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Illustrated, How a motorcycle carburetor works

Sun, 21 Dec 2014 18:04:43 +0000

Check out this neat illustration on how a motorcycle carburetor works, and how you can adjust it. Seen on

The helmet and gear hanger

Tue, 02 Dec 2014 14:35:17 +0000

I like crowdfunding projects. Check out this one.

Book Review: Ride Like Hell and you’ll Get There

Wed, 30 Jul 2014 14:04:23 +0000

Ride Like Hell and You’ll Get There chronicles,in the main, Paul’s efforts to race in Speed Week on a motorcycle (of sorts) engineered to run on bio-diesel fuel and go very fast on a salt lake in the middle of nowhere. Plagued by cancellations, logistical obstacles, lost keys and broken limbs, it takes three years […]

Flake & Flames team Coming to Los Angeles

Tue, 08 Oct 2013 05:47:37 +0000

In 2011, Jesper Bram and Dirk Behlau set out to make a documentary about Kustom Kulture featuring artist and kustom builders from around the world. “FLAKE AND FLAMES”.  It features guys like Von Franco, Dan Collins, The Pizz, Doug Dorr, Cole Foster, Coop… as well as some history about Ed Roth, Robert Williams and much more. […]

Run Across The Moon

Thu, 18 Jul 2013 10:24:29 +0000

Scott Kolb will be the first man to take a 125cc motorcycle to 200 mph. For seven years, he’s been building the machine that will put him in the record books for ever. This year, he and his fish-shaped, blue motorcycle will make the journey to the white expanse of the Bonneville Salt Flats to […]