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Carol's Second Marathon Adventure

Carol's Second Marathon Adventure -

Last Build Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 05:25:59 GMT

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Does going to Walmart count?

Thu, 26 Oct 2006 05:25:59 GMT

Somehow, I just managed to read the suggested post marathon workout sent by none other than our illustrious Mark Simpson. And, wouldn't you know it, I'm already behind! But, I must say that this body is enjoying a litle rest. In fact, it required no arthritis or anti-inflammatory medication whatsoever today for the first time in months and months! Stopped hurting late yesterday afternoon which may have coincided with the two glasses of wine I got to have at a party in my hometown honoring my late father. Tonight, I went to Walmart to buy food so that my daughter can cook for her friends tomorrow night. So, I'll call that either walking or crosstraining. And, I did run into my office and back out to my car from my office today to lessen my time in the rain. I must say that run and walk do not correctly describe whatever my legs were doing--just couldn't raise the legs high enough to do much but maybe it was faster than walking! Muscles still tired but will walk with some friends in the mall tomorrow if I can get myself to go to bed tonight. I sort of don't know what to do with myself without exercise to do and a goal in mind.

Just thinking

Tue, 24 Oct 2006 11:47:14 GMT

As I feel my sore legs each time I move, a good sore I must say, considering the race we ran, I wonder how in the world the guy did 52 marathons in 52 days. There is no wasy I could push my body to do another marathon again and again. One a year sounds more like it!

It feels so good when you finish!Cardinals game

Mon, 23 Oct 2006 01:43:17 GMT

I'm staying at my son's apartment and have missed not getting to see you guys this weekend. I did see a few of you during the race in your gray shirts but not many. I was thankful to see Melissa and Loretta and Robin and Matt on the sidelines and got a big boost from their cheers and the videoing and the M&M's. I added time this year but had some training issues which didn't help and just couldn't mentally push myself this year like I did last year. But, I have to say that thoughts of many of you helped pull me through this year. When I saw people ahead of me that Jody Donald would have said we just have to be able to beat, I would push myself forward to get ahead of them! And, when my back would hurt, I would try to stand up straighter, rememebering that Michelle from last year thought that my back hurt because I leaned too far forward. I talked to Lisa a little while ago and she said that everyone finished so I am proud of all of us for reaching our goal. I am sad that I couldn't find Donna this morning as we had planned to run together. My phone worked once but I got her message machine and then no more of my calls would go out. And then my phone went on strike and wouldn't work at all when the marathon was over but now it's working again. I want to be in the group picture in the morning. I will already be at the airport so I'll try to call you guys and figure out where you are going to be. Warmer Mississippi air is going to feel good tomorrow, huh????

Starting to pack!the hum of the computer

Wed, 18 Oct 2006 04:52:18 GMT

Of course, I had to empty my suitcase before I could start filling it! And am washing clothes so I can take my favorite socks, etc. I guess we need to take a second pair of tennis shoes just in case our marathon pair gets soaked. However, I feel certain that I have sufficiently warded off the rain for you guys. I bought a poncho thingy at WalMart and then got the email about the ones at Fleet Feet so I went there and got one of those. So, now I feel certain it won't rain! And, I realized today that the low for Saturday night is only 43 so early Monday morning is going to be when we are really cold---but we don't have to run in that weather, so who cares? If Saturday's low is 43 and it is only going to get up to 45 or 47 degrees, depending on which weather site you look at, the temperature should stay pretty steady and actually be awesome running weather--as long as we aren't sopping wet! I chose to run inside long ago in Clinton when the weather was cool and it was lightly raining--I guess I should have braved that one outside in prep for this weather but who knew that then. And, of course running today in the 73 degree heat wasn't exactly a good trial for what it's going to be like on Sunday but I'll take 45 over 73 any day. Enough rambling--time to hit the hay. May swim tomorrow to save the pounding for Sunday.

Next to last run before the big one!

Tue, 17 Oct 2006 14:46:07 GMT

I think I'm not exactly on the right week before the marathon but I'm doing the best I can! I was sore from Saturday's ten miles--nothing new and different as I'm always sore after a long one. But, I think just taking the cholesterol meds for a week cranked up the same thing that happened last year--the dreaded thigh pain.

I walked yesterday without a problem but I think I got behind on my anti-inflammatories and, when I woke up this morning, my thigh was pretty sore. Did I do the smart thing and not run???? NOOOOOOO, I ran anyway, at quite a slow pace due to the pain. But, I did it, and I feel great now that it's over and the Relafen has worked its way into my system. Hopefully a two day in a row rest before Sunday will do the trick to have a painfree run!

