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Quantitative Momentum

2017/09/19October 3, 2016


The individual investor's comprehensive guide to momentum investing Quantitative Momentum brings momentum investing out of Wall Street and into the hands of individual investors. In his last book, Quantitative Value , author Wes Gray brought systematic value strategy from the hedge funds to the masses; in this book, he does the same for momentum investing, the system that has been shown to beat the market and regularly enriches the coffers of Wall Street's most sophisticated investors. First, you'll learn what momentum investing is not : it's not 'growth' investing, nor is it an esoteric academic concept. You may have seen it used for asset allocation, but this book details the ways in which momentum stands on its own as a stock selection strategy, and gives you the expert insight you need to make it work for you. You'll dig into its behavioral psychology roots, and discover the key tactics that are bringing both institutional and individual investors flocking into the momentum fold. Systematic investment strategies always seem to look good on paper, but many fall down in practice. Momentum investing is one of the few systematic strategies with legs, withstanding the test of time and the rigor of academic investigation. This book provides invaluable guidance on constructing your own momentum strategy from the ground up. Learn what momentum is and is not Discover how momentum can beat the market Take momentum beyond asset allocation into stock selection Access the tools that ease DIY implementation The large Wall Street hedge funds tend to portray themselves as the sophisticated elite, but momentum investing allows you to 'borrow' one of their top strategies to enrich your own portfolio. Quantitative Momentum is the individual investor's guide to boosting market success with a robust momentum strategy.

Powerful Conversations: How High Impact Leaders Communicate

2017/09/19June 28, 1999


"Phil Harkins has it exactly right. To be a leader is to communicate powerfully—as he does in this thoughtful book." - Robert B. Reich, Professor of Social and Economic Policy Brandeis University. Powerful Conversations breed a powerful organization. POWERFUL CONVERSATIONS is packed with goal-oriented strategies, tools, and real-life examples from great leaders. Use its deliberate, directed techniques to achieve exceptional levels of performance, create and maintain valuable relationships, and forward the goals of both yourself and your organization with every word you speak. Mastering the three stages of a Powerful Conversation—from shared feelings and beliefs, to an exchange of wants and needs, closing with action steps and mutual commitments—will help you exercise more control over your interactions, and greatly enhance both your leadership skills and your success. Look inside to discover: How to plan, conduct, and measure Powerful Conversations; Using the Tower of Power as a tool in coaching; The four Cs of Trust—clarity, caring, consistency, and commitment Five strategies to satisfy—and keep—your best employees Tools to turn the company grapevine from a poisonous plant into a pathway for learning Determining your leadership competencies through the Leadership Assessment Instrument Targeting Passionate Champions to drive an Agenda for Change. Leaders across the country are praising POWERFUL CONVERSATIONS: "Phil Harkins has it exactly right. To be a leader is to communicate powerfully—as he does in this thoughtful book." - Robert B. Reich, Professor of Social and Economic Policy, Brandeis University. "Powerful Conversations have made a real difference in the effectiveness of the Operations Senior Leadership Team. We are delivering unprecedented results thanks to the clearer communication and improved working relationships." - Larry Gundrum, Senior Vice President, Kraft Foods. "In my business, Powerful Conversations are leading to believability and a growing sense of achievability by our employees that they can drive a massive agenda for change." - Linda Coughlin, Managing Director, Scudder Kemper Investments, Inc. "In a fast forward world, candor and clarity are prerequisites for success. POWERFUL CONVERSATIONS is a must read book for leading into the 21st century." - Steve Ozonian, Chairman and CEO, Prudential Real Estate and Relocations Solutions. "A powerful guide, both savvy and wise, to emotional intelligence in action. Phil Harkins has given us an essential handbook for leaders at any level." - Daniel Goleman, Author, Working with Emotional Intelligence.

