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Five new facts could change our understanding of starvation
In an article published in The Lancet, Rainer Gross, PhD, UNICEF's chief of nutrition discusses five facts about world hunger.

Heart complications of hyperthyroidism restricted to AF
Neither hypo- or hyperthyroidism is associated with a higher risk for other cardiovascular problems.

ACTOS shows significant benefits for diabetics
A study shows that ACTOS reduces the risk of cardiovascular events by an extra 16% on top of standard medication.

Canadian study demonstrates new approach to achieving diabetes control
The INSIGHT study demonstrates early addition of insulin glargine therapy safely achieved better glycemic than adding oral agents.

Ruboxistaurin (RBX) may reduce risk of vision loss in diabetics
Phase III trial demonstrates ruboxistaurin (RBX) may reduce the risk of vision loss especially in diabetic macular edema.