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Last Build Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2016 14:20:35 -0400


Collaborative Palletizer from MGS Machine offers a lift capacity up to 77 lb.

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 09:46:16 -0400

Eliminating the need for a safety fence, MGS Machine's robotic collaborative palletizer is an automated solution for reducing injuries caused from heavy lifting and repetitive motion. Useful in packers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, palletizer can lift up to 6 cases per minute weighing up to 77 lb. Unit can fully serialize an integrated packaging line, and can be fitted with various end effectors to tackle a range of case sizes and styles.

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NEZ33CK EZ-Path® Smoke and Acoustical Pathway features a built in smoke sealing system.

Thu, 13 Oct 2016 15:41:45 -0400

Protecting sensitive cables through the ceilings and providing a smoke and environmental seal that regulates air flow, NEZ33CK reduces wasted energy. Used in plenum spaces, telecommunication rooms, data closets and server rooms, the kit isolates conditioned air. Integrated where a professional fit and finish is preferred, the unit features a built in smoke sealing system that automatically adjusts to the amount of cables installed.

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Super Heavy-Duty Tape supports molten metal below weld joint.

Fri, 07 Oct 2016 08:32:21 -0400

Argweld® Weld Backing Tape™ provides support needed to produce perfect weld underbeads when welding with currents of up 80, 160, 240, or 600 A. Supporting and protecting weld root from oxidation, this glass fiber weld backing system traps inert gas from weld torch to hold gas surrounding weld pool and effectively provide back purge facility. Each of 4 grades features 3 in. wide aluminum adhesive tape backing strip with 1 in. wide band of woven glass fiber matting running down center.

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Chemlok® Film Adhesive eliminates the need for applying multiple coats for bonding ...

Fri, 30 Sep 2016 11:50:33 -0400

Suitable for lining tanks and pipes, Chemlok® Film Adhesive requires a single application to bond rubber-to-metal. Eliminating use of SCBA equipment during application, Adhesive can be safely applied in confined spaces without fear of explosion or asphyxiation. The option to pre-laminate uncured rubber substrates, reduces the steps needed to complete the rubber lining process. Having high-tack strength, Film can retain tack strength over a wide range of application temperatures.

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Bio-Adhesive Film prevents oil dispersion.

Mon, 12 Sep 2016 08:32:15 -0400

Non-toxic and water-activated, Corimer™ Bio-Gel has potential to solve public health and environmental problems. Once it makes contact with water, product self-spreads rapidly into uniform plastic film, preventing mosquito's reproductive cycle that takes place on surface of shallow, still water. For oil spills, bio-gel automatically and forcefully condenses all dispersed oil into pool surrounded by bio-film. Product can also be applied to water surface that contains algae, debris, or...

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Masking Tape for Painters features ultra-smooth backing.

Fri, 02 Sep 2016 08:32:12 -0400

Providing precision paint lines while preventing paint bleed and edge build up, FineLine™ Ultra Thin Painter's Tape consists of moisture-resistant, washi-type paper masking tape with stain-resistant, pressure-sensitive synthetic rubber adhesive that adheres firmly and securely to most surfaces. This bright yellow masking tape can be used on walls, windows and trim, hardwood floors, as well as lacquered and laminated surfaces and offers clean removal for up to 7 days.

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Conductive Adhesive/Sealant passes NASA low outgassing tests.

Wed, 24 Aug 2016 08:32:14 -0400

Effective for grounding, shielding, and static dissipation, EP21TDCN-LO electrically conductive, 2-component adhesive/sealant features nickel filler and passes ASTM E595 tests for NASA low outgassing. Chemical-resistant product bonds to similar and dissimilar substrates. Along with 5-10 ohm-cm resistivity and 11 BTU•in/ft²•hr•°F thermal conductivity, properties include respective tensile lap shear, tensile and T-peel strength values of 1,400–1,600 psi, 3,000–4,000 psi, and 15–20...

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Dymax BlueWave® MX-150(TM) features a LED touchscreen interface and a high-intensity ...

Fri, 12 Aug 2016 08:32:03 -0400

Designed to offer curing flexibility, and consistency, BlueWave® MX-150™ can be used as a bench-top unit or integrated into automated systems such as robotic arms. Available in 365, 385, or 405 nm wavelengths, the intensity of the LED emitter is not affected by long or bent lightguides, as compared to traditional spot-curing systems. Featuring activation options such as a foot pedal, a LCD touch screen, or PLC interface, the embedded LED chip in the emitter facilitate consistent...

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Automotive Silicone Adhesive Sealant affords process flexibility.

Fri, 29 Jul 2016 08:32:06 -0400

Designed for automotive module applications, BERGQUIST TLB 400 SLT offers adaptable thermal cure profile that enables full cure, independent of ambient moisture, at temperatures from 25 to 180°C to accommodate various manufacturing protocols. This 2-part solution, with 400% elongation to break, creates environmentally protected enclosure resistant to degradation from exposure to common automotive fluids. Product also exhibits reliability in high-temperature and -humidity conditions.

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Black Polyurethane Adhesive serves automotive, home repair jobs.

Thu, 14 Jul 2016 08:32:06 -0400

Formulated for versatility, Permatex® Black Polyurethane Adhesive can be used in both interior and exterior applications and performs equally in harsh environments and heavy-duty applications. This single-component, silicone-free, elastomeric adhesive has low-odor, UV-resistant formula. Exhibiting low volume shrinkage, paintable product remains flexible and provides permanent bond to diverse materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, fiberglass, rubber, plastic, ABS, and PVC.

