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Are Single Length Irons Another Gimmick to Sell More #Golf Clubs?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 07:04:51 PDT

Can You Play Better Golf with Single Length Irons in Your Bag?Much internet chatter lately has been on the subject of playing golf with single length irons. What does it mean to have a single length iron set, what type of player will benefit most from a switch to this type of set and should you go out and try them?What it means to have a set of Single Length Irons in your golf bag:The simple answer is that the shafts of the entire set of irons are built to one specific length but with changes in the head and more. Golfwrx has conveniently put all of this information into an article but, unless you are an amateur who enjoys reading the difference between distance gapping and head weights as well as the other "small nuances involved to golfers", suffice it to say on this golf blog that a group of amateur golfers "just like you" were given a set of single length irons to compare to a standard set with their results posted on was the outcome of the test?"There was no clear 'winner.' A case can be made for standard-length and single-length clubs and who will be using them.Some standard set shorter irons were easier to play but the single length irons seemed to be a better choice for golf beginners and high handicappers who learn one setup when everything in the basics of the swing seem harder to fathom. Golfers, in general, may find it a challenge to get used to new, single length irons.Can You Change YOUR Golf Irons Into Single Length Clubs?The simple answer is No because of the difficulty involved in the changeover.According to pro golfer Jaacob Bowden who wrote an article on, head weights differ so you would have to "grind off a bunch of weight from the other higher-lofted clubs to get them all as light as the 4-iron head." Also, the lie angles and balance points of the clubs are also different.Are single length irons another gimmick to sell more golf clubs?Every year, manufacturers create new products for a hungry public with disposable income.You can only change the heads so many times, change the appearance, shaft weights, name it...but how many times are you going to change over your clubs? At $750 or so per set, that can get expensive if you're not Tiger Woods. As for the single length irons, I believe these clubs could work well for beginners who play but are having difficulties with how to adjust their setup or ball position to the different iron lengths in their bag.According to "Old Timer" on the GolfWrx forum, "I have friends that have tried this.  It does not work.  This idea usually appeals to new golfers, don't get caught up in this scam, it has no validity."This one club length came from an iron that came out many years ago.  It was an iron thathas an adjustable blade, 1 - PW, and it is still sold today.  Look in the back of a golfmagazine I think they still advertise.  Don't buy either of these unless you never want to shoot under 115."Golf pro Lanny Wadkins is said to have concurred, calling these irons a gimmick."If it really worked, legit players like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus would have done it years ago"Jaacob Bowden's experience was a positive one, "4 months after I bought them, I played in the 2007 Long Beach Open and I shot my first tournament round of golf in the 60s."Valid points! Have you tried single length irons? What was your experience with them? Follow and share your experiences with golfers worldwide on Twitter credit: Golf-Facile.comFollow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Playing Golf - A Matter of Life and Death?

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 06:20:27 PDT

Is golf good for your health? Many people agree that there are physical as well as mental benefits to playing the sport that is said to last a lifetime but can the sport also be a life saver?In a recent tweet, Annika Sorenstam asked her followers this simple question, "Want to be healthy and live longer? Play golf."Want to be healthy and live longer? Play #golf @GolfAndHealth— Annika Sorenstam (@ANNIKA59) October 16, 2016 Normally, I might retweet this statement and move on to the always updating thread of my Twitter feed, @Golf4Beginners (...follow me) but Annika got me to thinking about the whole "mind-body" relationship of golf and whether or not the sport can truly help players to live a longer, healthier life.I visited the site she linked to,, to review an infographic on the benefits of golf which included:1. Live Longer2. Healthy Mind3. Healthy Body along with wellness benefits4. Reduced Risks of Chronic ConditionsStill, I was not totally convinced - I even typed this query into Google: "Do you live longer playing golf?" When I did, the results were an overwhelming, "YES!"Researchers located at the purported home of golf, namely, Scotland, conclusively stated that golfers live five years longer, that the sport improves mental health, helps to prevent chronic diseases and can burn up to five hundred calories.Related Story: 5 Minutes to Tee Time - Are You Ready?Although "injuries and illnesses associated with golf have been identified", lead researcher, Dr. Andrew Murray states in the British Journal of Sports Medicine,  "golf's contribution to muscular strengthening, balance and falls prevention" as well as the ability to offer "moderate intensity aerobic activity" with an improvement in "self-efficacy, self-worth... improved confidence, interpersonal skills and emotional control", all lead to the conclusion that golfers can have an increased life expectancy.So, the next time your spouse says you have something more important to do than to go out with your Sunday foursome, just say, you have to go; it's a matter of life and death!Do you agree that playing golf can add years to your life? Comments welcomed in the section below of this golf blog and on our Twitter page, @Golf4Beginners.Read About: New Ways to Mark Your Golf Ball!Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Tiger Woods Sorry - Playing It Safe After #Golf Tournament Withdrawal

Tue, 11 Oct 2016 07:46:26 PDT

The original title to this golf blog was intended to be something like "Two Huge Draws to Boost Napa Safeway Golf Tournament...Tiger Woods and...?" Unfortunately, days after Tiger Woods had committed to playing golf at the Safeway Tournament in Napa this week, he withdrew.According to Woods,"After a lot of soul searching and honest reflection, I know that I am not yet ready to play on the PGA TOUR or compete in Turkey. My health is good, and I feel strong, but my game is vulnerable and not where it needs to be."A practice session proved to Tiger that he was not yet ready for the big league but why wait until only three days before the tournament? Woods said he "wasn't ready to compete against the best golfers in the world." He also apologized and said that his game was close but obviously not good enough.Ticket sales were said to have been boosted by a minimum of thirty to forty percent and visibility on TV, radio and social networks would have been increased by more than any event in recent memory, not to mention advertisers who booked time (probably attached to a healthy sum) based upon Woods' okay.Wonder what all of those folks are thinking who specifically bought tickets to see the return of the former number-one golfer in the world play alongside of Phil Mickelson? I guess they will have to watch the golf game for the pure enjoyment of the sport.According to Golf Digest, The PGA Tour was so excited at the prospect of a Woods-Mickelson pairing that it released the information as soon as confirmed; usually, this information is not available until the Tuesday before the Tournament! The Safeway Open website was said to have a banner which read, "See Tiger, Daily Tickets Only $30. 'Now the banner says, See Phil, Daily Tickets only $30." There were reports of fans requesting refunds.Think about it... what could be more exciting than a return to the greens by one of the greatest golfers of all time, being paired with a current top-ranked player whose back-and-forth duels have been likened to some of the best sports moments in history?Mentioned on, "in 1,139 rounds in his PGA Tour career as a pro, Woods has been paired with Mickelson just thirty-two times -- or less than three percent of their rounds."I am sure that many golf fans can remember a few of the more exciting Mickelson-Woods moments; my favorite is the 2005 "Duel at Doral" where Phil played his best but where Tiger Woods rallied at sunset to regain the world number one ranking. Sorry folks, not this time.Mickelson is raring to go with Woods; Phil and Tiger spent quite a bit of time together during the Ryder Cup and mentioned in an interview last month, "that would be really fun. I would love it."I guess Tiger Woods fans will have to wait until his foundation's "Hero World Challenge" to get a peek at the game gone south of our former hero.What do the fans think of Tiger's comeback flip-flop right before the Safeway Tournament?Tweet using our handle @Golf4Beginners and feel free to post below in the comments section of this golf @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

