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Golf for Beginners

Because we're always learning!because we're always learning

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After a Pro Tip, Do You Tip the Pro? #golf

Thu, 19 Oct 2017 05:30:12 PDT

Golf beginners have so many unanswered questions, not only about how to play the game but concerns that are taken for granted by amateurs who have already been "around the turn". Golf for Beginners answers several of these questions in this blog with the hopes of making newbies feel more comfortable around the course, not just on it.Question 1 - The Bag Drop DilemmaHave you driven up to the bag drop area and felt uncomfortable with someone reaching into your trunk to pull out your golf clubs? You can screech to a stop and try to outrun the greeter but, chances are, he or she will be waiting with a smile.Let's start by saying that these ambassadors work for the golf course and get paid to help you. My suggestion? Don't fight it, always have a few small bills at the ready - it's just one of the courtesies extended by the course. Instead, focus on the game ahead and let these "friendlies" work for you. Ask them where to check in, where the putting green is located and any other uncomfortable questions you have so that you can relax and ready yourself to play your best game ever.Question 2 - What to Do at the Front DeskQueasy at the thought of calling a golf course for a tee time? Not sure what to do when at the desk?There are several ways to make a tee time - you can call the course or find an online booking company who will reserve your tee time for you. Start by planning ahead and knowing the date and approximate time you (and your foursome) wish to play. Have several dates/times at the ready and a credit card although you can pay for your tee time at the front desk of many courses.Call the course and set up your golf game. Once you know your tee time, get to the course at least a half an hour in advance so that you are on time for your tee-off!When at the front desk, the associate will give you a receipt. Give that piece of paper to the starter - the starter has a list of all of the golfers playing golf that day. He or she will take the ticket and let you know which group you will follow...and will give you helpful tips about the course such as where the bathrooms are, where you can find drinking water on-course, where the pins are located for the day and whether or not it's a "cart-path-only" day.Question 3 - A Teaching Pro TipAfter a lesson (or a group of lessons), are you supposed to tip the pro?You already paid for lessons and the instructor isn't offering you a service like cleaning your cleats so I would say there are better ways to show your appreciation to your teaching pro.A few suggestions... leave a great review on his or her website (or Facebook page). If you really like the results, and your game is improving, you may want to take more lessons - this, more than anything, will probably make your pro feel like a million bucks!Read next: Can Online Tips Hurt Your Golf Game?What concerns do you have around the golf course? Write them down in the comments section of this golf blog and tag us with your questions on Twitter @Golf4Beginners. We will answer questions here and on social media.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Can Online #Golf Tips Do More Harm than Good to Your Game?

Thu, 12 Oct 2017 05:50:09 PDT

I am a proponent of professional golf instruction - meeting with a teacher and getting help with your game works for golfers from beginners through to the best in the world (even Tiger Woods needs an instructor).But, what differences does a face-to-face experience offer vs a magazine article ....or, can we essentially learn proper technique either way? With more and more posting golf blogs, articles from renowned players and teachers, and videos, it would seem that an online tutorial can also help your game, however...A teaching pro is right in front of you, showing you how to execute a shot. In stark contrast, golf tips we receive from PGA Tour pros who tell us via magazine article or show us what to do via youtube video cannot give us any feedback.Justin Rose in a recent blog, offers how to pull off certain shots as well as recovery techniques for an amateur who has been playing the game for a while and who understands course management and shot making but may confuse the beginner.In other words, not all learning methods are best for every student.Tips such as golf etiquette and understanding overall swing concepts are fine to learn from an established online source but, after you have gotten to the next level, it might be better to incorporate lessons if you are to improve in this game.Two-way communication is essential in golf training - an instructor will watch your swing, talk to you to determine the source of the problem and may add the latest technology to the mix in order to show you where you need help. It's like when you are sick - if it's just the sniffles you may choose to take basic cold medicine but, at that point do you choose to visit the doctor?My golf blog tip of the week? Take tips from magazines and videos with a grain of salt - you have to know when to take advice and when to get advice in person.Do you take online golf tips with a grain of salt? Let us know which pro rely on for advice in the comments section of this golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

What Type of #Golf Do YOU Play When Score Matters?

