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Preview: pat radio: independent and unsigned bands from Columbus, Ohio

pat radio

Free-form music program originating from Columbus, Ohio, often featuring local musicians and bands.freeform frosting with local sprinkles

Last Build Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2016 06:39:38 PST


podcast - Craig Bell, John D Morton, and X__X

Wed, 20 May 2015 21:32:16 PDT


Craig Bell and John D Morton join me on the phone to discuss their musical history and recent collaboration as the reborn X__X. We also hear a track from their new EP, Albert Ayler’s Ghosts: Live at the Yellow Ghetto, due out in November.

Play List:
Hexers - Damnation from Hexers / Angry Cougars split 7”
Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars - “Destroy You” from Guts 7”
Mr. Tiger - “Ancient Rome” from Columbus Blood comp, 2015
The Saucers - “Mirrors” from What We Did
The Down-Fi - “Godot” from Beehunter
The Electric Eels - “Agitated” from Die Electric Eels
Mirrors - “Frustration” from Something That Would Never Do
X__X - “A. (45 Version)” from X Sticky Fingers X
Albert Ayler Trio - “Ghosts: Variation 1” from Spiritual Unity
X__X - “Transmography” from Albert Ayler’s Ghosts: Live at the Yellow Ghetto

Download this podcast: pat_radio_May_22.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Brian Koscho, Nelsonville Fest Preview, Used Kids Party

Thu, 30 Apr 2015 18:39:00 PDT


Brian Koscho, Marketing Director for Stuart's Opera House, joins me via phone to discuss the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival, which is less than a month away, people! Get your tickets at

Connections - “Cruise Control” from Into Sixes
Ezra Furman - “Restless Year” from Perpetual Motion People
Black Lips - “Drive-by Buddy” from Underneath the Rainbow
Oblivians - “Oblivion” from Desperation
Bassholes - "Supersonic Blues" from Boogieman Stew
Wooden Indian Burial Ground - “Sparklerella” from Wooden Indian Burial Ground
Howard - “Song About Something” (single)
Adam Torres - “Dusty Wing Spirit” from Nostra Nova
San Fermin - “Parasites” from Jackrabbit
St. Vincent - “Prince Johnny” from St. Vincent
Hurray for the Riff Raff - “Ode to John and Yoko” from Lookout Mama
Elephant Revival - “Birds and Stars” from These Changing Skies
Ryley Walker - “Sweet Satisfaction” from Primrose Green
Good English - “The Fire Walk” from 2015 demos - bandcamp
Natural Child - “Firewater Liquor” from Dancin’ with Wolves
Built to Spill - “Never Be The Same” from Untethered Moon

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Apr_30.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Kyle Sowash is at Arby's

Thu, 23 Apr 2015 20:54:11 PDT


This time Kyle Sowash meets me at an Arby's on West Broad Street. We talk about the Kyle Sowashes new record called Everybody. Kyle picks some great tunes. We eat curly fries, slurp our sodas and try to ignore the really loud country music in the background.

Play List:
The Kyle Sowashes - “Regional Supervisor” from Everybody
The Kyle Sowashes - “King Shit of Fuck Mountain” from Everybody
The Kyle Sowashes - “Richmond VA” from Everybody
Earwig - “Cinema East” from Perfect Past Tense
The Whiles - “Emily” from Color of the Year
The Cabdrivers - “Dirty Blankets” from It’s Yours!
Buzzcocks - “Promises” from Love Bites
Superchunk - “Saving My Ticket” from Foolish
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - “Lariat” from Wigout at Jagbags
Kiizzy Hall - “Baskin'” from A Touch of Kizz in the Night
Karl Hendricks Trio - “Coming in September” from A Gesture of Kindness
Frank Black and the Catholics - “Back to Rome” from Frank Black and the Catholics
Human Cannonball - “Chains” from Let’s Be Friends
The American Flag - “We've Finally Found Me from The American Flag
Boston Spaceships - “Keep Me Down” from Planets are Blasted
The Mice - “Bye Bye Kitty Cat" from Scooter

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Apr_24.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Pat Dull, Columbus Blood comp, 2015

Wed, 15 Apr 2015 12:11:50 PDT


Pat Dull of Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars and Breakup Records joins us this week to talk about the second edition of the Columbus Blood compilation, due to drop on Record Store Day this Saturday. He picks a bunch of massively cool tracks to play as well, so listen up!

