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Published: Mon, 22 Jan 2018 14:15:02 CST

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Auto Insurance Agents
They can join an independent agency (or establish their own) or they can go to work for an established company.(image)

Antique Auto Insurance
Some policies will only cover the vehicle when it is driven at car shows while others will allow clients a certain amount of leisure driving.(image)

Water Ski Boat Insurance
Most companies that offer watercraft coverage will have annual policies, but some adjust their rates and premiums according to seasonal use.(image)

Umbrella Liability Insurance
If a person slips and falls in a neighbor's yard, breaking an ankle, the victim can take his case before a judge, who may or may not award substantial punitive damages.(image)

Teenage Car Insurance
Automobile corporations can also lower monthly payments if no wrecks or tickets appear on the teen's record.(image)

Student Car Insurance
Proof provided with a certificate will provide discounts on student car insurance.(image)

Sports Car Insurance
This can usually be bought through a standard automobile agency.(image)

Speed Boat Insurance
Most companies offer free quotes that allow potential customers to gain an idea on how much the type of coverage they are interested in will cost.(image)

Rental Car Insurance
This coverage can run anywhere between $8 and $15 a day, depending on the particular policy writer and the rental company.(image)

Rental Auto Insurance
The cost of applicable waivers depends upon the type of vehicle to be rented, but is generally low, on average between seven to twenty-five dollars a day.(image)

Public Liability Insurance
Public liability insurance can cover the cost of those fees.(image)

Personal Liability Insurance
Protection in today's world is more important than ever before because there are so many people out there who will not hesitate to sue another.(image)

National Flood Insurance
Policies can be written by any licensed agent.(image)

Log Home Insurance
If the cabin is a house built from the floor up with a purchased kit, builders will want to purchase log homes insurance during the building process.(image)

Insurance For Motorcycles
First-time bikers will be charged higher premiums despite their age.(image)

Instant Boat Insurance
Social security number, perhaps driver's license and a credit check will round out the list of application questions, and when all information has been verified, a credit card will close the transaction.(image)

Inexpensive Motorcycle Insurance
Many policies will only cover the worth of a cycle after depreciation has been factored in.(image)

Inhouse Home Care Insurance
There is also a 90 day deductible out of pocket expense, and a 5% inflation adjustment (which is highly recommended).(image)

High Risk Property Insurance
Whether it's the probability of an earthquake or a hurricane, the insured's coverage will be considered high risk properties insurance.(image)

High Risk Car Insurance
It means that a person has either been compared to a profile, or been arrested or employed because he has fit a certain profile.(image)