Fri, 06 Oct 2017 06:08:50 PDT

How do you think you would play golf if your PGA Tour card was on the line? Would you calmly navigate the golf course or would your grip tighten on every club and suddenly come down with a case of "the yips"?Some familiar names on the Tour, like Sam Saunders and Peter Uihlein, rose to the occasion this past week and snagged a spot for the 2018 season. Other golfers, like Matt Harmon, could not muster up the skills needed to deal with the situation at hand, missing short putts when they mattered most.With only two holes left to play, Matt Harmon unraveled.It wasn't necessarily his putting that let him down, although he missed several short putts on 17 and 18 - it was his mental game which collapsed and, to wit, Harmon snapped his putter in two further allowing his emotions to get the better of him.Even more upsetting to this competitor is that, according to Golf Digest, Harmon is number one in driving distance on the Tour which means he had no troubles in getting to the green in regulation, just holing out.What was the difference between Harmon's journey to claim his tour card and Sam Saunders' triumphant 59 with his PGA Tour card at stake? In my opinion, attitude under pressure.You can either give in to nerves or take a deep breath, assess the situation and not let pressure take control of you. Ok, easier said than done.Golf for Beginners has compiled a short list of ways to combat nerves on the course.1. Divide and Conquer: You wouldn't eat an entire cherry pie, would you? Ok, maybe some of you would... Instead of looking at the golf course as a whole, try separating the entire eighteen holes into individual slices, making each into its own journey.2. Breathe: Sounds simple, doesn't it? Try taking a deep breath right before you take your next shot. Stand up to the golf ball and, just before you are ready to take that swing, slowly inhale and exhale. You will be amazed at how this simple fix gives you better tempo and ease of mind.3. Opportunity Awaits: You made a bad shot, or the hole is lost. Time for positive self-talk instead of drowning your sorrows. Stay in the moment, tell yourself that the shot is over and you can't get it back and look forward to the next shot or the next adventure. Dr. Bob Winters says to create a "now" mentality. "It is far better to accept what is than to pout and become irate over something that is history and now entirely out of your control."What do you do to combat nerves on the golf course? Post your golf tips in the comments section of Golf for Beginners and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

How #Golf Can Improve Your Finances

Fri, 29 Sep 2017 06:08:07 PDT

What do golf, financial planning, and life, in general, have in common?In golf, just as in wealth management, you should create a game plan, says financial advisor Altair M. Gobo in his book, "Getting to the Green." Not many of us do.From setting realistic expectations to "risk vs. reward (or return)", the proper strategy is the first step to shooting a good score in golf and flourishing along life's bumpy road."People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan," mentions Gobo with regards to wealth. Although you may have heard this cliche a thousand times, golf mimics life. With reference to the 18 holes (or 9, depending on which you play that day), you have to look at both the big picture and each individual hole as a journey. What is your game plan?In both your finances and in your golf game, look at where you are starting from, "where you want to be down the road (short, mid and long-term or, as in golf, hole-by-hole) and what strategies you will develop to get there."As a golfer, here are a few tips from "Getting to the Green" to help plan your path:Know Your Strengths and Limitations - In golf, you know how far you hit the ball, and where your strengths lie. The same should happen with what you are willing to invest - set realistic expectations with the money you have.Work with a Pro - Golf for Beginners always stresses the importance of taking lessons from qualified PGA professionals and the same goes for your wealth strategy. A financial advisor can help you "assess your situation, look at where you are today, where you want to be down the road and develop strategies that work for you."Stay patient - Gary Player's tip? "A good golfer has the determination to win and the patience to wait for the breaks." Wait for the right opportunity to make your moves.If you are a golfer (and you probably are if you are reading this blog), "Getting to the Green" is an enjoyable and straightforward read - the book offers financial advice to amateurs in an intelligible manner.Comments welcomed below on this golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

How to Strengthen Your Grip on Putting

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 06:10:21 PDT

Adam Scott knows his weakness is putting, according to a article, and knowledge is power. He continues to strengthen the "grip" he has on this essential flaw in his golf game by testing new putters, grips and even methods of putting (at one time, Scott was known for using the belly putter). Note: Golf for Beginners also suggests reading: Which Golf Clubs Can I Use as a Putter?The difference between Adam Scott and the average golfer is that many of us are not at that level of expertise to be able to know that we have a fault and be willing to change it nor do most of us ever even visit the putting green when we have the opportunity (for the small stuff, like bump-and-run or chipping practice). Isn't it much more fun to head over to the driving range to "grip it and rip it"?That being said, let's try and focus on how we can improve our golf game with the tools in our possession.I am not saying that you shouldn't go out and try new putters (Chesson Hadley won the Albertsons Boise Open after a last-minute putter swap), but putting is about feel, alignment, and green speed; if any of those details are a bit off, chances are you will miss the cup and your score will suffer.Just last week, while playing at the magnificent Grande Dunes Resort Course, one of my playing partners, (a fourteen-year-old with a heck of a game), mentioned to me that I could have saved so many more strokes if I had not three-putted so much (thanks for the tip Jonathan). At that point, a light bulb went off above my head ... I needed to start working on my short game.I read a lot of golf tips on the internet and so I will pass along a few tips to help you regain your feel on the green. These may or may not work for you so try them on the practice green a few times before taking them to the golf course:- Keep Your Backside Quiet? PGA Tour winner Johnson Wagner believes that, on short putts, keeping your butt still is more effective than a restricted head. Wagner says to, "forget about my head and instead try to keep my rear end still. If that doesn’t move, the core of the body stays in place. That gives me a stable base on every putt, which helps with consistency." This tip is worth a try... - Chill out: Sounds simple enough - Steve Stricker's golf tip to Gary Woodland just before the PGA Championship was to get comfortable, and you will sink putts. Right before a round is NOT the time to change your swing or your putting stroke. Take advice from a pro who knows...another great tip!- Work on your lag putting and try not to come up short, says Dave Pelz. Get as close to the hole with your first putt so the second one is an easy drop.Share your putting tips in the comments section of this golf blog and tag/tweet us on @Golf4Beginners!Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Never Be Afraid to Bump-and-Run

