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These articles that had the largest increase in popularity over the last week

Published: Wed, 01 Mar 2017 11:03:25 +0000


Weathering: Details of This Central Geologic...
The definition of weathering is the gradual destruction of rock under surface conditions. Think of the Grand Canyon or other rock formations.

The Truth About Salt - The Most Intimate Mineral
Salt is the only dietary mineral that's really a mineral. It comes from the sea and from solid layers underground.

Map of the Mid-Ocean Ridges
Schematic map showing the locations and names of the world's mid-ocean ridges.

Mechanical Weathering
A short explanation of mechanical weathering.

Subduction: The Sinking of Tectonic Plates
Subduction occurs along convergent boundaries involving at least one oceanic plate. As the tectonic plates collide, one sinks below the other.

What Are Dikes and How Do They Form?
Dikes are igneous or sedimentary intrusions that form in the pre-existing, vertical fractures of older rock.

Erosion, Defined and Explained
Erosion is a key concept in geology - what causes it and how does it shape the Earth's surface?

Transform Boundaries - When Earth's Plates Move...
Transform boundaries or transform faults occur wherever the Earth's plates move past each other.

About Mudrocks - Optional Ingredients and...
The most widespread sedimentary rock type, despite its looks, is not a simple stone.

How Old Is the Ocean Floor?
The oceanic crust is much younger than the continental crust, rarely reaching more than 180 million years in age.

Index Minerals
Minerals that are indicators of particular states of metamorphism.

About Isotopic Dating: Yardsticks for Geologic...
Radioactivity and the barbecue model of dating.

Where to Look for Rocks and Minerals
Learn the basics of rocks and minerals, where to find them and what they mean in their context.

Learn to Read a Geologic Map
Understanding geologic maps starts with topography.

Geologic Eons and Eras
The four eons and ten eras of the official geologic time scale.

A Detailed Map of Tectonic Plate Boundaries
This map gives a detailed look at the boundaries, motions and hotspots of the world's major tectonic plates.

Everything You Need to Know About the Lithosphere
Everything you need to know about the lithosphere, including its composition, structure and thickness.

Metamorphic Facies
How suites of certain minerals show the grade of metamorphism in a body of rock.