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No Man's Sky Advertising Investigation
The U.K. Advertising Standards Authority is investigating No Man's Sky after complaints about the advertising of Hello Game's space simulation. Eurogamer reports on the situation after speaking with...

Motorsport Manager in November; Specs Released
The Motorsport Manager website announces a November 10th release date for the Windows and OS X editions of this racing simulation, saying the Linux version will follow (the game's Steam page says to...

Super Mega Baseball 2 Announced
Metalhead Software announces Super Mega Baseball 2, a sequel to their sports simulation. This teaser trailer shows off the game, which features more realistic graphics than the original, though it is...

Planet Coaster Crash Trailer
This new trailer from Planet Coaster shows off the first thing most gamers seek in a theme park sim, which is strict safety measures. Of course we kid, as the clip revels in the opposite, showing the...

Battleborn AMA & Livestream
The Battleborn website has details on a livestream tomorrow to discuss changes coming to Battleborn, as well as a Reddit AMA on Friday to cover any questions about the shooter/MOBA this may leave...

On Sale
BitShift: BattleGrid on Steam. Save 33%. Furi on Steam. Save 20%. Gamepedia Anniversary Bundle on Bundle Stars. Up to $130 worth of games for $7.99.

Evening Patches
Minecraft Snapshot 16w39a - The Exploration Update.

Evening Crowdfunding Roundup
(3D JRPG) Light Fairytale Episode 1 by — Kickstarter. "Light Fairytale is a turn-based Japanese-style RPG set in a dying underground world ruled by a fierce empire. Inspired by classics...

Gatherings & Competitions
GaymerX 4 is this weekend in Santa Clara, CA. Tickets are still available.

Evening Consolidation
STARZ App Launches on Xbox One. King’s Quest – Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home Is Now Available For Xbox. Gears Of War 4: Live Broadcast On October 5 Kicks Off All-New Gears. PlayStation Plus: Free...

Evening Mobilization
BlackBerry Stops Development of Smartphones, Set to Outsource Hardware Development.

Evening Metaverse
Amazon looking to abandon UPS, FedEx in favor of its own delivery service.

Evening Tech Bits
macOS 10.12 Sierra vs. Ubuntu 16.04 Linux Benchmarks. 7-Zip version 16.03. Thanks Ant.

Evening Safety Dance
White House Introduces 'Lock Down Your Login' Campaign. AT&T- You Don't Need Broadband Privacy Protections. Trust Us.

Evening Legal Briefs
FTC to Challenge AT&T's Throttling Court Victory. Kim Dotcom's Extradition Appeal Concludes, Will He Get a -Fair Go? Thanks HARDOCP.