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 11:01:11 PDT

This guest golf blog is written by Brian Adams, bio after his article. Feel free to comment and, if you want to publish your own thoughts on Golf for Beginners, please contact Stacy:'re 20 yards off the green at the end of the fairway, and here it is again, that time of the round where you lose those precious strokes, turning your tally into a number too long to fit on a regulation score card.Do you take out your pitching wedge and try your best Phil Mickelson flop shot? Best leave that to Phil! Maybe you take out your putter, then grip it and rip it to sink that 60-footer from the fairway? Only if you're prepared to 12-putt.Your best bet? Take out a high iron and prepare to bump-and-run.The bump-and-run shot is easy to execute and carries relatively low risk, especially if you've got two particular conditions in your favor.Condition #1: A green that runs towards you. In other words, a "backboard" to protect your ball, should you skull it. Don't worry, you're not going to skull it. (Ok, who are we kidding? You might skull it, but that's what the backboard is for!)Condition #2: a slight hill running up to the green, allowing your ball to "bump" before it runs.You don't always need these conditions to apply, but having one or both will certainly increase your chances of success.I often use this shot on the second hole on my home course (Pine Meadows in Lexington, MA). This hole features Condition #2, a slight hill before the green, but lacks Condition #1, the backboard. The reason I often use the bump-and-run on this hole is because the green is a "turtleback" design. This means that the edge of the green runs away from the hole in all directions in a way that makes you want to travel back in time and slap the course architect and ask them what you did to deserve a green like this. ALL directions? Three wasn't enough? Sorry...back to our shot.For the bump and run, I always use an 8-iron to give me enough loft to get the golf ball in the air, but still have some of the forward momentum I need. You can play the ball right from the middle of your stance or towards the inside of your back foot. Playing it too far forward could give you more lift than you want for this shot.Now, pick a spot a few yards short of the green. If the pin is close to the slope you're aiming for, then you can either take some power off your swing or aim lower on the slope.Once you've picked your spot, take a quarter or half backswing and finish with your club low. If all goes to plan, the ball will have a low flight, hit the slope, and roll into the cup, as your golf buddies carry you triumphantly to the clubhouse until realizing that you're only on the second hole. The good news is that you've got sixteen more holes to bump-and-run!Here is PGA Tour professional golfer Jim Furyk with a visual golf tip on the bump and run shot. allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="344" src="" width="459"> BIO: Brian AdamsBrian Adams is a left-handed golfer and financial professional from the Greater Boston area who occasionally writes, performs stand-up comedy, and directs music videos in order to scratch his artistic itch. You can find some of his videos on the Orange Aura Productions Facebook page.Join the conversation! Place comments about the bump-and-run in the comments section of this golf blog and tweet us on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Top 5 Hottest Trends in Women's Golf Clothing for 2017

Fri, 08 Sep 2017 05:31:39 PDT

Golf is no longer a sport dominated by men. That’s something to be thankful of, as golf clothing has had a long sticky reputation over the years. As more and more women discover the pleasure of golf, the fashion of the sport is revolutionizing golf clothing on the green.Everybody loves to look good whether they’re on the country club green or riding a golf cart on the publinks. Fashion has never been more important before to the game of golf. To know the latest trends, here are top 5 latest trends in golf clothing for 2017:1. Skort – They’ve got the fashion appeal of a skirt, but offers better coverage like shorts. Perfect for spring time weather when the golf game shines, skort combines fashion and functionality.Comfortable and stylish skorts have an appeal that stands out on the green. Try blue leopard embroidery for a style that creates its own game. There are different colors of skirts to add color and dimension to any golf dresses.2. The wilderness of the leopard:Leopard colors are hot this year, and there is no limit to what you can get. Try the leopard putter cover to protect your club in style.The blue leopard scarf is an ideal solution for tying the hair out of your eyes with a soft dimension. Leopard scrunches bring a sense of wild to any pony tail, perfect for getting some animal into your game and style.Leopard headbands are perfect for keeping the sweat out of your eyes with solid fashion to add dimension. Leopard shorts? Well, let's just say that John Daly fans will just love it!3. Reversible Vests - Golf games range across many different weather climate patterns, even in one afternoon. A vest is a great way to find the warmth you need on a windy day with a fashionable look that shows your best colors. Reversible vests are trendy this year, offering more options. You can adjust the vest to match whatever you’re sporting that day. It becomes two vests in one. Fashion is all about options. A reversible vest or abaya after a round gives you more diversity so you can find the ideal fashion ensemble to make the best of your game.4. Short shots - This is one of the latest trends in golf clothing for 2017 – shorts are getting shorter (in spite of LPGA dress code issues)! While golf shorts are designed more around freedom of movement than fashion, when the sun finally arrives, maybe you might need to look for something little slimmer and shorter. Don’t go super short - choose a pair that offers both elegant fit and flexibility.5. White chinos – This is another latest trend when the course is bone dry, and there is no risk of getting muddy cuffs. White Chinos are one of the most recent trends in golf clothing - in fact; you are probably got a pair tucked away in the back of your wardrobe.  Now is the time to remove them. They need to be bright white, not office white. Pair them with a navy top of the jacket.Summary: Golf is your game. There are many trends since golf has become fashionable, and it's important to find the one that suits you. Choose the style that makes you look your best. You will feel better, and you’ll "up" your game in the process.About The Author:Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences.She expertly analyzes real estates, restaurants and online fashion stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner for all matters.What's your take on women's golf fashion? Open up in the comments section of this golf blog!Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Myrtle Beach World Am and Golf Courses Celebrate the Amateur Golfer