What Did YOU Learn from Watching The Ryder Cup? #golf

Wed, 05 Oct 2016 08:23:20 PDT

Every golf tournament can be considered a learning experience by players and fans; the Ryder Cup is no exception. Some writers looked into the seriousness of the individual golfers and teamwork displayed while others wrote about the validation of the USA "family".It was said many times during the Ryder Cup that this tournament is like no other event in golf; the seriousness is there but the cheering and jeering elicits so many different responses in the players that they must seek out their zen place in order to close out distractions. In a recent article by Golf Digest, it was suggested that players do not try to block out pressure but, instead, embrace and channel it."You probably aren't playing in front of a 50,000-person gallery, but everybody will get to a shot that gets the butterflies going," related top PGA Teacher Randy Smith.  "The trick is to practice drifting into the past, to access the good shots you've hit on that hole or in a similar situation. When you do that, you're reminding yourself that the situation isn't completely foreign. The nerves are there, but they're part of the experience."The Golf for Beginners mantra is that we are always learning...and sharing our thoughts with golfers of all levels so, here are a few observations as to how to use Ryder Cup model to your advantage during a friendly competition with your mates.1. Managing Emotions: As discussed above, emotions do play a role on the golf course but the key is how to use those feelings to your advantage.Preventing a meltdown is easier said than done when you slice your ball so badly that it splashes into the green-side pond or when you have a few shekels on the line and miss that three-footer to go down by three in the match. Dr. Deborah Graham suggests using Dave Stockton's "2 Second Rule" as a quick fix to a possible emotional disaster.Basically, give yourself two seconds to react to a bad shot - release frustration and then change your thoughts to something you can control and move on to the next shot.2. Try a Different Format: Match Play format is sometimes the better format when going out and playing with friends. You can have a blowup hole without losing the match as in stroke play; the game also moves along faster because of gimmee putts and takes less time for when you need to finish in under five plus hours (ah, the publinks experience!)3. Try Playing as Teams: The team experience can be very rewarding, creating a sense of cameraderie during the round.About the idea of playing with a team, Karen Stupples mentioned that solo golf can be very "selfish" and said with regards to her experience in the Solheim Cup, "You have to be aware of what everybody else needs as well and you may have to make some sacrifices. You will definitely feel more pressure in this type of format because you don't want to let your team down."I personally like the option of playing best ball and believe that the joint strategy offers less pressure because the team is shouldering some of the weight. Ham and egging it has its advantages!What did you learn from watching the Ryder Cup matches?Now that the Ryder Cup is officially in the books, we congratulate both teams for their incredible winning spirit. Next up in the way of team sports is the Solheim Cup slated for mid-August of 2017 and then the President's Cup at the end of September, 2017.Are you a fan of team sports? What can you offer about your experiences playing with a team? Tag us on Twitter @Golf4Beginners and feel free to comment in our golf blog below.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Which #Golf Clubs Can I Use as a Putter?

Wed, 28 Sep 2016 07:33:56 PDT

If you watched the Tour Championship this past week, did you happen to notice Matt Kuchar, during the second round, using a hybrid golf club to make a putt?Ryan Moore, during the sudden death showdown with Rory McIlroy, pulled out an iron on the very fringe of the green to make a shot which ultimately lost him the tournament...and several million dollars. (A higher lofted lob wedge might have offered Moore the height he needed to land safely and, IMO, the putter would have been his best choice...)Pros will often utilize golf clubs other than the standard putter when making shots just off of the green. For a beginner golfer (or any amateur that has not learned how to use clubs other than the putter just off of the green), I suggest sticking with the flat stick as it offers four degrees of loft and is the safest option (as Ryan Moore probably remanded himself over and over again after his loss).“Putting is like wisdom – partly a natural gift and partly the accumulation of experience, " ...The King, Arnold Palmer.That being said, Golf for Beginners takes a look at a few different clubs which should be learned by amateurs to increase the number of shots in your bag.The Rules of Golf state that a player can use any club for any golf shot, so why not use...1. Hybrid Golf Clubs: PGA Instructor Blake Cathey says, "If you miss the green and your ball ends up in a closely mowed area don't forget about the hybrid putt.  Approach the shot just as you would a putt.  Use your putting grip, stance, pre-shot routine and stroke.  You will find that with a little practice you will start getting up and down."2. Three-Wood: Dave Marsh from shows us in the YouTube video below that the fifteen degrees of loft in a three-wood allows the player to use the top-spin to pop the ball over an obstruction (like gnarly grass) and get safely on the green. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="225" src="" width="400"> 3. The Chiputt: In a previous Golf for Beginners article entitled, "To Chip or To Putt? A Golf Dilemma Answered," Master Instructor Dave Pelz's suggested method for very long putts is called the "Chiputt"; basically, chipping with your putter. Click the link above to learn more about his method of saving strokes.Practice these techniques several times before a round (you don't want to attempt these shots without knowing how to perform them) so, the next time you are near the green, you will be able to better plan your method of attack, get the ball close to the hole or in!Which golf clubs do you favor around the green? Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and the comments section of this golf blog to share your thoughts.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

#Golf Infographic Showcases Diversity of Ryder Cup

Fri, 23 Sep 2016 06:13:47 PDT

The 2016 Ryder Cup will be held on U.S. soil for the first time since Europe sneaked up from behind in 2012 to beat a stunned American team at Medinah Country Club in Illinois. The biennial tournament, held at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota this year, will commence on Friday, September 30th, with the winners being announced on Sunday to the usual fanfare, jeers and cheers. But, as we know and have come to expect, it's all in the name of good, clean fun..."The Ryder Cup is played in even-numbered years between twelve-member teams from the United States and Europe. It consists of five match-play sessions played over three days."Which Ryder Cup Team are You Rooting For?While there’s currently a great deal of debate surrounding who will take this year’s trophy, the tournament stands as the quintessential showcase of American and European golfing talent, where twenty-four of the most gifted players go head-to-head for one of the most prestigious chalices in the sport.The jury is still out as to who will round out the final spots for each team; Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson are still candidates as captain's picks for Team USA while Team Europe has finalized their choices with Westwood, Kaymer and Pieters.A Damp History of Ryder CupThe last golf tournament was held at Gleneagles in Scotland in 2014, where the weather was infamously rather glum, however, this wasn’t the first time the British weather has rained on the Ryder Cup parade. In 2010, the tournament was suspended for the first time in its history, due to poor weather conditions at the Celtic Manor resort in Newport, Wales.Do you think players prefer the windy, damp conditions of European golf or sunny, more inviting US weather? Slower, wet greens vs lightning fast greens, playing the wind vs very hot, humid conditions?Aside from the notorious weather, other stereotypes tend to find their way into the competition.Whether it's the critters on the course (alligators or squirrels), the golf attire or the grub that the players tuck into, suffice it to say that our customs and environments vividly differ.For a full roundup of USA vs Europe comparisons, including golf attire, surroundings, and clubhouses, you can visit this fun infographic from Online Golf.Feel free to write your thoughts below in the comments section of our golf blog and follow us on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.Author Bio: Lauren Barker is a content specialist for Online Golf, the largest internet-only golf retailer in Europe.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