Play List:
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - “Over and Over Again” from Blood Lust
Wussy - “Runaway” (Jenny May cover) from We Used to Drink Together vol. 1
Viv Albertine - “I Want More” from The Vermillion Border
Big Eyes - “Nothing You Could Say” from Almost Famous
Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars - “Guts” from 7”
Sheer Magg - “What You Want” from 7”
The Number Ones - “Sharon Shouldn’t’ from The Number Ones
Jabber - “Maybe Next Year” from Too Many Babes (single)
Hollywood Stars - “King of the Night Time World” from Shine Like a Radio
Cheap Trick - “He’s a Whore” from Cheap Trick
The Yum Yums - “It’s Gonna Be a Hit” from Blame It on the Boogie
The Pretty Things - “Come See Me” from Midnight to Six
Psychic Wheels - “Spree” from Columbus Blood compilation, 2015
Good Throb - “Acid House” from Fuck Off
Really Red - “Prostitution” from Teaching You the Fear
Modern Machines - “Flash infatuation” from Take It, Somebody!
Martin Luther Lennon - “Kill Kill Kill” from Music for a World Without Limitations
Manda and the Marbles - “Reputation” from Rock’s Not Dead

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Apr_15.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Paul Nini (Old3C), Kyle Siegrist (Lost Weekend Records)

Sat, 21 Feb 2015 11:03:46 PST


Special guests this week are Paul Nini of Old3C records and Kyle Siegrist of Lost Weekend Records. Both Paul and Kyle talk about the 50 @ 50 comp that is out now on Old3C, and Kyle hypes his anniversary show at Ace of Cups and upcoming Lost Weekend Records vinyl releases.

Play List:
Planktones - “Down in Flames” (Deadboys Cover) from 50 @ 50
Obnox - “Symbol Crash” from 50 @ 50
Sin Shouters - “Down With Whatever Tonight” from 50 @ 50
Closet Mix - “NY Minuto (Hugh Are You?)” from 50 @ 50
Obvioslies - “Doin’ Loops” from 50 @ 50
Randall Douglas Matson - “No One Wants the Truth” from Victory for a Dunce
House of Brunettes - “Got My TV On” from LIFE
(((reverbalines))) - “Okey-Doke” from 50 @ 50
Driftmouth - “Meadow in the Dark” from Demos
Second State Butchers - “Mound City” from Columbus Blood 2
Day Creeper - “Luxury Condominiums” from Central States
The Main Street Gospel - “Back to Me” from Eye of the Sky single
Psychic Wheels - “Same To You” from upcoming Lost Weekend Records single
Truman Carter - "Full Mile Just Under a Minute" from 50 @ 50
Sue Harshe - "50 Seconds over Ohio" from 50 @ 50
Bim Walker - "Nostalgia" from 50 @ 50
Nate Farley - "A Little Bit More" from 50 @ 50
Yo La Tengo - "Suspirica" from 50 @ 50
The Cabdrivers - "Troubled Teen Mantra" from It's Yours!

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Feb_20.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Joel Treadway of

Mon, 19 Jan 2015 16:49:04 PST


Joel Treadway picks the tunes this time and talks about the history of the Live Shows Calendar and

