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The Horse is concerned with all aspects of equine health, and it is written for hands-on horse owners, trainers, riders, breeders, and barn managers who want to know more about taking the best care of his or her horses. Extensive information on topics of


Zoetis, The Horse Partner for Flu Week
Look for special equine influenza educational information Dec. 4-10 as part of National Influenza Week.(image)

California EHV-1: New Case Confirmed in Inyo County
California animal health say this case is unrelated to the 13 cases confirmed in Los Angeles County over the past few weeks.(image)

Fractures: Beyond the Limbs
They might be less common than limb fractures, but skull, rib, pelvis, and withers fractures are no less important.(image)

TCA to Honor Banke, Backstretch Employee Service Team
Barbara Banke and the Backstretch Employee Service Team will be recognized for their work in the Thoroughbred industry.(image)

AMMVEE Hosts Annual Convention
The main focus of the Congress was equine welfare in honor of Dr. Aline Schunemann de Aluja, a pioneer of equine welfare in Mexico(image)

Researchers Test Strangles Treatment
How do cheesecake, gelatin, and penicillin relate to a treatment for strangles? Dr. Anna Kendall explains.(image)

UHC Awards Gelding Vouchers to Giving Tuesday Contest Winner
Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue will receive $2,500 in gelding vouchers.(image)

Is It My Horse, or Is It Me?
We're quick to blame a horse for misbehaving, but a closer look at equine behavior might reveal we're just communicating the wrong way.(image)

The Science Behind Equine Supplements
Manufacturers make many claims, but do supplements really work? We'll look at the research and answer your questions!(image)

Equine Foundation of Canada Donates to AVC
The AVC used the funds to purchase equipment used to diagnose and treat equine lameness, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal issues.(image)

Study: Some Horses can Learn by Watching Humans
Researchers confirmed that horses learn socially across species, in this case from familiar humans.(image)

Six Things Your Horse Really Wants for Christmas
Tractors, breeches, and horse-themed jewelry might make up your wish list. But what would your horse ask Santa for?(image)

Malignant Melanomas in Horses: What Do They Mean?
Many horses live with melanoma. Others don't. Dr. Susan White explains what it means for a tumor to be malignant.(image)

Ready Mares in Fall for Foals in Spring
Reproductive health, vaccination status, and nutrition are key to readying your mare to care for her foal.(image)

Tail Hairs Reveal Gobi Desert Equids' Dietary Choices
Researchers learned that Przewalski’s and domestic horses feed exclusively on grass, while wild asses also eat shrubs during winter.(image)

Scientists Find Gene Behind Equine Sex Development Disorder
Androgen receptor gene mutations can make a male fetus develop as a structurally sound filly, at least on the outside.(image)

From Hoof Testers to MRI
Take a look at the evolution of diagnosing distal limb lameness in sport horse practice with Dr. Brendan Furlong.(image)

Holiday Gifts Your Horse Will Love
Not sure what to get your horse? Consider an enrichment toy or activity!(image)

What Causes Sarcoids in Horses?
Sarcoids puzzle practitioners and plague some horses. Dr. David Levine shares what scientists know about their cause.(image)

Dozens of Horses Displaced by Smoky Mountain Wildfire
Some horses and ponies have been evacuated as their owners wait to see the full extent of the fire's damage.(image)

Are Appeasing Pheromones Effective in Horses?
Can you explain more about the effectiveness and availability of appeasing pheromones that can be rubbed in the nostrils of a horse to help reduce nervousness and anxiety?(image)

Hot Topics in Hoof Care, Part 3: The Role of Imaging
Find out how veterinarians and farriers rely on imaging to evaluate the horse's hoof.(image)

9 Ideas for Giving Tuesday
What equine organizations do you support on Giving Tuesday?(image)

Vets to Track Radiographic Abnormalities in Thoroughbreds
Researchers have begun a four-year study aimed at tracking the progress and prevalence of radiographic abnormalities in yearling Thoroughbreds.(image)

Arizona House Members Seek Salt River Herd Growth Control
The bipartisan group called for Salt River mares to be treated with porcine zona pellucida to manage herd growth.(image)