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By: Ruth Greene

Thu, 26 Apr 2007 15:59:28 +0000

I am a Disable Veteran and a Civil Service Employee of the VA Finance Center, Travel Section, Austin, Texas. I have been employed with the government for over 10 years. I have been off work receiving care for a service connected disability since September 27, 2006. My condition has reached a critical state resulting in me being hospitalized on several occasions and currently on bed rest. I have received a letter from the VA Finance Center, signed by Lori Brock, Supervisor of the Travel Section, dated 2/27/2007 demanding my return on or before March 7, 2007. I was participating in the leave donor program when I received a voice mail from JoAnne Rountree, COTR, of Travel Section threatening me with AWOL causing me to be hospitalized. I was instructed to participate in the Family Medical Leave Program to prevent AWOL status, which I did. I was under the impression the FMLA would be effective the date of approval for 480 hours/12 weeks. When I was informed that the prior leave without pay was being considered for the FMLA, I was floored. I am being treated by Dr. Constance Hanna, 6104 S. 1st Street, Austin, TX, 78745, (512) 447-5531. Dr. Hanna has stressed on several occasions how critical my condition is and have informed the Finance Center of an unknown return date. I have been receiving care from Dr. James Williams, Capital Cardiovascular Specialist, 4207 James Casey Street, Suite 215, Austin, TX, 78745, (512) 445-5998. I have been placed on several medications, some which leave me incoherent. I am desperate and anxious for someone’s help. I have been leave without pay since September 27, 2006 which has placed me in financial difficulty. I have received several demand letters from several creditors due to none payment. That's why I'm confused by the Finance Center's actions toward me. The Finance Center is not financially inconvenience due to my medical absence. Management has contracted out to Cartus aka Cendant, majority of the Travel Section functions, since centrally locating all of the VA Medical Facilities and VA Hospital claims for relocation of VA Employees. The VA Finance Center's inconsiderate harassment has hindered my recovery process. On March 19, 2007, I received a fed ex containing a memo proposing my termination effective April 23, 2007. I was examined by the VA for unemployability claim and was found by the VA doctor (document attached) stating that I am unemployable. I have been informed that I'm being outprocessed and is expected to resigned from my position via enail. If I do this my family will have no medical coverage and I will be forefeiting everything I worked deligently for. The sad part is, I'm not the only Veteran enployee that is receiving this apalling treatment for service connected disabilities. There are at least 4 to 5 others I'm aware of.

By: Dancingkatz

Wed, 21 Feb 2007 14:39:47 +0000

I agree with you but wanted to point out that the soldiers at Walter Reed are still active-duty and don't come under the auspices of the Veteran's Administration. Instead, the Department of Defense is responsible for conditions and treeatment at Walter Reed Army Hospital. This doesn't mean that I disagree with you regarding the attitudes, conditions and the lack of proper and appropriate treatment at many VA hosptials (but not all, I got lucky and the departments and providers I have to deal with my local VA medical center for my service-connected and non-service connected disabilities are wonderful) are appalling. Also, the attitude of the governemnt towards injured soldiers and disabled veterans in general frankly sucks. I think the government would prefer that all of those injured and disabled by war were "those who willingly sacrificed their lives" since a casket and funeral is way cheaper than rehabilitating someone to be able to go back to active duty or even to be able to live a halfway normal and reasonably self-supporting life. Dancingkatz