Fri, 01 Sep 2017 05:45:09 PDT

Billed as the "Largest Single-Site Golf Tournament in the World" with 72 holes of net, stroke play on many of Myrtle Beach's most exquisite (and demanding) golf courses, the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Tournament draws 3,300 golfers from around the globe for both the competition and the camaraderie.Golfers have been coming to this tournament for years, some since the 80's when the World Am was called the "DuPont World Amateur Handicap Championship in Myrtle Beach" and only offered ten golf courses along the Grand Strand. Within thirty years, the number of courses in this tournament has swelled to over fifty and the number of players has grown in kind.A few of our favorite golf courses in Myrtle Beach which offer its own mystique include:Caledonia Golf and Fish Club, which never fails to impress players with its stately demeanor.Pine Lakes Country Club, well known on the Grand Strand as "The Granddaddy" of Myrtle Beach courses.Grande Dunes with its Intracoastal Waterway views and technology-driven Golf Performance Center.World Tour Golf Links, unique as its holes simulate some of the finest in the world!Pine Lakes Golf Club - The Granddaddy of Myrtle Beach CoursesTo play the World Am is definitely a golfers dream and, if you love to compete in a fun and rewarding environment, you should definitely punch your ticket for next year's event.Each year that I visit the 19th hole, billed by the Myrtle Beach World Am as "a Really Big Golf Party", I speak with dozens of people.Although the game of golf takes center stage, friendships are forged and merriment is high on the list of priorities - what could be better than playing golf by day and being wined and dined by local restauranteurs and entertained by some awesome dance bands?Cool accessories!Tin Cup was sporting their unique metal ball markers again this year and Snell Golf was debuting their hot, new golf ball (of which I received several sleeves for testing)...this golf ball's inventor also worked in R&D for Titleist and TaylorMade so this ball should show promise!Visit the Myrtle Beach World Am website to view the full list of golf courses, scoring, handicap system and events and you will want to place this tournament on your bucket list!Have you played in the World Am? If so, let us know your thoughts below in this golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners!photo: PineLakes.comFollow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Top 10 Scottsdale Golf Courses Great for the Beginning Player

Fri, 25 Aug 2017 07:22:41 PDT

You may have heard a lot of hype about how Scottsdale, Arizona, is a fantastic destination for golfers from all over the world to come test the world class golf courses that lie in the desert.  The weather is terrific and the breathtaking landscapes offer a "WOW" factor.Many of the golf courses in Arizona feature that desert-style environment which can make a round of golf challenging due to the forced carries off the tee boxes and fairways - but don’t fooled by it - there are many golf courses in the State that cater to the average golfer as well, featuring wide fairways and more links style golf.Phoenix and Scottsdale are two destinations which cater to all level of golfer from intermediate to experienced.Below is a list of the top 10 golf courses in Scottsdale that are great for the beginning golfer to play while on an Arizona Golf Vacation.These courses below are very playable for the average golfer and are recommended based on their quality and scenery.1. Legend At Arrowhead Golf Club: an award-winning Arnold Palmer-designed championship golf course.2. Superstition Springs Golf Club: Regional qualifying site for PGA Tour events, so you know it is in pristine shape!3. McCormick Ranch Golf Club: Water in the desert? Palm trees and mountain vistas too!4. StoneCreek Golf Club: Recognized by Golf Channel as one of Arizona's "Best Kept Secrets."5. Wigwam Golf Club: Three Memorable Courses to Choose!6. Arizona Biltmore Golf Club: Two courses with a choice of traditional or links-style Golf.7. Camelback – Padre Course: A traditional-style course with awesome views of Camelback Mountain.8. Orange Tree Golf Course: Once an orange grove, now a desert oasis, this course is recognized as "green" with great Camelback Mountain views.9. Starfire Golf Club: Formerly Scottsdale Country Club, this is a 27-hole Arnold Palmer designed facility.10. Grand Canyon University Golf Course: A muni-golf course with state-of-the-art amenities.Think we need to add a few more golf courses to this list? Use the comments section of this golf blog to state your case!Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Why the Line on Your #Golf Ball Could Hurt Your Putting

