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Published: Wed, 07 Dec 2016 11:03:14 +0000


Chrysocolla is one of the silicate minerals. Page 7.

Weathering: Details of This Central Geologic...
The definition of weathering is the gradual destruction of rock under surface conditions. Think of the Grand Canyon or other rock formations.

Dinosaur Bone
Dinosaur bone is cut and polished as a gemstone. Page 9.

Insect in Amber
An amber earring contains an insect fossil. Page 16.

What Is a Pluton?
Plutons are deep-seated bodies of large-grained igneous rock. They can be exposed at the surface if erosion wears away overlying rock.

What Are the Different Parts of a Stream?
What are the different parts of a stream? An in-depth look at stream terminology, stream order and river valleys.

Dung Fossils
Fecal fossils are fruitful finds. Page 11.

Metamorphic Fabrics
The six basic fabric types found in metamorphic rocks.

Coquina is one of the major types of sedimentary rocks. Page 11.

The Mohs Hardness of Coins
Experiments with using coins in your Mohs hardness kit.

What Crystals Are
A clear explanation in everyday language of crystals as geologists see them.

Elphidium granti is a typical foraminifer. Page 13.

The Scientific Definition of a Mineral
Minerals meet four criteria, more or less strict.

Blueschist is a major metamorphic rock type from regional metamorphism. Page 3.

Quartz is classified as a rock-forming mineral. Page 9.

Cold Seep
A fossilized cold seep in California's Panoche Hills. Page 4.

Alabaster or massive gypsum rock is one of the sedimentary rocks.

The Promise of Geothermal Energy
Geothermal energy exploits the Earth's natural heat budget.

New York Geologic Map
Geologic map of New York, part of a set of all 50 states. Page 32.

North Carolina Geologic Map
Geologic map of North Carolina, part of a set of all 50 states. Page 33.

Solifluction - Definition and Examples in Geology
The special form of soil flow typical of glaciated regions.

Pyroxene (Augite)
Pyroxene is a rock-forming mineral. Page 8.

Identification Key for the Rock-Forming Minerals
Quick identification table for the minerals that form the majority of rocks.

What You Should Know about the Earth's Core
The whole Earth on average consists of the same mixture of stuff we see elsewhere in the solar system, but the core has to be iron metal along with some nickel.

What You Should Know About the San Andreas Fault
Home page for everything about the San Andreas fault: where it is, how it behaves, what it means.

What is an Orogeny?
A short explanation of orogenies, or mountain-building episodes, with examples.

Fossil fish from Eocene lake beds. Page 12.

QAP Diagram for Plutonic Rocks
QAP ternary diagram showing IUGS classification of phaneritic igneous rocks.

Magma and Lava - How It Melts, Rises, and Evolves
About the molten stuff from which all rocks arise.