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Internal Revenue Service

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Senate Tax Plan Includes Exemption for Private Jet Management

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 15:26:25 -0500

Senate Republicans included a provision in the tax proposal that would clarify a policy toward companies that help maintain private aircraft.

I.R.S. Starts to Enforce Health Law’s Rule That Employers Offer Insurance

Thu, 16 Nov 2017 05:00:02 -0500

Thousands of businesses, many of them small or midsize, will soon get a letter saying they owe penalties because they failed to offer qualifying insurance.

How Business Titans, Pop Stars and Royals Hide Their Wealth

Tue, 07 Nov 2017 13:00:35 -0500

Records from an offshore hideaway show how an American billionaire grew one of the world’s largest trusts and another owned part of a company accused of exploiting the poor.

I.R.S. Commissioner, Demonized by Conservatives, Leaves on His Terms

Sun, 05 Nov 2017 14:48:03 -0500

John A. Koskinen, who took over an agency in turmoil and was threatened with impeachment by conservative lawmakers, called his survival to the end of his term “its own reward.”

I.R.S. Says It Will Reject Tax Returns That Lack Health Insurance Disclosure

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 17:55:18 -0500

The agency says it won’t accept individual tax returns that don’t meet requirements under the Affordable Care Act.

Fafsa Student Aid Form Available, Along With I.R.S. Data Tool

Fri, 06 Oct 2017 07:57:18 -0500

The filing season began this month, and it’s possible again to retrieve tax data. But the data is masked on the form.

In Targeting Political Groups, I.R.S. Crossed Party Lines

Thu, 05 Oct 2017 15:03:32 -0500

A federal watchdog investigating the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative political groups said the agency also scrutinized liberal organizations.

Tax Plan Punts on a Loophole for the Wealthy

Wed, 27 Sep 2017 17:42:14 -0500

There’s no easy way to keep the “pass-through” provision from being used for tax avoidance.

Critics Say City Has Not Investigated Yeshivas, Breaking Pledge

Wed, 06 Sep 2017 16:41:28 -0500

The schools that serve Orthodox students are accused of ignoring secular subjects. One graduate called them, ‘an educational catastrophe.’

We Are Not ‘White Supremacist Groups’

Wed, 06 Sep 2017 12:18:01 -0500

The New Century Foundation and the VDARE Foundation object to being described that way in an Op-Ed essay.