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Preview: WFMU's Antique Phonograph Music Program

The Antique Phonograph Music Program with MAC | WFMU

Discs and cylinders played on vintage crank-up machines. Representing the acoustic era circa 1895-1929.

Published: Tue, 20 Dec 2016 21:58:33 EST

Last Build Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2016 21:58:33 EST

Copyright: (C) 2017 MAC and WFMU

Episode from Dec 20, 2016

Tue, 20 Dec 2016 21:58:33 -0500

Eddie Peabody & His Band - "Along Came Love"
Sam Cook - "Crying For You"
William H. Reitz - "Heather bells"
Kitty Berger - "The Fisher Boy"
? - "?"
Irving Kaufman - "The Lion Tamer Part 1 & 2"
The Jenkins Family - "Sail On"
Sanders Twins - "Traveling Man's Blues"
Original Dixieland Jazz Band - "At The Jazz Band Ball"
Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra - "Then I'll Be Happy"

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Episode from Sep 6, 2016

Tue, 06 Sep 2016 21:34:38 -0400

Club Royal Orchestra - "Goodbye Shanghai"
Zez Confrey - "Kitten on the keys"
Arthur Pryors Band - "The Whistler and His Dog"
Prince's Orchestra - "Too Much Mustard"
The Great White Way Orchestra - "Yes! We Have No Bananas"
Billy Murray - Ed Smalle - "Toot, Toot, Tootsie Goo'bye"
Anonymous - "OKeh Laughing Record"

Media Files:

Episode from Aug 30, 2016

Tue, 30 Aug 2016 21:25:49 -0400

Club Royal Orchestra - "Dapper Dan"
Arthur Fields - "Hallelujah I'm a Bum"
"Hobo" Jack Turner - "Big Rock Candy Mountains" [Ernest Hare]
Cal Stewart - "Uncle Josh's Huskin' Bee"
Harry Smith - "Yascha Michaeloffskys Melody"
Wendell Hall - "Old Plantation Melody"
Margaret McKee - "Sous les Ponts de Paris"
Nora Watson and J. F. Harrison - "In the Candle Light"
Gladys Woods - "I'm Disappointed In You"
William Robyn - "Who'll Dry Your Tears When You Cry?"
Walter Van Brunt - "It's Hard To Kiss Your Sweetheart When The Last Kiss Means Goodbye"
Charles Harrison - "Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean"
Sam Lanin and his Troubadours - "C - O - N - S - T - A - N - T - I - N - O - P - L - E"
Ted Lewis and His Band - "Send Back My Honeyman"

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Episode from Aug 23, 2016

Tue, 23 Aug 2016 21:33:18 -0400

Broadway Broadcasters - "Tentin' Down in Tennessee"
Frank Wilson - "Goo Goo Eyes"
Harry Lauder - "Saftest of the Family"
Helen Clark and Walter Van Brunt - "I'll Get You"
Fred Duprez - "Vaudeville Rehearsal"
Empire Vaudeville Co. - "The Old Clarinet"
Billy Murray and Ada Jones - "Nesting Time in Flatbush"
Margaret Young - "Whoa, Tillie, Take Your Time"
James Lent - "The Ragtime Drummer"
Vess L. Ossman - "Yankee Land"
Six Brown Brothers - "Bull Frog Blues"
George Reneau - "Susie Ann"
Ernest Stoneman - "When The Work's All Done This Fall"
Ernest Thompson - "Little Brown Jug"
Victor Military Band - "Goodbye Everybody"

Media Files:

Episode from Aug 16, 2016

Tue, 16 Aug 2016 21:17:19 -0400

Isham Jones & His Orchestra - "Mr. Radio Man" [Featuring Al Jolson]
Ada Jones and Len Spencer - "A Picture Of Long Ago"
Billy Jones and Ernest Hare - "Down at The Old Swimming Hole"
Billy West & Bob Thomas - "Roll 'Em Girls"
Billy Murray - "Nothing To Do Until Tomorrow"
Nora Bayes - "To-morrow (I'll Be In My Dixie Home Again)"
George P. Watson - "Cuckoo Song"
Vessella's Italian Band - "Maria, Mari"
Vladimir Resnikoff - "The Happy Vagabond"
Harry Raederman's Jazz Orchestra - "Muscle Shoals Blues"
The Gulf Coast Seven - "Papa Better Watch Your Step"
Paul Sprecht and His Orchestra - "Porcelain Maid" [from "Irving Berlin's Music Box Revue 1922-23"]

Media Files:

Episode from Aug 9, 2016

Tue, 09 Aug 2016 22:04:12 -0400

Hackel-Berge Orchestra - "Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses"
Samuel Siegel - "Sugar Plum"
Lufsky, Stehl and Surth - "Longing For Home"
Anonymous - "The Butterfly"
All Star Trio - "Old Man Jazz"
Selvin's Novelty Orchestra - "Dance-O-Mania"
Sara Martin & Eva Taylor - "Hesitation Blues"
Clara Smith - "San Fransisco Blues"
Lucille Hegamin and her Blue Flame Syncopators - "Beale Street Mama"
Meyers and Hanford - "Down In Arkansas"
The Peerless Quartet - "That Naughty Melody"
Eddie Morton - "Don't Take Me Home"
Columbia Band - "In the Sweet Bye and Bye"

Media Files:

Episode from Aug 2, 2016

Tue, 02 Aug 2016 21:38:36 -0400

Samuel's Music Masters - "My Old Plantation Home"
Kings Dance Orchestra - "Dew Dew Dewy Day"
Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra - "Mister Gallagher and Mister Shean"
Dixie Trio - "Yeedle-Deedle-Lena"
Carson Robinson Trio - "Twenty One Years"
Vernon Dalhart - "When The Moon Shines Down On The Mountain"
Paul Gerber - "Unterwaldner"
Fanfara del 120 Reggeto Bersaglieri - "Alla Rivista"
Toots Paka Hawaiian Company - "Kaiwa Waltz"
Peerless Quartet - "'Way Back Home"
Billy Murray - "Oh Say! Can I See You To-night"
Collins and Harlan - "Ev'ry Little Bit, Added To What you've got, makes just a Little Bit More"
Fanny Brice - "Second Hand Rose"

Media Files:

Episode from Jul 26, 2016

Tue, 26 Jul 2016 21:24:03 -0400

Mobile Melody Makers - "Little Bit of Jazz"
Eubie Blake & Noble Sissle - "Sweet Henry"
Earl Fuller's Rector Novelty Orchestra - "Sand Dunes"
Wilbur Sweatman’s Original Jazz Band - "Kansas City Blues"
Original Dixieland Jazz Band - "Home Again Blues"
Eddie Hunter & Alex Rogers - "Bootleggers' Ball"
The Two Franks - "In A Little Rendezvous"
Billy Murray - "Ragtime Temple Bells"
George Olsen and His Music - "Always"
Frank Banta and Cliff Hess - "Remember The Rose"
William H. Reitz - "Eldorado March"
Fred Van Eps - "Ragging the Scale"
Columbia Band - "A Watch on The Rhine"