Play List:
Tim Easton - “Goody Boy” from More than a Saturday
The Hairy Patt Band - “Crusty Girl” from Live at Bernie's
Pica Huss - “GIGGLSD”
Pretty Mighty Mighty - “Still Fucked” from v1.0
Bigfoot - “Xenia In My Mind” from v1.0
Moviola - “Green Wood” from v2.0
Silo the Huskie - “D-C-G” from v1.0
Bob City - “Ghostship” from v2.0
Silencio - “10en” from v3.0
The Evil Queens - “Can’t Help It” from v3.0
Brainbow - “Great Revealer” from Brainbow II
Time and Temperature - “Fires Fair” from Trade
The Girls! - “Sophomore” from Let’s Not Be Friends
Envelope - “Clippers Vs. Yankees” from Alive No Token Needed Volume 3
Jordan O' Jordan - “Fingers Sprouting Feathers”
Kizzy Hall - “Forever Be” from A Touch of Kizz in the Night
Ipps - “U Need 2 Bleed” from Everything is Real
The Squares - “Real Brooklyn Killers” from Alive No Token Needed Volume 3
The Means - “Primitive” from Vil/Viol
Clay - “Sex Pot Stew” from Stories Of Kirk And His Fiat (And A Buffalo Grass Woman, Hester)
The Lindsay - “Abigail Folger” from Dragged Out

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Jan_19.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - We Used to Drink Together comp, vol 1

Fri, 09 Jan 2015 05:48:37 PST


Sean Woosley and J.R. Fisher guest this week and talk about the various artist compilation they are putting out on We Used To Drink Together Records, appropriately titled We Used To Drink Together, Volume 1.

Play List:
Jenny Mae - "Not Another Bad Year"
Total Foxx - "Toothless and Vile"
WV White - "Hayes Colony"
Odd Vocado - "Golden Boy"
Bygones - "Take Me Along Sometime"
American Male Giant Squid - "Cabin"
Sovroncourt - "It's Happening"
Will Foster - "Super Willin'"
Country Death - "Fold Your Hands"
Grandpa Egg - "Dandelions"
Woosley Band - "The New Syndrome Advertisement" from 40 Ways Along the Sea
Woosley Band - "Split-up at the Towers" from 40 Ways Along the Sea
Hookers Made Out Of Cocaine - "North Korean Worm (#91)" from 7" split with Duffy and the Beer Slayers
Ipps - "Goawa" from Everything is Real
Eye - "Cultrider" from Second Sight

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Jan_5.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - In Richard Meara's Home, for the Holidays

Wed, 17 Dec 2014 06:01:17 PST


Richard Meara is the guest dj this week. He picks a lot of music that he played on, recorded in his home, and otherwise likes. There's no place like home. Check out and

Play List:
Unicron - "Turkey Baster"
Thrashers - "Silent Name"
Rollo - "The Message" from 7"
Lieutenant Dance - "Critiquing Your Child's Shitty, Shitty Artwork"
Lieutenant Dance - "Waits Waltz"
Lieutenant Dance - "Can’t Take You Anywhere"
Lieutenant Dance - "No Pants Required"
Lieutenant Dance - "Satanic Pancakes" from High Fructose Porn Syrup
Lieutenant Dance - "Amateur Phlebotomy Enthusiast"
Yiffing - "Mom Jorts" (w/Miles Curtiss)
Holocaust and Oats - "I Bought Drugs from Michael McDonald"
Placenta Claus and the Human Santapede - "Christmas Dorner"
Lieutenant Dance - "ONO" (Devo Cover)
Devo - "Clockout" from Hardcore Devo Vol. 2

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Dec_15.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Wherein Pat plays a stack of records

Fri, 05 Dec 2014 03:53:34 PST


Okay...A stack of mp3s. Sue me.

Play List:
Dump - “A Love Bizarre” from That Skinny Motherfucker with the High Voice
Parkay Quarts - “The Map” from Content Nausea
Parkay Quarts - “These Boots” from Content Nausea
The Modern Lovers - “Foggy Notion” from Live at the Longbranch and More
Destroy All Monsters - “Bored” from Bored
Sonics Rendezvous Band - “City Slang” from Live, Masonic Auditorium, Detroit, 01/14/1978
Counter Intuits - “Stickin Pins” from Sheets of Hits
Connections - “Cruise Control” from Into Sixes
The Lancastrians - “Was She Tall” from Guitar For Hire
The Count Bishops - “Mercy Mercy” from Speedball + 11
Losers - “Snake Eyes” from Surf Age Nuggets
Oscar Brown Jr. - “The Snake” from Tells It Like It Is!
Irma Thomas - “I Need Your Love So Bad” from Wish Someone Would Care
Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox - “All About That Bass” from Historical Misappropriation
Bobby Byrd - “I’m Lonely” from Bobby Byrd Got Soul: The Best Of Bobby Byrd
The Buddy Rich Big Band - “The Beat Goes On (Live)” from Blue Break Beats 4