How Golf Is Seeking to Target a New Buying Audience

Fri, 16 Sep 2016 13:21:59 PDT

Which is your favorite golf commercial? Not always is an ad a television spot; nowadays, golf advertising agencies are specializing in utilizing social channels and even The Olympics in order to make you laugh, cry and buy with an eye on going viral.Are you a Taylor-Made fan...perhaps you are a Ping player like me?Whichever set of irons or woods you eventually select for your golf bag, your final choice to give one set of clubs the nod over another could very well have been a subliminal one.Golf club placement within an ad has played a partnering role with Tour "YouTube celebrities" like the funny ads featuring Bubba Watson, Hunter Mahan and Lee Westwood. Golf brands have also slipped into poignant supporting roles like this spot from LA Ad Agency Zambezi which features the average golfer practicing indoors with their Taylor Made clubs while waiting the arrival of spring (shot at Hazeltine-home of the 2016 Ryder Cup).Let's also not forget to mention one of the most viral videos in sports which reached beyond the sport of golf to tug on the heartstrings of the public; Dad, Earl, is "talking" to Tiger Woods about what he has learned in life. Did you hang on every word? Bet you can also name which brand pulled off that creative moment?Yep, gotcha!Nike was one of the first companies to make the decision to move away from traditional brand advertising and towards social marketing, pairing with the number one golfer of his day...and with tremendous results.So, now that Woods is vying with other young celebrity golfers for a place in social cyberspace, what is the next step for golf?Are Golf Ads Going Completely Social?With a wealth of brands, faces and places, golf has the potential to reach a very large online audience through modern formats in order to go viral.As long as golf tournaments remain televised, so will there be a need to keep brands in front of viewers...but going after golfers means adding a social media strategy whether it be via shorter ads to keep viewer attention or shorter tweets and pins to get conversation rolling like a putt on a smooth green. How many brands today have their own successful YouTube Channel?Ad Age points out that a new generation of "social" TV commercials are "really, really short shows" as opposed to what used to be considered "typical" spots. If one ad becomes a fan favorite, expect several "feature" follow-ups so you can get to know the characters even well as the brand. Heck, you may even want to get out onto a golf course and learn how to play the game!Callaway still utilizes conventional TV ads but is actively extending their reach to Twitter where they can make sure that there is continuous chat about their brand; their YouTube Channel sports thirty-thousand dedicated subscribers; Nike has over five hundred thousand with their latest video from one month ago scoring more than 36 million views."Social" selling is here to stay.Traditional Faces Introducing New ConceptsWhen The King speaks, golfers listen and, when golf was heralded as a new entrant into the Olympic Games, the sport obtained access to an entirely new group of spectators who love athletics.Arnold Palmer trumpeted The Olympics to a global audience as "compelling performances from high-profile veterans as well as previously unheralded young players who have taken up the game in developing countries."Although Olympic golf made its debut on basic cable to a wide audience and was active on social channels and blogs, thanks to top players pulling out due to the Zika Virus, social virality did take effect but, unfortunately, not in a positive way. Also, the "boring" format didn't help provide the sense of national pride and team spirit which is the foundation of The Games.Will golf stay in the Olympics? We can only hope so for the sake of the sport. The 2010 Olympics in Vancouver was the first ever to be covered online. It broke all records w[...]

Tiger Woods in the Ryder Cup? You Can Bet On It! #golf

Fri, 16 Sep 2016 13:24:51 PDT

In the game of golf and online sports betting in general, there is almost always a wager that warrants conversation. The latest golf events and odds that have caught our attention refer to whether or not Tiger Woods will be playing with Team USA in the 2016 Ryder Cup ...yes, you can bet there are odds on this!The internet is a buzz with odds on winning the Ryder Cup, FedEx Cup and more and why not? Gambling on golf has been inherent in the game since it's beginnings. Whether you're betting a fun two dollar Nassau with your mates or selecting Fantasy picks for the Italian Open, golf is one of the sports in which gambling is accepted, welcomed and woven deep into the fabric of the sport.In a recent article from, "Golf and gambling go hand in hand under strict rules of the game."Even "the USGA does not object to informal gambling or wagering among individual golfers or teams of golfers when the players in general know each other, participation in the wagering is optional and is limited to the players."True, there are some inherent do's and don'ts <...Phil Mickelson> but it is everywhere online and has not been condemned (five million Google results online for golf gambling online) so, if you plan to make a wager, bet with your head, not over it.That being said, let's take a look at the Ryder Cup odds as they currently stand.Golf Digest has Tiger Woods as a long shot to be added to Team USA roster by Davis Love III, but he is still in the running. I believe that Jim Furyk would also be a great pick for the team.As outright winners, which team will win The Ryder Cup?According to, here are the betting odds to lift the Ryder Cup trophy:As far as deciphering these odds, I only partake in on-course wagers so I am unfamiliar with these odds; please feel free to comment below in this golf blog to help explain!It is rumored that the PGA Tour is considering permitting sports gambling on golf tournaments. Do you think this is a good idea? Tweet and tag us on Twitter @Golf4Beginners and comment below on our Golf for Beginners blog.This golf blog does not promote or encourage gambling or betting to any individual under the age of 21 years. Please be thoughtful if gambling on any event and we urge you not to play over your limit.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

New Ways to Mark Your #Golf Ball

Wed, 07 Sep 2016 06:16:54 PDT

Did you know that the USGA Rules of Golf state, "Each player should put an identification mark on his/her ball"? Although there is no limit on the amount or type of marking, it should be unique to you.So, how do you mark your golf ball?Does your mark have a psychological meaning behind it such as with Jordan Spieth who places a "Z" on the blank side of the ball to remind him to "zero in" on his target? Or, do you have a more artistic flair and draw a smiley face like me to remind you that golf is just a game and it is a beautiful day so have fun!Marking your golf ball should probably have some sort of intent attached to it. Whether it is solely for recognition or brings your mind into focus, just like every shot should have a purpose, so should every marking on a ball offer your mind an says to consider creating a golf mark for one of these three uses:1. Alignment2. Instruction3. InspirationThat being said, while walking the aisles at the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Golf Tournament's 19th hole, I came across companies that are offering players more choices when it comes to creating a unique look for that tiny orb which we hopefully will smack down the middle of the fairway.GolfDotz is a type of transfer that bonds with the skin of the ball when pressure is applied.According to the company, these "stickers" do not affect the flight or roll of the ball, have a long, sticky life (probably longer than your ball will stay with you) and have the USGA seal of approval.If you are really creative, try adding a few dotz to your golf club too (as seen in the photo above). The average package costs approximately $5.99 and comes with twenty-four dotz on two sheets. Tin Cup Ball Markers are just what the name implies; these small, semi-circular, metal ball markers cradle your ball so that you can get a straight line (with your initial) or create custom designs and colors using a Sharpie; you are limited only by your imagination.Tin Cup gives companies and tournaments free reign with their ability to engrave any design from logo to special sayings like "Low Gross Winner". Average price for a single Tin Cup is $19.95.We once asked on Golf for Beginners, "Where Do You Place Your Golf Marker" when not in use. We now ask what special markings do you place on your golf ball to differentiate it from your playing partners?Tag us on Twitter @Golf4Beginners with photos and feel free to comment below on our golf blog.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Myrtle Beach World Amateur Championship - #Golf Major for the Rest of Us