Fri, 18 Aug 2017 05:29:05 PDT

Do you draw a line on your golf ball and use it to point to where you want your ball to roll on the green? If so, you could be diminishing your chances to hole out.During a recent lesson with my PGA instructor, Dale Ketola, at the Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center, the focus was on putting and the mental game. Dale made me realize that I don't need the line which I currently place on my ball to point to the target - the line, speed, confidence, and feel are all in my head.Dale incorporates really high line golf technology into his lessons to show where players need improvement or if they are on the right track. Along with V1 software, BODITRAK and Flightscope, my very able instructor utilizes FocusBand with his students.FocusBand is a mind-sensing neurofeedback device which shows when a golfer is thinking too much negative thoughts when playing the game. Sounds like it comes from the head of Gene Roddenberry, doesn't it? Several well known PGA Tour, LPGA and Tour players, such as Jason Day and Michelle Wie, use this apparatus...and now it is my turn to try it out!We used this headband during my putting lesson to help measure my subconscious thoughts while standing over the ball. Am I:- Overthinking (Excessive Fear or Anxiety)- Having Fear of Failure- Frustrated- In the ZoneDale dropped a ball on the green (as if it landed in that perfect position) and watched as I performed my pre-shot routine.The simple interface showed that, while standing over the ball ready to putt, my brain was "in the red zone". Uh, oh,...I was definitely thinking too much! But, what was I thinking of? That was for my instructor to determine as machines cannot give you that piece of the puzzle...yet.It is his experience as a teacher and player that made me understand what I am thinking, sensing and how to limit my thoughts to one visual before striking the ball.I asked Dale what he does during his pre-shot putting routine. He says that, before taking his putt, he analyzes the green, then stares at the dirt in the bottom of the cup and puts that thought of the circle into his mind; he goes up to the marker, places his ball (with a small circle drawn on top) into position, aims and shoots.At address, I need to, "Occupy my mind with what's going to happen, not how it's going to happen."You can also relate putting to driving a car and how you don't consciously think of pressing down on gas or brake pedal or placing your hands on the steering wheel or turning your car to the left or right - you just know how to do it already and make it happen.I learned quite a bit during my putting lesson at the Golf Performance Center - thank you, Dale! Now, I need to practice my new routine so that, when I get onto the course, my brain is in the "green zone" on the green!A parting thought about the importance of putting...After his sobering loss at the 99th PGA Championship, David Duval said of Hideki Matsuyama, "On a Sunday, I don't think you have to make a ton of 15-footers, but you have to make the four and five footers to win a golf tournament."Here is a great putt from Justin Thomas during the 3rd round of the U.S. Open which helps prove that the mind is what gets the golf ball to the hole:ARE YOU KIDDING? WHAT. A. PUTT! @JustinThomas34 #USOpen (🎥: @usopengolf)— (@golf_com) June 17, 2017Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Why Autograph Hounds Seek Out Jordan Spieth

Fri, 30 Jun 2017 05:31:41 PDT

Golf autographs have become big business in the world of memorabilia. From Masters flags to golf shirts, the field is wide open for a sig seeker to snag a possible future greats' name to turn over for a hefty profit.Jordan Spieth, one of golf's young rising stars, as well as past heroes, can command big bucks for their names.Kids usually get first dibs on signatures from the golfers and, according to a Golfworld article, tweens and teens are, surprisingly, in it for the $$$, even more so than adults. According to, a 2015 Masters flag with Jordan Spieth's name penned legibly can fetch more than $4,000. Illegibly, the same Spieth signature is valued at just under $1,500, still a hefty sum.There are two takeaways from this type of autograph hunting - one positive, as assessed by Arnold Palmer, and another more biting sentiment from Brooks Koepka; guess who had the more positive take on the sig seekers?Palmer said of pushy autograph hounds, that these guys have to make a living, too, going so far as to ensure his name was legible on all memorabilia and to mail out his autograph to fans' homes, costing him a small fortune, according to this insightful article.What does Koepka think about pushy autograph seekers? For kids, no problem but for adults...probably not so nice, stating to one fan, "Because I'm not making your money today." Too harsh? Probably. Gone are the days of decorum that made Arnold the memorable superstar he is today.Jordan Spieth's take on penning his name? No problem...most of the time... but kids get first dibs (maybe he should read the article in this blog). Spieth said, "I'm not appreciative of people who travel to benefit off other people's success, I enjoy signing, and sign for kids whenever we get the chance."After reading this article, I have selected a few of my own golfer-signed memorabilia to see what/if it would bring me online riches.1. Camilo Villegas autographed RBZ hat. I found a Cobra autographed hat signed by "Spiderman Villegas" but the price was only $29.99...this hat stays on my wall.2. Keegan Bradley signed golf glove.Although the golf glove I have is in a Srixon envelope, the glove Bradley signed on a Callaway glove is only fetching $69.99 on Ebay. Yet another memory to grace my collection.3. Jordan Spieth BobbleHead Doll in the box from the ATT Pebble Beach Pro-Am - $80 and up to mid $100's but I am hopeful that his illustrious career will allow for an upward trend...not that I'm selling...I also have a golf ball given to me by Annika Sorenstam which says, "Annika Rules" but it is only marked, not signed. Signed "Annika" golf balls fetch about $100 so, we ladies have some work to do in order to catch up with our male counterparts.4. 2006 U.S. Open Hat signed by several well-known golfers including Ian Poulter (who drew a green for me) and Fred Funk. I found a similar hat online which is currently on the block for $180.I have not gone out of my way to seek out autographs for my collection...these items were gifted through various means. Which golfer's autograph have you gotten...and how? Tag @Golf4Beginners on Twitter with a photo and comment below on this Golf for Beginners blog.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