I hope I get to see some of you guys although I'm coming a day later and not staying at the hotel. I'm trying to figure out what you wear if it rains during the marathon.

Some days are easy and some are hardnone

Thu, 12 Oct 2006 19:21:03 GMT

Today's run was part good and part bad. The good part was that I got to run with Lisa and had her all to myself. We used to run together a lot but her new job put an end to that as she needed to run at 5 am and Hallie was willing to meet her then so I slept in til a 6 am run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And today she didn't have to be at school til later so we ran at 7 am--it was light outside when we started which was also a treat. I ran Tuesday with Sally and felt like I had a good run with legs not too sore and a good pace. Today I felt like my legs were made of lead that hurt and was SOB the whole time. Having Lisa to talk to made it more bearable. I sure hope that the 22nd is an on day rather than an off one! I think it is going to be colder than last year so I may be wearing long pants this year with my RaceReady shorts on top so I'll have plenty of pockets for all my stuff!

Tapering down

Tue, 10 Oct 2006 13:51:57 GMT

Ah, my favorite two weeks of marathon training--the tapering at the end! My legs have been very sore for the past week or two so I decided that weight training is over until after the marathon--what a treat to run at the Rez and then come home for a nice breakfast and bath. And now relaxing a few minutes with the laptop before heading to work. Still trying to figure out my attire for the marathon--can't wait to see the new shirts!

Oh boy, oh boynone, shucks

Fri, 06 Oct 2006 19:56:47 GMT

Well, now that I am going, have to try to get organized and get all the stuff I need. So, I went to Fleet Feet and got some new shoes and socks and, most importantly, some gels and, most important of all, some jelly beans. Last year, the teddy grahams and the jelly beans I had in my short pockets kept me going for the second half of the marathon when I was tired and sore. I let myself have one teddy graham on the walk part of every interval and, when those ran out, I had one jelly bean per interval. Okay, so I cheated some and had more than one sometimes but it kept me going for quite a while! Now I have to figure out what I am going to wear. What color is our marathon shirt? For those of you who know me, you know that I can't stand not to match! And I like to layer up, starting with sleeveless shirt, long sleeved shirt, warm top, another warm something like a jacket and then a throwoff sweatshirt. It is cold when you stand around and right when you start but you become a furnace producing plenty of heat when you run that far even though it is cool there. And, last year it was 62 degrees by the time I finished, so it wasn't cold at all when I was done. I think I'll wear some leggings this year and my pockety shorts over them so I can carry everything I need. I just saw a neat overshirt at Fleet Feet that is wired for an MP3 or something but I didn't get it. . . .yet, as I wasn't sure it would match our shirts!

Just pulled myself out of BIG blue funksilence

Thu, 05 Oct 2006 18:49:55 GMT

Guess what I did to do that? I just made up my mind to come to Chicago and do the damn marathon! After four weeks for indecision and two weeks of doom and one week of severe depression after deciding I wasn't coming, I decided today that I was going to come do it, sore legs and high cholesterol or not! I missed the last two long runs so I am not in the best of shape for doing it but do it I will. Not sure where I am going to stay as I don't have a hotel room but I might stay at my son's empty apartment (he's going to be out of town when I get there) or may use points and stay at a nice hotel near the Chicago Hilton. I'm excited. I was disappointed in myself that I wasn't completing a goal I had set but then I don't like to do something when I haven't done all the prep work that I should, like the 20 and the 22 mile runs. But, hopefully my brain will pull me through and my legs will hold me up! I was babysitting this past Saturday and my little friend had an 8 am soccer game so I couldn't figure out how to meet the group. I ran 6 tough miles by myself during her game--was very sore, which was good. Why good? I had not started the cholesterol medicine and still had lots of aches and pains so now I won't be so quick to be scared that new aches and pains are from the cholesterol meds. And, another good thing. I just changed my ticket for the marathon online and it only cost me TWO extra dollars to do that--can you believe it ????? I feel a lot better emotionally having made this decision and can't wait to be with all of you guys.