Fri, 02 Sep 2016 06:56:38 PDT

It is the "granddaddy" of amateur tournaments and, each year, well over three thousand golfers turn out to play in the Myrtle Beach World Amateur wondering how their games compare to players from around the globe.Anyone with a handicap can play in the World Am and many people return year after year to this tournament with a focus on fun. After speaking with several players, I learned that people come to this top South Carolina beach destination to play 72 holes of intense stroke play on amazing Myrtle Beach golf courses for the bonds that are formed and the ability to test oneself against others with similar handicaps.One player and his wife in particular whom we met at the 19th hole told me that his wife first saw the event online, purchased entrance for him as a birthday present and are now here for their third annual tournament. He is a ten handicap and was very interested in sharing how he did during his rounds and how happy he was to be matched so evenly with his foursome. When I asked his wife if she played golf, she said yes and then we got into a conversation about how to get more power out of her driver.In other words, the talk of the evening was all about golf, how to improve and about how to score low on some of the most pristine courses along the Grand Strand.Top instructors were on hand to happily offer advice. Randy Joyner, who coaches players on both the and PGA Tour, took the stage and gave indispensable tips on ways to break 90, chipping and the full swing...I took notes during his lesson.I was super stoked to receive a personal on-stage lesson from Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and PGA Master Professional in Instruction, Brad Redding, who showed me the benefits of improving my grip to increase my distance while maintaining accuracy (he also said I had great posture lol...thanks Brad!)Several golf courses were represented in booths within the perimeter of the 19th hole; Caledonia, True Blue, Thistle and Legends to name a few and there were all kinds of new technology and fun giveaways to view, touch and play around with...for example...I will be playing golf at Legends Golf Resort in a few weeks while trying out and reviewing their latest acquisition - the Golfboard (watch for my video and review).Other companies showing off their wares at the 19th hole included gadgets such as Birdieball which is said to mimic the feel and flight path of a real golf ball but travel no more than forty yards, new ways to mark your ball from Golfdotz and Tin Cup and even nutritional energy bars...delicious snacks to help keep your hunger at bay on the course. PGA Tour Superstore had a large display of clothing to make sure attendees were dressed super-slick for the tournament.Myrtle Beach is also a food-lovers destination. Visitors to the area can find every kind of delicacy that is available anywhere else in the country from sushi to ribs. At the 19th hole this week, delicious crab rangoons were served up by Black Thai Restaurant, awesome filet mignon was carved from Greg Norman’s Australian Grille and much, more including Barry's favorite...Chick-fil-A. Did I mention Friendly's ice-cream ...? Well, the Nuts over Caramel stole my heart...Golf is the name of the game but the camaraderie, fun and sportsmanship found at the Myrtle Beach World Am is what keeps players coming back each year.Did you attend this year's Myrtle Beach World Am? If not, do you plan to play golf in South Carolina sometime in the future? Send us a note either below in the comments section of this golf blog or on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

#Golf Tips for Breaking 90 - You're Almost There!

Fri, 26 Aug 2016 07:10:16 PDT

For golf beginners, there are certain milestones which, when achieved, make playing the game even more fun; breaking one-hundred is one of those moments. The satisfaction of knowing you can get from tee to green in double versus triple digits is the first goal of many to conquer for newbies.To break 100, what is the best course of action?PGA Pro Ron Labritz states that, "instead of going out to work on your full swing, work from the green backwards."In other words, work on your putting, then chipping, until you get to your driver, which should come last in the rotation.Once you can honestly say that your short game is getting into shape, get out onto the golf course and take stock of the positive results.What about breaking 90? The next goal in golf is where the focus and attention turn more to improving your tempo and the execution of shots according to Lynn Marriot and Pia Nilsson.Dean Reinmuth says that it's not necessarily about breaking 90, its celebration time whenever you shoot a score better than your current personal best. Also, play shots that have a high success rate, learn to manage your emotions and "use shots that you can perform with a high degree of consistency and will accomplish what you need."My husband, Barry, has been working on his game and is now regularly in the 80's. I asked him how he did it; here are a few of his golf tips.1. Stay focused on every shot2. Always take the low risk, smart shot3. Don't let an errant shot blow up the hole - get back in play and quickly forget the bad shot4. Have fun and play the round with a light heart5. Keep accurate score for the hole but don't total your score until the end of the roundCorrect practice makes perfect...don't just hit golf balls at the driving range - have a purpose, play smart and you will see that score hit 89 and lower before you know it!Comments for this golf blog are welcome below and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Three Reasons to Play #Golf as a Single

Thu, 18 Aug 2016 06:26:23 PDT

As a small business owner, if the opportunity arises and all bases are covered at work, the time may be perfect for a round of golf - you just might not have anyone to play with on such short notice.Men may not have a problem with going out as a single but I have heard from several golf beginners and women that they feel uncomfortable walking over to the starter and getting paired up with a stranger. Well, fear not and get moving! Aside from the obvious benefits of exercise, fresh air and sunshine, being paired up has its advantages.Here are three good reasons why you should go out and play golf as a single:1. New Playing Partners: You never know who you may meet going out as a single golfer. Whether you are a business owner like me, a divorced dad, a single mom, or someone looking to make a new friend, a new group gets you socializing in one of the most pleasant and fun settings anywhere.I have met several people throughout my years on the course whom I now consider a friend - I have even met a few people who have helped me in my career; it all started with a handshake and an introduction.2. Competition: Having a handicap makes the game fun and even. The scoring system is designed to allow all level of player to compete. You can actually see where your game is in comparison to people you don't know and how you compete in a situation that is unlike your normal routine. This scenario also teaches you how to play your own game and maybe get in the zone.3. Improves Your Confidence: If you are worried about what people think when they meet you at the tee or how you might perform during the round, think of the confidence boost you will receive after you take the plunge - this type of activity will take you out of your comfort zone where you know what to expect and give you the impetus to become more comfortable with taking risks.Have you ever played golf as a single? Let us know about your experiences in the comments section of this golf blog or on Twitter tagging @Golf4Beginners.Photo: WikipediaFollow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Should You Buy a #Golf Cart?

