007 13:55:00 +0000

I've just watched Zeitgeist-The Movie for the first time. It takes a lot to get me worked up but I needed to go out and walk about four miles just to calm down. As we near the anniversary of 9/11 I think it is vital that everyone sees this movie and begins to understand the enormity of how the American public has been duped. You can view this movie at:

In other news I'm a bit behind setting the automatic posts up for this month but hope to get it done today. This month is going to be very crazy since I need to be moved by Oct 1st and need to find a place to live. Please be patient with me through this craziness.

On a more positive note I've recently completed LAKES AREA PAGAN and sent off for the first copy to proof it. This is a local magazine by and for the local pagan and Wiccan community and the first issue is wonderful! I will be listing it on Anarchist World and it will be available both as an email download and hard copy. Any proceeds coming from online sales will be turned right back into the magazine. There is no money being made on this labor of love. It is a community activity and the local tallent is incredible! I've commited to four issues of this magazine over the next two years.

The Charge of the God and Goddess

Mon, 27 Aug 2007 23:06:00 +0000

"Listen to the words of the God and Goddess. Whenever you need anything, once a month and better when the moon is full, assemble in a secret place and call on us, the guiding spirits of the human race, male and female. We shall answer your deepest questions and help your magicks. You are meant to be free, to dance, sing, feast and make love with our blessings. For the blessings of physical life and the blessings of spiritual life are meant to be as one within the human heart. Keep your highest dreams and strive to make them real. Let nothing stop you or turn you aside. Accept our blessings and help because life is meant to be a joy of the heart. we believe in peace and freedom and reunion with those that have gone before us into the spirit worlds. We, male and female can be found within the dust of the earth and the light of the stars, and our awareness encircles the universe and binds it to our wills.

In our union is the beauty of the green earth, and the white moon among the stars, the mystery of the waters, and the desire of the heart of man. We call upon your soul to arise and join us in the creation of nature and the expansion of life into the universe.

From the union of male and female all things must come and all things must return. Rejoice therefore in the duality of life and let your worship be acts of love and pleasure, beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence.

Know also that we are within you, male and female and if you can not find our union within yourself you will never find it within another person. We were within you before you were formed and will be within you at your death. Rejoice"!

Modern Wicca and Paganism

Mon, 27 Aug 2007 22:57:00 +0000

Wicca and Paganism are the religions of the future and not of the past. This essay will serve as an introduction to a modern variety of both. I realize many Wiccans and Pagans will have their own versions but some standard will arise and I believe that standard will be closely reflected by the points in this essay.The thoughtful person recognizes life has not come out of the void. There must be a higher Creator/Intelligence that has fashioned our universe. This ultimate Deity is beyond human comprehension and equally beyond human reach. Like the Freemasons we can call this First Source the Grand Architect of the Universe and leave it at that. There is no more to say except it has nothing to do with the Practice of Modern Wicca or Paganism.Likewise we recognize through modern science the basic building block of all matter is the photon and its reciprocal electricity. The Grand Architect of the Universe created the universe out of light and electricity. Science tells us that matter and energy are interchangeable. The photon expands outward in all directions until it can go no further. Then it collapses inward upon itself and returns back toward the point of its origin as an electrical pulse. This is vibratory motion and duality in action.Modern Wicca and Paganism are not in conflict with modern science, psychology or electronics. Instead they propose a view of reality that embraces them all in harmony with magickal practice, religious practice and nature.For the Wiccan and Pagan the photon/electricity is the first expression of male and female energy. The outward expansive energy is called male energy and the inward embracing energy is called female energy. Thus both Wicca and Paganism share a common understanding of the absolute duality within creation. In union the male and female create a cycle that is complete and stable.At the cosmic and planetary level the sun and the stars as givers of light are seen as male. Outer space, the galactic center and the earth and moon are seen as female. These are physical manifestations of male and female energies and Symbols of a Great God and Goddess.Paganism holds the vital life force within all living things as sacred. One might consider the practice of Paganism to be the worship of the life force in all living things. There is a circle of life and a balance to nature that must be maintained. To live in harmony with nature’s cycles is to live a pagan life.Wicca contains Paganism within it. But Wicca is much more because Wicca is about the human race and the survival of humanity into the future. The human race is a single organism and we all share a common collective soul. We are all part of each other. To hurt someone else is to hurt yourself in the largest sense.The religion of Modern Wicca is the worship of the human Collective and the guiding intelligence of the human race embodied as God and Goddess. When we say the Goddess we mean the Collective feminine guiding intelligence of the human race. When we say the God we mean the Collective masculine guiding intelligence of the human race. Together they form the collective soul of humanity. Since we are all a part of them, they may at times speak through us. This is an important part of the Wiccan religion.What is the difference between a religion and a personality cult? A true religion offers spiritual and mystical experience along with the development of the individual soul and its powers. Each person is allowed to grow spiritually. Each person is expected to find their own path and develop the “Christ” within thei[...]