Media Files:

Episode from Jul 19, 2016

Tue, 19 Jul 2016 21:39:40 -0400

Prince's Orchestra - "Monastery Bells - Kamenoi Ostrow"
Arthur Pryor's Band - "Mendelssohn's Wedding March"
May Irwin - "The Bully"
Raymond Hitchcock - "Mr. Hitchcock's Curtain Call"
Berlin Orchestra - "Dornroidjens Brautfahrt"
Victor Dance Orchestra - "The Great One-Step"
Jockers Dance Orchestra - "The Royal Vagabond"
Paul Whiteman and His Ambassador Orchestra - "My Wonderful Girl"
Nora Bayes - "Just A Little Bit of Sunshine"
Victor Women's Chorus - "Flying Dutchman Spinning Chorus"

Media Files:

Episode from Jul 12, 2016

Tue, 12 Jul 2016 21:29:33 -0400

Prince's Orchestra - "Smokey Mokes"
Jack Kauffman - "Oh Mother! I'm Wild"
Ada Jones - "Put On Your Slippers and Fill Up Your Pipe (You're Not Going Bye Bye To-night)"
Louisiana Collegians - "Makin' Whoopee!"
- "Columbia Demonstration Record"
Cal Stewart - "Uncle Josh Buys A Victrola"
Adeline Francis - "The Shoemaker and the Brownies"
Victor Orchestra - "Medley" [Rhythms for Children]
Selvin's Novelty Orchestra - "Dardenella"
The Manhattan Dance Makers - "Manhattan"
Whitney Brothers Quartet - "Hail Smiling Morn"
Prince's Band - "Ramshakle Rag"

Media Files:

Episode from Jul 5, 2016

Tue, 05 Jul 2016 21:15:11 -0400

Victor Military band - "The Star Spangled Banner"
J.W Meyers - "THE Good Old USA"
Victor Military Band - "Gertrude Hoffman Glide"
Mobile Melody Makers - "Little Bit Of Jazz"
W.M.C.A. Broadcasters - "C'est Vous (Say Voo)"
Samuel's Music Masters - "To-Morrow"
Harry Frankel - "Now George"
Peerless Quartet - "Blue Jeans"
Ada Jones - "Billy"
Ernest Thompson - "Lightning Express"
Samantha Bumgarner and Eva Davis - "I Am My Mamma's Darling Child"
Coon-Sanders Novelty Orchestra - "Some Little Bird"

Media Files:

with guest Lord Holyrude from Jun 28, 2016

Tue, 28 Jun 2016 21:55:43 -0400

Coon Sanders Original Nighthawk Orchestra - "Deep Henderson"
Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra - "St Louis Blues"
Fred and Adele Astaire - "Oh Gee! Oh Gosh!"
Fred Arthurs - "Laughing Mad"
Original Dixieland Jazz Band - "Tiger Rag"
Original Dixieland Jazz Band - "Jazz me Blues"
Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra - "Trudy"

Media Files:

Episode from Jun 21, 2016

Tue, 21 Jun 2016 21:23:37 -0400

International Novelty Orchestra - "Twinkling Star"
Ted Lewis and His Band - "Wang Wang Blues"
Bessie Smith - "Bleeding Hearted Blues" [Fletcher Henderson Piano]
Handy's Orchestra of Memphis - "Fuzzy Wuzzy Rag"
Clara Smith and Her Jazz Trio - "I Don't Love Nobody (So I Don't Have The Blues)"
Mamie Smith & Her Jazz Hounds - "I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of This Jelly Roll"
Helen Louise and Frank Ferera - "Everybody Hula"
Guy Maier & Lee Pattison - "Waltz"
Ford Hanford - "My Old Kentucky Home"
Guido Gialdini - "Fascination Waltz"
Wendell Hall - "It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' part 2"
The Virginians - "Blue"

Media Files:

Episode from Jun 7, 2016

Tue, 07 Jun 2016 21:43:48 -0400

It's You - "The Happy Six"
Fred Landau - "Fantasie"
Felix Arndt - "Marionette"
Van Eps Trio - "Chanson Sans Parole and Paderewski's Minuett"
Billy Murray - "Mr. Wilson, That's All"
Bob Roberts - "I May Be Crazy But I Ain't No Fool"
Kirby - "Sweet Adeline"
Byron Harlan - "Captain Baby Bunting"
Band - "Red Wing"
Henry Klauser - "Laughing Song"
Steve Porter - "The Laughing Spectator"
Anonymous - "Belly Buster"
Anonymous - "The Unique Scala Laughing Record"
Dolly Connolly - "My Hula Hula Love"
Marion Harris - "Mammy's Chocolate Soldier"
Wendall Hall - "It Looks Like Rain"
Columbia Dance Orchestra - "Wonderful One"

Media Files:

Episode from May 31, 2016

Tue, 31 May 2016 21:40:35 -0400

John Philip Sousa - "Washington Post March"
Al Jolson with Isham Jones - "Home in Pasadena"
Frank Crumit - "I'm A Lonesome Little Raindrop"
Henry Burr - "Little Alabama Coon"
Trio Zingaro - "Polka Brio"
Columbia Turkish Orchestra - "Turkish March"
Tyrolian Singer with Zither - "Luftige Buaberl"
Columbia Band - "The Girl from Utah pt 1 & 2"
Frances White - "Go-Zin-To"
John McCormack & Fritz Kreisler - "Ave Maria"
Royal Marimba Band - "Pique Dame"
Rosario Bourdon - "Cantilena"
Victor Dance Orchestra - "Morning, Cy!"

Media Files:

All cylinder show from May 24, 2016

Tue, 24 May 2016 21:31:43 -0400

Thomas Chalmers & Chorus - "Star Spangled Banner"
Harry Raederman's Jazz Orchestra - "Make That Trombone Laugh"
P Dawson - "The Singer was Irish"
Hackett & Chorus - "Let Me Like A Soldier Fall"
Marie Dressler - "Rastus Take Me Back"
Vernon Dalhart - "I'm Waiting For You Liza Jane"
Will Oakland - "The Curse Of An Aching Heart"
Cal Stewart - "Uncle Josh's Rheumatism"
Irving Kaufman - "Listen To That Dixie Band"
Vernon Dalhart - "My Baby's Arm - Ziegfeld Follies of 1919"
Frisco Jass Band - "Yah-De-Dah"

Media Files:

Episode from May 17, 2016

Tue, 17 May 2016 21:39:57 -0400

Markel's Orchestra - "Wake Up Little Girl"
Howard Kopp and Samuel Jospe - "Uncle Tom - One Step"
Frank Banta and Cliff Hess - "Remember The Rose"
Victor Minstrels - "Victor 16149-B"
Henry Burr - "The Light That Never Fails"
Al Weston & Irene Young - "Gennett Laughing Record"
Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle - "Down Hearted Blues"
Bessie Smith - "Sing Sing Prison Blues"
Mamie Smith and her Jazz Hounds - "Doo Dah Blues"
Joe and Zeb Gaunt - "Jew's Harp Bill"
Ernest Thompson - "Kiss Waltz"
Fiddlin' Powers and Family - "Sourwood Mountains"
Selvin's Orchestra - "Love Will Find A Way"

Media Files:

guest Fred Hauck from 1997 from May 10, 2016

Tue, 10 May 2016 21:14:29 -0400

Apollo Quartet of Boston - "Brighten the Corner Where You Are"
Ada Jones and Billy Murray - "Rainbow"
George P. Watson - "Sauerkraut is Bully"
Bohimir Kryl - "Du Du"
Collins and Harlan - "Slippery Slide Trombone"
Sousa's Band - "El Capitan and Manhattan Beach March"

Media Files:

Special show on American Record Company label from May 3, 2016

Tue, 03 May 2016 21:38:38 -0400

Regimental Band of The Republic - "1863 Medley"
Regimental Band of The Republic - "The Sentry March"
Descriptive Orchestra - "A Hunting Scene"
Collins and Harlan - "In Timbuktoo"
Howard Blackburn - "I Want What I Want When I Want It" [Frank C. Stanley]
Henry Burr - "In Dreamland"
Frank C. Stanley - "He Leadeth Me"
George P. Watson - "Original Lauterbach"
Harlan and Stanley - "A Scene In A Country Blacksmith Shop"
Arthur Collins - "Jessamine"

Media Files:

LIVE from The Kingsland Manor from Apr 26, 2016

Tue, 26 Apr 2016 21:34:40 -0400

Makin' Whoopee - "Louisiana Collegians"
Vess L. Ossman - "Silver Heels"
Howard Kopp - "Orchids"
Conway's Band - "Ragging the Scale"
Victor Military Band - "Pick a Chicken"
Arthur Fields - "Everybody Loves a "Jass" Band"
Original Dixieland Jazz Band - "At The Jazz Band Ball"
Earl Fuller’s Rector Novelty Orchestra - "Pork and Beans"
Jack Hart w Sam Lanin's Orchestra - "Broadway Melody"
Georgie Price - "Barney Google"
American Quartet - "It's a Long Way to Tipperary"
Prince's Orchestra - "Smokey Mokes"
Annette Hanshaw - "Ain't He Sweet?"
Billy Murray and Ed. Smalle - "Toot Toot Tootsie Goo'bye"

Media Files:

Episode from Apr 19, 2016

Tue, 19 Apr 2016 21:39:35 -0400

Handy's Orchestra - "Sweet Child"
Irene Franklin - "I've Got The Mumps"
Frances White - "M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I"
William H. Reitz - "Sorrgenlos Polka"
Vess L. Ossman - "Universal Fox Trot"
Frank Ferera - "Laughing Eyes"
Cal Stewart - "Uncle Josh at the Circus"
Joe Hayman - "Cohen Buys a Wireless Set"
Fred Duprez - "Happy Though Married"
Crescent Trio - "Kentucky Home"
Columbia Stellar Quartette - "When You Wore a Tulip and I Wore a Big Red Rose"
William Halley - "I'm Glad My Wife's in Europe"
Mitchell Brothers - "Too Tired"
American Quartet - "Strut Miss Lizzie"
Harry Reser's Syncopators - "Underneath A Sunny Sky"

Media Files:

Episode from Apr 12, 2016

Tue, 12 Apr 2016 21:31:38 -0400

Paul Whiteman and His Ambassador Orchestra - "Whispering"
Ted Weems and His Orchestra - "Somebody Stole My Girl"
Rudy Weidoeft's Californians - "Song of India"
New York Police Band - "American Fantasie Part 1"
Bob Roberts - "I'm the Man"
Collins and Harlan - "The Mississippi Dippy Dip"
Silas Leachman - "Don't You Hear Dem Bells"
Europe's Society Orchestra - "Castle Walk"
Conway's Band - "Flirting Whistler"
Bessie Smith - "Cake Walking Babies"
Murray K. Hill - "Grandma's Mustard Plaster"
Vernon Dalhart - "Six Feet of Earth"
Margaret Young - "What Does the Pussy Cat Mean When She Says" Meow""
Europe's Society Orchestra - "You're Here and I'm Here"

Media Files:

LIVE from Brooklyn Farmacy from Mar 29, 2016

Tue, 29 Mar 2016 21:25:15 -0400

Orchestra Internacional - "Amorosa"
Six Brown Brothers - "Tip Top - Medley"
Van Eps Quartet - "So Long Oo-Long"
A.C. (Eck) Robertson - "Ragtime Annie"
Arthur Collins - "I Love, I Love, I Love My Wife, But Oh you Kid"
Columbia Quartette - "My Creole Sue"
Ed Morton - "If I Could See As Far Ahead As I Can Behind"
Original Dixieland Jazz Band - "Bow Wow Blues"
Prince's Band - "Mr. Jass Himself"
Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra - "Muscle Shoals Blues"
Leona Williams and Her Dixie Band - "The Meanest Man in the World (Milady's Blues)"
Miss Lee Morse and Her Blue Grass Boys - "I Ain't Got Nobody To Love"
Mitchell Brothers - "Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mamma Can Do"
Billy Murray & Ed Smalle - "Toot Toot Tootsie Goo'bye"

Media Files:

Oops! I forgot my records! from Mar 22, 2016

Tue, 22 Mar 2016 21:23:29 -0400

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band - "Just Gone"
King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band - "Dipper Mouth Blues"
King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band - "Snake Rag"
Bessie Smith - "Eavesdroppers Blues"
Bessie Smith - "Pinchbacks - Take 'Em Away"
Bessie Smith - "Ticket Agent, Ease Your Window Down"
Cullen and Collins - "Twin Star March"
Len Spencer - "You've Been a Good Old Wagon but You Done Broke Down"
Columbia Orchestra - "I Thought I Was A Winner, or, I Don't Know, You Ain't So Warm"
Sousa's Band - "At A Georgia Camp Meeting"
Vess Ossman - "Maple Leaf Rag"
Arthur Pryor's Band - "A Coon Band Contest"
Dan W Quinn - "Ain't That A Shame"
Silas Leachman - "The Fortune Telling Man"
Zon-O-Phone Concert Band - "The Smiler"
Europe's Society Orchestra - "Castle House Rag"

Media Files:

Episode from Mar 15, 2016

Tue, 15 Mar 2016 21:27:47 -0400

Sir Harry Lauder - "Stop Your Tickling Jock"