Hyper-V for VMware Administrators: Migration, Coexistence, and Management

2017/09/19June 3, 2015


Learn to deploy and support Hyper-V, building on what you know about VMware's vSphere. Whether you're looking to run both hypervisors in parallel or migrate completely, Hyper-V for VMware Administrators has everything you need to get started. The book begins with an overview of Hyper-V basics, including common management tasks such as creating a virtual machine and building a virtual network. You'll learn how to deploy a failover cluster to protect against the risk of Hyper-V becoming a single point of failure, and how to make virtual machines fault tolerant. System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) is the preferred tool for managing large Hyper-V deployments, so you'll get to know this next and how it differs from VMware's vCenter solution, as well as how to manage a mixed environment including both vSphere and Hyper-V deployments. Like any server migration, a virtual server migration requires careful planning to ensure success. You'll find information here on the specifics of migrating from vSphere to Hyper-V, planning for down time, IP address differences, performance considerations, and more. For migrations to Hyper-V, SCVMM is once again the preferred tool, but you'll also be introduced to some of the excellent free tools available. One easily overlooked aspect of the migration process is the way in which it impacts your backup and recovery strategy. Knowing the best practices here can help you protect your Hyper-V environment. The book also covers how to monitor and maintain your Hyper-V environment once it's up and running, using features like Cluster-Aware Updating, automated live migrations, and availability sets. The concluding chapter shows you how to take advantage of the efficiencies provided by virtual machine libraries and templates. Approach Hyper-V with confidence, and the knowledge that you've planned for success, with Hyper-V for VMware Administrators .

ITIL Intermediate Certification Companion Study Guide

2017/09/19September 5, 2017


The expert-led, full-coverage supporting guide for all four ITIL exams ITIL Intermediate Certification Companion Study Guide is your ultimate support system for the Intermediate ITIL Service Capability exams. Written by Service Management and ITIL framework experts, this book gives you everything you need to pass, including full coverage of all objectives for all four exams. Clear, concise explanations walk you through the process areas, concepts, and terms you need to know, and real-life examples show you how they are applied by professionals in the field every day. Although this guide is designed for exam preparation, it doesn't stop there — you also get expert insight on major topics in the field. The discussion includes operational support and analysis; planning, protection and optimization; release, control and validation; and service offerings and agreements that you'll need to know for the job. ITIL is the most widely-adopted IT Service Management qualification in the world, providing a practical, no-nonsense framework for identifying, planning, delivering, and supporting IT services to businesses. This book is your ideal companion for exam preparation, with comprehensive coverage and detailed information. Learn service strategy principles, organization, and implementation Master the central technologies used in IT Service Management Be aware of inherent challenges, risks, and critical success factors Internalize the material covered on all four ITIL exams The ITIL qualification is recognized around the globe, and is seen as the de facto certification for those seeking IT Service Management positions. Passing these exams requires thorough preparation and rigorous self-study, but the reward is a qualification that can follow you anywhere. ITIL Intermediate Certification Companion Study Guide for the ITIL Service Capability Exams leads you from Foundation to Master, giving you everything you need for exam success.

Agile Automation and Unified Funtional Testing

2017/09/19August 12, 2016


Agile Automation and Unified Functional Testing is a one-stop resource that explains all concepts, features and benefits of agile automation and UFT with real-time examples and their solutions. This book starts with test automation basics and subsequently moves to its advanced concepts such as test automation life cycle, test automation approach, and framework design. It has been designed to be a beginner's guide for new users, a companion guide for experienced users, and a reference guide for professionals preparing for interviews or certification examinations on test automation and UFT.

Genealogy For Dummies, 8th Edition

2017/09/19July 17, 2017


The fun way to research your family history Genealogy For Dummies, 8th Edition covers everything you need to know about starting a genealogical research project—including where and how to find information, how to communicate with other online genealogists, how to leverage social networking sites and apps, how to add digital images to your family tree, and how to build your own site for sharing information. It also explains the use of compiled genealogies, U.S. Census information, and public access catalogs. Brand new to this edition is content on how to conduct genealogical research on the road, and on how to take this research and integrate it into the data found at home. It also contains new information on DNA research and testing, new geocoding applications to record geographic data into a genealogical database, and other new technologies. The book covers which apps are worth your money, and how to get the most out of them.   Use the latest tools to research family history Create your own site to showcase your family tree, digital images, and compiled genealogies Get access to free versions of Legacy Family Tree and Personal Ancestral Files Utilize both online and offline research techniques and tools Follow the clues to uncover your family's legacy—and have fun along the way!