Another Crazy Day

Wed, 20 Sep 2006 03:27:31 GMT

I wrote this earlier but it got lost in cyberspace evidently. I either didn't hear my alarm go off this morning or it didn't go off. The first of many strange happenings of the day. I babysat for 97 hours in 6 days so I'm figuring I just didn't hear it! So, I woke up at 530 and got to the rez just a little after 6--usually allow myself 45 minutes to get ready so I was discombobulated to say the least. Couldn't catch my breath for the whole run. And, had a nature call at about the worst point of the run, around Campfire Circle far away from any acceptable bathrooms. Finished the run without getting arrested and then proceeded to the gym. Did a few machines and felt something like a tail hanging down from me. Realized my heart rate monitor was dangling down and hoped AGAIN that no one was looking! Got home and realized when I undressed to bathe that my already uncomfortable sports bra was twisted which probably was why I couldn't breathe earlier. Then, took little puppies out before I went to work and they decided to squish themselves under the neighbor's fence to visit the German Shepherd that barks at them all the time. I had a hard time squeezing them back under the fence to keep them from being eaten as a morning snack. Came back home mid afternoon to let them out again and had the scare of my life. My older black lab bounded out the door as did the larger, yellow puppy. No sign of the tiny little black lab. With dread I began searching the kitchen. No whimpers, no nothing. I was terrified that she was dead. As I walked toward the door to break the news to her canine sisters (who I thought had killed her), there she was, at the top of the stairs! She apparantly followed the other two up there and couldn't get down as she can barely climb up the small way into the house. Who knows how she made it up but I was very, very thankful that she was okay. Nothing like a scare like that to show you how much you really love an animal. Rest of day going okay so maybe the jinxes are over!

Comedy of errors daynone

Tue, 12 Sep 2006 16:41:12 GMT

Or maybe it was Carol's Terrible Horrible No Good Run (lifted from a title of a kid's book). I knew Sally wasn't going to run as she did a half marathon on Saturday. So, should I run alone or get up early and go with Lisa and Melissa and Hallie? I called Lisa last night to check to see if they were running and told her I'd be there. Normally that is enough to blast my unwilling body out of bed. But, I have not one but two new little puppies who woke me up twice last night. The second time was at 3:40 am. I knew I should just get up but I decided to snooze for my last 20 minutes. Somehow, I never heard the alarm. Lisa called at 5 but I told them to go on. I got up and got ready and got there about 6. Because of the break in routine of not having a running buddy, I realized about 5 minutes out that I had forgotten my Propel. Sitting in my car. Now you guys know that I NEVER run without a drink in my hand. I should have turned back but I didn't. Then I remembered that my thermostat had said 74 when I got to the Reservoir. I kept on going with my mouth getting drier and drier. Felt like I could spit dust. I think just as much because I'm a mouth breather as from dehydration. I hoped that Susan's water stop would still be at the flowerbed for me to get a drink but it wasn't. I looked for a cast off Propel bottle that was probably Lisa's but none to be found. Considered drinking out of cast off half used Gatorades but declined. Then, to add insult to injury, I did the Campfire Circle loop which we usually don't do. I realized I was really getting thirsty so I walked most of that. Started back and was looking hard for water spigots. Finally decided to stop at Mac's and drink from the faucet in the bathroom. All along I felt twinges of plantar fasciitis in my right foot. Know why I got that? I never learn. On Sunday, I got bored with the treadmill so I did 15 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes on the elliptical which I HATE! And one or both of those machines usually make the muscles and tendons in my feet hurt. What a dummy I am. Back to today. I got to my car, alive, and knew that my Propel would be mostly frozen so I didn't have as much to drink as I would have liked. It melts quickly when I run with it in my hand as I must be a Hot Mama, huh Matt? Then I went to the Courthouse. I love being able to go in order and do my machines. I was going good with that and then some people had the nerve to get in my way and I had to break my order. Oh, well. But, I did my exercise even by myself, so there. Thursday will be a challenge as I will be babysitting and may have to wait til 8 to run. And I don't want to run for an hour on the treadmill as that makes me crazy or shall I say crazier! Enough rambling. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Uggh on 5 am but Yea on the cool airnone

Thu, 07 Sep 2006 19:45:17 GMT

Sally couldn't run at six this morning so I decided to run at five rather than have to motivate myself to run alone. Happy to see Lisa, Hallie, and Melissa, too. Running in the dark isn't so bad when you're on familiar ground. And it challenged this watch junkie to run without being able to see her watch! I finalized my plan as to what to do about running this weekend. Isn't running great for some long thinking time? I know I don't have time to do 20 miles or, if I did find the time, no time to be as sore as I get. So I decided I would try to do about ten but was considering meeting you guys at 5 am on Saturday. But worried about being tired for the Bat Mitzvah so today, as I ran, I realized that I could run 9 by myself at the Rez on Friday morning. And then, my hair stylist who lives in my neighborhood said she wanted to run with me! How lucky am I? My legs have been feeling good this week--I wonder if it is the cool air? I'll miss seeing you all this Saturday and wish you a safe, painless, cool run. Since I knew I'd be missing out on mileage, I ran on Monday so I hope that running four days out of five doesn't injure me. I have been much luckier this year than last in the injury department--no Lipitor this year for me! Let's hope my cholesterol isn't going haywire! I like to think that running eats up the cholesterol molecules. And I like to think that going through the weight routine dials down my pace for the marathon. Anything to keep me exercising!