Media Files:

Episode from Mar 1, 2016

Tue, 01 Mar 2016 21:45:58 -0500

Nathan Glantz and his Orchestra - "Out Of A Million, You're The Only One"
Alma Gluck and Louise Homer - "Oh, That We Two Were Maying"
Enrico Caruso - "Manon - Donna non vidi mai"
William Halley - "You Made Me Love You"
Blanche Ring - "Yip! IAdee! I Aye!"
Miss Ada Jones - "He's Me Pal"
Miss Ada Jones - "Waiting At the Church"
Beatrice Kay - "Waiting At the Church"
Beatrice Kay - "Hooray! Hooray! I'm Going Aaway."
Beatrice Kay - "Mention My Name in Sheboygan"
Arthur Pryor - "Oh Dry Those Tears"
Dubin's Dandies - "My Sweetie Turned Sour On Me"
Mills Merry Makers - "Moanin' Low"
Tuxedo orchestra - "Tea For Two"

Media Files:

with guest Rich Conaty from Feb 16, 2016

Tue, 16 Feb 2016 21:50:05 -0500

Eubie Blake and His Orchestra - "Bandana Days"
Marrion Harris - "How Come You Do Me Like You Do?"
Cliff Edwards - "Hard Hearted Hannah"
Oriole Orchestra - "Mandy Make Up Your Mind"
Barth's Mississippians - "I Like Pie, I Like Cake - But I like You Most of All"
Rube Bloom - "The Doll Dance"
Rudy Vallee - "Sweetheart of my Dreams"
Golden Gate Orchestra - "Telling it to the Daisies"

Media Files:

All Hit Of The Week records from Feb 9, 2016

Tue, 09 Feb 2016 21:15:14 -0500

Nick Lucas - "All of Me"
Andy Sannella and His Orchestra - "Lawd, You Made The Night Too Long / Sharing"
Phil Spitlany's Music - "Let's Have Another Cup O' Coffee / Strangers"
Morton Downey - "Kiss Me Goodnight"
Erno Rapee's Orchestra - "River, Stay 'Way From My Door / Some of These Days"
Sam Lanin's Orchestra - "Love Letters In The Sand"
Rudy Vallee - "Home"
Vincent Lopez and his Orchestra - "Cheerful LIttle Earful"
Phil Spitlany's Music - "Lullaby of The Leaves/ Betty Boop"

Media Files:

Episode from Feb 2, 2016

Tue, 02 Feb 2016 21:31:48 -0500

Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - "Whispering"
Harry Richman - "The Birth of the Blues"
Harry Richman - "Lucky Day"
Gene Austin - "Bye Bye Blackbird"
Gene Austin - "You Gotta Know How To Love"
The Blues Chasers - "Charleston"
Max Terr and His Orchestra - "Charleston Bound"
Nathan Glantz and his Orchestra - "Charleston Baby of Mine"
Lou Gold and His Orchestra - "I'm Going To Charleston Back To Charleston"
Bill Virges and His Orchestra - "I Want A Lovable Baby"
Prince's Orchestra - "Smokey Mokes"
Orpheus Quartet - "Mammy's Little Coal Black Rose"
Peerless Quartet - "Big Bass Viol"

Media Files:

Episode from Jan 19, 2016

Tue, 19 Jan 2016 21:20:35 -0500

All-Star Trio - "Oh! By Jingo!"
Victor Dance Orchestra - "The Great One Step"
Jockers Dance Orchestra - "The Royal Vagabond"
Charles Harrison - "Are You Lonesome Tonight?"
Ada Jones and Len Spencer - "Broncho Bob and His Little Cheyenne"
R.H. Burnside - "A New York Hippodrome Rehearsal"
Collins and Harlan - "Everybody's Jazzin' It"
Marion Harris - "Don't Leave Me, Daddy"
Frank C. Stanley - "When The Mocking Birds Are Singing In The Wildwood"
Byron Harlan - "Hello Central, Give Me Heaven"
Haydn Quartet - "Beauty's Eyes"
Columbia Orchestra - "Musical Snapshots"

Media Files:

Episode from Jan 12, 2016

Tue, 12 Jan 2016 22:50:47 -0500

Club De Vingt Orchestra - "Mandy n' Me"
Philharmonic Trio - "Herd Girl's Dream"
Buono & Chiafferelli - "Ida and Dot Polka"
Van Eps Trio - "Teasing The Cat"
All Star Trio - "Old Man Jazz"
Marion Harris - "When I Hear That Jazz Band Play"
Anna Chandler - "My Lovin' Honey Man"
Cliff Edwards - "Hard Hearted Hanna"
Miss Lee Morse and Her Blue Grass Boys - "I Ain't Got Nobody To Love"
Frank & James McCravey - "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?"
Vernon Dalhart - "He Sure Can Play The Harmonica"
Lester McFarland & Robert A. Gardner - "Call Me Back Again"
Riley Puckett - "Casey Jones"
Murray K. Hill - "Grandma's Mustard Plaster"
Orchestra Internacionales - "Amborosa"

Media Files:

Episode from Jan 5, 2016

Tue, 05 Jan 2016 21:57:43 -0500

Albert E. Short and His Tivoli Synchopators - "Bebe"
Louis Katzman and His Salon Orchestra - "To A Wild Rose"
Alma Gluck & Louise Homer - "Whispering Hope"
"Hobo" Jack Turner - "The Big Rock Candy Mountains"
Collins and Harlan - "Buddy Boy"
Al Jolson with Ray Miller and His Orchestra - "I'm Gonna Tramp, Tramp Tramp"
Warwick Green - "That Chiming Rag"
Mr. Fred Vernon - "I Want To Go To Idaho"
Charles Penrose - "Laughing Jazz Drummer"
Bentley Ball - "Jwankydillo"
Dolly Kay - "You've Got to See Mama Ev'ry Night"
Dolly Kay - "I Loved You Once"
the Columbians - "Who Tied the Can to the Old Dogs Tail?"
Edith Day - "Irene"
Edith Day - "Irene"

Media Files:

Happy New Year! from Dec 29, 2015

Tue, 29 Dec 2015 21:45:32 -0500

Sam Lewis & Sam Dody - "Hello! Hello! Hello!"
Billy Murray and Haydn Quartet - "Budweiser's a Friend of Mine"
Bernard and Robinson - "Let Me Be The First to Kiss You Good Morning (and The Last to Kiss you Goodnight)" [The Dixie Stars]
Jack Kaufman - "Nobody Knows (And Nobody Seems to Care)"
Brunswick Quartet - "Sally"
Orchestra - "Medley of Vesta Victoria Songs"
Henry Burr - "My Southern Rose"
Carol Clark - "Two Dirty Little Hands"
Band - "Red Wing"
Trinity Chimes - "Coming of The Year"
Lewis James - "For The Sake of Auld Lang Syne"
Steve Porter - "Flanagan's New Year's Call"
Westminster Chimes - "Auld Lang Syne"
Prince's Band - "Auld Lang Syne"

