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Jon Udell: RSS

Last Build Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 15:03:46 GMT

Copyright: Copyright 2002 Jon Udell

RSS auto-discovery and meta-linking

6/3/2002; 1:55:03 AM

I've implemented Mark Pilgrim's final version of the RSS auto-discovery technique, inspired by Matt Griffith's proposal. A small change in Mark's Radio bookmarklet seemed to be needed, from indexOf(application/rss+xml') to indexOf('application/rss+xml'), in order to be able to subscribe in Radio to sites using this technique. ...

Postel's dictum applied to HTML in RSS

5/23/2002; 9:08:52 PM

In the commentary attached to Ben Hammersley's RSS discussion, someone (whose name got truncated) cites Jon Postel's famous dictum in regards to use of HTML in RSS: ...

What is an RSS description?

5/23/2002; 12:30:20 AM

Ben Hammersley has taken note of a flock of RSS-related rumblings. Here's some commentary on his commentary on my rumblings. ...

Basic and advanced RSS

5/20/2002; 11:11:12 AM

Sam continues to provide an excellent perspective on moving RSS forward: ...

Extending RSS: first things first

5/19/2002; 11:41:45 PM

On the always-thorny question of how to extend RSS, I guess I'm for a first-things-first aproach. ...

Daylight ahead for RSS writers and readers

5/10/2002; 9:46:51 AM

Jenny writes:

What I do see as the bigger issue is that this provides a path for further news aggregator development in Radio. I'm not knowledgeable enough to know what it means for RSS news aggregation in general, but I believe quite strongly that some form of aggregation will become part of our everyday information lives in the future, so I welcome any and all roads that lead to that day. [The Shifted Librarian] ...

Radio's RSS writer is now user-extensible

5/9/2002; 12:06:33 PM

The RSS writer in Radio is now officially user-extensible. "Before generating the RSS, we check," Dave writes today. Excellent. This will open the floodgates for all sorts of useful metadata experimentation. We'll see Radio UserLand sites emitting RSS 1.0, and others extending RSS .9x. It's not the format that matters to me, it's the experimentation. ...

Two flavors of RSS channel

5/8/2002; 8:46:07 AM

Jenny's poll reminded me that RSS truncation shouldn't be an either/or choice. So I'm experimenting with some extra tags in my RSS feed. ...

Paul Holbrook improves RSS truncation

4/11/2002; 7:50:36 PM

Paul Holbrook takes a different approach to RSS truncation. He presents the entire lead paragraph, like so: ...

Shortening RSS descriptions to lead sentences

4/11/2002; 2:16:56 AM

I'm really enjoying my ability to scan a lot of sources in my Radio news aggregator. What slows me down, though, are the channels with long or irregularly-formatted descriptions. One of the worst offenders is the Privacy Digest.  I want to scan that channel, but the cluttered format of its descriptions makes it really hard to do so. ...

Wiki/weblog integration points

4/4/2002; 3:44:32 PM

Tony Bowden writes: ...

Blog locally, rewire globally

3/19/2002; 9:47:36 AM

Mike Krus asks: ...

An XSLT Tutorial

3/18/2002; 8:42:13 PM

I read today about a new Radio driver to pull NASA announcements into the news page, and it made me wonder about an XSLT alternative. The Liftoff channel, in the right column, is the result of my wondering. As I am not an XSLT expert, I record here for my own future benefit as much as yours how I got to the solution. Full story... ...

Expanding inbound feeds, trimming outbound feeds

3/16/2002; 8:32:28 PM

Marc Barrot comments on the new driver architecture for RSS aggregation: ...

Bite-sized nuggets

3/15/2002; 3:22:37 PM

Rahul Dave wrote to suggest a simple solution for making items easy to scan in RSS readers: truncate the [description] to a few hundred characters. Today I subscribed to a channel that does this. Look how elegant the effect is: ...

Marc got his channelroll working

3/13/2002; 8:21:24 PM

Glad to see you figured it out. And, thanks for the tiny XML icon ((image) ), Marc. Remember to update your older pages too, at some point. You can do this with Radio->Publish in the GUI app. ...

Titles and contexts

3/13/2002; 8:53:33 AM

Marc Barrot writes:

As of tonight's Radio.root update, when one supplies a title but no link, Radio automatically provides the link to the post's permalink (Jon, does this answer your questions?).

This way, the title is always rendered correctly when displayed in the News aggregator page.

Every day, Radio keeps getting better and better ! [s l a m] ...

News-oriented versus blog-oriented RSS behaviors

3/11/2002; 10:31:22 PM

A tip from Marc Barrot: control the link's style using a CSS class. ...

Bootstrapping the knowledge network

3/10/2002; 6:15:32 AM

Bootstrapping the knowledge network ...

3/8/2002; 9:59:36 AM

Still tinkering ...

3/7/2002; 8:37:20 PM

Mike Jamison spots the flaw in the RSS display ...

Introducing the channelroll

2/24/2002; 1:22:29 PM

Displaying subscriptions ...

1/15/2002; 9:45:05 PM

Now I want to recategorize the posting, having decided that the newly-created RSS category is more appropriate than the original Radio category. ...

1/15/2002; 9:35:45 PM

Trying the category feature. This item categorized under Radio. And, the category is set to render as HTML. I think this means that: ...