Download this podcast: pat radio - December 5, 2014(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Keith Hanlon, Mus-I-Col, Mug and Brush Sessions

Sun, 30 Nov 2014 08:58:53 PST


I reboot my show, interview Keith Hanlon, and play some tracks from the most correct Mug and Brush Sessions record.

Play List:
The Girls! - "Radio" from Let's Not Be Friends
The Coathangers - "Adderall" from Suck My Shirt
Pujol - "Pitch Black" from Kludge
Screaming Females - "Wishing Well" from 7"
Tele Novella - "Trouble In Paradise" from Trouble In Paradise 7"
Times New Viking - "No Room to Live" from Dancer Equired
IPPS - "Return to Tapedek" from Everything is Real
Hexers - "She's There" from She's There / She's Mine 7"
Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars - "Kill for Fun" from Hexers / Betty Machete split 7"
Obnox - "Feeling Real Black Today" from Louder Space
Vulvonics - "Sirius Gang" from 7"
Brett Burlson Band - "Contrary" from Mug and Brush Sessions
Righteous Buck & The Skull Scorchers - "Banks of the Ohio" from Mug and Brush Sessions
Moon High - "Already There" from Mug and Brush Sessions

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Nov_28_2014.mp3

Picture above stolen from the Mug and Brush Facebook page, by the way.(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Movin' On Up

Sat, 22 Jun 2013 07:51:25 PDT


Time-slot on WCRS has been moved from 11 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday, so I'm celebrating with some correct tuneage.

Play List:
Jeffersons Theme Song - "Jeffersons Theme Song"
Bobby Byrd - "Signed Sealed Delivered" from 7"
James Brown - "It's Too Funky In Here" from Live: The 60th Anniversary Collection
The James Hunter Six - "One Way Love" from Minute By Minute
Charles Bradley - "Confusion" from Victim of Love
Blondie - "Rapture (Disco Remix)" from Autoamerican (reissue)
Camera Obscura - "Troublemaker" from Desire Lines b
Jonathan Richman - "The World Is Showing It's Hand" from Not So Much To Be Loved As To Be Loved
The Stranglers - "Another Camden Afternoon" from Giants
The Ogres - "Life, Love & the Pursuit of Happiness" from The Acrid & Misanthropic Sounds of…
The Breeders - "New Year" from Last Splash
Screaming Females - "It All Means Nothing" from Ugly
Melvins - "In Every Dream Home a Heartache" from Everybody Loves Sausage
Giant Sand - "Right Makes Right" Storm

Download this podcast: pat_radio_June_20_2013.mp3


Media Files:

podcast - recordings from Nelsonville Music Festival, 2013

Fri, 14 Jun 2013 06:07:40 PDT


Recordings I made at this year's Nelsonville Music Festival. Enjoy!

Play List:
Catherine MacLellan - "The Raven Sun"
Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer - "Willie's Lady"
The Hiders - "Wooden Woman"
Old Light - "Ocean Waves"
William Tyler - "Hotel Catatonia"
Endless Boogie - "General Admission"
Screaming Females - "Doom 84"
Reigning Sound - "You Got Me Hummin'"
Wheels on Fire - "Black Wave"
Jonathan Richman - "No One Was Like Vermeer"
Sharon Van Etten - "Give Out"
Sundresses - "Harpoon Dagger"
Mavis Staples w/ Jeff Tweedy - "You Are Not Alone"

Download this podcast: pat_radio_June_13_2013.mp3

Fine Print: If I didn't get a chance to talk to you and ask for permission and you want your stuff removed, write me at patradio | at sign | gmail | dot | com, and I'll take it down.(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Nelsonville Music Festival 2013

Sat, 25 May 2013 20:22:41 PDT


This podcast features the second half of my interview with Brian Koscho, marketing director for the Nelsonville Music Festival. We scratch the surface of the fifty-plus musical acts at this year's show, talk about the history of the music festival, and learn about the other features of the festival beyond the music.