Need Rabbit Advicenone

Tue, 29 Aug 2006 23:55:46 GMT

Well, my new house came with a surprise, actually two surprises--two beautiful bunny rabbits in my backyard! The back of my yard is a protected wetland so I guess they live in there. But one of them is pretty tame and friendly so I worry that he might have run away from someone's house. I know, I need to put out a sign but right now I am entranced by how cute they are. Should I get an outside hutch for them so nothing will hurt them? Do they need to eat more than the grass they seem to be enjoying in my yard? Should I buy rabbit food? I think I'm going tonight to do that as they didn't seem to know that they were supposed to like the carrots I threw out this morning. I did run today with Sally, and, lo and behold, Jody showed up! Plantar fasciitis, possible stress fracture of toe, and broken shoulder and all. It was great to get to see him--we had run together a lot this year and I really missed his company. Did the weights afterwards and ran a mile on the treadmill without stopping which makes me feel like a million dollars--that I can do a mile without stopping!


Mon, 28 Aug 2006 03:46:41 GMT

I hope my good buddy, Jody reads this as he always worried if he was shuffling! And, indeed I WAS shuffling, even in the beginning of Saturday's run. I decided to run at the Rez on Saturday to give myself 45 extra minutes of sleep. Why do I look at the weather reports online all week? I thought it was going to be cooler Saturday morning but it did NOT seem cool at all. Being the impatient soul that I tend to be, I didn't want to walk for more than 6 minutes on Saturday so I started running after that. Was a mistake as I didn't have anyone to talk to and encourage me. Nor was I sure of the route to take on the scenic parts of the course--through Foxbay, Windward Oaks, and Palisades. I think I did the correct roads in the first two but I thought I might be adding more mileage than I wanted in Palisades. But, boy were the houses beautiful. I did love doing a different course as I was not quite as aware of how much farther I had to go. I did 2:1 the whole way and was disappointed I couldn't go any faster but my legs would not go faster. I don't know whether the blisters on my feet are from my new shoes (been wearing them for 3 weeks) or from the heat and the sweating and wetness of the socks but I have about three on each foot. They are not bad--small ones that didn't pop. But did have some pain in the calloused fourth toe that gets a blister under the callous but after a few miles the pain disappeared. But, I was indeed VERY sore all day Saturday but felt good today. I can definitely tell that all the hard work has made me stronger and in better shape. My heart rate does better this year and definitely drops lower during my walk breaks so I am happy to have joined Marathon Makeover and gotten in better shape. I hope I can continue to exercise faithfully on my own but, if not, I'll be back next year to be kept in line!

Thu, 24 Aug 2006 20:41:51 GMT

I wish I could be like Pitter Patter Patty but my steps come thundering like an elephant. Boy, did I struggle with my run today on my own. Sally had a conflict and I considered getting up and meeting Lisa at 5 but I procrastinated about calling and then told myself I'd just sleep in and run in my neighborhood. Finally threw myself out the door and ran all the nooks and crannies of my neighborhood and a little ways onto Madison Avenue. Hoped to do 5 miles but it was 4.3 miles. Then, I was back at MY house. And I was supposed to go do weights. So, begrudgingly, I got in the car and went and did them. And then I ran a mile on the treadmill without a walk break and then I rode the stationary bike for 10 minutes. That's the way to punish myself for being an unwilling participant in exercise today, huh? And I so regretted not getting up to meet my buds at 5 am and so realize how lucky I am to have people to meet to run with. I don't think I would have made it this far on my own as I can talk myself out of getting up any day but not when I know someone else is waiting for me. Looking forward to glorious Friday when I don't have to set an alarm to get up at any ungodly hour! But, I'm glad I did exercise today and am proud, so there.

