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Community Reinforcement as a Form of Rehabilitation

Tue 16 Jan 2018 00:00:00 GMT

There are numerous types of recovery approaches. One such method is titled the Community Reinforcement model. Simply put, this model promotes a variety of recovery activities that will lead to an overall change in thinking, behavior and support development. Research proves that combining a variety of treatments, such as individual/group therapy, medication (when necessary), case management support, and membership in some self-help group (Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, Rational Recovery) ensures the most effective treatment outcomes over time. Those who engage in all aspects of the recovery mix (such as those mentioned above) are the most successful in achieving long-term and fulfilling sobriety. Statistics support this experience. The rationale here is that one's thinking, behavioral and experiential practices have proven unsuccessful and that a support network will be essential in order to make an overall lifestyle and behavioral change.

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