Full Moon with Sun in Virgo

Sun, 19 Aug 2007 20:12:00 +0000

I'm just adding a bit to the wheel of the year info. This full moon coming up on the 28th of August marks the final harvest of the lower astral levels. You can expect some heavy astral activity till then including dreams.

It seems that activity will take place on the astral or on the physical but not on both. Heavy astral activity is marked with not much going on physically and vice versa. After the full moon expect a shift to physical manifestations. The astral harvest will be complete for the rest of the season.

Its hard to put into words that make sense but I will try. Like the printing que on my computer many printing jobs can be lined up at one time waiting to be printed out. This full moon will complete the printing que of physical events lasting up to the End of October. Major long term events were finalized last fall and began manifesting last November. These events have been printing out over the past winter, spring and summer with some minor changes. This period is simply the final edits to a manuscript that has already been written many months ago last year. The end of October being the pagan new year and the time when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. It is the time when a new printing que begins.

We can just wait at the basket and grab the papers as they are printed out or continue working on 2008 projects that won't see results until next year sometime. The cut off for our major changes in the 2008 projects is the autumn equinox. The month before the autumn equinox is the most powerful time of the year for last minute changes to our long term plans.

Like a cosmic game of chess we take our move and the following period after the equinox belongs to the Cosmic and Collective to make its own move in answer to ours. We have given our long term plans their best shot and now any opposition will try to find loop holes and weaknesses.

In the meantime we remain busy with the final material harvest and reaping what we have sown.

Reaping the Harvest

Wed, 01 Aug 2007 00:00:00 +0000

By now everyone should have some idea of what kind of harvest they will be reaping this fall. The new energy has a bite to it and people will either feel a marked release of stress or a marked increase.

What is happening is the earth has become astral and events are propelled by what we believe more than by physical reality. What this means is our narrow thinking will get us trapped into a corner if we are not careful. If we have prepared ourselves our thinking will bring us new opportunities. We act upon what we believe to be true and the results come more quickly than before for good or bad.

At the same time physical reality seems to harden around us and not respond to our efforts like it has in the past. That is because physical efforts are no longer as effective in creating physical change. We will find ourselves working harder and not getting anywhere. The thing that is needed is to change our way of thinking to something more open-ended and successful.

The answer comes from viewing the world in a new way. The world does not change but our way of relating to the world can and that will bring change into our lives. In biblical terms we have entered the "Tribulation". The bottom line is to keep doing what you are doing if it is working. If life is really dumping on you it's time to rethink your path. You might not be able to change your circumstances but you might be able to find peace.

Emptiness of the Soul

Thu, 19 Jul 2007 21:37:00 +0000

We all know them, perhaps we are one of them, those people that go through life without joy or expression focusing exclusively on the needs of the material and living vicariously through other people.We are born with a physical body that has its own awareness. It has been called the Shadow, The Id, The Subconscious and the Evil twin or etheric double. Plainly speaking it is a secondary personality whose main function is to keep our physical body alive and ensure the perpetuation of the human species. It is not our awareness.It exists as a fully developed astral body created out of the astral energies of 32 electrons that form the seventh and final outer shell of the heaviest possible atom. These electrons in astral form are the 32 bits of awareness or sensory perceptions used by the Shadow in its interaction with the world. We might say the Shadow sees the world in 32 shades or sensory inputs. It is fully functional and not integrated with the normal human ego.At the opposite end of the spectrum the innermost electron shell has two electrons representing the elements Hydrogen and Helium. At birth this astral body is also active and has been called the Collective, Our Higher Self, SuperEgo and Holy Guardian Angel. It is also a secondary personality and perceives the world in black and white. With only two electrons for sensory input black and white imagery is the only thing possible. At this level the architypal reality of the universe is simplified to a basic living dual pole energy system.Of the seven possible electron rings two are already used at birth by secondary personalities. That leaves only five left for the normal human ego to grow into as it develops.The second has eight bits or sensory data and represents the abstract ability of logic and reasoning. This is enough to conceptualize and make simple models of reality in our minds. Mental reasoning lacks the complexity of the real thing and much is always lost in the translation. Thinking about sex and having sex are just not in the same category. We are not born with any bits of awareness in this area and may live our entire lives with impaired logic and reasoning abilities. The full development of these sensory data only come from using them on a constant basis over a period of time. Many people deliberately avoid using their minds. They will not read or think abstractly about anything. Others find great joy in feeding this area of their soul.This area is in close contact with the Higher Self and often receives impulses as spiritual directives or guidance. These come to us as "illuminations". These "illuminations" are often the answer or solution to some problem that we have become ensnared in. We seek these spiritual insights because they help us get out of messes.The third ring forms our sense of self and normal human ego. It also has eight bits of sensory data. We use these eight bits of sensory input to perceive the world. This corresponds to the eight human senses, vision,sound,taste,touch and smell as well as others that are not recognized but may include pain,motion and weight. Taken together they create our mental awareness of the world we live in.We are not born with any bits of awareness in this area and may live our entire lives with impaired sensory abilities including blindness, deafness, the inability to feel pain and others. This is our core sense of self and the most developed of the five. We usually don't feel empty except for lack of self-esteem. Gainin[...]