Using Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) with RDS and PHP Web Applications

2017/09/19September 11, 2017


This course examines the process of using Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 as a platform for a database backed web application. It describes how to deploy an EC2 instance and a RDS instance, how to connect the EC2 instance and the RDS instance, how to connect PHP to the RDS database, and how to retrieve data. Learners will come away with an understanding of how to deploy EC2 with an application whether that application is PHP based or using another language. Requirements include basic understanding of SSH (Secure Shell), MySQL databases, and access to an AWS account (i.e., capable of deploying EC2 and RDS instances, working with security groups, key pairs, snapshots, and billing). Understand how to deploy an EC2 instance using Amazon Linux Learn how to install Apache, PHP, and MySQL on EC2 Discover how to connect an EC2 instance to RDS and retrieve data Examine the differences between AWS EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, and Lightsail Explore the basics of EC2 storage and networking Steve Suehring is an Assistant Professor of Computing and New Media Technologies at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Steve teaches courses on server and cloud engineering, systems design, LAMP stack programming, big data, and more. Prior to joining the faculty, Steve spent 20 years in the industry as a technical architect, systems engineer, and network administrator.

Beginning Oracle Database 12c Administration: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition

2017/09/19July 7, 2015


Beginning Oracle Database 12c Administration is your entry point into a successful and satisfying career as an Oracle Database Administrator. The chapters of this book are logically organized into four parts closely tracking the way your database administration career will naturally evolve. Part 1 "Database Concepts" gives necessary background in relational database theory and Oracle Database concepts, Part 2 "Database Implementation" teaches how to implement an Oracle database correctly, Part 3 "Database Support" exposes you to the daily routine of a database administrator, and Part 4 "Database Tuning" introduces the fine art of performance tuning. Beginning Oracle Database 12c Administration provides information that you won't find in other books on Oracle Database. You'll discover not only technical information, but also guidance on work practices that are as vital to your success as are your technical skills. The author's favorite chapter is "The Big Picture and the Ten Deliverables." (It is the editor’s favorite chapter too!) If you take the lessons in that chapter to heart, you can quickly become a much better Oracle database administrator than you ever thought possible. You will grasp the key aspects of theory behind relational database management systems and learn how to: Install and configure an Oracle database, and ensure that it’s properly licensed; Execute common management tasks in a Linux environment; Defend against data loss by implementing sound backup and recovery practices; and Improve database and query performance.

Canon EOS Rebel T7i/800D For Dummies

2017/09/19August 7, 2017


Action, beauty, adventure, and art—start capturing memories today! Canon EOS Rebel T7i/800D For Dummies is your ultimate guide to taking spectacular photos—no photography experience required! The EOS Rebel offers professional features that camera phones just cannot match, and this book shows you how to take advantage of these features to take stunning photos in any situation. First, you'll take a tour of the controls to learn what everything does, where to find it, and how to use it. Next, you'll walk through the automatic, scene, and manual modes to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each, and how to choose a mode based on your goals for that particular photo. You'll learn how to capture action shots, take beautiful portraits, and get as artsy as you want to get as you adjust for color, lighting, and focus, and control exposure for different effects. Taking great photos doesn't have to be difficult! Your camera offers everything you need to perfectly capture any scene, and this book provides clear, easy-to-follow instruction to help you take full advantage of these professional tools. Get acquainted with your camera's controls Shoot in automatic, scene, or manual mode Compose shots and work with lighting like a pro Adjust for focus, color, depth of field, and more Whether you're taking pictures at a party, shooting scenery on vacation, catching action at a ball game, or just wandering around capturing spontaneous moments of beauty, awesome photos are just a few simple steps away. Your Canon EOS Rebel T7i/800D is equipped with the tools to make any scene share-worthy, and Canon EOS Rebel T7i/800D For Dummies equips you to start snapping professional-quality photos today!

Python For Android Hacking Crash Course: Trojan Perspective

2017/09/19September 13, 2017


When other's tools fail, writing your own makes you a true penetration tester! About This Video To have answers to your questions To have support and help in making the code work at your end To receive any further updates on the course In Detail Python For Android Hacking! You maybe are wondering, am i reading the title correctly? Well, yes you are! Welcome to the first online course that teaches Python For Android Hacking. **To set the correct expectation, this is NOT an ordinary course to develop a fancy Android Apps in Python. Instead, we’ll use Python for coding android Trojan app for ethical hacking purposes. +Why not java? Many penetration testers have a bit knowledge in Python due to its popularity in ethical hacking world, however when it came to Android, do they really need to turn from pentesters to Java developers? Well, the answer is NO, if your purpose was code a quick android app for social engineering attack, then this course is for you!