Play List:
Wilco - “I Might” from The Whole Love
Mavis Staples - “I Belong To The Band” from   You Are Not Alone
Cat Power - “Always On My Own” from   Sun
Sharon Van Etten - “Serpents” from   Tramp
Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers - “Heaven In Stereo” from   Teenage and Torture
Screaming Females - “Crushing the Kingdom” from   Chalk Tape
Wheels on Fire - “Broken Up” from   Cherry Bomb
Gogol Bordello - “My Companjera” from   Trans-Continental Hustle
Jonathan Richman - “Sa Voix M'Atisse ” from O Moon, Queen Of Night On Earth
Calexico - “Splitter” from   Algiers
Old Light - “Pretty Machete” from   The Dirty Future
The Coup - “Your Parents' Cocaine (feat. Justin Sane from Anti-Flag)” from   Sorry to Bother You
Lee Fields & The Expressions - “Still Hanging On” from   Faithful Man
Los Hacheros - “Cha-Cha Herzlia” from   Pilon

Download this podcast: pat_radio_May_26_2013.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - The Many Bands of J.R. Fisher

Sun, 19 May 2013 20:07:37 PDT


James R. Fisher joins me for the first part of the show. We hear some of his solo stuff and tracks from three bands he is involved with: Hookers Made Out of Cocaine, Lieutenant Dance, and Odd Vocado. Brian Koscho from Stuart's Opera House chats about the Nelsonville Music Festival in the first of a two-part conversation, and we sample music from some of the 50 groups that are playing the now 4-day Festival.

Play List:
J.R. Fisher - "Yeah, I Know My Shit Stinks, Too"
J.R. Fisher - "Vacation"
Lieutenant Dance - "When Fans Attack"
Odd Vocado - "I Gotta Rash"
Odd Vocado - "Spanky's Lament"
Hookers Made Out of Cocaine - "Bathsalt Peter Frampton"
Hookers Made Out of Cocaine - "Hello, Earth Bitch"
Hookers Made Out of Cocaine - "Lightning Rod"
Screaming Females - "Green Vapors" from Chalk Tape
William Tyler - "Hotel Catatonia" from Impossible Truth
Endless Boogie - "General Admission" from Long Island
John Prine - "Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore (Live)" from The Singing Mailman Delivers
The Hiders - "Temenos" from Temenos
Wussy - "Fly Fly Fly" from Strawberry Download this podcast: pat_radio_May_19_2013.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Andrew Graham

Thu, 09 May 2013 04:36:44 PDT


Andrew Graham guests this time around. We discuss Andrew Graham and Swarming Branch's new record Classic Glass, and Andrew picks some other tunes from musicians that are turning his head these days.

Play List:
The James Hunter Six - "Chicken Switch" from Minute by Minute
Gene Vincent - "Ain't That Too Much" from Ain't That Too Much
Andrew Graham and Swarming Branch - "The Sistine Twist" from Classic Glass
Andrew Graham and Swarming Branch - "The Pounce" from Classic Glass
Andrew Graham and Swarming Branch - "That Constant Country Thirst" from Classic Glass
Josephine Foster - "Sim Nao" from This Coming Gladness
Foxygen - "Oh Yeah" from We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic
Guinea Worms - "Monkey Casino" from Smiles
Pink Reason - "Ache For You" from 7"
Screaming Females - "Poison Arrow" from Chalk Tape
Reigning Sound - "Time Bomb High School" from Time Bomb High School

Download this podcast: pat_radio_May_06_2013.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Eric Wrong of Hexers

Thu, 28 Feb 2013 06:16:32 PST


Eric Wrong of Hexers is the special guest this week. He picks a stunning mix of local favorites and vintage, hard-to-find garage pop. Don't miss the Hexers release show with Dead Girlfriends and the Dirty Biscuits tomorrow night at Ace of Cups.

