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Preview: the david lawrence show: hot topics

the david lawrence show: hot topics

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Andrew Meyer: "Don't Taze Me, Bro!"

Thu, 27 Sep 2007 10:00:26 -0800

Andrew Meyer attended a John Kerry speech recently, and asked his questions of Kerry in a very provocative way. Hos questions were so provocatively posed that one of Kerry's handlers asked the police to cut him off. As he complained, the police present chose to detain him and remove him from the premises. Meyer became agitated, and eventually one of the police used a taser on him. Meyer was heard to cry the now famous phrase, "Don't Taze me, bro!" Here's what happened:...

Monica Goodling

Sun, 13 May 2007 01:25:25 -0800

A woman whose name is coming up more and more as the onion-like layers of the Attorney General scandal are peeled back is Monica Goodling. She's a Bush appointee who has taken the expulsion of non-Republicans and non-Creationists from the government to pogrom-like levels. Goodling would ask potential candidates for supposedly non-partisan positions in the Justice Department about their ties to the Democratic party, and in two cases, blocked those she deemed "untrustworthy" from being hired into those positions. She asked things of others like, "Have you ever cheated on your wife?" And she's a graduate of Regency University, one of the "schools" identified as being exclusionary of all thought not based in religion, and for whom the government may be providing favoritism in gaining employment, advancement and even security clearances. Goodling's shenanigans led to her finally throwing in the towel and resigning, and then refusing to testify in the AG investigation, citing her right not to incriminate herself. I love when people invoke that right - it makes investigators lose sleep in their zeal to uncover what might be incriminating. And in her case, it's being a member of a movement that is trying to inject religion into our...

Quentin Tarantino

Tue, 03 Apr 2007 12:28:02 -0800

When Pulp Fiction came out, everything changed about action movies - instead of no acting and no real memorable lines, Quentin Tarantino changed the genre into what's now called "genre" pictures. He gave Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta some of the most quoted dialogue in film history. Quentin Tarantino embodies all that is new about Hollywood. He works within the studio system because he knows that's where the big money is, and he routinely thumbs his nose at that system while grabbing all the cash off the table. And his targets love him for it. In 2007, he and Robert Rodriguez got together to pay homage to exploitation films with their hit, Grindhouse. He's really popular with newsies and bloggers alike - read on:...

Tom Tancredo

Tue, 03 Apr 2007 12:18:57 -0800

Rarely do you see a politician throw off the mantle of being "fair" and being "photogenic" in favor of just plain common sense. Tom Tancredo is one of those rare guys. His appearances on my show on topics ranging from illegal immigration to piracy and intellectual property, have, at times, left me stunned at how satisfied I feel when I talk to him. Tom Tancredo carries no one's water, he's a Republican without the patina of the religious right, and he seems to have a real bead on what America has stood for for most of her 250 plus years - not what recent strategists would have you believe. If the election were held today, I'd be pulling the lever to vote for him. I'm not the only one who would vote for him - here's what others are saying:...

Barack Obama

Sun, 01 Apr 2007 14:47:27 -0800

It's only a matter of time before this country has a black president, and so far the candidate voted most like to succeed at that watershed event was Illinois Representative Barack Obama. First launched into the spotlight by an amazing set of interviews post election on high profile talk shows like Oprah and The Tonight Show, Barack Obama clearly sized up who felt left out of the process, who could be brought to the polls in the upcoming presidential elections, and spoke directly to them, in individual language that was designed to make him fit right in. When speaking to labor, he speaks with a blue collar approach. When in the South, a twang creeps in. When speaking in front of predominately white males, no trace of black vernacular creeps into his oratory - but when in front of his people, he intelligently throws down. As all candidates headed into the 2008 race, Obama clearly had the hearts and minds of many women, minority and disenfranchised voters. Read what the presidential race watchers are saying about this incredibly charismatic contender:...

Amelia Earhart

Sun, 01 Apr 2007 14:38:44 -0800

Back in the days when flying a plane was far more specialized a vocation, when pilots were called aviators instead of pilots, almost all of them were men. One early exception was Amelia Earhart. Her story of personal challenge of a male dominated space, her excellence in both the skill of flying and public relations, and a tortured final flight that left her lost, her plane ditched and her whereabouts forever unknown, is a fascinating one. Books, films, investigative reports and documentaries have fanned the flames of conspiracy theories and supposed sure-fire explanations as to what happened to Amelia Earhart on her final, deadly round the world flight. We will probably never know, no matter how many new clues and red herrings and theories come to light, what happened to this pioneering female aviator. Amelia Earhart continues to fascinate journalists and bloggers alike. Read what some others have to say:...

pet food

Sun, 01 Apr 2007 14:31:30 -0800

First, it was simple indigestion. Then, lethargy, and finally pets were dying. Why? Tainted pet food, eventually recalled and taken off the shelves by several manufacturers. The pet food recall of 2007 cast a light not only on the incestuous nature of the few manufacturers in existence, but also a harsh glare on what little differences actually exist between brands whose cost vary as widely as the design depth of their brands and labels. It also turned the attention of American pet owners on the use of melamine, a plastic used here in dishes, but legally used in China in fertilizer - for soil that raised some of the ingredients that went into the tainted pet food that was recalled. What's legal in China has turned deadly here in the States. Take a look at the latest news and reviews on both premium and pedestrian pet food:...

Eliot Spitzer

Mon, 01 Jan 2007 20:29:44 -0800

Eliot Spitzer, former Attorney General of New York State, and now their Governor, made a name for himself in the dot-com world, taking every company whose approach to business he disagreed with, whether they actually broke the law in New York State or not, to court. More often than not, the protracted legal obligations of fighting this relentless profitarian led companies to settle out of court. Unfortunately, most of the booty that changed hands never found its way to the actual victims: over 100 million dollars in fines for Merrill Lynch, and all of it went into the New York State treasury. As Governor, Spitzer vowed to make ethics his number one priority. Let's hope that extends to his office as well. Read what other somewhat more even handed bloggers and reporters have to say about Eliot Spitzer:...

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