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Preview: Jaffe Juice

Jaffe Juice

Published: 2017-11-29T09:03:40-05:00


Machines 1 Humans 1: Joining forces with The Innovation Scout


By way of context, if you don't know Sarah Fay, you should. I met her about 15 years ago back in the early days of digital. At the time she was running Carat Digital. Since then, she's run Isobar, Aegis...

In NYC on Thursday? Please be my guest at a startup-brand collaboration event


Yes I know I haven't blogged in about 10 years, but this is as good as any time to get back into to it :) If you're in NYC on Thursday, November 16th, 8.30-11.30am, please consider yourself my personal guest...

The extinction of brands?


Shann Biglione, Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Media Greater China, wrote a terrific article on LinkedIn (hat tip: Eaon Pritchard) titled, “People who predict the death of brands don’t understand why they exist.” In it, he outlined how harbingers of doom...

Super Bowl LI: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should


For some strange reason, Westport CT was very quiet last night (where last night = Super Bowl.) Instead of several parties or bars to choose from, it seems like everyone just stayed home to watch with their immediate family. We...

You CAN have it all!


My co-founder and COO of Evol8tion, Gina Waldhorn, just had a baby. How selfish of her, right? How on earth could she neglect her startup duties of growing this business in favor of starting a family? Even worse is that...

The 100 Day Challenge: Are you Marketer enough?


How was your year? Be honest. Awesome? You shattered your KPI records? You delivered more from less and more with less? You found inefficiencies and eliminated points of friction across your marketing communications and consumer journey? Your agency brought you...

Will Apple pay the price for innovating too slow?


September 7th is the BIG day! For what you may ask? The announcement of the new iPhone 7, dummy! Oh, yawn! I guess the real question is whether we care anymore. Or maybe we care too much and just have...

Discountinue (no, this is not a typo)


Well actually it was originally a typo but then Yogi Berra style, it made complete sense. Let me explain... A week ago, we had an offsite at Evol8tion. Actually it was an offsite follow up to our previous kind...

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flatulentry (Instagram copies Snapchat)


As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In the innovation space, that's not always the case...unless of course you're operating in China, where there is no such thing as a barrier to entry As an entrepreneur,...

Captain, The Holodeck is ready for you (AKA Has Virtual Reality hit its Tipping Point?)


Warp speed and Teleportation may not quite be ready for Prime Time (or the Prime Directive), but the Holodeck appears to be gearing up for launch. Last week, Evol8tion took one of our clients on a curated 2-day tour in...

Why I Am (Probably) Coming Back to SXSW Interactive Next Year


Jason Schlossberg wrote an opinion piece in Ad Age last week, titled, "Why I am (Probably) Not Coming Back to SxSW Interactive Next Year." The sub-head was "Four Reasons Why Discovering Something New is Getting Harder at Event." and they...

Donald J. Trump is the Ultimate Z.E.R.O. Marketing Case Study


In Flip the Funnel, I outlined Obama '08 as one of the best in class case studies exemplifying what it is to deploy a "retention as the new acquisition" inside-out approach to marketing. Little did I know, I would be...

Jaffe Juice #181 - Up Periscope with Jaffe and Joel


My brother-from-another-mother, Mitch Joel (a 2-time best-selling author with 6 Pixels of Separation and Ctrl-Alt-Delete, as well as a successful entrepreneur, having recently sold his agency, Twist Image to WPP) get together once a month to do a healthy debate...

The Agency is Dead. Long live the Agency!


My brother-from-another-mother, Mitch Joel (a 2-time best-selling author with 6 Pixels of Separation and Ctrl-Alt-Delete, as well as a successful entrepreneur, having recently sold his agency, Twist Image to WPP) get together once a month to do a healthy debate...

2 episodes of Jaffe Juice - The New Marketing Podcast on Tech, Talent and Creativity


Hello strangers... How about 2 episodes of Jaffe Juice - The New Marketing Podcast for the price of Z.E.R.O.? No actually, zero. Plus you get Mirum's Mitch Joel as value add. The first episode is #179 where we discuss the...

3 doses of Jaffe Juice: on Millennials, Visual Story Telling and Word of Mouth


I know I have been long remiss in updating the podcast. So much so that Apple has removed "Across the Sound" from iTunes (ugggh) and I'm now trying to get the feed back up and running. In the interim, you...

JJTV #143 - The Engaged Leader with Charlene Li


Last month, I sat down with Altimeter's Charlene Li to discuss her new book, "The Engaged Leader." This is Charlene's third book and you may recall her first book, best-selling Groundswell. Charlene is gracious, giving, smart, insightful and really understands...