Tue, 23 Aug 2016 12:10:49 PDT

Whether it’s for getting around a gated community or for cruising from one golf hole to the next, there are plenty of reasons why people choose to buy golf carts. Many people have swapped their daily drive vehicles in favor of a more affordable golf cart. In fact, my family and I enjoy regular rides to the beach, to the store and to the dog park!Places such as Myrtle Beach, Peachtree City, Georgia and Coachella Valley in Southern California are known for being golf-cart friendly and this trend continues to grow. If you are thinking about buying a golf cart, here are some important factors to consider:What Are You Using It For?It may come as a surprise to some people, but there are a surprising number of ways in which golf carts are used these days. Before you take any action, it’s best to consider for what purpose you will be using your golf cart. Here are some popular uses for golf carts these days:Hunting:  Avid hunters seek out special golf carts to help them carry large game and get around rough terrain. If you are searching for a golf cart for this purpose, you will want to look into models that have a lot of pulling power and tires that have excellent traction.Getting around gated communities:  Many people use golf carts as a way to get around gated communities or run quick errands. Golf carts take up little space and are easy to drive around, making them more practical than a regular vehicle.Playing golf:  Of course, a popular reason for getting a golf cart is for golfing purposes. Carrying golf clubs around eighteen holes can be exhausting and golf carts allow you to get to the next hole quicker.  With self-driving golf carts in the works, you may not even need to drive yourself around in the future. More to follow on this new tech!Work purposes:  Some companies use golf carts around their facilities to transport workers and other equipment easily and affordably; depending on the business, these golf carts may have cargo boxes attached to the back for easy hauling of equipment.Gas Or Electric Golf Cart?Another consideration is whether you want a gas-powered or electric golf cart. Weighing the pros and cons of each will help you make a decision.Gas Golf CartsSome people prefer gas-powered golf carts because they run longer on a single tank of gas than electric cars can on a single charge. They also tend to have higher horsepower, making it easier to tackle hills and other tricky terrain. Unfortunately, gas-powered carts are typically noisier than electric golf carts and are not good for the environment. They also may have higher maintenance fees compared to electric golf carts. Electric Golf CartsElectric golf carts are powered by an electric battery that can be recharged and do not need gasoline to run, which saves golf cart owners money. They are much quieter than gas-powered golf carts and don’t release harmful emissions into the environment. On the downside, replacement batteries are not cheap, and how often they need to be replaced will depend on how well you take care of them. Any accessories that you decide to use (fans, heaters, lights, etc.) will deplete the battery quicker.Decisions, Decisions...Buy a New or Used Golf Cart?Just like gas-powered and electric-powered golf carts have their pros and cons, so do new and used vehicles. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of both before making your decision.New Golf CartWith new golf carts, you get a golf cart that has no history with other owners, and this is especially nice with electric cars because you know the condition and age of the batteries. Newer cars also tend to come with a warranty. On the downside, they are much more expensive than used golf carts.Used Golf Ca[...]

2016 Olympics - Scoring a Perfect Ten? #golf

Tue, 09 Aug 2016 06:25:12 PDT

To me, The Olympics are "must-see" TV; whether it's Michael Phelps swimming or Rickie Fowler swinging a golf club, I'm hooked. I give the production value and the action a perfect ten!Jack Nicklaus recently stated that it was a "shame for the game of golf" that certain players were going to skip the Olympics due to scheduling issues (or even the Zika virus?...which was not mentioned)."The game needs stimulation in countries where we don't have golf," said Nicklaus about the long list of golfers that are basically "hurting the game of golf."So, to Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth and the rest of the golfers who have officially backed out of the 2016 Olympics for whatever reason, it's not about you, says Jack, "it's about the game".Editor: Nicklaus must have taken some heat for his Olympic-sized golf comments because on came the retraction..."I'm into growing golf because I'm past my time. I look to the future of what happens to it. These guys are thinking, 'How do I make a living, how do I perform?"Brazil's Olympic Committee President, Carlos Nuzman claimed that the pullout is not all about scheduling or the Zika Virus; there are other reasons why top male golfers have decided to turn their backs on the Summer Games, namely the almighty dollar."They tried to blame Zika, but the media have shown that they are not coming because there's no prize money. Zika is much worse in Florida than in Brazil, and golfers are playing in Florida,"Is Mr. Nuzman justified in his comment or is this just a case of sour apples?Now that we have briefly opined on Nicklaus' and Nuzman's take on golfers who are out of the Olympics, let's discuss the awesome Summer Games and who will represent both the U.S.A. and the rest of the world.Click the link to read my complete article: "Who is Golfing for Gold at The Olympics?"Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Henrik Stenson are a few of the male participants to represent their country at the 2016 Olympics.None of the ladies have pulled out of competition, so the list of LPGA and LET players is extraordinary, from the South Korean contingency to newlywed Stacy Lewis. They're out on the Rio fairways to grow the game and get an Olympic-sized boost in the process and, as true fans of the sport should realize...when watching the women play golf, it is closer to watching your own game.So, now that I've whet your whistle, are you going to give golf in The Olympics a chance? Still not convinced? Here is an interesting video preview: allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="225" src="" width="400"> Men's Olympic golf action runs from August 11-14 and women's action starts on August 17th and runs to August 20th.Let us know in the comments section of this golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.pic: WikipediaFollow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Strong Odds that Henrik Stenson Will Win Gold at The 2016 Olympics #golf

Fri, 05 Aug 2016 06:51:06 PDT

Who are your golf favorites to take home gold at the 2016 Olympics? Are you willing to bet on it? Golf is a gambling game and the odds-makers are taking advantage of this opportunity for a "sports gambling fix" as mentioned by has listed Henrik Stenson and Sergio Garcia as favorites in men's golf Olympic competition by way of the site"Stenson, who will represent Sweden at the Olympics Aug. 11-14, is a 9/2 favorite to win the men's golf competition. Spain’s Sergio Garcia has the second-best odds at 7/1, and Great Britain’s Justin Rose is 12/1."Do you agree that Henrik Stenson is the golfer to beat in The Olympics...or, should you consider long shots Rudolfo Cazaubon and Danny Chia who come in at 300/1 odds as possibilities?Let's not forget that the ladies are also seeking to become medalists - Olympic Women's Golf Competition will be televised on August 17th.It is no surprise that the number one female golfer in the world right now, Lydia Ko, is a favorite in Olympic Women's Golf at +300 odds, according to Keep an eye out for teen Brooke Henderson and Lexi Thompson when considering whom to lay your hopes on during stroke play - these two ladies are currently third and fourth, respectively, in the world rankings.I wonder if there are odds for hitting a hole-in-one?Golf for Beginners does not endorse gambling of any kind. Sporting events such as The Olympics and the Majors are massive opportunities for gambling as these are games of chance.Text whom you see as gold medalists for the men's and women's Olympic Golf Competitions in our comments section and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.WATCH THE OLYMPIC GAMES - Cheer on the WORLD!Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Ace of #Golf Clubs - The Odds of Hitting a Hole-in-One