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Epoxy Adhesives target pipeline coatings.

Tue, 05 Jul 2016 08:30:41 -0400

Designed for repairing high pressure pipelines, KALFIX 911 and KALFIX 913 are pressure transfer fillers offering extreme adhesion, even to underwater surfaces. For pipeline coating or cold weather use, KALFIX 563 epoxy and curing agent is able to displace water for permanent bond to all substrates with minimal substrate preparation. KALFIX 206, combining liquid epoxy resin and high temperature curing agent, has high heat distortion and cures to hard and dust-free condition at normal...

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Tape and Packaging Papers meet needs of diverse applications.

Thu, 30 Jun 2016 08:32:58 -0400

Designed as base paper for industrial tape end-uses, GlazeTape consists of water-activated and paint-masking tape base papers for diverse applications in multiple industries. GlazeWrap, also available, offers lightweight uncoated machine-glazed (MG) papers utilized as lightweight laminating base papers for food and medical flexible packaging applications. GlazeWrap includes basis weights as low as 14.8 lb (3,000 ft²), complementing ranges up to 40 lb (3000 ft²).

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Temporary Bonding Adhesive aids thin wafer handling.

Mon, 27 Jun 2016 08:33:04 -0400

High temperature wafer processing adhesives (WPA) withstand processing up to 330°C and exhibit chemical resistance to acids and bases during etching processes. Thermal and chemical stability promotes continued chemical integrity, allowing thin wafer to be separated from wafer handler/carrier by heat-sliding or laser de-bonding equipment. Facilitating separation, WPA adhesive layer absorbs UV breaking chemical bonds at interface. Removal by peeling requires minimal stress or solvent...

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Acrylic Emulsion PSAs target permanent, removable applications.

Fri, 17 Jun 2016 08:34:13 -0400

As coater-ready adhesive for permanent applications,  Aroset™ APS 1295 adheres to various surfaces, resists water, and forms bond at temperatures down to -20°C. Cohesion properties suit tapes in building/construction, house wrap splice, and industrial assembly. Designed for temporary applications, Aroset 2570 allows tapes, films, and paper-based materials to be removed or repositioned even after long-term aging. It adheres to various surfaces and does not contribute to residue build.

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Silicone-Free Wound Care Adhesives do not damage fragile skin.

Thu, 26 May 2016 08:31:33 -0400

DuploMED Soft-Stick™ Series enables manufacturers to create wound care products that can be applied, repositioned, and removed without causing patient pain or risk damaging their fragile skin. Featuring gamma-sterilization stable, gel-like PSAs, this series is permeable to water vapor, painless, and residue-free. Properties enable dressings can be contoured to wound and sealed around edges.

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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is odorless and waterproof.

Mon, 23 May 2016 08:31:07 -0400

Intended for flooring industry, one-part Aquaflex² PSA is non-flammable, non-hazardous, and zero VOC. User trowels over prepared concrete, allows 30 minutes of flash for tack development, installs tile, presses to activate bond, and rolls floor. Flooring can be installed up to 2 hours after trowel. By eliminating need for shot-blasting, bio-based adhesive enables compliance with OSHA final ruling on occupational exposures to respirable silica dust associated with concrete mechanical prep.

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Optical Adhesive features high refractive index.

Thu, 19 May 2016 08:31:05 -0400

Cured by UV and/or visible light between 315–450 nm, NOA 170 features refractive index of 1.70 at 25°C. Liquid adhesive is recommended for bonding glass to glass and also offers adhesion to cellulose acetate butyrate. When fully cured, adhesive is very rigid and brittle. Product features temperature range of -5 to 100°C, viscosity of 4,500–5,500 cps, and Shore D hardness of 75. Applications include military and commercial optics, waveguides, fiber optics, LEDs, and displays.

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Mastic Waterborne Acrylic overcoats sound rusted steel.

Thu, 19 May 2016 08:31:05 -0400

Designed for minimally prepared sound rusted steel and previously coated surfaces, Series 118 Uni-Bond Mastic provides rust-inhibitive tie coat that can be used with acrylic and solvent-borne urethane and fluoropolymer finish coats. It is possible to apply 6–8 mils dry film thickness per coat. Single component product sprays on easily with dry-fall characteristics that minimize potential for overspray issues. Series 118 offers 200% elasticity for optimized flexibility and impact...

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Double-Sided Containment Tape removes cleanly in one step.

Mon, 16 May 2016 08:31:04 -0400

Used on diverse surfaces, including painted drywall and trim, DS 154 meets contractor prepping needs in restoration, renovation, abatement, and remodeling applications. Exposed/wall side features premium grade painter’s tape adhesive, which allows for 21-day clean removal without damage or residue, while aggressive adhesive on linered side securely holds poly-sheeting, tarps, and other protective coverings in both wet and dry environments. Full surface contact ensures strong, airtight hold.
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Aluminum Foil Tape offers easy-start liner and airtight seal.

Fri, 13 May 2016 08:31:05 -0400

With included EasyPEEL™ split liner technology, AF 100 UL 181A-P/B-FX Listed aluminum foil tape helps users achieve full system closure and UL code compliance in HVAC applications. Middle split in liner facilitates and accelerates initial work, even while wearing work gloves, and provides additional stability to tape to help prevent rolling onto itself. Tape supports application over -20 to +260°F range as well as in humid conditions.

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