Jaffe Juice #175 - Jaffe, Joel and Miriam


I recently sat down with my brother from another mother, Mitch Joel, to discuss the Super Bowl, Life after the 30-second spot, the life, death, after life and rebirth of creativity. And Miriam. @mitchjoel and @jaffejuice It's another well spent...

Jaffe Juice #174 - The Internet is NOT the Answer with Andrew Keen


Andrew Keen is mad as hell...and he's not going to take it anymore. Actually he's just a big softy with a big brain and a big heart. Either way, he's not afraid to stick out his neck and have an...

Red Bull gives you Whinge


Apparently the "Bull" in Red Bull stands for false or misleading advertising as a court recently ruled in favor of customers who did not sprout wings. Who knew?! Here's my Jaffe Juice TV episode talking about this as well as...

Jaffe Juice #173 - Jaffe, Joel & Jerry (Seinfeld)


Mitch and I had a great conversation debate about creativity, the legitimacy and integrity of advertising, Jerry Seinfeld's zinger filled "acceptance speech" for winning an honarary Clio (you can read the full text here) and more. Personally I think the...

JJTV #140 - Delta Red and Chelsea Blue


I'm continuing to experiment with video formats in an effort to produce more content more regularly. This is my man-on-the-street attempt and clearly I haven't yet mastered the selfie video technique, but I'm learning! Be patient, it'll get better (I...

Making Mistakes...On Purpose


I was keynoting at a Satmetrix (the Net Promoter People) customer experience conference earlier this month in London -- and over fish ‘n chips during lunch, I ended up chatting with one of my fellow keynoters, Ian Williams (@CustExpMan), about...

JJTV #139 - I dare you to get to 10%


The Jaffe Juice TV episode where I discuss my MediaPost Online SpIn of the same name. Enjoy! P.S. If you like my videos, please subscribe to my Jaffe Juice TV YouTube Channel. This tells me to do more of these...

PowerPoint doesn't Suck. YOU do!


That's the title of my workshop, which - hopefully with your help - I will be giving at next year's SxSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX in March of 2015. You know how much people hate Powerpoint? Well, maybe it's...

Earn the Bundle


My latest MediaPost Online Spin column below, which introduces a concept about "earning" versus "commanding" a bundle of products or brands. Whether you're Panasonic, Nike, Apple or Procter & Gamble...this notion applies. A month ago, Procter & Gamble announced it...

JJTV #138 - Fanning the Flames of the #IceBucketChallenge


JJTV is back (after a 3 year hiatus!) In this episode I talk about the Ice Bucket Challenge and the power of Creativity, Conversation, First Mover Advantage, Raising the Bar...and exceeding it.

I Dare You To Get To 10%


Lately I’ve been describing myself as the Robin Hood of marketing. If I look back at my four books -- “Life after the 30-second spot,” “Join the Conversation,” Flip the Funnel” and “Z.E.R.O.” -- they all have a common theme...

The Price Of Innovation? About $199


Last week, I popped into my local Apple store for back-to-back-to-back appointments with the Geniuses (or Genii) at the Bar. First port of call was my own iPhone and its radical draining battery. Turns out the problem was my 17,000...

Why Is Shopper Marketing The Red-Headed Stepchild?


Last week I attended a fantastic event in Chicago called “The League of Leaders,” an initiative run by the Path to Purchase Institute. Heard of them? Of course you haven’t. That’s because the subject matter focused on shopper marketing, the...

Just Piv Ot (and more)


My last 3 Online Spin columns: Just Pivot May 13 - full text below The Death Of Anonymity April 29 - Anonymity was once the voice of the meek; now it is the voice of the coward (and bully) The...

Jaffe Juice #172 - Jaffe, Joel and Sorrell AKA The 3 Amigos


Mitch and I resume our monthly "debates" to discuss the agency world, including a very frank discussion about the recent acquisition of Twist Image by WPP. Congrats my friend! @jaffejuice and @mitchjoel Listen live or download here. Subscribe to the...

A fresh dose of Innovation


My last 4 Online Spin articles are pasted below for your convenience and reading pleasure: Innovation Is A Life-And-Death Decision April 1 Using a Texting and Driving case study, I draw an analogy with marketing innovation in general and ask...

The Phone Didn't Ring


Is it possible that most major marketers did absolutely nothing last year? I put them to the test. The results were not encouraging...