Thu, 28 Jul 2016 06:18:36 PDT

This guest post was written by Phil Blackwell (bio below). Let us know if you enjoy the article! If you would have your post published on Golf for Beginners blog, please email Stacy: golfers will go through their entire lives without ever getting a hole-in-one. You know what people say about aces? They're good shots that got lucky.At odds of 12,500/1, the laws of probability say you would need to play one round of golf, per week, for two hundred and forty years before you get an ace.Which is surprising, as aces are pretty common in major tournaments. Just a few weeks ago, Louis Oosthuizen got a hole-in-one when he sunk the ball on the 14th hole on the first day of The Open. It was his second ace of the year after doing the same at the Masters, albeit by chance.There have already been twenty-one aces on the 2015-16 PGA Tour with plenty of examples to go around. One memorable example was in March 2015, a double down as Dustin Johnson and J.B. Holmes struck it lucky on the Blue Monster's 4th hole on the same day within twenty minutes of each other.How do the pros do it and is it possible to reduce the odds in your favor? Here are ways you can improve your "luck":- Practice, practice, practice! While 12,500/1 is literally a long-shot for an average player, a professional’s odds can be as low as just 3,000/1. Lower your handicap and increase your chances.- It goes without saying that it’s easier to hit a hole-in-one, whatever your level, if you play a shorter golf course. A short par-3 is much more achievable than a longer par-5, despite the appeal of an elusive condor (a double albatross/triple eagle).A recent study over in the UK revealed that a massive 79% of Brits significantly underestimate their chances of scoring an ace, with some suggesting that the odds were actually 1,600 times longer.They may be surprised to hear the story of Patrick Wills. An amateur golfer from Virginia who just last year hit three holes-in-one in a single round, beating seemingly impossible odds of over one trillion to one. A stroke of luck indeed!Have you ever gotten a hole-in-one? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.About Phil BlackwellPhil is the content editor of, overseeing original research into probability, odds and chance. He told me about how he once got a hole-in-one himself...on a crazy golf course in Dorset, but an old wrist injury keeps him sidelined from the sport.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

What Can Golfers Learn from Stenson and Mickelson at The Open?

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 07:46:32 PDT

The third major of 2016, The Open, is in the record books with an inspiring win from Henrik Stenson.Phil Mickelson, pushing with every fiber of his being to have his first win in three years, could not close the deal but certainly helped to make this tournament compelling for fans around the globe.There are lessons to be learned from every thing we do in life - some times we are watching and other times we are in the mix. Through four days at The Open we have not only seen incredible golf but, if we look even further, we can take away ideas which can help us during our own round of golf.Here are several lessons which we can all learn from watching the Masters play golf at The Open:1. The importance of not giving up and believing that you can win. Henrik Stenson said, in his Sunday post-round interview, "I've been so focused this week and on this day in particular. "I felt it was my time. I believed it was my time."2. You may not win but you can still play "pretty good golf". Phil Mickelson shot a 6-under 65 in his best final round performance ever in a major championship but it still wasn't enough to take the Claret Jug away from Henrik Stenson. You can play a great round (or several as is in this case) and still get beaten...remember, it's not if you win or lose but how you play the game.3. Age doesn't matter if you're a regular on the golf course. The top two contenders on Sunday were both over forty and left the rest of the field in the dust. The number one and two golfers in the world, Jason Day and Dustin Johnson, could not touch the games of Stenson and Mickelson this week, hovering at +1 and -2 respectively. View The Open Final Round Leaderboard.4. Be gracious in defeat. Consider the good shots you hit during your round and make sure to congratulate and shake hands with your mates, no matter what the outcome! Golf is a game of etiquette; let's not lose that spirit.What did you learn from watching The Open? Comments welcome below in our Golf for Beginners blog and tag us on Twitter solonews.netCheck Out Our Latest Article: 2016 Olympics in Golf - For Whom Does Patriotism Trump Zika?Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

2016 Olympics in #Golf - For Whom Does Patriotism Trump Zika?

Thu, 14 Jul 2016 11:18:03 PDT

Your country has asked for your representation in golf at the 2016 Olympics, to possibly bring home the gold for the Motherland...what do you do? Do you proudly accept the challenge and gallantly make your way to the first tee armed with bug spray or do you pull out just before the event?Several top names on both sides of the pond have "bugged out" of the 2016 Summer Olympics from Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott and Jason Day to the latest Americans, Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth . It has now been reported that the top four golfers in the world will not represent their section of the world for the sake of their country (here is that latest Official World Golf Ranking).The athletes in question have made it evident that they will not be competing due to the Zika virus and, from the public to their brethren, they are being criticized for their decision.Paul McGinley, Olympic golf captain for Team Ireland, had this to say about McIlroy's absence, "The shame for Rory is I really think he would have benefited from being around other athletes...""It's really good for the heart and the soul to be involved with so many other athletes where it's the most important thing in their game."2016 Masters Champion Danny Willett took a poke at the pull-outs just before The Open by saying, "You've got more chance of getting malaria in South Africa than you have of getting Zika when you go to Rio, If there was an Olympic Games down in Johannesburg, would guys pull out because of malaria?"What Rory McIlroy said in defense of his decision was nothing short of impudent, according to Brandel Chamblee. McIlroy went so far as to say he did not get into golf to grow the game."I got into golf to win major championships. I get that I have a responsibility to the game. But at the same time I got into golf to win. I didn’t get into golf to get other people into the game." Rory will watch some athletes at the Summer Games, he stated, but will not tune into the sport that has made him millions as well as a role model. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="236" src="" width="420"> What does the public think of their heroes? Some wonder why women competing in other outdoor sports like kayaking have not opted-out of the summer games. "Can't imagine saying no when you have been called to rep your country!"Although Dustin Johnson feels "honored" to represent the USA, withdrawal takes on a personal note as DJ wants to have more children with fiancee Paulina and, according to the CDC, the Zika virus is sexually transmitted "causing a birth defect called microcephaly, as well as other severe fetal brain defects."Is it just worry over the Zika Virus or could there also be other more personal objections as to why Olympic gold doesn't hold as much weight for golfers as the trophies to be won during the rest of the season? Here are a few possibilities:1. Zika Virus - fearing safety of their possible unborn children.2. Already making millions of dollars and don't really need to compete with possible standing water on course and in sweltering heat of Rio to possibly win a medal.3. DJ's recent win at the U.S. Open was accompanied by a large check and a beautiful trophy. The Fed Ex Cup and the Wanamaker are more in line with chosen profession and worth a tidy sum in future endorsements. Fed Ex Cup with payout is worth $10 million.4. For Adam Scott, his overwhelming golf schedule played a part in his decision to opt out of the Summer Olympics. Three majors all lined up, a WGC event and a newborn made the decision easier for him.Who [...]

