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How To Respond To Crack/Cocaine Intoxication

Tue 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 GMT

Cocaine can be referred to as crack, snow and blow, to name a few. The drug is highly addictive and you can show signs of intoxication, or become addicted to crack/cocaine after one use. If you use the drug and show signs of cocaine intoxication, such as excessive perspiration, chills, vomiting, chest pain, or muscular weakness, you MUST seek help immediately. Some options include: -Checking yourself into an inpatient medical unit to receive help in detoxing your body. -Go to the closest emergency room and be honest about the fact that you are currently high on cocaine/crack and ask for help. Let them know that you fear you are in trouble and that you want support. They are required to give you medical attention, and they will most likely refer you to another facility to deal with the psychological components of the addiction after you are safely detoxed.

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