What a pleasant day

Wed, 23 Aug 2006 16:52:59 GMT

Well, moving the weights to the running days let me have a relaxing day today. Actually, my cell phone is my alarm clock and it didn't go off which was okay as I was not meeting anyone. So, I decided to take the dog for a long needed walk for a little while and then I came back home and took a nice bike ride through my new neighborhood. Now I'm sitting at Upton tire waiting for them to get the nail out of my tire--ain't it great that they have internet here???? What an addict I am but it could be worse than the internet, right?

Another day

Tue, 22 Aug 2006 18:09:55 GMT

Well, after my blog about needing to buy my ticket, I finally did it! So, I guess I really am going now. The 18 mile run almost did me in physically and emotionally during the run. I ran out of steam at about mile 12 (when we got back to our cars). But, thanks to Lisa, on we went, mostly walking due to my screaming leg muscles. After some walking, I felt a little better and we ran a little bit until the heat got the best of me. My music stopped and I spilled out all the stuff in my belt trying to take the earphones loose and about had a hissy fit which had Lisa a bit unnerved. Jody learned that there is nothing you can say to make me feel better--I just have to spew and then I am okay. And at the end, getting to recline in Mark and Robin's chair was blissful and helpful. I was sore on Saturday but much better than usual on Sunday and ever since. The run today was a little difficult I think due to the residuals from the 18 miler but Sally and I made it. It was nice and breezy in the beginning but hot and humid at the end. I've changed my tactics here the past week or two. I think this is what I did last year and it worked well. I go and do my weights when I finish running on Tuesday and Thursday even though I am tired. I was trying to do it on Monday and Wednesday but that was not fitting in well with my life, particularly on Mondays. I pray for health and strength to live through 26.2 miles in October for both me and for all of you who have trained so hard over the past several months.

Need to buy my airplane ticket

Wed, 16 Aug 2006 19:42:42 GMT

Well, being a tightwad by neccessity, I need to buy my plane ticket to Chicago. My son lives there now so I can stay with him. I'll miss being at the hotel with everyone but will enjoy getting to visit with him and seeing his new apartment. Having a new house is an expensive venture as there are so many fun, nice things to buy.

My Newest Purchasenone

Wed, 16 Aug 2006 01:58:03 GMT

I do not want to ruin my reputation. For those of you who weren't with us last year, I got the award for buying the most stuff at Fleet Feet. And Patti's boys couldn't wait to see me as the woman who had the most gadgets on at every run. Now, it's hard to keep this up on year two, but I must say the running skirt fad has put a little spark in me to buy some stuff. And I would love to have a Garmin 305 like Mark but can't seem to justify that since I have a 301--even though mine doesn't work well in the trees or in between big skyscrapers in a big town we're gonna be running in in two months. But, I did finally buy a Road ID thing since I often run without my cell phone now. So, when I keel over, they'll know who I am and who to call! And it has a pouch to hold my keys and credit card since my skirts often fail to even have a key pocket. I guess that may be because I'm so cheap that I buy TENNIS skirts at the Courthouse that are on sale. Evidently tennis players have other special places to keep their keys because even these Nike skirts have no pocket ANYWHERE. Now, some of the skirts have some upside down pockets on the shorts underneath--great for tennis balls but pitiful for keys and gels and jelly beans.

Rambling on enough. Ran today--hot, supposed to be a speed training for us so we switched to shorter intervals. Truly makes you appreciate the longer intervals that force you to run slower!

Enough rambling on. Dreading running 18 on Saturday but hopefully it will be fun and inspiring with all you guys around for encouragement.

Maybe my best run eversilence is golden, no one else is up here

Sat, 12 Aug 2006 20:31:25 GMT

Maybe my best run ever and not because of time or speed. And certainly not because it was cool out side. And certainly not because I was missing many of my running buddies in the group--no Jody or Lisa or Melissa running along with me today. For the first time this year, I think I felt the results of the months of training. I ran the whole 8 miles without hurting anywhere! No foot pain, no leg pain, no back pain. So, I think the buildup of mileage and the suffering of the long runs is finally paying off! I hope I can remember that next week as we gut through the 18 miles. I ran injured a goodly part of last year and have sort of been surprised that this year has not been easier than it has been since I am a "veteran" runner (year 2). But I again remind you that I was shocked at how much easier and more pleasant running in Chicago was than running in Mississippi. It's sort of like we are training with weights on our arms and legs and then getting to run without them in Chicago. The difference is the heat and the humidity. So, persevere, as we are almost to the finish line of the training portion of this year's journey!

