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Published: 2017-10-19T08:40:18-08:00

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Toukiden 2 Shows a Multiplayer Battle


Stormcloud Games' ASCII-inspired dungeon-crawler is coming to PS4 next month. As part of Sony's PLAY 2016 promotion, PS Plus subscribers can pre-order it at a discount.

Console and Handheld Digital Store Update


Fire Emblem Warriors, South Park, Etrian Obyssey V, and ELEX arrive in North America and Europe this week. Also, the second half of October means some Halloween-themed sales.

Fire Emblem Warriors Gets Pair of Launch Trailers


Nintendo has two new launch trailers for Fire Emblem Warriors. The implementation of the weapon triangle and a 2D History mode are featured.

Summon Night 6 Receives a New Release Date


Summon Night 6 has suffered some delays along the way, but a release date is finally here. RPGamers in North America will be vying with trick-or-treaters to pick it up.

Digital Sun Games to Moonlight on Switch


Moonlighter isn't available yet, but there will be a whole new audience of people who will get a chance to check it out when it becomes so. A new trailer should let people know what to gear up for.

Review - Golf Story


It's been eighteen years since Mario Golf on the Game Boy Color, but finally another game has appeared that properly combines RPGs and golf. Just beware the moles, birds, crocodiles, and undead minions that might get in the way of a solid round.

Review - Battle Chasers: Nightwar


With Battle Chasers, Airship Syndicate has managed to wrap a rock-solid combat system around an intriguing IP, then polished it to a mirror sheen. Whether you're a fan of the Battle Chasers comic books or not, you'll enjoy waging Nightwar.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remaster Confirmed for West


It was expected, but Star Ocean: The Last Hope's remaster is heading to North America and Europe. Those who buy it on PS4 or PC by a certain date will get a bonus, 'kay?

Etrian Odyssey V Ventures onto 3DS


A new Etrian Odyssey title is now gracing North America and Europe. To mark the occasion, Atlus and Deep Silver have provided a launch trailer.

.hack//G.U. Granted New Trailer


The latest .hack//G.U. Last Recode trailer doesn't show off much, though will do the job if viewers need flashes of inspiration to remember what the characters look like. The remaster comes out in a couple of weeks.

Mario + Rabbids Takes Ultra Shroom, Gets Ultra Challenge Pack


Mario + Rabbid fans may likely have already devoured what the base game has to offer, so maybe this difficult expansion can give something meaty to return to. There's even more to do with a friend.

The Banner Saga 3 Reveals Its Art


It has been quiet on the Norse front but Stoic has broken its radio silence to drop a short trailer for The Banner Saga 3. It's going to get colder before it gets any warmer.

Strange Journey Redux Receives New Trailer, Tie-in Sidescroller


Strange Journey Redux is due out in Japan this month, with a new trailer recently appearing. Strangely, the video heavily features a separate sidescroller that is now available to download for free.

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Shows New Z-Moves


Along with its other additions, Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon features some more Z-Moves. The latest trailer introduces those for Necrozma as well as one for the Rotom Dex.

ELEX Out Now


Piranha Bytes is back with a new open-world title that takes place on the far away planet of Magalan where magical powers and technology is almost a given. Even more so now, as the planet is now open for business.

Active Topical Banter


Game difficulty is a lot like whiskey, in that most people are going about them wrong. Our panel examines what and how RPGs are hard where the critical value in difficulty.

Fractured but Whole Stuffs Post-Launch Hole with Season Pass


South Park is joining the Season Pass bandwagon, giving players future access to some DLC. As the game is out tomorrow, there's also a launch trailer.

Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor Adds Console Publisher


NeocoreGames' Warhammer 40k action RPG has a publisher for the console versions. Currently in Early Access, the game is currently planned for full release early next year.

23 Screens - 12 Art - Atelier Lydie & Suelle


More media for Atelier Lydie & Suelle showcases some more new and returning characters. There are also plenty more gameplay images, including a few of the titular mysterious paintings.

Review - God Wars: Future Past


In a year with many strategy RPGs, God Wars leans on its ancient Japanese setting to stand out. Fans of class systems and deep customization have another game to investigate.