How to Deal With The Heat of Summer #Golf

Fri, 08 Jul 2016 07:25:10 PDT

It's another scorching day on the golf course with a temperature expected in the nineties and a heat index at fifty-five percent or more.Although you're trying your best to focus, sweat is dripping into your eyes and you're seeing two balls on the green (and both of them are yours!) "It's not the heat," your golf buddy laughingly says after your stroke, "it's the humidity!"You were not chuckling as your golf ball rimmed the cup.What do you do next?First, step into the shade and wipe off that sweat; although it cools you off, it's hampering your vision and your mental attitude. Next, take a sip or two of water - H20 will help to re-hydrate you.Here are a few more tips for beating the summer heat out on the golf course:1. Keep a clean towel with ice bucket handy for dabbing face and neck.2. Wear a hat - a visor will still allow in the sun to burn the top of your head.3. Use sunscreen - the burn you receive when your buddy takes away your glory with a birdie to your par should be the only type of suffering you should do around the pin.4. Bugspray - Heat usually promotes bugs, stingers, biters on the golf course - you may not even realize you are getting bitten, allowing those bugs to hang on and really hang on to clothes and skin.5. Freeze a couple of bottles of water the previous night so that they defrost slowly over your round.6. Bring at least one additional golf glove for sweaty palms.7. Wear a moisture-wicking shirt.8. Try to get out for an early morning or twilight tee time - the sun doesn't agree with everyone.9. Bring your mind to a cool place. Think cool thoughts while standing in the shade and focus your mind on your next shot - visualization will keep you in the present and not thinking about the sun's rays.What tips do you have for dealing with summer heat on the golf course? Add your comments to our golf blog and tag us on Twitter IllinoisReview.typepad.comFollow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

3 Specific Golf Exercises to Improve Your Stamina

Fri, 01 Jul 2016 06:09:35 PDT

You have decided to walk eighteen holes and, by hole number twelve, you are feeling the effects - labored breathing, aching legs..."boy," you think to yourself, "am I out of shape!" The truth is, golf is a sport as well as a game - it takes toned muscles to swing a golf club and to walk a course carrying a bag on your back.You should not go onto a golf course without at least stretching before you swing a club, but, it would be much more beneficial if you also put a few exercises within your work-out routine. Golf for Beginners often writes about the mental game and offers you tips on everything from stance to injury prevention and now we present you with our "should-do" list of disciplines to keep you in golf shape.1. CARDIO: Endurance and cardio-specific exercises such as cycling, walking, swimming or running, for about thirty minutes per day should be added to your training regimen.If you are older, just get out and move your legs, take a brisk walk, stay active and you will be able to translate that energy to the golf course. The National Academy of Sports Medicine says that, maintaining a routine of moderate cardiac exercise will slow fatigue and will also allow, "the golfer to stay physically and mentally focused throughout the round."2. STRETCHING:  PGA Director of Instruction at Salisbury Country Club, Adam Smith, suggests simple stretches before teeing off; torso rotations to loosen up the upper body, leg lifts to loosen your hamstrings and jumping jacks for cardio as an example.3. STRENGTHENING: Jennifer Gatz, Exercise Physiologist suggests strengthening and stretching exercises to improve body flexibility during a round of golf.Next time you are at the gym or, if you use bands, try a seated row to strengthen your back muscles. Wrist curls using a light weight will also help when you are coming through the ball.If you are in decent shape and regularly visit the gym...To improve endurance and stamina, try compound movements that utilize more than just one joint; "squats, step-ups, push-ups and pull-ups".Will Torres, a New York-based personal trainer and founder of the personal training studio, Willspace says these combination exercises, "will improve your endurance more so than exercises in isolation. 'Isolated exercises like bicep curls and leg lifts aren’t going to stimulate you enough to increase your stamina.' "Disclaimer: Golf for Beginners and it's writers only offers exercise suggestions to improve your stamina - we are not doctors or physical therapists. Contact your doctor or a qualified professional before beginning any exercise routine.Do you perform specific golf exercises at the gym? What exercises or stretches have helped you improve your golf game? Let us know in the comments section below and by tagging us on Twitter, WikipediaFollow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

What Golfers Can Learn from Dustin Johnson at the U.S. Open #golf

Wed, 22 Jun 2016 05:55:34 PDT

Dustin Johnson and the U.S. Open - two names that will be forever paired on tongues whenever there is a mention of winning golf majors in dramatic fashion, do you agree? D.J. left nothing to chance, topping his finish with an 18th hole birdie, in spite of a questionable USGA ruling.It is because of this exciting win that Golf for Beginners has written this blog about what the average golfer can learn from Dustin Johnson and his conquest over Oakmont Golf Course.What positive mental thoughts can you take away from Dustin Johnson's win at the U.S. Open?1. Persevere in spite of obstacles and surrounding drama.2. Don't carry the monkey on your back. Put whatever negative thoughts you may have out of your mind until the end of your round -stay focused on each shot.3. Look forward. Learn how to scramble when you're in trouble because when you hit those inevitable bad shots, you need to know how to advance the ball.4. Know the Rules of Golf: Stay aware and be cautious where you may commit a penalty - in 2010 for example, DJ grounded his club in a bunker.5. Putting IS Everything: You can be "Really proud of the way you hit the ball," as DJ stated at the 2015 U.S. Open but if the putts are not dropping into the hole, your score won't reflect it. Make sure that, when you are playing golf with your foursome, you take the time to learn how to get within that three-foot circle of trust with long putts and to drop those two and three-footers instead of taking an easy "gimmee".Also, Try these 3 golf swing thoughts..."If I rolled the putter halfway decent today, which I did roll it well, just any putts go in the hole, I win this thing by a few shots, it's not even close. It's just how it goes," said Dustin.Johnson at Chambers Bay. This year, DJ putted beautifully, finishing on 18 with a putt for putting determines everything, as confirmed by the PGA!What did YOU learn from the Dustin Johnson and players at the U.S. Open? Share your thoughts in the comments section of this golf blog and on Twitter using our handle @Golf4Beginners.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

What Are The Top Three Rules of #Golf You Always Follow?

Wed, 15 Jun 2016 06:24:45 PDT

Do You Always Follow The Rules of Golf or, as in the game of Monopoly, do you sometimes make up your own?Most golfers lie somewhere in the gray area of the sport and, for beginners in particular, golf is more recreational than competitive. Newbies, for example, are more concerned with getting the golf ball airborne than figuring out the nearest point of relief...and that's fine until you learn the game.It's your game, play anyway you like, just don't boast about your score...unless, of course, you follow the Rules.QUESTION: How many golfers reading this blog carry in their bag the Rules of Golf book?Okay, quickly rummage through your golf bag...snack bar (check), divot repair tool (check), bag of tees (check)....Rules of Golf book? Hmm...Why you find it too cumbersome to carry and, if need be, to open the book to find the correct ruling at the time of infraction?Why do we need to follow the rules's just a may ask.The rules were designed by the USGA (and R&A) for everyone so that you can develop an accurate handicap, allowing golfers to play with other players regardless of skill order to be on an equal footing.I am sure you have come across those players who bend/break the rules for their benefit (and I'm not talking about beginners - we'll give them a break for the purposes of this article - also, I guess it's okay if everyone in the group decides to play a friendly, non competitive match as there as separate rules for recreational golf.The question of Sportsmanship and The Rules of Golf has also come up previously on the LPGA Tour and has been answered previously by Golf for Beginners - click the above link for the answer.Have you seen these rule breakers in any of your rounds?- Ball kicking to offer a better lie (in more ways than one!).- Giving up on a hole and taking a double instead of a ... 19?- Finding the wrong ball in the woods and claiming it for play.- Not putting the ball into the cup as the first putt sails six feet past and then knocking the ball loosely   with one hand - whether or not it drops in in the hole it is counted (a great score-saver).- Playing Mulligans all day long - hit a ball, don't like it, hit another and the first one doesn't count      throughout the round.- Boast about your low score at the 19th hole.Well, just in case you don't follow the rules because you don't understand them, you are now in luck. The fourth edition of The Rules of Golf in Plain English has just been published so, no more excuses.According to the book notes on Amazon, "The earliest standards for the game of golf included just three hundred thirty eight words and thirteen rules, which included what to do if your ball had the misfortune of falling into “watery filth” and how to proceed if your ball was stopped by a horse."Additions to the Rules now has grown the book to over forty-thousand wonder golfers don't read them!Golf for Beginners believes you should always follow the rules of any sport.If you don't have the book of rules handy, here are three rules we believe you should always follow:- Count every stroke and penalty so that you can track your improvement in the game.- Play the ball as it lies- Maintain proper etiquette throughout - no matter what you come up against - during your round.We believe that the rules add to the enjoyment of the game for yourself and your playing partners. Start today if you are a beginner golfer and, if you are an advanced player[...]