Toe solutions

Wed, 09 Aug 2006 19:15:52 GMT

Well, my toe screamed at me enough that I went and bought some corn pads--yeah, I know, for old folks. I tried this last year and it helped. The pads don't stay on too well with running but they do if you put a bandaid over them. It takes the pressure off the callous or blister and you can walk without pain! So, I'll try running with one tomorrow. There are some bigger ones for callouses which might help some of you guys with sore callouses on the bottom of your feet. Well, I guess that's my tip for the day.

I did my weights today which I did not do on Monday. Then I went during a break at work today and used some of the equipment we have hear. They were on the treadmills so I did 15 minutes on bike and 2 on the stepper and 5 minutes or so on some killer machine that I don't know the name of. Kind of like a bicycle for arms but it raises your heartrate in a hurry.

I'm bummed out now because Matt has stopped airing his laundry here for all of us to mother him about. Oh, well.

Come to a free band concert Saturday night!

Tue, 08 Aug 2006 19:54:04 GMT

Both Sally and I play in a concert band, and we have a performance Satufday night at the Belhaven Center for Performing Arts. So, if you are bored and have nothing else to do and want to be entertained, come join us! There's a fun stage band that plays, also. Starts at 7 pm.

Toe still in an uproar

Tue, 08 Aug 2006 19:52:20 GMT

Met Sally this morning at 615 after taking one of my daughter's friends to the airport. It was hot and muggy and my toe was hollering at me to quit abusing it. But, we finished 4 miles. Both of us a little tired and sore, I guess residual from Saturday. But, we got the mileage in. I think we are all running early on Thursday due to some work schedules so there might not be anyone at the Rez at 6 am. We'll start somewhere between 5 and 530 am on Thursday--yuck!

I am definitely sleep deprived. Stayed up with my daughter and her friend after band and watched part of a movie. Then got in bed and worked on some stuff for the Bat Mitzvah so dozed off close to 1 am I think. And had to get up at 430am. So, not following Mark's advice very well but did put my head down on my desk and take about a 15 minute nap which helped.

Looking ahead to Sept. 9th--the 20 milernone

Mon, 07 Aug 2006 19:15:56 GMT

I have a conflict on the 9th of September. About 30 years of so late, I am having an adult Bat Mitzvah with a dozen of my cohorts from the temple. I actually would like for any of you who would like to come, to do so, but I think that the 20 mile run that day might make it impossible to get there anywhere close to the starting time of 10:15 in the morning! And there is even lunch afterwards. But, I want to either run ten on Friday and ten on Sunday or even all 20 on Friday if anyone else is interested. I'm not sure I can make myself go 20 by myself in this darned heat here. My kids may be here from out of town so not sure I can run 20 on Sunday as I would want to be with them all the time I can.

My body is feeling much better today even without anti-inflammatories on board. Yesterday I felt somewhat like a 20 story building had collapsed on me but managed to get some chores done despite the soreness. I think I tolerated the 16 miles better than I ever have before--and the last time was during the marathon in Chicago!

16 mile toesHGTV

Sat, 05 Aug 2006 23:34:23 GMT

Well, despite my worrying and doubting, I finished the 16 miles. The day started off badly with my stupid watch telling me it had no hours remaining when I had charged it for 24 hours! For those of you who do not know me well, I am a gadget freak and am like a robot controlled by the numbers and the beeps of the intervals. Running without my watch was gonna be like running barefooted or worse. Thank goodness that Lisa paired up with me with her trusty watch. I did manage to get 2 hours out of my watch with the charge in the car once I realized it was on empty. So, it worked well the change from the big bad 4:1 interval when my watch went dead to the nicer 2:1 with Lisa's watch which so nicely reverses itself to 1:2 when the feet, legs, lungs, and heart feel like they can't go on any more. I actually felt like I had a better run today than the last couple of long runs but my body is now punishing me for making it do that this morning. My toes are VERY sore--to the bone and hurt with each step. I apologize for leaving so quickly when I finished this morning but I had a class at 1130 and had a little commentary I needed to write. So, I came home and put some ice in my new bathtub and soaked the tootsies for a little while. Then popped the blister on toe 4 of right foot. Went to the class, two different Lowe's, and then Kroger's. I am now in my bed, fully clothed with a beer. I hopefully will manage to get up and have dinner at some point! I tried to tell myself today as I pained, that running 16 here in lovely Mississippi is probably equal to 26 in Chicago. I do remember the nice cool air that you could even feel through the mesh of your shoes rather than the burning,steaming asphalt we have here that make our feet heat up and swell and sweat inside our shoes!