Media Files:

Christmas Show! from Dec 22, 2015

Tue, 22 Dec 2015 21:56:47 -0500

The Great White Way Orchestra - "When Winter Comes"
Columbia Stellar Quartette - "Ye Olden Yule Tide Hymns Part 1"
Trinity Choir - "Christmas Hymns and Carols - No. 2"
William Sterling Battis - "Scrooge - Part 1 - "Marley's Ghost""
Robert Hilliard - "Christmas Day in the Workhouse"
Cal Stewart - "Uncle Josh Plays Santa Claus"
Ernest Hare - "Santa Claus Hides in The Phonograph"
Elnick Boda - "Vstavajte Pastieri"
Kinderchor - "Christkind Kommt!" [mit Deklamation, Harmoniumbegleitung und Kirchenglocken.]
Columbia Orchestra - "The Kiddies Christmas Frolic Part I Morning"
Campbell and Burr - "I'd Rather be Kissed 'neath the Mistletoe Bough Than Spoon Under Any Old Tree"
Peerless Quartet - "Oh You Silv'ry Bells"
Ottar Agree's Quintette - "Santa Claus Polka"

Media Files:

Electric records on a 1941 suitcase phonograph from Dec 15, 2015

Tue, 15 Dec 2015 22:20:15 -0500

Annette Hanshaw - "A Precious Little Thing Called Love"
Mills Brothers - "Oh! My Achin' Heart"
Pete Johnson - "Blues on The Downbeat"
Slim and Slam - "Flat Fleet Floogee"
Les Brown & His Orchestra - "In My Merry Oldsmobile"
Mildred Bailey and Her Orchestra - "Rockin' Chair"
Frank Sinatra - "All of Me"
Louis Armstrong - "I'm Not Rough"
Cab Calloway and His Orchestra - "A Smoo-o-oth One"
Bessie Smith - "One and Two Blues"
King Oliver and his Orchestra - "Shake it and Break It"
Harry James and His orchestra - "Flatbush Flanagan"
Sonny Boy Williams - "Savoy is Jumping"

Media Files:

Episode from Dec 8, 2015

Tue, 08 Dec 2015 22:16:36 -0500

Earl Fuller’s Rector Novelty Orchestra - "Mummy Mine"
Billy Murray - "Story Book Ball"
Collins and Harlan - "I'm Going Back To Memphis Tennessee"
Edna Brown - "There's A Broken Heart For Every Light On Broadway"
The Dixie Stompers - "St. Louis Blues" [Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra]
American Quartet - "Nestle in Your Daddy's Arms"
German Orchestra - "Bummel Petrus"
Cal Stewart - "Uncle Josh Buys an Automobile"
Ford Hanford and His Carpenters Saw - "My Old Kentucky Home"
Mamie Smith and her Jazz Hounds - "Doo Dah Blues"
Edith Wilson - "How Come You Do Me Like You Do?" [- Accompaniment by Alabama Joe]
Emil Coleman & His Montmartre Orchestra - "Sing-A-Loo"

Media Files:

Episode from Dec 1, 2015

Tue, 01 Dec 2015 22:05:35 -0500

Victor Military Band - "Sugar Lump"
Honey Duke and His Uke - "Get Away Old Man, Get Away"
Edwin Dale and George Reardon - "Sleepy Head"
Arthur Fields - "When I was The Dandy And You Were The Belle"
George P Watson - "Sauerkraut is Bully"
Tiroler Sanger - "Ullwel Luftig"
Krilloffs Russian Balilaika Orchestra - "National Dance"
Kauno Kapelija - "Leliju Valcus"
Toots Paka Hawaiian Company - "Lia Ika Wai Mapuna"
Joseph Moskowitz - "Hungarian Dance No. 5"
Vess L. Ossman - "Silver Heels"
Pietro - "San Francisco Souvenir March"
Collins & Harlan - "Alexander's Ragtime Band"
Billy Murray - "I'd Rather Be a Lamp-Post on Old Broadway"
Eddie Morton - "I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew"
Yerkes Southern Five - "Railroad Blues"

Media Files:

Episode from Nov 24, 2015

Tue, 24 Nov 2015 23:05:56 -0500

The Cotton Pickers - "Hot Lips"
Ada Jones and Walter Van Brunt - "Come Josephine in My Flying Machine"
American Quartet - "Stop! Look! Listen!"
Ed Meeker - "Ragtime Soldier Man"
Duncan Sisters - "I Never Had a Mammy"
Billy Jones and Ernest Hare - "On My Ukulele"
Cliff Edwards - "Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mamma Can Do"
Kitty Berger - "Romance from “L’Eclair”"
Helen Trix and Dan W. Quinn - "Fol de Iddley Ido"
Fred Duprez - "Desperate Desmond"
Billy B. Van - "To My Dog"
Byron Harlan - "How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm? (After They've Seen Paree)"
Ada Jones - "Tickletoes"
The Columbians - "Jimmy"
Dance Orchestra - ""Balance Corners" Medley Lancers"

Media Files:

with guest Tad Thayer from Nov 10, 2015

Tue, 10 Nov 2015 21:32:40 -0500

Victor Orchestra - "A Hunt In The Black Forest"
Yerke's S.S. Flotilla Orchestra - "Arkansas Blues"
The Virginians - "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate"
Victor Light Opera Company - "Gems from Pinafore- Part 1"
Tampa Blue Jazz Band - "The West Texas Blues"
Lucille Hegamin with Albury's Blues and Jazz Seven - "The Jazz me Blues"
Clara Smith - "Uncle Sam Blues"
Blue Grass Foot Warmers - "Senorita Mine"
Ladd's Black Aces - "All Wrong"
Eddie Cantor - "I've Got The Yes! We Have No Bananas Blues"
The Original Memphis Five - "Indiana Stomp"

Media Files:

Episode from Nov 3, 2015

Tue, 03 Nov 2015 21:30:38 -0500

Lanin's Arcadians - "Innocent Eyes"
Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - "Stumbling"
The Virginians - "Why Should I Cry Over You?"
Ray Miller and His Black and White Boys - "The Shiek"
Cal Stewart - "Uncle Josh and The Photographer"
Anonymous - SPENCER & GIRARD - "The Dog Fight"
Al Jolson - "Snap Your Fingers"
American Quartet - "Keep Your Head Down Fritzie Boy"
Tom, Dick and Harry and Jack (Hurry Back) - "The Shannon Four"
Billy Jones - "Gee! But I Hate To Go Home Alone"
J. W. Myres - "Down on the Farm"
Handy's Orchestra - "Livery Stable Blues"
Hazel Meyers - "He's Never Gonna Throw Me Down"
Eddie Elkins' Orchestra - "Kicky-Koo - Kicky-Koo (You for Me, Me for You)"

