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2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays


Gartner Names Pure Storage a Leader in Solid-State Arrays 4 Years in a Row.

Simplify your vendor evaluation with the Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays.



Download the report to learn:

  • The flash storage futures market overview
  • Gartner’s evaluation of vision, strengths, and cautions for each vendor
  • Why Pure Storage was named a LEADER

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Three Critical Steps to Maximize All-flash Performance

Not all flash solutions are created equal.

Make sure you understand the difference between real-world performance and advertised, vanity performance.

Find out how Kaminario delivers consistent, real-world performance for the most demanding workloads.

K2 Provides Speed, Capacity, and SAP HANA Certification

Based in Portland Oregon, Blount International is a diversifi ed equipment and parts manufacturer. With 4000 employees operating from 25 worldwide locations, their high-performance database applications are critical for effi cient business operations. However, essential databases were beginning to experience serious slowdowns. Processes were running too long. Hybrid storage arrays couldn’t keep pace with business demands and the transition to SAP HANA was on the horizon.

The addition of Kaminario K2 all-flash storage arrays easily resolved their capacity and performance problems with a future-ready platform.

Evaluating All-flash Arrays

This guide presents a fresh snapshot of the dynamic all-flash array (AFA) market place. It will help businesses accelerate the all-flash array selection process.

This Buyer’s Guide includes data sheets for twenty-four small/midsize enterprise-class all-flash arrays that achieved rankings of Recommended or Excellent. These products come from eleven vendors including Dell EMC, Fujitsu, iXsystems, Kaminario, NEC, NetApp, Nimble Storage, Pivot3, Pure Storage, Tegile and Tintri.

Speed for DevOps. Satisfaction for Customers

As a full-service Federal Credit Union, Ent relies on their enterprise banking application to support a full range of back-office operations and customer services ranging from on-line banking to mortgage loans. Responsive performance is essential to customer satisfaction, and their spinning disk storage arrays were not meeting the need.

After extensive research and rigorous proof-of-concept (POC) testing with three different vendors, Ent selected Kaminario K2 as their solution. The result is simplified management and .2ms performance.

Quantifying the Value of Kaminario’s K2 All-flash Storage Arrays

ESG was engaged by Kaminario to conduct a detailed Economic Value Validation (EVV) and develop a quantitative model examining how an investment in Kaminario K2 all-flash arrays can benefit an organization over a three-year or fiveyear period.

The analysis is designed to help IT organizations determine the fully burdened costs and benefits of deploying K2 storage with a “present mode of operation” (PMO) that reflects a blend of either traditional or purpose-built all-flash storage arrays available on the market today. This analysis is built upon ESG’s evaluation of Kaminario, in-depth interviews with Kaminario customers and internal technical stakeholders, end-user case studies, ESG qualitative and quantitative market research with IT decision makers, and ESG’s general familiarity with all-flash storage arrays and the storage market. It is designed to provide prospective customers with a comprehensive picture of the potential direct and indirect cost and benefit drivers they should bear in mind when considering an investment in a K2 all-flash storage array.

Immediate Response for K2 Powered Loyalty Programs

Technology is an essential factor in the delivery and success of Exchange Solutions’ innovative customer support programs. However, to grow their customer base and attract larger clients, they needed to upgrade and modernize. Existing systems were straining to meet performance guarantees. Security improvements were essential.

Selecting Kaminario K2 All-Flash-Arrays, together with Cisco UCS servers, cut overall response times by half and storage platform response times by 80%. They achieved the performance needed to help their business grow.

Versatile Technology Advances for a Healthcare SaaS Provider

SSI provides a SaaS-based billing solution to healthcare providers to expedite accurate claims processing. The high volume of transactions and growing number of users were impacting application performance and causing user complaints.

A short Proof of Concept (POC) demonstrated that Kaminario K2 all-flash storage would deliver a 10X performance improvement. Combined with deduplication, compression, data encryption, and a modest cost, Kaminario was the obvious choice.

Data Center Consolidation, License Savings, and Flexibility

Planning for an IT transformation, SharkNinja was consolidating data centers. Boston would become the primary production site, with Montreal converted primarily to DR. China would maintain a minimal footprint, but system performance for China users needed substantial acceleration.

The selection of Kaminario K2 All-Flash-Arrays, in conjunction with Riverbed WAN optimization, has provided SharkNinja the system performance they need, with added flexibility and benefits from an advanced data storage architecture.

Machine learning boosts application uptime

Applications power your business and depend on rapid, uninterrupted access to data. Disrupted data delivery makes business wait, creating the “App-Data Gap”.

Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays

Nimble/HPE Moves Further Up and to the Right See why Gartner has positioned Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a leader in the solid-state Array Magic Quadrant.

Read the report and get a summary of: Strengths of each vendor in the space each vendor’s ability to execute and completeness of vision Why HPE has been positioned further up and to the right in the leaders quadrant

Critical Capabilities for Solid-State Arrays

Solid-state array features, pricing, scale and density are improving at a rapid pace, while agility and disaggregation benefits are providing long-term value.

Gartner has analysed 19 SSA products across five high-impact use cases to quantify what's important to infrastructure and operations leaders.

Leveraging the Cloud Environment

In an effort to centralise its reporting activities and gain greater visibility into its contact center operations, TELUS wanted to integrate the data from its numerous sources to create “one version of the truth” with a common set of metrics and goals. By integrating the data, senior management could receive standardized performance reports of all levels of the customer experience operations in the organization. They also wanted to have the flexibility to view the data from various perspectives so that team members can easily drill down into agent performance information. This would empower employees to improve their performance with timely role-relevant, secure and personalized information via dashboards, reports and analytics.

Fast Track your Contact Center Quality Assurance Program with the Cloud

Your contact center’s quality assurance program isn’t a box to be checked, it’s a mandate. No contact center can survive for long without it, and a robust quality monitoring process is fundamental to delivering a great customer experience.

Quality assurance plays a substantial role in boosting the customer experience and identifying strengths, weaknesses and inconsistencies in interactions and processes. It drives key contact center metrics such as first contact resolution, average handle time, customer satisfaction and sales effectiveness. Yet developing a more comprehensive understanding of quality in the contact center requires advanced tools and capabilities, and that technology is constantly changing.