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Published: Tue, 17 Jan 2017 11:03:12 +0000


Where to Look for Rocks and Minerals
Learn the basics of rocks and minerals, where to find them and what they mean in their context.

Steno Started Geology with a Few Simple...
Steno (Niels Stensen) first set forth some of the basic principles that all geologists follow.

Geology of the Appalachian Mountains
The Appalachian Mountains contain a very complex (and lengthy) geologic history. Learn more about what makes them so special.

Silica Tetrahedron Defined and Explained
The silica tetrahedron is the basis of the silicate minerals.

How Old Is the Ocean Floor?
The oceanic crust is much younger than the continental crust, rarely reaching more than 180 million years in age.

Supercontinents of the Past and Future
Several times in Earth history, plate tectonics has pushed all or most of the continents together into one big mass.

Actinolite is a major amphibole mineral. Page 5.

Slate is a major metamorphic rock type from regional metamorphism. Page 17.

The Scientific Definition of a Mineral
Minerals meet four criteria, more or less strict.

Is 'Petrified' Different From 'Fossilized'?
What a petrified thing is as opposed to a fossilized thing.

Augite is one of the pyroxene minerals. Page 2.

Subduction: The Sinking of Tectonic Plates
Subduction occurs along convergent boundaries involving at least one oceanic plate. As the tectonic plates collide, one sinks below the other.

Utah Geologic Map
Geologic map of Utah, part of a set of all 50 states. Page 44.

Pyroxenite is one of the major igneous rock types. Page 19.

Tuff is one of the major igneous rock types. Page 26.

Quartz Monzonite
Quartz monzonite is one of the major igneous rock types. Page 20.

The Bowen Reaction Series
About this staple of igneous petrology.

Troctolite is one of the gabbroid rocks: igneous, plutonic and mafic. Page 25.

Index Fossils: The Key to Telling Deep Time
Index fossils come from organisms that were distinct, widespread, abundant and short lived. These fossils help define intervals of geologic time.

More Than 50 Different Landforms in Pictures
Find and see geological landforms at Geology.

Quartz is classified as a rock-forming mineral. Page 9.

Unconformities: Gaps in the Record
In rocks, what is not there can be as informative as what is there.

Texas Geologic Map
Geologic map of Texas, part of a set of all 50 states. Page 43.