What Are Your Odds of Making a Hole in One? #golf

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To make a hole-in-one is the desire for all golfers. Although professionals with pinpoint accuracy like Rickie Fowler have a better chance of making an ace, when the average player drops a ball into the bottom of the cup on the first stroke, the feeling is euphoric!Statistics state that the likelihood of the amateur golfer ever getting a hole-in-one is very slim - "a tee shot hit by an amateur golfer on a par-3 goes into the hole one out of every 12,750 times", according to Golf Digest and the National Hole in One Registry. Professional golfers obviously have a better chance of scoring an ace; the odds are 2,500 to 1.That being said, I am proud to announce that my first hole-in-one was recorded on Friday, June 3, 2016 and have joined the ranks of the elite! Yes, I did save the golf ball for display and yes, there was a celebration at the 19th hole! allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="676" scrolling="no" src="" style="border: none; overflow: hidden;" width="500">What Should You Do if You Get a Hole-in-One?- Check to make sure that the ball in the hole is, indeed, your golf ball!- Fist pumps and high-fives are welcomed at this time.- Have camera ready to record the historic occasion.- Make sure that you sign your scorecard and that whoever else witnessed the hole-in-one also attests to the ace.- Remove the golf ball from play - you may want to display it for posterity's sake.- Register your hole-in-one with the official United States Golf Register (which I just completed) or with the National Hole-in-One Registry.Have you gotten an ACE? Share your story below in the comments section of our Golf for Beginners blog, on Twitter @Golf4Beginners and LIKE on my Facebook page (above).Read: What the Golf Bug Does to Your Stacy Solomon - Golf for BeginnersFollow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

What the #Golf Bug Does to Your Game

Thu, 02 Jun 2016 13:02:08 PDT

Jordan Spieth caught the golf bug as a youngster watching the Byron Nelson tournament live in his hometown. Phil Mickelson's father helped spark a love of the game and watching Tiger Woods on television helped inspire practice with success on the course for Jason Day.How did you catch the golf bug...from a family member, friend or, perhaps, by tuning into a Shell's Wonderful World of Golf as a kid? For me, it was my husband's doing - after I questioned him a bit about the game, he purchased a set of golf clubs off of the internet and brought both the clubs and me to a qualified instructor saying, "here, you teach her." This was one of the best things he ever did for me...the game has improved my life in so many ways.If You Are Reading This Blog, You Probably Have The Golf Bug in a Big Way. If you use golf terminology on and off of the golf course and can name every golf club in your bag (including shaft), if your swing thoughts break into the middle of a conversation, if you are passionate and obsessive when talking about your game, you've caught it.Do you listen attentively when golfers offer advice to each other? When pros give golf tips, do you pull out pen and paper to take note and watch drill videos from golfers like Jordan Spieth and Bubba Watson with the hopes of gripping and ripping it with ease?For beginners, catching the golf bug is the incommunicable moment which comes from hitting that one shot which takes off; tempo is effortless, swing is easy-breezy and belt buckle points at the target ...all with a flourish. You say to yourself, "I can do this!"As you progress as an amateur, the golf bug transforms itself - you want to know more - you learn the basics of swing, hit several shots in succession which don't dribble down the fairway and even begin to place shots in the areas which your mind visualizes. When you hit that one shot which you saw a pro hit on television and it goes in the hole for birdie or're hooked for good.You may or may not want to immediately step out onto a golf course - it took me over a year to make the transition from driving range to evening, nine-hole rounds - this period gave me time to practice and improve upon the basics but you might be in a hurry to test your soundness on the course.The golf bug is no ordinary virus - it transforms itself over time. You go from learning about hitting shots to shot-shaping, you want to improve so you begin to consider not just aiming and shooting but course management to avoid trouble.For those golfers who have taken this journey and have years of study under their collective belts, the golf bug may take on an entirely new dimension. Where you previously might have been watching You Tube videos on grip, stance, alignment and the forty-yard flop shot, you might now be watching more technical directions.Professional golfers share their drills and tips with the public to show that even amateurs, with a little practice and if they follow specific directions, can become the next Jordan Spieth, Phil Mickelson or even Arnold Palmer.After Jordan Spieth's win at the Colonial, Golf Digest quickly came out with an instructional video from his swing coach, Cameron McCormick. The "Heart Array" teaches amateurs the art of shaping the ball using three different trajectories.You'll notice at the beginning of the video, even Spieth has a little trouble getting out exactly how he wants to teach people his method.Yes, as the golf bug tak[...]

Try These Three #Golf Swing Thoughts

Thu, 26 May 2016 08:24:13 PDT

Golfers are going to be out in droves this Memorial Day Weekend; some have only pulled out their sticks a few times this season while others have been playing for months. There will be those golfers out purely for the enjoyment of the weather and there will be competitive players seeking the win. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, consider taking away these swing thoughts for use during your round.1. Try not to fill your head with swing thoughts! Pick only one or two during the round and stick with them. My latest swing thought is to keep my elbows connected losing that dreaded "flying elbow" that has recently crept its way into my swing. Adam Scott agrees stating, "Whatever I'm working on, I like to keep one swing thought in my head when I'm on the course. Keeping it simple helped me at the Deutsche Bank Championship in Boston last year."2. Are you trying to regain composure after a blow-up hole? What's next, you think...another bad shot? Thoughts like this will have you spiraling downward, spewing curse words and throwing your golf clubs into a retention pond! Instead, think about the "C" word...Confidence.  Remember that one or two shots will not ruin your round, that you have hit good shots in the past and focus on the next shot instead of dwelling on something that is already past.Read these Golf Tips to Improve Your Game from Tee to Green.Look at the Positives of a Golf Hole: In his video, Dave Marsh says that most players look down a par-five and immediately notice the trouble; the patch of grass or the bunker that they have to fly over...don't be that guy! Instead, when you step onto the tee box, look down the fairway and "pick three things you really like about the hole," and where you are going to place that golf ball. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="225" src="" width="400"> A negative approach will almost always lead to some type of golf course meltdown so take each shot and hole as its own adventure, remain positive and look for a way out of trouble. Follow the words of Bob Rotella'sbook cover which says, "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect."Which swing thoughts have helped improve your golf game and outlook on the course? Let us know below in our golf blog comments section and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners!Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]