What's News in Golf Technology?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 05:43:25 PDT

Whether it's new or improved, today's golf technology is designed to enhance your game and your viewing experience. Below is a sampling of some of the new tech available today to golfers and how you can use it to your advantage.1. Go, Go, Go! Can your golf ball fly even farther? Scientists are working with new polymers for the inside of the golf ball and scratch-resistant polyurethane exteriors. Amateurs may one day see their drives easily fly 300 yards - but, what's the fun in that?2. Before I started taking lessons at the Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center, I never heard of FocusBand, a "thought-sensing" neurofeedback headband to help determine how you "feel" before, during and after you hit the ball.You know the Bobby Jones quote, "Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course - the distance between your ears,"...well, science has come up with a way to make sure that the mental game does not impede the physical one.How focused am I? I will be reviewing this technology shortly and will let you know my levels of focus and tension but, suffice it to say, reading brainwaves to improve your golf game is certainly the "wave" of the future!3. Callaway leading the technology wave? Callaway certainly has been in the news recently, from the release of their Callaway GPS watch which can count steps, Golf for Beginnerscalories, GPS and more for a variety of sports, to their new Epic irons which are said to remove standard limitations to enhance maximum performance. Although Pro Tracer is not necessarily breakthrough golf technology, it has improved the viewing experience for fans of the game. This U.S. Open received accurate shot-tracking graphics for all eighteen holes along with Toptracer technology which allowed for, "live ball trace over video." How could this design be suited for the average golfer? I am sure someone is already working on it.5. Now you can play Pebble Beach for real! Okay, maybe not for real but HD Golf states about their simulators, that "from a realism standpoint, it’s as real as you can get — short of getting a tee time at Pebble Beach." HD Golf says they use a geophysical scan, high-res images, and drone footage.I have played Pebble Beach and would like to see if this simulator really makes me feel like I am standing on that 7th tee box, wind blowing in my face, heart pumping to land that golf ball safely on the green.What new golf technology can you add to this list that makes you go WOW? Place your comments into our Golf for Beginners blog below and tag us on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

What Can Video Analysis Do for Your Golf Swing?

Thu, 15 Jun 2017 05:54:25 PDT

Scenario: Inconsistency once again rears its ugly head in your golf swing and you chunk, thin it and watch as your shots fly off in all directions. You think this anomaly will solve itself over time but it only gets worse.What is the first step to a cure? A video analysis of your golf swing!Yes, I am guilty of not taking regular golf instruction to keep me on track but, after a recent lesson at the Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center in Myrtle Beach, I realize that my swing won't fix itself.Instructors like Dale Ketola are awesome without using technology to guide them, but their skills are amplified with software such as V1.The software can show a hitch or improper plane angle with front or side views, allowing the teacher to give you the proper method of solving the issue(s). The student also benefits because he or she gets to watch the swing over and over again, with analysis from the teacher.In my previous blog, my video golf lesson using my irons showed that not only was my head in front of the ball but I was turning my body to look at the target, thus pulling my shots. Dale offered me an easy fix which I have been working on at the driving range.Next was an analysis of my driver swing which, I am happy to report, is excellent and right on plane!Even though I swing my driver well, Dale offered me a tip or two to improve my position even further (watch the video below for golf tips of view Rate My Golf Driver Swing on  allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="225" src="" width="400">Don't forget the importance of having a driver fit correctly for your golf swing - if you visit the Myrtle Beach area, ask Dale for help with this as well!Do you regularly take golf lessons? Let us know the benefits you received below, on this golf blog, and tag us on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Why You Need an Instructor to Video Your Golf Swing

