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The Horse is concerned with all aspects of equine health, and it is written for hands-on horse owners, trainers, riders, breeders, and barn managers who want to know more about taking the best care of his or her horses. Extensive information on topics of


NYSGC Investigating Spate of Horse Deaths at Saratoga
The commission is working to determine what might have contributed to a dozen recent racing- and training-related deaths.(image)

Delaware Reports First Equine WNV Case of 2017
The 11-year-old Quarter Horse mare from Kent County, which was not currently vaccinated against WNV, was euthanized.(image)

Staying Sound Post-Tendon Injury
My OTTB has recently recovered from a bowed front tendon injury. What can I do to help him continue to stay sound in his new career?(image)

Managing Your Horse's Back Pain
Two veterinarians share how they diagnose, treat, and rehab back-sore horses.(image)

Wisconsin Confirms Third EEE Case of 2017
The unvaccinated 9-year-old Quarter Horse mare from Monroe County was euthanized.(image)

North Carolina Horse Tests Positive for Rabies
The affected horse, a 25-year-old Haflinger from Polk County, was unvaccinated.(image)

Equine Biosecurity Do's and Don'ts
Use these disease prevention strategies to protect your horse on the farm, at the horse show, and in the breeding shed.(image)

Culpepper, Virginia, Horses Test Positive for EHV-1
One horse is recovering with supportive care while the other was euthanized. Both horses are from the same farm.(image)

Tips for Feeding Foals After Weaning
Weanlings require additional support and feeding adjustments as they grow. Here's what to remember.(image)

Poll Recap: Genetic Disease Testing
Of the 270 respondents, only 74 (27%) said they've had a horse tested for a genetic disorder or disease.(image)

Does Equine Lameness Need to be Redefined?
Researchers say "lameness" should be redefined to reflect new digital techniques that use preset parameters to detect gait asymmetries.(image)

Study Evaluates Banned, Controlled Substances in Horse Feed
While small quantities of some controlled substances were found in feed samples, researchers say it's not necessarily cause for concern ... just awareness.(image)

ARCI Updates Model Rules, Will Review Penalty Guidelines
Some believe the recommended penalties may not be tough enough for egregious violations and that isolated minor offenses are treated too harshly.(image)

Don't Let Your Horse Hay Go Up In Flames
Learn how to avoid combustion and barn fire caused by your stored hay.(image)

Jockey Club's 2017 Round Table Meeting in the Books
Topics covered included the Horseracing Integrity Act of 2017, Thoroughbred Safety Committee recommendations, and more.(image)

UC Davis Equine Researchers Tackling Coronavirus
Research can help vets better diagnose and treat the disease and horse owners manage or even prevent outbreaks.(image)

Fats: Not Just an Equine Diet Fad
Fats serve many important functions for your horse, from increasing calorie consumption to reducing gastric ulcer severity.(image)

BLM Set to Begin Bible Springs Complex Wild Horse Gather
The BLM plans to gather and remove about 100 wild horses from state, private, and BLM-managed lands.(image)

Factors Associated With Septic Pleuropneumonia Survival
A thoracotomy improved the survival rates of affected horses, while dehydration increased the odds of death.(image)

102 Reasons to Vaccinate Horses Against Hendra Virus
From 1994, when the virus was first identified, to August 2017, there have been 60 known Hendra incidents in Australia resulting in the death of 102 horses.(image)

BLM Concludes Marietta Wild Burro Gather
The BLM gathered 129 wild burros within and outside the Marietta Wild Burro Range, in Mineral County, Nevada.(image)

Cluster of Potomac Horse Fever Cases Confirmed in Kentucky
Veterinarians have confirmed nearly 30 cases so far this year and expect to see more.(image)

Two More Michigan Horses Test Positive for WNV
A Standardbred gelding from Mecosta County is recovering while a Quarter Horse mare from Midland County was euthanized. Both horses were unvaccinated.(image)

California Equine WNV Case Count Rises to Five
Two unvaccinated Quarter Horse fillies from Kern and Contra Costa counties are the latest horses to test positive.(image)

Washington Confirms First Equine WNV Case of 2017
The 10-year-old Quarter Horse from Four Lakes, in Spokane County, suffered incoordination and muscle tremors, but is reportedly improving.(image)