Play List:
Hexers - "Hurtin' Kind" from Hurtin' Kind 7"
The Dirty Biscuits - "Run On Home" from
The Patsys - "Third Finger, Left Hand" from On The 13th Kick
Comrade Question - "Blackout" from Daydreamers
Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars - "Rock Bottom" unreleased
Night Family - "Wahalla" from Wahalla single
Ohio Noise Machine - "Black to Comm" from Bite the Bullet
The Cynics - "No Place to Hide" from 7"
The Cynics - "I Need More" from Spinning Wheel Motel
Timmy's Organism - "Cats On The Moon" from Raw Sewage Roq
True Sons of Thunder - "Blood Clot" from True Sounds of Thunder
Cheater Slicks - "Reality is a Grape" from Reality is a Grape
The Cramps - "Five Years Ahead of My Time" from 7"
Wreckless Eric - "I Need a Situation" from Hit or Miss Judy 12"
The Balloon Farm - "A Question of Temperature" from 7"
Blues Magoos - "Pipe Dream" from Electric Comic Book
Syndicate of Sound - "Get Outta My Life" from A Collection of Rare and Unreleased Tracks...
Devil's Angels Soundtrack - "Devil's Angels (instrumental)" from Devil's Angels Soundtrack

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Feb_28_2013.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Lost Weekend Records 10th Anniversary

Thu, 21 Feb 2013 11:27:09 PST


Kyle from Lost Weekend Records picks the tracks this week. Don't miss two nights of awesome music at Ace of Cups this weekend as Lost Weekend Records celebrates 10 of years vinyl commerce.

Play List:
Hello Heartless - "Monster"
Dave Bryan - "Down Descent on Auricia" from Synthesis
Willie Phoenix and the Shadow Lords - "Sneakin' Sneakers" from We Love Noise
Braniac - "Get Away" from Smack Baby Smack
V3 - "Another Exterminator Eaten by Bugs" from Monsters of Hollywood
Nasli Hovsepian - "Reba's Face" from 7"
Barton, Kyle and Friends - "Devil's Payroll" from Hillside Sessions
Mealworms - "September" from Radio Cabinet Rabbit Hutch
Second State Butchers - "Fear" from 7"
Connections - "Cul de Sac" from Tough City
Eye - "Backdoor Jane" from 7"
Gaunt - "Mixed Metals" from Bricks and Blackouts

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Feb_21_2013.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Fort Shame

Thu, 31 Jan 2013 20:10:58 PST

Three songs from Fort Shame's latest Double Wide plus a chat with the band at their rehearsal space. Bonus hear-it-before-you-buy-it solo Todd May, from his album Rickenbacker Girls. And the latest from Eye and Brainbow. Double Wide artwork by Melissa Vogley-Woods

Play List:
Ass Ponys - "Last Night it Snowed" from Lohio
The Libertines US - "Everybody Wants to Be My Sister" from Greatest Hits
Ft. Shame - "Ghost Story" from Double Wide
Ft. Shame - "Sundowner" from Double Wide
Todd May - "Josephine Calling" from Rickenbacker Girls
Ft. Shame - "Confidence Man" from Double Wide
Eye - "Backdoor Jane" from 7"
The Soft Boys - "The Asking Tree" from Invisible Hits
Caravan - "In The Land of Grey and Pink" from In The Land of Grey and Pink
BRAINBOW - "Great Revealer" from Brainbow II
Mike Shiflet - "False Flats" from The Choir, The Army

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Jan_31_2013.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - because I had to

Thu, 17 Jan 2013 08:40:45 PST

Play List:
DJ Vadim - "Hide N Seek" from Don't Be Scared
The Books - "I Am Who I Am" from The Way Out
Kid Koala - "10 bit Blues" from 12 bit Blues
Mi-Gu - "The Drummer and the Dancer" from Choose the Light
Mi-Gu - "Oshiro" from Choose the Light
LCD Soundsystem - "45:33 - 'Out in Space'" from Shut Up and Play the Hits
Hisko Detria - "Poserslave" from Static Raw Power Kraut (demo)
Disappears - "Replicate" from Live at WFMU on Talk's Cheap, April 26th 2012
Yura Yura Teikoku - "3x 3x 3" from 1998-2004
The Gun Club - "Cool Drink Of Water" from Fire of Love
Jonathan Kane - "Pops" from Impala Eardrums: A Radium Sampler
The Liminanas - "Bad Lady Goes to Jail" from Crystal Anis
Yo La Tengo - "Paddle Forward" from Fade

