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The Horse is concerned with all aspects of equine health, and it is written for hands-on horse owners, trainers, riders, breeders, and barn managers who want to know more about taking the best care of his or her horses. Extensive information on topics of


More Work Might Mean Your Horse Needs More Calories
Have you increased your horse's workload this spring? Find out how to safely increase his energy intake to match.(image)

Common Dewormers: Still Effective Against Small Strongyles?
New study results revealed that some commercially available dewormers showed poor efficacy on the majority of farms sampled.(image)

2017 NIAA, USAHA Equine Forum White Paper Now Available
The forum focused on advancing equine identification methods, traceability, and electronic health records.(image)

Air Quality Week From The Horse and Sweet PDZ
Look for educational articles and resources on air quality and equine respiratory health, April 24-29.(image)

Equine GI and Respiratory Disease: What's New?
Researchers discuss equine rotavirus infection in foals, bacterial upper airway infections, and more.(image)

'Trigger' Finds Permanent Home in Florida Keys
Last year Trigger was ridden nearly 700 miles from Greenwood, South Carolina, to Miami-Dade, Florida.(image)

Time to Ride Challenge Association Program Grows
Associations will reward challenge hosts with additional cash and prizes for connecting people to horses.(image)

PAAG Showing Promise as Arthritis Pain Reliever for Horses
Injecting polyacrylamide hydrogel (PAAG) into an arthritic joint could offer long-lasting pain relief, possibly via a cushioning effect, researchers found.(image)

The Future of Parasite Control?
Anthelmintic resistance to at least one drug class could be present in every equine operation across the world. With only three classes to choose from, we are running out of treatment options.(image)

UHVRC Distributes More Than 3,200 Vaccines to Horses in Need
The UHVRC has delivered more than 25,000 doses of core vaccines to protect horses in need since its inception in 2009.(image)

Limb Sensors for Equine Diagnostics, Performance Evaluations
Researchers believe inertial measurement units can provide greater accuracy in veterinary diagnoses and performance evaluations.(image)

Equine Supplements
Download our free guide for a basic overview of equine supplements and tips for selecting the right ones for your horses.(image)

Does a Senior Horse Have Special Vaccination Needs?
Dr. Kevin Hankins explains why senior horses are in a category of their own for vaccinations and care.(image)

Parasite Control Recommendations for Boarded Horses
Vets recommend a whole-facility-focused approach to parasite control, but what do you do when you don't manage the farm?(image)

Horses Left in Wyoming Forest Last Autumn Rescued
Park County authorities are investigating circumstances surrounding three horses left near Haymaker Ridge six months ago.(image)

Getting Ready for Rolex: By the Numbers
How many trot sets and calories does a horse require to get Rolex-ready? Join "Forty" as he preps for the grueling test.(image)

Horse Castrated, Dies in Texas
Texas law enforcement authorities are seeking whoever castrated a stallion before leaving him to die in a Fannin County pasture.(image)

ARCI Welfare, Integrity Conference Continues
Wednesday's discussion topics included maintaining integrity and crop use during races, among others.(image)

Troubleshooting Trailer Loading: One Step at a Time
Consider these four behavior-science-based approaches to help your horse load safely.(image)

What it Takes To Ship Competition Horses Overseas
Take an inside look at the rules and regulations regarding importing horses to the United States solely for competition.(image)

Enter The Horse's "Don't Spook!" Contest!
Is your horse an expert spooker? Enter The Horse's contest for a chance to win!(image)

Parasite Control: An Update
In the past, researchers developed new classes of antiparasitic compounds approximately every 10 years. But what works today?(image)

ARCI Panel Discusses How to Stop Cheating in Horse Racing
A panel believes keys include additional out-of-competition testing, investigators, and research.(image)

Merck/AAEP Foundation Scholarship Applications Due April 24
Second- and third-year veterinary students dedicated to a career in equine medicine can apply for one of five $5,000 scholarships.(image)

Seasonal Manure Changes
A veterinarians answers a reader's question on why some horses have seasonal runny manure.(image)