Media Files:

Episode from Oct 20, 2015

Tue, 20 Oct 2015 21:50:53 -0400

Band - "The Horse Trot"
Duet - "On The 5:15"
Tenor - "My Little Girl"
Orchestra - "The Steeple Chase"
Quartette - "When The Angelus is Ringing"
Baritone - "Along Came Ruth"
Quartette - "He's A Rag Picker"
Duet - "The Minstrel Parade"
Band - "The Boston Stop"
Minstrels - "Push Dem Clouds Away / Goodbye Manhattan Isle"
Frank C. Stanley - "Honey Boy"
Billy Murray - "Not Because Your Hair Is Curly"
Miss Mina Hickman - "Under The Bamboo Tree"
Samuel Ash - "My Castle in the Air"
Jack Warner - "The Blush Rose"
Henry Burr - "Give Me The Moon-Light, Give Me The Girl (and Leave The Rest To Me)"
Miss Sally Stembler - "Laughing Song"

Media Files:

Atomic Records with Ethan Crenson from Oct 6, 2015

Tue, 06 Oct 2015 21:44:31 -0400

Slim Gaillard Quartette - "Atomic Cocktail"
Karl and Harty - "When The Atom Bomb Fell"
The Famous Blue Jay Singers - "Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb"
Sons of the Pioneers - "Old Man Atom"
Sir Lancelot - "Atomic Energy"
Dude Martin's Round Up Gang - "Atom Bomb Baby"
Buchanan Brothers - "Those Flying Saucers"
Dexter Logan & Darrell Edwards - "The Song of The Atom Bomb"

Media Files:

Episode from Sep 29, 2015

Tue, 29 Sep 2015 21:41:29 -0400

Victory Military Band - "Too Much Mustard"
Ernest Stoneman - "Jack and Joe"
Frank Kamplain - "Blue Yodel #2"
Samantha Bumbarner - "Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss"
Fred Van Eps Trio - "The Original Fox Trot"
Eugene Rose - "Genevieve"
Albert Henry - "Lucky Moon"
Felix Arndt - "Valse Blue"
Al. H. Weston & Irene Young - "Gennett Laughing Record"
Belmont - "Oh You Circus Day"
Robert J. Wildhack - "Sneezes"
George O'Connor - "These Feet of Mine"
Ada Jones - "The Bullfrog And The Coon"
Lyric Quartet - "Temple Bells"
Rudy Valee & Conneticut Yankees - "(I Love You I Love You I Love You) Sweetheart of All My Dreams"

Media Files:

Episode from Sep 22, 2015

Tue, 22 Sep 2015 22:48:51 -0400

Phil Sprecht and His Hotel Alamac Orchestra - "I'm All Broken Up Over You"
Anna Chandler - "All Night Long"
Billy Murray - "The Whole Damn Family"
American Quartet - "Farmyard Medley"
Miss Patricola with The Virginians - "Come On Home"
"That Girl" Quartet - "Rosalie"
Marion Anderson - "Go Down Moses"
Robert J. Wildhack - "Snores"
Rudy Valee & Conneticut Yankees - "The Song I Love"
Weary Willie Trio (Billy Murray, Ed Meeker, Donald Chalmers) - "Sons of Mother Earth"
Hazel Meyers - "Awful Moanin' Blues" [w/ Fletcher Henderson and Joe Smith]
Harry Reser's Syncopators - "Blue Eyed Sally"

Media Files:

Episode from Sep 8, 2015

Tue, 08 Sep 2015 21:23:22 -0400

Earl Fuller’s Rector Novelty Orchestra - "More Candy"
Haydn Quartet - "Hard Times"
Fiddlin' Frank Nelson - "Duck Creek Gal"
Marion Harris - "The "St. Louis Blues""
Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike) - "Insufficient Sweetie"
Ada Jones & Billy Murray - "Smile, Smile, Smile"
Vesta Victoria - "Summer Blouses"
Blanche Ring - "I've Got Rings On My Fingers"
Wendell Hall - "Land of My Sunset Dreams"
Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake - "Down Hearted Blues"
'Gene Greene - "Ruff Johnson's Harmony Band"
Esther Walker - "How Sorry You'll Be (Wait'll You See)"
Victor Military Band - "Money Musk"

Media Files:

Episode from Aug 25, 2015

Tue, 25 Aug 2015 21:26:18 -0400

The Columbians - "Just Like A Rainbow" - single
Ada Jones and Walter Van Brunt - "All Alone" - single
J. W. Myeres - "Colleen Bawn" - single
Billy Murray - "Arrah Wanna" - single
Clarice Vance - "He's A Cousin of Mine" - single
Strassmeir Dachaur Bauernkapelle - "Werdenfelser Trompeten Landler" - single
Orkiestra Polska - "Kochanie" - single
Pan Tuzinsky - "Kmotrem Byti" - single
Vernon Dalhart - "The Alcoholic Blues" - single
The Happiness Boys - "Why Aren't Yez Eatin' More Oranges?" - single
Knickerbocker Quartet - "Good-Night" - single
John Steel - "Bring Back My Blushing Rose" - single
Lizzie Miles - "My Pillow and Me" - single
Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra - "Manda" - single [from "The Chocolate Dandies"]
Viola McCoy - "It Makes No Difference Now" - single

Media Files:

Episode from Aug 18, 2015

Tue, 18 Aug 2015 21:27:18 -0400

Dan Gregory’s Orchestra - "Me and the Boyfriend"
"That" Girl Quartet - "My Bombay Maid"
Manhattan Ladies Quartet - "Pussy's in the Well"
Frances White - "M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I"
Fanny Brice - "Shiek Of Avenue B"
Victor Opera Chorus - "Bridal Chorus From Lohengrin"
Arthur Pryor's Band - "Mendelssohn's Wedding March"
Bohimir Kryl's Bohemian Band - "March Fantastique"
Michael Esposito & Carl Michael Von Hausswolff ~ Phantom Air Waves - "The Ghosts Of Effingham"
Arthur Pryor's Band - "The Warbler's Serenade"
Guido Gialdini - "Joys of Spring - Intermezzo"
S. H. Dudley - "The Merry Whistling Darky"
Arthur Hall & Chorus - "Have a Smile for Everyone You Meet"
William West - "Who's Sorry Now?" [Billy Jones]
Waring's Pennsylvanians - "Stack O'Lee Blues"

Media Files:

Episode from Aug 11, 2015

Tue, 11 Aug 2015 21:17:59 -0400

Billy James' Dance Orchestra - "Fritzi"
Aileen Stanley - "I've Got the Joys"
Walter Van Brunt - "Everything's at home except your wife"
Reuben Puckett and Richard Brooks - "Down By The Mississippi Shore"
Adler, Weil and Herman and The California Sun-Kist Syncopators - "Who Is the One That You're Fooling Now?"
Fred Van Eps - "The Lobster's Promenade"
John J Kimmel - "Buck Dance Medley (Accordion)"
George Stehl - "Original Jigs and Reels"
A.C. (Eck) Robertson - "Done Gone"
Fiddlin' Powers and Family - "Callahan's Reel"
Charles Ross Taggart - "Old Country Fiddler on Astronomy"
Henry Burr - "Come to the Ball"
Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan - "The International Rag"
Mandy Lee - "Minstrels"
Carter and His Orchestra - "If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie)"

Media Files:

Episode from Jul 28, 2015

Tue, 28 Jul 2015 21:34:49 -0400

Eddie Peabody & His Band - "It Must Be You"
Joseph Moskowitz - "Inspiration - Spanish Valse"
Howard Kopp - "Clover Land"
All Star Trio - "I Want A Daddy Who Will Rock Me To Sleep"
Billy Murray - "I Love Me"
Carroll Clark - "Doan Ya Cry Ma Honey"
Collins and Harlan - "Nigger Loves His Possum"
Banda Sinfonica - "Mussolini - Marcia Trionfale"
Cantonese Singer - "?"
Os-Ke-Non-Ton - "Every-Day-Song"
Al Bernard - "Brother Low Down"
William West - "Swingin' Down The Lane"
Yerkes Southern Five - "Railroad Blues"
WMCA Broadcasters - "Yankee Rose"

Media Files:

with guest Lyndon Lowell Blaylock from Jul 21, 2015

Tue, 21 Jul 2015 21:25:50 -0400

Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra - "Oh, Lady Be Good"
Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra - "Concerto in F Major" [George Gershwin - Six sides]
New York Philharmonic Orchestra - "A Victory Ball - Fantasy" [Under the direction of Willem Mengelberg - 2 sides]
Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra - "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers"

Media Files:

Episode from Jul 7, 2015

Tue, 07 Jul 2015 21:17:40 -0400

Wilbur C. Sweatman's Original Jazz Band - "Hello Hello"
Joseph C. Smith's Orchstra - "Mickey"
John Steel - "Whispering"
Billy Murray - "That Naughty Melody"
Cal Stewart - "Uncle Josh at the Circus"
Nat M. Wills - "Old Oaken Bucket"
Samuel Siegel - "Sugar Plum"
Pietro's Accordian Quartet - "Cavalleria Rusticana"
George Williams and Bessie Brown - "When You Go Huntin’, I’m Goin’ Fishin'"
Mamie Smith & Her Jazz Hounds - "If You Don't Want Me Blues"
Original Dixieland Jazz Band - "Sweet Mama (Papa’s Getting Mad)"
Mitchell Brothers - "Too Tired"

Media Files:

Episode from Jun 30, 2015

Tue, 30 Jun 2015 21:28:02 -0400

Isham Jones & His Orchestra - "After The Rain"
Victor Military Band - "Sugar Lump"
Eubie Blake and His Orchestra - "Cutie"
Billy Jones - "I'm Hungry For The Beautiful Girls"
Wendell Hall with The Virginians - "Blue Island Blues"
Ernie Mayne - "A Great Big Plonking Kiss"

Media Files:

With guest Tony Donato from Jun 23, 2015

Tue, 23 Jun 2015 22:18:23 -0400

Billy Murray - "The Little Ford Rambled Right Along"
Jack Shilkret's Orchestra - "If You Knew Susie"
Honey Duke And His Uke - "Hot Coffee"
Imperial Dance Orchestra - "When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbin' Along"
Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawks Orchestra - "I'm Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston"
Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band - "Lil' Liza Jane"
Louis Armstrong with The Red Onion Jazz Babies - "Terrible Blues"
Club Royal Orchestra - "The Sneak!"
Lou Gold And His Orchestra - "Broken Hearted"
Yerkes Jazarimba Orchestra - "Ain't We Got Fun"

Media Files:

Episode from Jun 16, 2015

Tue, 16 Jun 2015 22:02:30 -0400

Columbia Band - "In the Sweet Bye and Bye"
Dolly Kay - "Cry Baby Blues"
Billy Murray - "For Me and My Girl"
Maurice Mitchell - "Among My Souvenirs"
Vincent Lopez and his Orchestra - "Look for the Silver Lining"
Daniel Wyper - "High Level Hornpipe"
Vess L. Ossman - "Keep Off The Grass"
Frank Banta - "My Sugar"
Sam Moore and Horace Davis - "Tuck Me To Sleep in My Old Kentucky Home"
Bob Roberts - "Yankee Boodle"
Will Oakland - "The Longest Way Round is the Shortest Way Home"
Elinda Morris and Sam Ash - "Hello Frisco" [From "Follies of 1915"]
Al Johnson - "Al Johnson's Negro Laughing Song" [Australian laughing record]
Collins and Stept - "Laughing at You"
Anonymous - "Contagious Coughs"
Conway's Band - "All of the Girlies"

Media Files:

Episode from Jun 9, 2015

Tue, 09 Jun 2015 22:25:33 -0400

Golden Gate Orchestra - "Lola Lo"
Club Vingt Orchestra - "Mandy N Me"
Arnold - "Away Down East In Maine"
Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - "Evening Star"
Vesta Victoria - "Poor John"
Bob Roberts - "Woodmna,Woodman, Spare That Tree"
Lillian Homesly - "He's Me Pal"
Billy Murray - "The Million Doolar Ball"
Bessie Brown - "How Can I Get It (When You Keep Snatchin' it Back)"
Edith Wilson - "How Come You Do Me Like You Do?" [With accompaniment by Alabama Joe]
Mamie Smith & Her Jazz Hounds - "Doo Dah Blyes"
Irving Kaufman - "Oh! Susie Behave"
George Watts - "I Want a Big Red Apple on a Stick"
Al Jolson - "Rum Tum Tuddle"
Ray Hamilton - "Indiana Moon"
Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - "Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me"

Media Files:

End of..... from Jun 2, 2015

Tue, 02 Jun 2015 21:29:10 -0400

Bernie Krueger - "Ain't We Got Fun?"
The Silver Slipper Orchestra - "Raggedy Ann"
Bob Roberts - "My Wife's Gone to the Country"
Roseland Dance Orchestra - "Say It With A Ukulele"
Frankie Half Pint Jaxon - "Down at Jaspers Bar-b-que"
Irving and Jack Kaufman - "I Ain't'en Gotten No Time to Have the Blues"
Bessie Smith and Clara Smith - "Far Away Blues"
Arthur Collins - "I Love It"
Gene Greene - "Maybe You Think I'm Happy"
Dallas String Band with Coley Jones - "Shine"
Original Dixieland Jazz Band - "Crazy Blues"
Ada Jones - "Now I Have To Call Him Father"
Charles Harrison - "Leave Me With a Smile"
Charles Harrison - "Leave Me With a Smile"