Artwork: Ana Mendieta, from her "Silueta" series (1976)

Download this program: pat_radio_Jan_17_2013.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 09:56:31 PST

(image) Play List:
Jonathan Kane - "The Little Drummer Boy" from The Little Drummer Boy
Sufjan Stevens - "Get Behind Me, Santa!" from Songs For Christmas
The Long Blondes - "Christmas is Cancelled" from Christmas is Cancelled
Los Straitjackets - "A Marshmallow World" from Tis the Season
David Bazan - "Just Like Christmas" from
Wye Oak - "Christmas Will Be Just Another Lonely Day" from
Beth Whitney - "In The Bleak Midwinter" from Winter
Red Simpson - "Truckin Trees for Christmas" from Truckers' Christmas
Loretta Lynn - "To Heck With Ole Santa Claus" from Country's Best Christmas
Morgan - "Christmas In Waikiki" from Xfm Cool Christmas
Royce Godrich All-Stars - "Elves Are People Too" from Elves Are People Too
Shonen Knife - "Space Christmas" from 7"
Shovels and Rope - "(What's So Funny 'bout) Peace Love and Understanding" " from soundcloud

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Dec_20_2012.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - Lord I am so tired. How long can this go on?

Thu, 06 Dec 2012 14:29:57 PST

(image) Play List:
Lee Dorsey - "Working In A Coalmine" from The Olde Hits Vol2
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - "Walk Like A Giant" from Psychedelic Pill
Cobra Killer - "Cobra Movement" from 76/77
Schlammpeitziger - "Bienenkopfkorbgeflecht" from Spacerokkmountainrutschquartier
Dan Deacon - "True Thrush" from America
Matmos - "Very Large Green Triangles - Edit" from The Ganzfeld EP
The Books - "Getting The Done Job" from Thought For Food
The Silhouettes - "Get a Job" from Get A Job
Sondre Lerche - "It's Our Job" from Two Way Monologue
Ramones - "The Job That Ate My Brain" from Mondo Bizarro
The Replacements - "God Damn Job" from Stink
Talking Heads - "Found A Job" from More Songs About Buildings and Food
The Godfathers - "Birth, School, Work, Death" from The Best of The Godfathers

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Dec_6_2012.mp3(image)

Media Files:

podcast - existential angst

Thu, 29 Nov 2012 17:53:10 PST

(image) Play List:
The Books - “Group Autogenics II” from The Way Out
Bing Selfish and the Ideals - “Existential Angst” from Calling All Dionysians
David Byrne - “I've Tried” from Music for the Knee Plays
Jimi Hendrix - “I Don't Live Today” from Are You Experienced?
French Frith Kaiser Thompson - “Where's the Money?” from Live, Love, Larf & Loaf
The Cure - “Killing an Arab” from 7"
For Against - “Echelons” from Echelons
Disco Inferno - “Summers Last Sound” from Summer's Last Sound
Lowlife - “Swing” from Swirl, It Swings
This Mortal Coil - “Late Night” from Late Night
The Church - “Under The Milkyway (Acoustic)” from Starfish
Tom Waits - “Dirt In the Ground” from Bone Machine
Rocket From the Tombs - “Life Stinks” from The Day the Earth Met the Rocket From the Tombs
Opinion8 - “Calculated Existential Angst” from VA: Lo-fi Classics Volume One
Loren Franklin - “Existential Angst” from I'll Understand
The Books - “Group Autogenics II” from The Way Out

Download this show: pat_radio_Nov_29_2012.mp3(image)

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podcast - I am eating this turkey so it doesn't have to hear the Doors anymore.