Thu, 08 Jun 2017 09:04:17 PDT

Have you been pushing/pulling/chunking your golf shots?Are you out of sync?If you are nodding your head in agreement, and, if you are starting a list with your own issues, the next question comes as no surprise...When was the last time you took a lesson from a qualified professional golf instructor?Chances are you can't remember but, if you can, you probably came away with a much stronger game. I know I did!I knew something was amiss with my golf swing; although my ball contact is good, my shots were inconsistent - left, right, left, right...I was playing military golf!With the latest golf technology at their fingertips, PGA Instructors can identify, show you your flaws and help you to correct them. You will also be able to view the lesson online afterward so, when you hit the driving range, you will remember what you need to practice.I recently received a lesson from Dale Ketola, PGA, Director of Instruction at the brand, new Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center. Dale has all of the latest technology and my mouth was watering just thinking about using that V1 Software, Flightscope...Focus Band...Below is a video of my golf swing using an 8-iron. I will place the swing video using my driver in next week's blog but, suffice it to say, Dale had only good things to say about it.If you cannot view my golf swing video on this blog, click here: IRON SWING 1: allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="225" src="" width="400"> I was able to view my swing and Dale compared me with Paula Creamer (and with a similar outfit!) showed me what I was doing wrong and how to correct it right on the screen.If you are guilty of relying on your husband (or buddies) at the driving range to help when you have a problem, "Hey, take a look at me and see what I'm doing wrong", stop NOW and take one of these lessons!I am currently working on correcting these flaws which have quietly crept into my golf swing:1. Head in front of the ball.2. Open stance - Turning my body to look at my target.After my lesson with Dale, Barry and I played nine holes at Myrtlewood Pinehills golf course and, guess what! I scored nine shots lower than the previous week...and without even having a chance to practice what I learned!Thanks to Dale Ketola and the Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center for the instruction. After I practice eradicating the swing flaws shown to me, I will be back for another lesson. I hope to try the Focus Band which can tell me my emotional state while I am striking the ball - that should turn up all kinds of issues!Contact Dale Ketola at the Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center: EMAIL: Dale.Ketola@foundersgolf.comPHONE: 843-833-3332FACEBOOK: Grande Dunes Golf Performance CenterDo your golf lessons include visualization with the V1 Software? What other technology do you use to help eradicate swing flaws? Tell us below on our Golf for Beginners blog and tag on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Female #Golf Athletes - Do You Believe We Have Come a Long Way?

Fri, 02 Jun 2017 05:56:29 PDT

In honor of the NCAA Championships and the upcoming Women's Golf Day, Golf for Beginners posts this Q&A about the state of womenin sports from a student working on his final university assessment.Do you believe that equality has finally come to females in sports or is sexism still rearing its ugly head?Here are my answers:- How big an interest/fan base do you think there is for women’s golf?I think women's golf is constantly in a state of flux - the more entertainment value, the greater the audience.- Do women’s sports, golf, in particular, need better mainstream media coverage?Always, but not just on traditional sources. We need to reach people where they search. I believe Youtube has much to offer as well as sources that don't necessarily cover golf, such as fitness magazines. The keywords used should reach out to a non-traditional audience.- Generally, do you believe women in sports, and the sports themselves, have come a long way?Of course - take a look at the early days of women's sports...those skirts are floor length! Yes, Title 9 helped with that process (and so did young upstarts like Michelle Wie) but we still have a long way to go.- Are we at a stage where female athletes are recognized as role models to the next generation of women and girls? On the same level as male athletes?To girls that have an interest in sports, I believe more so than male athletes. They can promote physical fitness... strength of mind and body!- Does the media play a fair role in promoting and informing the public of female sporting events and their athletes?No. I believe that women's golf events need to be better promoted. I don't know half of the times/dates of pro events. I would have to go and search out those times although the media is doing an adequate job promoting the NCAA Women's semifinals.- Were events surrounding the vote at Muirfield the start of a change in women’s golf? Or have those events been forgotten about?I think that those events have been forgotten about for now but will be pulled "out of the hat" when they are needed to make a statement.- When discussing the media’s role, do you feel that in a newsroom you are equally represented?Women will be equally represented as they step into the field. There are now more female announcers than ever, and their viewpoints represent a different way of thinking than traditional male questioning.- Are we past the days of ‘body image’ when it comes to women in sport? Or are we still at the height of sexualizing female athletes?Unfortunately, we still need to "sexualize" women athletes to some degree in order to get more attention to the sport but the women in question do it in a very tasteful way. Body image will always be important to the world we live in but, hopefully, it can be balanced with an equally sharp mental state.- Is there pressure for female athletes to look a certain way? In a sport like golf does talent and skill play a bigger role?Female athletes that are "prettier" still get more attention but I believe that their sticks still do the talking!What do you have to add to these questions about women in golf? Comment below in our golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Should You #Golf With Better Players?