The Nature of Hierarchy

Fri, 13 Jul 2007 17:57:00 +0000

To deny the existence of hierarchy within nature and within our daily lives is to invite disaster and constant struggle and suffering. There is nothing wrong with being at a low spot in the hierarchy or being in a high spot. The problem lies in not being in the correct spot.Looking back on my life I realize one of the largest mistakes I have ever made was to not accept a position when it was available to me and I was the most qualified for it. This is a recipe for the greatest disaster imaginable. The person assuming the position would constantly feel I was a threat and I would always feel I did not really need to take them seriously.With ability comes responsibility. That is one of the laws of the universe and has been taught by the mystery schools of all ages. Those that refuse or abdicate their positions do not only themselves but the entire world a huge disservice. As much or more harm comes from this error as having the wrong person in positions of power and authority. When the correct person will not step up to the plate the wrong person will step up and try to do their best even when it is beyond them.Hierarchy is enforced by the human collective. Positions of power and authority are granted and leaders are entrusted to do what is right for us. We as voters choose from the available choices and the winner is the one that has the most support.Like it or not the American collective chose President Bush as our leader. They also chose to participate in the war in Iraq. The human collective has the force and power of God. It chooses its leaders and is obligated to follow them. The relationship is a two way street.Since the human collective represents the lowest common denominator of humanity and not the highest it is slow in change and slow in making up its mind but when it decides to act its speed will be blinding. No wonder the Illuminati study the science of influencing the human collective and manipulating it in the direction of their own goals and desires.The missing element is the role of humanity's teachers and mystics that appear from time to time. The human collective is always slow to change. It resists change fiercely and puts down any threats to the status quo quickly and effectively. What happens when the old ways no longer work?It is the task of the mystic or magus to find new ways of doing and believing. It is their task to oppose the collective when it is wrong and force the collective to change and move into a new direction. The mystic or magus feels the entire human collective working against him or her. It is as if every stone in the field is turned against them. There is no compromise possible. The polarization must be complete.In this the collective must be for or against the mystic/magus. Either choice serves to ultimately bring about desired and needed change. Ultimately the mystic/magus has the evolutionary force of life and the universe on his or her side and the human collective must bow to the new ways of understanding and doing.Those that accept the new choices find a place within the new paradigm. As long as they are not in conflict they are given freedom to think and do as they will. This is how it is in nature and the wild and how it will always be. The new collective will from that point on support and enforce the rule of the new paradigm. This major shift in the human collective is called the "New Age".Those that resist this change will be expelled from it like the phys[...]

Hurting Times

Wed, 11 Jul 2007 00:59:00 +0000

These are hurting times for me as I proceed with a divorce and contemplate solitary life and everything that means. My current writing projects on the importance of community don't help much. I'm going first one way and then the other blindly seeking a path that is meaningful. Transitions have never been easy for me.

You might notice I've changed the section at the bottom of the page to "Finding Love". I had an extra blog at the bottom of the page and was using the module simply to place ads. I decided against that idea and thought it would make a good technology forum but I'm soured on technology right now. I want people not computers.

I've got a lot of material on romantic love that I can share and hopefully it will keep me motivated and give me some hope as well. I don't want to live in front of a computer terminal. I want to live in a relationship with a real person. That means I've got to do some things differently than I have been.

I've been in love several times with different people. Some of those relationships have been short lived. Some have lasted years. The love has always been real for me even if it might not have been real for the other person. Unrequited love sucks!

My current wife and I were married seven years, got divorced and then remarried for another three years. You can't say we didn't try making things work. We tried very hard to do everything we could to make things work between us.

Perhaps the most difficult thing has been a lack of common ground and interests to share. This followed by overwork and pressures from her children and from my children all contributed to a relationship dynamic that bound us in place and wouldn't let either one of us move forward in the direction we wanted to go.

It is love that is allowing us to move forward with this divorce. Fear is what has kept us together far longer than we should have. Fear of being alone and fear of hurting the other person.