Wed, 21 Nov 2012 12:29:23 PST

(image) Play List:
Apostle of Hustle - "Eats Darkness" from Eats Darkness
Trains Across the Sea - "Pumpkin" from Trains Across the Sea
The Lodger - "Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion" from Grown Ups
Clinic - "Thank You (For Living)" from Winchester Cathedral
Luna - "Thank You For Sending Me An Angel" from Lunafied
Erin Mckeown - "Thanks For The Boogie Ride" from Sing You Sinners
Eef Barzelay - "Thanksgiving Waves" from Bitter Honey
The Books - "Thankyoubranch" from Thought For Food
Soft Boys - "Cold Turkey" from Can of Bees
Firebirds - "Mashed Patatoes" from Firebords
Imperial Teen - "Sweet Potato" from The Hair The TV The Baby and The Band
The Shins - "Young Pilgrims" from Chutes Too Narrow
Black Owls - "Horrible Pilgrims" from June '71
Dean And Britta - "Indian Summer" from L'Avventura
Times New Viking - "Indian Winter" from Dig Yourself
Moviola - "Thank You, Matches" from 10"
Human Suffrage - "Thank You, Mother Dear" from Thank You, Mother Dear
Talkdemonic - "Indian Angel" from Mutiny Sunshine
Guided By Voices - "Liquid Indian" from Do the Collapse
the Fall - "Pumpkin Head Xscapes" from Code: Selfish

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Nov_22_2012.mp3(image)

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podcast - Bob Fass and Radio Unnameable

Thu, 08 Nov 2012 21:25:37 PST

(image) Bob Fass and Jessica Wolfson are the guests this week. We discuss Bob's career as a freeform radio pioneer in New York City. Jessica and Paul Lovelace have made a film called Radio Unnameable, which chronicles Bob's five decades on the air, his activism, and the fantastic scene he helped foster. The film is showing at the Wexner Center next Thursday, November 15, and Paul will be on-hand for a question and answer session after the screening.

Play List:
Bob Fass - "Sound Collage 1967 or 1968 (excerpt)" from Radio Unnameable archives
Nino Ferrer and Clyde Borly - "Les Cornichons" from Les 50 Plus Belles Chansons
Leila - "Little Acorns" from Pop Ladies
MIcachu and the Shapes - "Vulture" from Jewellery
Mi-Gu - "From Space" from Choose The Light
Erase Errata - "Marathon" from Other Animals
Numbers - "We Like Having These Things" from Numbers Life
Dan Deacon - "USAII The Great American Desert" from America
Tiny Tim - "Ever Since You Told Me That You Loved Me" from Radio Unnameable archives
Phil Ochs - "When I'm Gone" from There But For Fortune
Spacemen 3 - "Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here)" from Recurring

Download this show: pat_radio_Nov_9_2012.mp3

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podcast - nick schuld picks the platters that matter

Sat, 03 Nov 2012 06:06:54 PDT

(image) Play List:
The Obviouslies - "adlnr" from unreleased
Low Men - "F.T.S. / Worsening" from Low Men
Nervosas - "Point Of No Return (final mix)" from unreleased
Lydia Loveless - "Blind (Ke$ha cover)" from live at comfest 2011
Cell Phones - "Track 04" from Pre-Release CD-R
Nature Boys - "Rabies" from 7"
Neon Piss - "Bullet In The Back" from Neon Piss
pretty pretty - "Heart Aches" from Demo
Estée Louder - "Dead By Dawn" from Scraps
Merchandise - "In Nightmare Room" from Children Of Desire
Dreams in Hell - "Drowning In Existence" from Chiroptophilia
Night Birds - "Squad Car" from Fresh Kills Vol. 1
Spacer Ace - "The Shitty Side of Mars" from myspace
Chomp - "Mind Rape" from Buddha Jabba Momma
Black Puddle Noise - "Staring at the Echoes" from Black Puddle Noise
Hexers - "Hurtin Kind (Bittersweets Version) (rough mix_unfinished)" from soon to be released

Download this show: pat_radio_Nov_2_2012.mp3(image)

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