Thu, 25 May 2017 06:05:38 PDT

Do you immediately feel anxious when approached by a single golfer or couple who wants to join you for the round?Chances are, you may have been with your husband, wife or friend on the first tee and have been asked..."Want to pair up?" only to cut them short with one of the following hackneyed excuses:"I would prefer not to...""I'm not very good...""I haven't played in a while...""I play slow..."Yes, both my husband and I have, on occasion, approached a twosome and received those comments. It's kind of disheartening because we were not only trying to keep the pace of players steadily moving but also thought it would be nice to play golf with another couple.If you are on the receiving end...who feel intimidated that you are not good enough, take heart. There are always going to be golfers who play better than you do, or not as good as you, which is why the handicap system was invented - to level the playing field! Instead of worrying, go out to have a good time - you may just surprise yourself and play your best golf ever!For this blog, we will examine the positive impact playing with a better golfer can have on your game and how you can benefit from the experience.Reasons You May Not Want to Play Golf With a "Better" Golfer:1. You may "beat yourself up" if you start to slide down the rabbit hole.2. You may think you are slowing down the better golfer.3. You may feel intimidated by the golfers' swing, shots, demeanor.4. You may want to hit each shot, no matter how many you have to take, in order to get to the green.Reasons You Should Play Golf With a Better Golfer:1. You may pick up a few tips along the way.2. Great to watch a better golfer's course management skills.3. You might focus more on each of your shots and your score.4. Challenges your mental and physical game.5. You may just meet a new friend.In my opinion, the positives far outweigh the negatives. I am an advocate for playing happy golf, keeping my own frame of mind and enjoying the company of whoever is with me at the time.Tell you all of those folks out there who are worried about playing golf with me;I won't comment on your swing, shots, and lack of experience if you don't snicker behind my back when I flub, okay?This Memorial Day weekend, when you are faced with this situation, I hope you will go with the flow and make the most of your round. Enjoy!Do you play with better golfers and why? Comment below on this golf blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Do You Play #Golf to Win?

Tue, 23 May 2017 09:42:44 PDT

Scenario: You're behind by two strokes, nearing the end a very important golf tournament, and your ball is not sitting in the best position to go for the green. Your nearest competitor has not bogeyed all day long and appears to be in good shape. What is your next move?Do you:a) play it safeb) play to winThis was the dilemma for Ian Poulter as he debated his next move while 21-year-old Si Woo Kim stood ready on the fairway to increase his lead on a par-5 at the 2017 Players Championship.Poulter decided to play it safe, protecting 2nd place money and his world ranking. After the tournament and his decision had been made, Poulter received criticism from a Golf Channel commentator, calling the move "the worst shot of the day."Was it though? Chamblee, the commentator in question, clarified his statement to include that it was, indeed, a "fine shot" and, although it "didn't cost himself any money, didn't cost him any world ranking points", Poulter "clearly did not play to win".According to, the hardest shot to hit under pressure is...the layup. "It won't get any votes for Shot of the Year" but it could make the difference in the shots that follow. A study in favor of opposing side, that is, playing aggressively in a tight squeeze, was published by Edmund M. Balsdon in the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports. He argues that "pros should start playing more aggressive under pressure because tournament purses are heavily skewed in favor of the winner."Of course, we don't play at that level but most of us do like to compete and beat our friends.So, do you play safe and wait for your competitor to make an error (which happens a lot at our level of play) or go for the low percentage shot and, possibly, the win if you make a great shot?I guess it depends on how well you are hitting the ball that day. Two thoughts to consider before making that decision during play:- If you've been making most of your shots and your confidence is high, then go for it!- If you have been scrambling all day, on the other hand, then you should play it safe.Good luck out there!Have you played it safe when your mind said, "Go for it?" Let us know your story below in the comments section of this Golf for Beginners blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]

Easy Solutions for #Golf Course Errors

Fri, 12 May 2017 13:49:50 PDT

Another blooper off the tee, one more golf green not made in regulation... you know you are doing something wrong can you fix these problems?First, identify your issues. Place them on a list like the one I have created below. Most errors are easily avoidable and solvable. Here is our list of a few of the more common amateur golf mistakes:Duffing off the teeSlicing or hooking your shotsNot reaching your goalsGolf Ball flying past where intendedPlaying the wrong ballNot knowing the RulesSolutions for most of the above issues are rather simple and some have nothing to do with on-course management. The tips below should help you start your round off on the right foot (so to speak).Stretch Before a Round: A few stretches before you get to the first tee will help loosen you up for the next eighteen holes.Practice: Just a few minutes of chipping and putting on the practice green can help you line up your putts and get a feel for the speed of the green and for the clubs you are about to use.Boost: Keep Energized During the Round: Make sure you bring along a healthy snack.Lessen your Load: If you are carrying your bag, be sure to remove extras that could weigh you down.As for the on-course issues, some can be solved with simple practice. One of my earliest New York instructors once told me to remember the basics of G.A.S.P. (Grip, Alignment, Stance and Posture).He said to, "remember this simple acronym when you practice and put it into play on the course." It is something I have never forgotten and continue to use to this day. Gripping too tight causes tension in your swing and we know how that single behavior can affect your entire round!With relation to not reaching your goal or flying past your goal, that is most probably solved on the driving range by getting to know your club distances and including variables, such as the wind, as you make your club decision. Also, if you know your driver is not working well for you today, use a 3-wood instead. Golf is a thinking man's game so use your brain and your body to make the most of your round.Lastly, for this blog, and with relation to The Rules...knowing the basics or, at the very least, keeping a rules book at the ready, can help you to make up strokes. Know the penalties so you can correctly score.All of the above mistakes are curable are costly yet avoidable. Which golf course errors do you make on a regular basis? Share with us below on this golf blog and on our Golf4Beginners Twitter page.Follow @Golf4Beginners on Twitter and friend us on Facebook! [...]