Media Files:

Memorial Day from May 26, 2015

Tue, 26 May 2015 21:40:40 -0400

Arthur Pryors Band - "General Mixup USA March"
Al Jolson - "Tell That To The Marines"
Henry Burr - "Wake Up, America"
Lieut. Jim Europe's 369th U.S. Infantry Hell Fighters Band - "On Patrol in No Man's Land"
Willie Weston - "For Your Country and My Country"
Metropolitan Band - "War Song Medley"
Clarence Whitehall - "Marching Through Georgia"
Elizabeth Spencer - "My Sweetheart is Somewhere in France"
Peerless Quartet - "America, Here's My Boy"
Nora Bayes - "How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm? (After They've Seen Paree)"
Sousa's Band - "American Patrol"
Enrico Caruso - "Over There"
Peerless Quartet - "The Man Behind The HAmmer and the Plow"
Billy Murray - "I'd feel at home if they'd let me join in the Army"
Arthur Pryors Band - "Rainbow Division March"

Media Files:

MAC's First Free-Form Fest from May 22, 2015

Fri, 22 May 2015 19:32:39 -0400

Paul Mauriat and His Orchestra - "Love is Blue" - Best of Emerson, Lake and Palmer - "Jeruselum" - Brain Salad Surgery Be Bop Deluxe - "Axe Victim" - Axe Victim City Boy - "Mama's Boy" - Dinner at The Ritz Detective - "Grim Reaper" - Detective Gentle Giant - "Giant For A Day" - Giant For A Day Genesis - "Dance on a Volcano" - A Trick of the Tail King Crimson - "The Great Deceiver" - Starless And Bible Black Yes - "Heart of the Sunrise" - Fragile Debbie Harry - "Now I Know You Know" - Koo Koo Exene Cervenka - "Slave Labor" - Running Scared Sandy Duncan - "I am a Woman" - single Joni Mitchell - "Last Chance Lost" - Turbulent Indigo Helen Gurly Brown - "How to Have an Affair" - Sex and the Single Girl Tori Amos - "Big Wheel" - American Doll Posse Charo - "Cuchi Cuchi" - Cuchi Cuchi Peggy Lee - "Love Story" - Is That All There Is? Karla Bonoff - "Someone To Lay Down Beside Me" - Karla Bonoff Laura Nyro - "Tom Cat Goodbye" - New York Tendaberry La Lupe - "Amor Ciego" - Best of La Lupe Bestline Chorus - "It's A Wonderful New Bestline World" - Bestline Millie Jackson - "It Hurts So Good" - It Hurts So Good Shirley Brown - "Woman To Woman" - Stax 50: A 50th Anniversary Celebration The Soul Children - "I'll Be The Other Woman" - Stax 50: A 50th Anniversary Celebration George Zamfir - "The Lonely Shepard" - The Lonely Shepard [behind the dj] Zoom - "Come On And Zoom" - Come on and ZOOM New Zoo Revue - "New Zoo Revue" - New Zoo Revue Bob McAllister - "Kids Are People Too!" - Kids Are People Too! Dr. Suess - "Fox in Sox" - Dr. Seuss presents Favorite Children's Stories Oscar the Grouch - "I Love Trash" - Sesame Street Gold Seeburg Tailored Background Music Demo - "Seeburg Tailored Background Music Demo" - Seeburg Tailored Background Music Demo Eagles/Journey/Bon Jovi - "excepts from Take It Easy, One of These Nights, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Hotel California, Living On a Prayer and Don't Stop Beleiving" - Best of The Eagles / Infinity / New Jersey [Mash-up with heavy effects] Whistling Jack Smith - "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman" - 45 single Mocdades - "Eres Tu" - 45 single David Geddes - "The Last Game of the Season (A Blind Man in the Bleachers)" - 45 single Ed Ames - "My Cup Runeth Over" - Best of Ed Ames Rod McKuen - "Marvelous Clouds" - Best of Rod McKuen Liz Damon's Orient Express - "1900 Yesterday" - Liz Damon's Orient Express Sailor - "Girls Girls Girls" - Girls Girls Girls Sparks - "I Like Girls" - Ultimate Collection The Continental - "It Can't [...]

Media Files:

Berlin, Bessie, & Bob from May 12, 2015

Tue, 12 May 2015 22:30:45 -0400

The Little Ramblers - "Those Panama Mammas"
American Quartet - "Carolina In The Morning"
Gene Fosdick's Hoosiers - "You've Got to See Mama Ev'ry Night"
Ben Selvin and His Orchestra - "Let Me Sing and I'm Happy"
Cliff Edwards - "All Alone"
Irving Berlin - "Follow The Crowd"
Street Piano - "Operatic Airs-Medley"
Pietro - "You'll Find Old Dixieland in France"
Bessie Smith - "Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out"
Bob Roberts - "Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do"
Ray Miller & His Orchestra - "I'll See You In My Dreams"

Media Files:

Live from Nutley NJ from Apr 28, 2015

Thu, 07 May 2015 21:30:13 -0400

Eddie Elkins' Orchestra - "April Showers"
Eddie Morton - "While They Were Dancing Around"
Leona Williams and Her Dixie BAnd - "The Meanest Man in the World (Milady's Blues)"
Avon Comedy Four - "Way Out Yonder in the Golden West"
International Novelty Orchestra - "It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'"
Bob Roberts - "Why Don't You Write When You Don't Need Money?"
Billy Murray - "The Gabby Glide"
M.J. O'Connell - "How Could Washington Be A Married Man and Never Tell a Lie?"
William J. Halley - "You Made Me Love You"
Vess L. Ossman - "Maple Leaf Rag"
Jack Kaufman - "I'll See You in C-U-B-A"
Cal Stewart - "I'm Old But I'm Awfully Tough"
Louise, Ferrera, & Greenus - "Malani Anu Ka Makani"

Media Files:

Cinco De Mayo from May 5, 2015

Tue, 05 May 2015 21:51:25 -0400

Zez Confrey - "Zenda"
Miss Patricola - "All For the Love of Mike"
Joe Herlihy & His Orchestra - "Cornfed"
Victor Minstrels #10 - "Medley"
The Four Blackbirds - "Dixie Rhythm"
Original Dixieland Jazz Band - "Mournin' Blues"
Louis Armstrong - "Kickin' The Gong Around"
California Ramblers - "Me and The Boyfriend"
Kay Kyser & His Orchestra - "COLLEGIATE FANNY"
Al Bernard - "De Ducks Done Got Me"
Five Harmaniacs - "What Makes My Baby Cry"
Arthur Collins - "The Hornpipe Rag"
Warings Pennsylvanians - "Let's Have Another Cup O' Coffee"

Media Files: